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District Manager Resume—Job Description & Sample

You have the ability to inspire and motivate your team to achieve success and exceed expectations. Prove that to everyone with a district manager resume that leaves no doubts.

Mariusz Wawrzyniak
Mariusz Wawrzyniak
Career Expert
District Manager Resume—Job Description & Sample

What’s better than being a manager? Being a manager of other managers, of course!

But to apply for a district manager position, you must make sure you have your resume in order. After all, how else will you prove you have what it takes to manage dozens of store managers? If you’re unsure your resume shows that, so here’s a professional district manager resume guide to cast away all your doubts.

In this guide:

  • A district manager job description for resume.
  • Retail summary for resume, that’s perfect for a district manager.
  • An expert-made district manager resume sample.
  • Skills you need to become a district manager.

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Is the district manager job not your goal? Here are some guides for other jobs in finance, business, and retail:

District Manager Resume Sample

Medarno Mercado

District Manager

Personal Info

Phone: 304-781-1873



Results-driven district manager with 7+ years of experience. Successfully increased sales revenue by 30% over 4 years across a district of 20 locations. Reduced employee turnover rate by over 20% by implementing a new employee recognition program. Seeking to raise profits at Eden Inc.


District Manager

Mega Pint, Atlanta, GA

September 2018–February 2023

  • Increased sales revenue by 30% over 4 years across a district of 20 locations.
  • Implemented a cost-saving initiative that reduced operational expenses by 20% across all district locations.
  • Achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 95% by implementing new customer service policies and training programs.
  • Reduced employee turnover rate by over 20% by implementing a new employee recognition program.
  • Developed and executed a marketing campaign that resulted in a 15% increase in traffic across the district.
  • Trained 6 new retail store managers, who met and exceeded all set goals in the first year.

Assistant Branch Manager

J&J Construction, Athens, GA

April 2015- September 2018

  • Launched new product lines and categories, resulting in an 18% increase in sales revenue within the first quarter.
  • Managed the opening of a new branch location, meeting all operational and financial targets within the first year of opening.
  • Assisted in managing inventory control procedures, resulting in a 22% reduction in overstocked and understocked items.


University Of Georgia, Bachelor of Business Administration

August 2011–June 2015

  • Vice President of the college business club.


  • Leadership skills
  • Business knowledge
  • Strategy development
  • Time management
  • Communications skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Customer service skills


  • Executive Certificate in Project Business and Administration, PCi Business School, April 2021
  • Certificate in Business Administration, UC Irvine, June 2018


  • "The Future of Work," Forbes, December 2022
  • "The New Rules of Talent Management," Harvard Business Review, May 2021
  • "The Surprising Science of Meetings," Harvard Business Review, January 2020
  • "How to Build a Great Team Culture," Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2019


  • FutureForward Conference, Austin, TX, “Innovation in the Digital Age” panelist, March 2022
  • Dublin Tech Summit, Dublin, Ireland, Remote Work—Growth Opportunity, or Death Sentence for a Company?”, panelist, February 2020

District managers supervise the operations of multiple stores and branches in a specified region. Their job requires them to develop business strategies to increase revenue growth and decrease expenses. They also train store managers responsible for retail stores in the area.

1. Start With the Proper District Manager Resume Format

District managers are vital to the success of companies that operate multiple store locations. A district manager’s position is the goal of many aspiring managers. And with a high base salary, it’s not a surprise.

So, how to become a district manager? Well, by applying for a district manager position, of course. And to do that, you need a well-formatted district manager resume. Here’s how to keep the resume format clean and clear:

  • Use the reverse-chronological format to show your most recent district manager accomplishments first.
  • Choose a readable resume font like Cambria in 10–12pt.
  • Set the resume marginsto 1 inch to leave white space showing.
  • Submit a one-page resume. This proves you know how to organize and stay organized.
  • Establish your managerial expertise with additional resume sections: Certifications, Publications, Conferences, etc.

