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Frequently Asked Questions about CV Templates

Should I use a CV template for my curriculum vitae?

Yes, because creating a CV with a CV template is much easier, faster, and more beneficial for you. When making a CV by yourself, you need to not only know how to write a CV, but also understand CV formatting rules and be very proficient in Word to keep the document organized.

We highly recommend using a curriculum vitae template made by professional CV writers and graphic designers. This way you won’t have to worry about any technicalities such as colors, CV fonts, or proper CV sections. You can save yourself a lot of time and energy, all while maximizing the chances of landing the job you want.

What is the best template for a CV?

The best CV template nowadays should look professional, simple, and clean. A good curriculum vitae template should also be ATS-friendly and easy to read by any hiring manager. All CV templates made in our CV maker are fully compatible with the modern recruitment standards, and you can be sure they not only look professional but also provide you with the highest chances of getting your dream job.

What's the difference between a CV and a resume?

In most countries, these terms can be used interchangeably. They mean a brief document that highlights your professional skills, achievements, and experience that is used for a job hunt. However, in North America, CV and resume have different meanings. A CV is used when applying for an academic position, and it’s much more detailed, while a resume is used when you apply for a standard job. To fully understand the distinction, read our guide on the difference between a CV and a resume.

If you feel you should be building a resume, you can use our resume templates instead.

What should I include in my CV template?

To have the highest impact and meet modern recruitment standards, a curriculum vitae template should have the following elements:

Remember to personalize your CV and use only relevant sections on your CV. Not all of them are mandatory, depending on your circumstances and industry.

What is the best CV format to use?

The best CV format to use is the reverse-chronological format. It lays out your experience and skills in the exact structure that hiring managers are looking for. It works best for all kinds of jobs and industries, regardless of your experience level.

You may also consider using a functional or combination format. The former focuses on your skills, rather than experience, and the latter is a mix of the other two. They work best for creative positions or very experienced job seekers.

Should I create a cover letter for my CV?

Yes! Having a cover letter increases your chances of getting a job significantly. It helps the hiring manager to better understand your motivation behind applying for the role and allows you to elaborate on your experience, alongside showing your achievements.

The cover letter you send should have a cover letter template that matches the design of your CV, and that’s why our builder allows you to generate a cover letter in the same style as your CV. If you’re not sure how to create one, check our guide on how to write a cover letter.

Do you have any good CV examples I can use?

We have over 280 CV examples created by professional CV writers. You may copy, adjust, and use every single one of them without any limitations. The list covers examples from a variety of jobs and industries and has helpful tips and tricks for every CV section. Thanks to that, you’ll avoid any potential mistakes on your CV and boost your chances of landing a job.

Are your CV templates ATS-friendly?

All our CV templates are 100% ATS-friendly. However, remember that your content also needs to be ATS-friendly. That means using the right CV keywords and creating a targeted CV for every job offer. This way, you’ll show that you actually read the job ad, and that you care about getting the job.

What’s the best length for a CV?

The length of your CV depends on the work experience and skills you have. It should be as short as possible, but at the same time, you shouldn’t omit any important and relevant information about yourself. For many job seekers a one-page CV will be enough, but if you feel you need more space to truly show yourself, don’t be afraid to go for a two-page CV.

Should I use a CV template when I don’t have any work experience?

Absolutely! Our curriculum vitae templates work great regardless of your level of experience. What’s more, our CV maker will help you along the way, by providing tips and advice from professional CV writers on how to make the most of your CV. You can also get inspired by our no experience CV example, where you’ll learn how to land your first job.

What’s the difference between a CV template and a curriculum vitae template?

There’s no difference between a CV template and a curriculum vitae template, as they are the same thing. CV is an abbreviation for curriculum vitae, and those two terms may be used as synonyms. Although, whenever you contact your future employer it’s better to use the shorter version, especially in the file name or email subject line.

Do you have any free CV templates?

Our CV templates are free-to-use and free-to-customize. You may use and edit as many CV templates as you need. Once are happy with the result, you can download your CV, which costs $2.70 for 14-day full access. We’ve also created curated lists of free Google Docs CV templates and free Word CV templates from different sources, so you can find something for you there.