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Accounting & Finance CV Examples

Prove your skills by displaying verifiable and quantifiable achievements. But remember—it’s never just about the numbers. Our financial CV samples will teach you how to show your real-life impact on the business:

and more...

Creative Fields, Design, & Arts CV Examples

Your portfolio testifies to your skills. But you need a CV to tell your story. Our sample CVs for creatives will help you make a letter-perfect document for landing creative positions:

and more...

Food Service CV Examples

Use our food service CV examples to cook up the best job application—no matter if you’re trying to get your first job in the industry, or are a seasoned pro. Our samples will show you exactly how to present your best self.

and more...

Marketing, Media, & Public Relations CV Examples

Looking for a freelance gig? Trying to get an in-house job with a marketing department? It really doesn’t matter. What you need is a solid CV. Our sample CVs cover it all:

and more...

Office & Administrative CV Examples

There’s an easy way of landing an office job. You don’t say you were “responsible for” things. You say “this is what I achieved.” Our CV examples for office and administrative jobs will show you how it’s done:

and more...

Real Estate CV Examples

Building a professional reputation starts with a strong CV. We’ll show you how to put every square inch of your document’s real estate to good use.

Sales and Customer Service CV Examples

Sharing is caring—as much in customer service as in resume writing. Follow free advice from our professional CV writers to make the most of your job application. These sample CVs will help you out:

and more...

Students (Academic Admissions, Internships, & Entry-Level Jobs) CV Examples

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to get the first job as a student, and all they want from you is previous work experience. Not to worry. We know how to deal with this impasse and wrote the following free CV examples to assist you.

and more...

Travel & Hospitality CV Examples

Want to land your first job? Looking for a change? Our CV examples for travel and hospitality industries are designed for experienced pros and newbies alike.

and more...

The Best CV Examples. And So Much More.

CVs have transformative power. They aren’t your ordinary documents but passports to a better professional life. All our free CV examples show you the ins and outs of writing a perfect CV. Use them to highlight your strengths and get the job you’ve been dreaming of.


Make a CV that attracts job offers.

All the CV examples you see here were made using our CV app. Try it yourself to see that writing an effective professional document can be stress-free and quick.

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Write a cover letter to maximize your chances.

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A powerful CV will double its impact when accompanied by an equally powerful cover letter. All the more so as up to 50% of recruiters expect you to write one.

Our online app lets you create a matching CV and cover letter set. If you’re not especially into writing, don’t worry. Check out our cover letter examples and use pre-written content from professional career writers. Tweak it and personalize it. Your cover letter will be dazzling.

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