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Accounting & Finance

When you work with money, your resume needs to show quantified, verifiable data. But don’t get too hooked on numbers. Show the true impact your work has on the business performance. Find out how from these financial resume examples:

Creative Fields, Design, & Arts

Shouldn’t your portfolio speak for itself? Do you even need a resume? Well—you do. Especially if your job application will be evaluated by external recruiters at first. Our dedicated resume samples will show you how to make an impactful resume for creative gigs:


Whether you’re looking to land a job as a teacher, an academic research position, or you’re writing a resume for academic admissions, our resume examples have got you covered:

Engineering, Tech, & Science

The difficulty with writing technical resumes? You need to show your technical expertise to the decision-makers from your industry while creating a compelling narrative about your career—so that non-technical recruiters will get what you’re saying. See our technical resume samples to learn how to do it:

Food Service

No matter if you have prior experience in food service or are looking for your first job, our resume examples will guide you step by step. Learn how to talk about your achievements and how to showcase the most relevant food service skills:

Healthcare & Wellbeing

There is a rapid increase in healthcare jobs—great news for you. But the best positions can attract up to 500 applicants. With our healthcare resume samples, you’ll come out on top. See for yourself:

IT (Information Technology)

Your job isn’t just about the 9-to-5 grind. It’s about projects, too. How do you list freelance coding on a resume? Should you link to your Github? Probably, but what about other social media? How to convey your software proficiency to grab attention? It gets confusing, we know. Our professional resume samples are here to help:


When writing a resume for executive or managerial positions, you need to highlight your industry knowledge as well as your leadership skills. With our managerial resume samples, you’ll know how to do both:

Marketing, Media, & Public Relations

Impress recruiters with your marketing experience and land top jobs with our resume examples. No matter if you’re eying an agency gig or planning to work in an in-house marketing department. Our sample resumes and resume writing guides cover the whole spectrum:

Office & Administrative

Most resumes for office jobs repeat the phrase “responsible for” a dozen too many times. With our resume examples, you’ll find out how to highlight your achievements and make your resume more compelling than a dull list of duties similar to everyone else’s.

Real Estate

The best resume examples for real estate professionals will help you land that dream job so you can put your clients in their dream homes.

Sales and Customer Service

Showing off your metrics and sales results won’t be enough to land a top-tier job. Your sales resume isn’t a trophy case. Show how you can benefit your future employers and don’t forget to highlight your people skills. Find out how from one of these great resume examples:

Students (Academic Admissions, Internships, & Entry-Level Jobs)

Not much “real” experience yet? Looking for a job as a student or a recent grad can be grueling. We’ve all been there. Luckily, there are easy-to-use tricks that will make you shine brighter than all other candidates—even if they have more years of full-time employment under their belts.

Travel & Hospitality

Got relevant experience in travel & hospitality? Let your achievements do the talking. No experience in the industry yet? Learn how to highlight your transferable skills. See tailor-made examples of resumes for travel and hospitality jobs:

Still haven’t found what you need? We’re writing dedicated guides for new professions all the time—we’ll cover your niche, that’s a promise.

Until then, make sure to see our free general resume writing resources: Resume Writing Techniques: Basic to Advanced

At ResumeLab, we offer you more than just resume examples— see sample resume templates created with HR pros.

Just tell us your industry. Our builder will provide sample bullet points, skills, and job descriptions you can tweak and use in no time. Your resume will be ready in 15 minutes. Pick your favorite template and give it a spin:

Professional Resume Template Cascade


A simple yet creative resume template suitable for all industries and seniority levels: a good executive resume template that will also work for entry-level candidates.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Crisp


Elegant and clear, a simple resume template with two columns. A great resume template for traditional and creative industries.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Muse


A great job resume template mixing simplicity with professionalism. Notice how the section titles stand out to guide recruiters eyes where you want them to.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Modern


This modern resume template is perfect for senior level candidates in technical industries.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Cubic


Professional resume template with a shaded side column and bar charts and a highlighted header. Customize the colors and fonts to show off your individuality.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Concept


Creative use of a timeline on the left makes this one a perfect reverse chronological resume template. Contents are well-organized and easy to skim.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Valera


A simple, well-balanced combo of youthful vibes and clean resume formatting.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Vibes


Basic resume template with a modern touch. White space keeps it elegant and clean. Tiny icons grab attention. A great functional resume template.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Primo


Make strategic use of white space and get your most shining achievements noticed using this simple and creative resume layout. Good for printing, so take this one to a job fair!

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Simple


Modern and simple resume template designed to save space. A perfect choice for candidates with a lot of experience who wish to have a one-page resume template.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Influx


Elegant and modern template to stand out from the crowd. A great manager resume template for conservative industries.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Initials


Add a touch of personal branding to your resume. Highly recommended modern-looking resume template for high-level execs.

Use this template
Professional Resume Template Iconic


A creative resume template. A great pick for corporate openings that will attract a lot of candidates: it’s a very easy resume template to scan.

Use this template

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