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Recruiter Resume Examples for 2024 (+Skill List)

You have sourcing skills, headhunting experience, and a solid knack for recruitment & talent acquisition. Show it to the employer with a powerful resume for recruiter.

Christian Eilers
Christian Eilers
Career Expert
Recruiter Resume Examples for 2024 (+Skill List)

Being a recruiter, you know how to evaluate resumes. 

But evaluating is different than writing. Especially when you're the one that will be evaluated. 

This guide will help you make the perfect resume for recruiter. The one that will awe all other recruiters. 

In this guide:

  • The best recruiter resume examples to get those recruitment jobs.
  • How to personalize a resume to the recruiter job description and requirements.
  • How to write resumes for recruiters to land job interviews.
  • Expert tips and examples to improve your recruiter resume

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Okay, let’s get to it— 

Recruiter Resume Example

Sherlyn Crown

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Specialist




Summary of Qualifications

Friendly and personable recruitment professional with 3+ years talent acquisition experience at local sourcing agencies. Skilled at headhunting and locating top candidates, gaining enthusiasm and interest, and guiding them to ideal positions based on skills, experience, background, paygrade, and passion. Successfully placed 5+ candidates in IT and digital creative positions for each of the last 18 months in a row. Seeking to leverage human resource best practices and recruitment skills to become the new recruiting coordinator at Stern Sourcing Group.

Work Experience

Recruitment Specialist - Creative Positions
August 2017–September 2019
Nigel Smith Recruitment Group, Newark, DE

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Researched, identified, and reached out to passive candidates for possible job placement opportunities.
  • Guided possible candidates through the employment process, from phone screening until the final interview.
  • Partnered with business clients to determine and understand their needs in order to locate candidates with the best fit.
  • Coached candidates to build effective resumes, cover letters, and emails, as well as to perform well at interviews.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully achieved job placement for more than 5 tech and design positions for 18 months consecutively.

Junior IT Recruiter
June 2016–July 2017
KPA Talent Sourcing Agency, Newark, DE

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Scoured LinkedIn Recruiter and other networks to locate new back end, front end, and full stack developer candidates.
  • Connected with corporate clients to assess business needs and help fill open positions.
  • Interviewed applicants in order to properly place them in an organization best suited for that individual.
  • Cold-called businesses to establish new IT recruitment and tech staffing relationships.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully located and onboarded 7 new business clients for new, ongoing IT talent acquisition partnerships.


Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management

Jefferson’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Philadelphia, PA

Graduation: 2016

Relevant Coursework: Compensation and Benefits, Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Staffing, Acquiring Talent in Technology, Diversity & Culture in the Workplace, Staff Training and Development, Labor and Employment Relations, Personnel & HR Ops.

Key Skills

  • Talent Acquisition & Personnel Sourcing
  • Social Media Engagement & Marketing
  • Effective Written & Verbal Communication
  • HR Applicant Tracking Systems
  • LinkedIn Recruiter 


  • Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management (DipRM)
  • HRCI Professional in Human Resources — International (PHRi)
  • SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional)
  • AIRS Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter (ACIR)
  • AIRS Certified Diversity Recruiter (CDR)


  • American Staffing Association (ASA)
  • National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS)


  • Norwegian: Professional Working Proficiency

Here’s how to write a recruiter resume of your own:

1. Format the Recruiter Resume Template for Hiring Success

You place talent, but only in the most ideal positions.


The content on your recruitment resume needs to be placed ideally, as well.

That’s where formatting the resume comes in. Before you start writing, make sure your staffing resume template is laid out right.

Here’s how:

  • In your education, work history, and any other date-related resume section, start with your most recent entry and go back from there (that’s called “reverse-chronological”).
  • Choose a great resume font for your HR recruiter resume so that it’s immediately legible.
  • Leave a one-inch border around the entire resume, and use single line spacing in any paragraph text.
  • Only include relevant parts of a resume; if something doesn’t add value or increase your chances of being hired, leave it off.

Expert Hint: Hiring managers and other employers read resumes on a variety of gadgets. Unfortunately, Microsoft Word resumes look funny on certain screens. So, save your resume as a PDF, since PDFs look right on any device.

2. Start with a Recruiter Resume Objective or Summary

You probably know—HR managers go through dozens of job applications every day. 

To accommodate this constant bombardment, they give staffing resumes just a cursory glance at first—7.4 seconds, on average! 

With English, we read from top to bottom, so the header on a recruitment resume is quite important, to say the least.

Enter the resume objective or summary statement.