When you’re done writing, save your resume as a PDF. This way, you ensure everything on your district manager's resume stays the same way you first wrote it.

Expert Hint: A district manager is a high-ranking position. If you want to achieve it one day, start by getting a store manager or assistant manager position.

2. Create an Effective District Manager Retail Summary for your Resume

If you’re applying for a district manager position, you undoubtedly already have much managerial experience. This means your resume requires a resume summary. This way, you put your most impressive achievements upfront for the recruiter to notice immediately. So choose a resume summary for your district manager’s resume profile. And use a resume objective if you’re looking for a different, entry-level position.

For a compelling district manager resume profile, use:

  1. One adjective (efficient, dedicated, results-driven)
  2. Job title (Retail District Manager, District Manager)
  3. Years of experience (5+, 7+)
  4. How you’ll help/what you wish to accomplish (Seeking to raise profits at Eden Inc.)
  5. Nicest 1–2 achievements (increased sales revenue by 30%, Reduced employee turnover rate by over 20%)

Expert Hint: To ensure you don’t get stuck writing straight away, finish the rest of your resume first. This will make choosing work achievements worthy of getting highlighted a piece of cake.

3. Write a Professional District Manager Job Description and Add the Best Retail Skills to Your Resume

Now, let’s branch out. In this section of your district manager resume, you’ll show your managerial prowess fully. And with multiple years of experience, you certainly have a lot to present.

Make your resume work history section prove you’re the best fit for the position.

Here’s how to write a district manager job description for your resume:

  1. Read the job ad carefully.
  2. Find resume keywords hidden in the ad. They take the form of duties and responsibilities that are expected of you.
  3. Remember the times you used them to provide results for the company.
  4. Write resume bullets that show those things, and prove them by providing numbers.

But that’s not all. Not everything can be presented in the work history section. Nor should it. Add a resume skills section to showcase some of the most relevant managerial qualities.

Remember that you don’t want to flood the page with as many skills as stores that are under your management. Dozens of skills will make your resume look preachy and unprofessional. Keep the number of skills at 5-10 on a district manager's resume. Here are some skills you can use for reference:

District Manager Skills for Resume

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4. Manage Your Resume Education Section

For a district manager, education truly matters. Many companies prefer to hire district managers with a bachelor's degree in business, management, or a related field. This solidifies a foundational understanding of accounting, finance, marketing, and business operations, all relevant to the district manager role.

But your strength as a district manager lies in your work history and professional achievements. This means you can focus less on your resume education section. Show your most recent school and degree and starting+graduation dates. However, if you want to improve this section, you can also provide a relevant achievement proving you have developed your business acumen even during your studies.

5. Increase Your District Manager Resume Value With Bonus Sections

A good advertising campaign can raise profits exponentially

And added sections on your resume are just like the best of adverts. They make you stand out from the competition, quickly drawing the recruiter’s eyes. And as long as they show relevance to your district manager's resume, they will vastly increase your chances of landing the job. Use one or two of these resume sections.

Volunteer work on a resume or hobbies and interests aren’t the best fit for a professional district manager resume. So you’ll probably be better off not mentioning them at all.

Expert Hint: One last thing remains, and that’s to include a matching cover letter to your resume. You can be sure every recruiter expects one. Even if the job ad does not mention it. So, if you’re not proficient in writing cover letters, read our guide to learn how to write a cover letter.

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Key Points

For a professional district manager resume that lands you a job:

  • Use the district manager resume template above. It’s clean, formatted, and fits on one page.
  • Craft the best retail summary for your resume. Your district manager application won’t pass without it.
  • Branch out with relevant district manager resume skills. Scan through the job offer for keywords, and list exactly what the company wants.
  • Write a district manager cover letter. In it, further prove your expertise, and show the company how it will benefit from hiring you.

And that’s how you write a professional district manager resume. Do you have any questions about resume summaries? Not sure how to show the district manager job description on a resume? Leave a comment. We’ll gladly help.

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