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Flight Attendant Resume Sample + Skills & No Experience

Boarding now open for your career flight. Destination—job interview! Allow your career to soar with our flight attendant resume guide.

Christian Eilers, CPRW
Career Expert
Flight Attendant Resume Sample + Skills & No Experience

You’ve got high-flying dreams. The only thing keeping you from on the ground? The best flight attendant resume out there to get you that job.


With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make one in no time.


In this flight attendant resume guide, you’ll see:

  • Professional resume examples certain to get flight attendant jobs.
  • How to write a resume for flight attendants that gets noticed.
  • Strategies for listing skills and achievements to win flight attendant positions.
  • Dozens of tips, good & bad examples, and expert advice throughout.


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First up, here’s a sample resume for flight attendants:


Flight Attendant Resume Sample


Ruth Rowland Nichols

Service-Oriented Flight Attendant


212-538-7359 • ruth.rowland.nichols@gmail.com • linkedin.com/in/ruthrowlandnichols • twitter.com/ruthrownicks


Summary Statement


Personable jetBlue Airways flight attendant with 3+ years on short-haul domestic crew on major city routes from New York JFK hub. Seeking to leverage region-high passenger friendliness reviews (99.76%), property-best client satisfaction (99.73%), and up-to-date safety skills to grow with Delta Air Lines as a flight attendant.


Work Experience


Junior Flight Attendant
jetBlue Airways, New York, NY
January 2016Present

Key Responsibilities:

  • Supported cabin crew staff with passenger comfort, safety, and control.
  • Constantly exercised great judgment and communication skills for in-flight decisions.
  • Encouraged passengers to make purchases from SkyMall magazine.

Key Achievements:

  • Obtained region-high passenger friendliness reviews according to exit surveys (99.76%).
  • Identified alternative deplaning strategy, increasing offload efficiency by 15%.


Hotel Receptionist
The New Yorker Wyndham Hotel, New York, NY
January 2014December 2015

Key Responsibilities:

  • Supported front-of-house team of 45+ employees at reception and administration.
  • Provided personalized experience and VIP assistance to corporate guests.
  • Influenced hotel clients in relevant upsells, including room upgrades and tour packages.

Key Achievements:

  • Obtained property-best client satisfaction score based on surveys (99.73%).
  • Implemented improved queuing strategy, leading to 26% reduced check-in times.


Education History


Columbia University, New York, NY
2018 BA in Hospitality Management

Relevant Coursework

  • Public relations
  • Emergency procedures


Flight Attendant Skills


  • Safety orientation
  • Customer service
  • Flexible & adaptable
  • Physically fit
  • High tolerance for stress
  • Knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Friendly & personable
  • Communication & speech-giving
  • Teamwork without sacrificing independence
  • Integrity & honesty




  • 2017 Red Cross CPR & First Aid Certifications




  • English—Native Proficiency
  • French—Advanced Knowledge
  • German—Intermediate Conversational


The primary duty of a Flight Attendant is to guarantee the well-being, protection, and convenience of airline travelers. Flight Attendants are also tasked with providing customer service and fostering a pleasant atmosphere for passengers throughout the entirety of their journey.



1. Choose the Best Flight Attendant Resume Format


Everyone wants flight attendant jobs (I’d trade you in a heartbeat).


They've got a cargo plane's worth of flight attendant job applications to fly through.


That’s why they initially glance at them for just 6 seconds—which means you’ve got to grab their attention fast.




By using the perfect resume format:


  1. Go for a chronological resume format. List your most recent jobs first, going back through past work from there. This is the right format whether you’re a first-time airline attendant or a veteran of the skies.
  2. Order resume sections effectively. Always start at the top with a great flight attendant resume summary or objective. If you have relevant work experience, make that section come next. Otherwise, give your education area a boost by moving it up the page.
  3. Button it up. Use the best resume fonts to ensure it's legible enough to read.
  4. Save it right. Save your cabin attendant resume as a resume PDF to ensure it renders problem-free no matter the device they choose to read it on. Check the job ad to make sure this format is okay.


2. Make a Great Flight Attendant Resume Objective or Summary


Remember that initial 6-second glance? You’ve got to grab their gaze from the very beginning in the heading area. So, it’s time to make an airline resume objective or summary statement (also known as a resume profile) that shakes them awake like mid-flight turbulence.


But which one?


If you have a no experience resume, or at least no experience related to airline attendant jobs, your heading introduction will be the resume objective statement.


Flight attendant objectives tell them:

  • who you are professionally
  • about your great flight attendant skills
  • relevant airline experience and flight achievements
  • how the airline would benefit by hiring you as an air attendant.


Flight Attendant Resume Objective Examples

Good Example
Personable jetBlue Airways flight attendant with 3+ years on short-haul domestic crew on major city routes from New York JFK hub. Seeking to leverage region-high passenger friendliness reviews (99.76%), property-best client satisfaction (99.73%), and up-to-date safety skills to grow with Delta Air Lines as a flight attendant.
Bad Example
Goal-oriented, results-driven hotel receptionist seeking challenging cabin crew role with plenty of room for growth where ability to give solutions to complex problems can be utilized and nurtured.

See, that first one is just what they want to read—


First and foremost, it’s about the airline. On top of that, it gives quantifiable numbers and relevant skills and experience—first class, for sure. That second one is just one hackneyed adjective after another. It only talks about what you want. Not cool.


Applying for a flight crew position and already have experience?


Opt for the resume summary statement, instead.


This short introduction paragraph gives the airline's hiring manager a short recap of your flying-related skills and customer-oriented qualifications.