This introductory paragraph on a staffing recruiter resume needs to be captivating while giving the most pertinent details about you.

Which opening statement should you choose?

Choose the career summary when you have plenty of experience with talent acquisition.

On a mid-level or senior recruiter resume, this summary statement introduces you and your desire for the position with your recruitment skills, hiring accomplishments, and HR background. To give it a bump, add a relevant recruitment or related achievement with numbers. 

Here’s how to write a recruiter resume summary:

Recruiter Resume Summary Examples

Good Example
Friendly and professional recruitment specialist with 5+ years of talent sourcing and hiring expertise. Skilled at headhunting, recruiting top local candidates, and getting them successfully through the interview process. Placed over 50 candidates into IT roles in 2018.
Bad Example
Technical recruiter seeks position in talent sourcing agency or human resource position. I have experience using applicant tracking systems, cold-calling clients I find on LinkedIn, and pointing them in the right direction.

The second of the two sample recruiting coordinator resumes looks okay, at first. However, it lacks two of the qualities the first one has: the first one is a personalized resume, and it has a numbered accomplishment to give them a taste of what they’re in for.


What If You’ve Got No Recruitment Experience?

When writing an entry-level recruiter resume, use the career objective

The resume objective statement replaces your lack of recruitment experience with relevant HR skills and a mention of your career goals. However, still provide a numbered accomplishment here from your past to zhuzh it up.

Here’s a sample:

Entry-Level Recruiter Resume Objective Example

Good Example
Personable college graduate with a major in human resource management. Earned top grades (100% each) in recruitment related coursework, including Hiring a Diverse Workforce, Executive Recruitment, and International Staffing Solutions. Seeking to utilize my love for networking and my academic background in human resources to become the next junior recruiter at Wilson Hiring Consultants.
Bad Example
I am a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in human resources, and I’m seeking a position as a sourcer, recruiter, HR specialist, or headhunter. I’m a people person with a strong desire to communicate and connect, and I’d love to use those traits at a new talent acquisition job.

The second one is not bad, really. However, if it just added a quantifiable achievement and was less generic, it would make a great example, like the first one.

Expert Hint: Write the profile paragraph last, even though it’s at the top of your specialist or recruiting manager resume. In this manner, having completed the rest of your document, you’ll be better able to come up with the most impactful information to include.

3. Write a Great Recruiter Job Description and Talent Acquisition Skills Sections

As a recruiter, you know the work history section is where you will find the details to create the best fit between job seekers and corporate clients.


This section on your own resume for recruitment jobs is where the hiring manager will spend much of their viewing time.

Here’s how to get it right:

  • Start with your most recent (or current) job at the beginning of this section. If you have a second entry, place that below. 
  • Include your professional title, the dates you were employed, the name of the company, and the company’s location.
  • Add relevant recruitment job responsibilities by matching your duties with the requirements from the job advertisement (resume keywords)
  • Throw in a key win with a number to give them a sample of just how talented you are.

Check out these recruiting resumes samples of job descriptions:

Recruiter Job Description for Resume Examples

Good Example

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Specialist
August 2017–September 2019
SSLK Talent & Staffing Agency, Newark, DE

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Researched, identified, and reached out to passive candidates for possible job placement opportunities.
  • Guided possible candidates through the hiring process, from video screening via Skype until the final interview.
  • Partnered with corporate clients to determine and understand employment goals and targets in order to locate candidates with the best fit.
  • Coached candidates to build effective resumes, cover letters, and emails, as well as to perform well at interviews.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully achieved job placement for more than 5 tech and design positions for 18 consecutive months.
Bad Example

Junior Recruitment Consultant

May 2018–July 2019
Sammy Sangria Staffing Services, Pensacola, FL

Job Responsibilities:

  • Located IT candidates for various positions.
  • Spoke with candidates over the phone and on Skype.
  • Matched applicants with jobs.
  • Communicated with corporate clients.

To build a great recruiter job description— 

Give the most relevant duties in detail so the hiring manager understands the scope and breadth of your knowledge. And, include a solid achievement to knock their socks off.

Carefully reading the job description will also help you identify any keywords or phrases to incorporate throughout your resume. Some companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter resumes based on keywords. If you don’t have certain phrases, your resume could get tossed out before it ever comes before human eyes. So, comb through the job description to identify keywords and phrases, and thread those throughout your resume.


Following any great work history section are the key skills for a resume that document your proudest, most relevant abilities. 

