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Accounting & Finance Cover Letter Examples

Show them you know how to handle money and write an impactful job application. These accounting cover letter examples will help you demonstrate your real-life impact on business performance:

and more...

Creative Fields, Design, & Arts Cover Letter Examples

Even if your portfolio is nothing short of awesome, you still need to prove you’re a great communicator. The resume cover letter samples below will show you how to encourage recruiters to invite you over for an interview.

and more...

Education Cover Letter Examples

As a teacher or scholar, you need to make sure your job application lives up to the highest standards. Our education cover letter examples will help you write an impactful cover letter in no time.

and more...

Engineering, Tech, & Science Cover Letter Examples

Cover letters for tech-related positions are notoriously hard to write. Why? They need to do justice to both your expertise and soft skills. With the help of our engineering cover letter examples, you’ll be able to communicate all this. Even to non-technical recruiters.

and more...

Food Service Cover Letter Examples

As someone looking for a job in the food industry, you know that the right presentation makes all the difference. We know it too. That’s why our professional cover letter examples will help you present your best side right off the bat.

Healthcare & Wellbeing Cover Letter Examples

The number of jobs in the healthcare industry keeps growing. We’ll show you how to make your application stand out from the crowd of generic candidates. Start with browsing our healthcare cover letter examples and finding the one that’s best for you.

and more...

IT (Information Technology) Cover Letter Examples

Even though there’s an abundance of jobs in the IT industry, the best jobs are reserved for the best candidates. Are you one of them? Do you know how to turn your professional experience into a compelling narrative of success? Our IT cover letter examples will show you how.

and more...

Management Cover Letter Examples

Cover letters for managerial positions must put your leadership skills and industry knowledge in the spotlight. If you’re unsure how to do this, our management cover letter examples will help you out.

and more...

Marketing, Media, & Public Relations Cover Letter Examples

You may be an effective marketer. But do you know how to effectively market yourself? Use our marketing cover letter examples to craft yours in just a couple of minutes.

and more...

Office & Administrative Cover Letter Examples

The strength of your job application will always be relative to what the other candidates submit. Outclass them with a cover letter that departs from the cliched “responsible for” formula, and focuses on your achievements instead.

and more...

Sales and Customer Service Cover Letter Examples

You’ve already presented all your sales results and metrics in the resume. Don’t repeat them in the cover letter now. Our sales cover letter examples will show you how to present your interpersonal skills and convince the employer you’re the one who’ll get the job done better than anyone else.

and more...

Students (Academic Admissions, Internships, & Entry-Level Jobs) Cover Letter Examples

We know how hard it is when you’re looking for a job as a student and every employer requires previous work experience. Our cover letter examples for students will show you how to make use of your relevant experience, and outshine applications from more experienced candidates.

and more...

Travel and Hospitality Cover Letter Examples

Feel invited to use our travel and hospitality free cover letter examples as the basis for crafting your own, unique cover letter. Find out how to highlight your best skills to impress the recruiters and complement your resume.

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