Flight Attendant Resume Summary Examples

Good Example
Personable United Airlines flight attendant with 3+ years on international crew with major routes from New York JFK. Achieved region-high passenger friendliness reviews according to exit surveys (99.76%).
Bad Example
Skilled flight attendant with lots of expertise, including safety protocols, boarding and deboarding procedures, liasing with the flight deck, and handling passengers’ complaints and requests.

That second one is just a list of flight attendant duties. But HR managers need to know how well you performed, not what you did.


In the first example, you give them numbers and specifics. They’re already imagining you with their wings on your lapel!

Expert Hint: The resume intro goes at the top and they’ll read it first, but you don’t have to write it first. Save it for the end to give yourself a stronger foundation on which to write.

3. Write the Perfect Flight Attendant Resume Job Description


Next up is the resume work experience section. This is the main part of a good flight attendant resume.


Let’s have another look from our example resume:


Junior Flight Attendant
jetBlue Airways, New York, NY
January 2016Present

Key Responsibilities

  • Supported cabin crew staff with passenger comfort, safety, and control.
  • Constantly exercised great judgment and communication skills for in-flight decisions.
  • Encouraged passengers to make purchases from SkyMall magazine.

Key Achievements

  • Obtained region-high passenger friendliness reviews according to exit surveys (99.76%).
  • Identified alternative deplaning strategy, increasing offload efficiency by 15%.


Paints a picture, doesn’t it?


So, in order to make an even better flight attendant resume job description:


  1. Format it correctly. Position the title at the top, company name and location under that, followed by the dates worked.
  2. Give a detailed description of responsibilities. Don’t just spit out a list of flight attendant duties and responsibilities.
  3. Prove what you know. Achievements with numbers quantify exactly how skilled you are. It shows rather than tells.
  4. Make it relevant. The duties and accomplishments you give on your flight attendant resume should be tailored specifically to this one job.

Expert Hint: Don’t just check the job ad. Keep it open in another tab as you’re writing the resume. The flight attendant job description from the ad is the perfect guide, informing you of what is relevant to the airline employers.

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4. List Your Education History for Your Cabin Crew Resume


Think an education section is a waste of space? Just about all airline flight attendant jobs have minimum education requirements, so think again.


Here’s a sample from the Delta Jobs career page:


Job Qualifications
What you need (minimum requirements):


  • Eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • Be at least 21 years of age by January 1, 2019
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule


But, it’s all simple and straightforward:


Columbia University, New York, NY
2018 BA in Hospitality Management

Relevant Coursework

  • Public relations
  • Emergency procedures


So on your flight attendant resume, list:

  • university
  • location
  • degree.


If you’re writing an entry-level flight attendant resume with no experience, you can kick things up, easy—


List resume-relevant coursework and classes relevant to the job, as well.


If you are still in uni, you can add your high school as an additional entry. If you need help on other academic scenarios, check out our resume education section guide.

Expert Hint: Skip adding your GPA. If it isn’t super-close to a 4.0, it’ll do more harm than good.

5. Add Relevant Flight Attendant Skills and Knowledge


You’ve got flight attendant skills. They’re looking for flight attendant skills. However, you should list only about 5-10 abilities in your resume skills section.


So, how do you find the right flight attendant skills to put on a resume? First, go back to the original flight attendant job description.


Here’s a sample job ad from United Airlines:


  • Flight attendants at United are expected to display exceptional interpersonal skills, exercise good judgment, and be able to resolve conflicts with grace.
  • Caring happens regardless of our customers’ dispositions or challenges. There will be moments where you are expected to remain calm and positive even when our customers are not.


See that? The job ad itells you exactly what skills they're searching for. Those resume keywords are usually found in the job responsibilities.


However, don’t just copy-paste those words. Rather, speak their language— “Resolve conflicts with grace” change to conflict resolution skills.


You get it.


Plus—Remember to include a good mix of relevant hard skills and soft skills for flight attendants. Soft skills are those that are picked up throughout life, like communication and positivity.


Hard skills are more quantifiable and can be learned in a class, like aircraft safety training or how to operate an aircraft’s intercom system

Expert Hint: If there’s a flight attendant ability that’s super important, bolster it by proving it in your resume work history section. For example, if they want “friendliness,” mention your customer happiness award in your key achievements.

6. Spice Up Your Flight Attendant Resume With These Extra Sections


Knowing what to put in a resume can really make it soar. That includes extra resume sections.


Here are some great options for cabin crew resumes:


  1. Languages. Carriers flying internationally often require fluency in a second language. If you know another language, add it and your level of proficiency.
  2. Certifications. As a flight attendant, you’ll receive training in first aid, safety, etc. Get the jump on your competition by listing a certification if you have it.
  3. Volunteer Work on a Resume. Not only does this make you look like a saint, but you also get to beef up your resume experience.
  4. Hobbies and Interests on Resumes. Showing you captained the softball team is a subtle way to state you have excellent teamwork and leadership skills. Just remember to keep it relevant.
  5. Awards. Adding some proud, relevant awards is another effective method to show your skills.

Expert Hint: It is no longer acceptable to use certain phrasing when you refer to flight attendants. This means you’re not getting airline steward jobs or airline stewardess jobs, nor are you applying for air host jobs or air hostesses jobs.

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Key Points


To write the best flight attendant resume:

  • Choose the reverse-chronological resume format.
  • Make your summary or objective statement damn compelling.
  • Add quantifiable achievements to your work experience to prove you’re the best.
  • Choose relevant skills and abilities for the airline job.
  • Stand out from your competitors by adding a unique resume section.
  • A great resume is not all. Don’t forget to attach a cover letter! Here's how to write a cover letter that works.


Now THAT’S a high-flying resume!


Got any questions about how to write a resume for flight attendants? Have any advice to share with other future cabin crew members? Let’s chat in the comments below, and thanks for reading!


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