Check out this recruiter skills resume example list:

20+ Top Skills & Proficiencies for a Recruiter Resume

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Personnel Sourcing
  • Headhunting & Passive Recruitment
  • Applicant Research & Placement
  • Social Media Engagement & 
  • Brand Marketing
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Phone & Video Screening 
  • Interviewing Candidates
  • Locating New Partners & Clients
  • Presentation Skills
  • Hosting Job Fairs
  • ATS / Applicant Tracking Systems (e.g., Oracle Taleo Cloud Service, Google Hire, iCims Talent Acquisition, JobVite, IBM Kenexa)
  • LinkedIn Recruiter 
  • Management Skills
  • Technical Abilities
  • Multitasking Skills
  • Friendly Personality
  • Adaptable to Change
  • Enthusiastic & Outgoing
  • Networking Skills

To find the right skills to put on a resume for talent acquisition jobs—

Don’t just take a list you found on the internet (even this one) and slap it down into your resume. 

Instead, locate the job requirements in the employment ad. Identify the skills this hiring agency is looking for, and add those to your headhunter or recruiting coordinator resume. 

Expert Hint: Based on BLS numbers, employment of HR professionals, including recruiters and staffers, is projected to increase by 10% (73,400 new jobs each year) between 2020 and 2030. And employment of human resources managers, including recruiting coordinators and heads of recruitment, are projected to grow by even more—9% (12,300 jobs), in the same timeframe. Highlight your hiring skills and staffing abilities effectively if you want a leg up over your competition!

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4. Turn Your Education Section Into a Reason to Hire You

Educational requirements for recruitment jobs span the gamut depending on the job level and the staffing agency. 


Whether you’re writing a recruiting assistant resume or a senior IT recruiter resume, you still have to list the education you have correctly:

Recruiter Resume Sample—Education Section

Good Example

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Human Resources

Regis University, Anderson College of Business, Denver, CO

Graduation: 2017

Relevant Coursework: Human Resource Development, Personnel and Human Resource Management, Workforce Planning & Employment, Diversity in the Workplace, Employee Selection and Development, Personnel Recruitment, Selection, and Placement.

Here’s how to organize your own:

  • Add the name of the degree and major on the first line.
  • Next, add the name of the college or university, including their city and state.
  • Then, include a date of completion. If you’re not finished yet, add it like this: “Estimated Graduation.”
  • List several related subsections to add a few extra keywords to your recruiting resume, such as relevant coursework, academic awards, etc.

Leave high school off if you’ve completed an associate degree or higher. 

Expert Hint: If you are writing an entry-level creative or IT recruiter resume and your education section is more impressive than the work history, swap them around. Remember that 7.4 seconds? It’s better to keep the most relevant sections at the top of the page.

5. Round Out a Recruiter Resume With Extras

Here are a few of the best additional areas to include on a resume for recruiting jobs, along with some examples of each:

Certificates & Licenses

  • Certified Social Media Recruiter (CSMR)
  • HRCI Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
  • HRCI Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR)
  • SHRM-CP (Certified Professional)
  • SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional)

Recruitment Organizations & Talent Associations

  • The Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC)
  • The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC)
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA)
  • National Association of Executive Recruiters (NAER)
  • National Association for Health Care Recruitment (NAHCR)
  • The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo)

Related Pastimes & Interests

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Public Speaking
  • Blogging About IT Topics

Proficiency in Foreign Languages

  • Mandarin: Native Proficiency
  • Italian: Professional Working Proficiency
  • Portuguese: Intermediate Proficiency
  • Yoruba: Basic Conversational Proficiency

Expert Hint: The most important “extra section” for any resume is the recruiter cover letter. You should always include a cover letter, as more than half of hiring managers will immediately discard your resume without one. 

Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter generator and make your application documents pop out.


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Key Points

Here’s the gist on— 

How to write a resume for recruiter jobs:

  • Format recruiter resumes correctly before you start to write.
  • Open your technical recruiter resume with a powerful objective or summary.
  • Document your previous work history in your recruitment resume using detailed entries, resume keywords, and quantifiable achievements.
  • Make a list of the most relevant recruiting resume skills by matching it to the job ad.
  • Include your education no matter what level of job you’re aiming for, whether senior corporate recruiter resume or junior talent acquisition specialist.
  • Add a section such as certifications, memberships, or second languages to really round out your staff or college recruiter resume.
  • Don’t forget a Human Resources Cover Letter!

Got any questions on how to create a recruiting coordinator resume? Need help quantifying your hiring achievements or listing talent acquisition skills? Let’s talk about it down in the comments section, and thanks for reading!

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