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    Academic Advisor Resume—Sample and 20+ Writing Tips

    Academic advisors have the power to shape young minds and help them achieve their goals. It’s time to achieve yours with our academic advisor resume sample!

    Academic Advisor Resume—Sample and 20+ Writing Tips

    You’ve been sending resumes to educational institutions to no avail. You know you have the skills and experience to thrive as an academic advisor. 

    But this time, you are the person that needs help with writing a job-winning, state-of-the-art resume that highlights all your skills and accomplishments. 

    Well, it just so happens we’ve prepared the ultimate guide to writing a successful academic advisor resume!

    In this article:

    • An academic advisor resume sample that gets jobs.
    • How to ace your academic advisor job description on a resume.
    • How to write a resume for an academic advisor that gets interviews.
    • Expert tips and examples to boost your chances of landing an academic advisor job.

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    Academic Advisor Resume Sample

    Nicole Dade

    Academic Advisor




    Motivated academic advisor with over 5 years of experience. Eager to help Trish College students achieve their educational goals and increase graduates number. At Trenton College helped over 150 students find their educational path and decreased drop-out rate by 35%


    Academic Advisor

    Trenton College, Royal Oak, MI

    July 2016–September 2020

    Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Ensured students stay on track to meet their educational goals.
    • Connected with 100+ new students upon admission to ensure overall readiness and escalate outstanding matters that would affect their ability to have a smooth and successful start.
    • Assisted students in understanding and completing degree requirements.
    • Assisted 300+ students with appropriate course registration.

    Key Achievement: 

    • Decreased the drop-out rate by 35% by providing extensive, personalized programs for struggling students. 

    College Advisor

    Trent High School, Royal Oak, MI

    May 2015–June 2016

    Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Guided high school students towards their best college options by optimizing student profiles along the holistic review process. 
    • Explained how US college admissions work to students and their parents. 
    • Met with students from 12 grade once every week or every other week to facilitate the completion of college applications alongside an Essay Editor.

    Key Achievement: 

    • Increased students’ college acceptance rate by 25% by providing counseling tailored to their individual needs. 


    B.Sc. in Psychology

    University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN



    • Administration
    • Curriculum design
    • Student assessment
    • Mentorship
    • Communication skills
    • Time management
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Listening skills


    • Certified Professional Counselor, APA, 2017


    • Spanish—Fluent
    • Portuguese—Intermediate

    Academic advisors help students identify their academic interests, point to resources for additional information and support, and develop study plans. The purpose of your academic advisor resume is to highlight the professional experience that will help you succeed in the role.

    Here’s how to write an academic advisor resume that hits every target:

    1. Start With the Right Academic Advisor Resume Format

    A good resume is easy to follow. Hiring managers can should be able to quickly find the most critical information and assess the candidate. 

    Luckily, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel—you can just follow our resume formatting guide!

    Once you’re done, save your resume as a PDF. This will keep your resume layout intact, as well as making your resume ATS-compliant. The term ATS, or Applicant Tracking Systems, refers to automated software solutions that scan incoming resumes in the vast majority of companies and organizations. 

    As many as 75% of resumes are rejected by ATS because of incorrect formatting, so it’s vital to get this right! 

    2. Write a Compelling Academic Advisor Resume Objective or Summary

    First impressions are important

    So, give the hiring manager a sneak peek of your abilities by writing a resume profile—a 3–5-sentence introductory paragraph at the top of the page. You can do that in two ways—

    If you already have at least a couple of years of experience as an academic advisor, follow these guidelines to write a strong resume summary

    1. Start with anadjective (efficient, diligent, dependable)
    2. Add your job title (academic advisor)
    3. Mention your years of experience (3+, 4+)
    4. Outline how you’ll help the new employer (help XYZ School’s students choose suitable college courses and increase the probability of graduating)
    5. List a couple of your best professional achievements (increased the graduation rate by 25% within 3 years)

    Are you working on an entry-level academic advisor resume?

    Start with a resume objective instead. It follows a similar pattern, but relies on other experiences in the absence of career accomplishments. 

    Think about transferable skills, alongside relevant experience from other jobs, volunteering, internships, or education that might apply to your dream job. 

    Expert hint: Write your resume summary when you finish the rest of your resume. That way, you’ll have all the data you need at hand. 

    3. Add Impressive Academic Advisor Job Description and Skills Sections

    Now it’s time to show you have what it takes to be the next academic advisor at the college of your dreams. 

    How to do that?

    By creating a resume work experience section that deserves an A+!

    Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let’s just talk about two things—

    Firstly, make sure you’re not just listing basic duties on your resume. Instead, outline your proudest professional achievements. The recruiter already knows what an academic advisor does on the daily—they need to know what you did in your role that puts you a cut above the competition. 

    Secondly, always target your resume to the job ad. The job of an academic advisor involves slightly different duties at various institutions, and advertisements can be worded differently at times. Make sure your resume reflects each vacancy’s unique requirements and wording. 


    How to write a job description for an academic advisor:

    1. Analyze the job ad carefully. 
    2. Make a list of skills and requirements. They will serve as your resume keywords
    3. Think of times you’ve used those skills to impress your supervisors. 
    4. Write resume bullet points that describe those situations. Quantify them when possible and use action words to add impact. 

    And one more thing—don’t forget about the academic advisor resume skills section!

    Here, less is more. Don’t list every single advising skill you have—pick 5–10 of the most relevant ones. Just like with your work experience section, focus on the skills directly mentioned in the job ad. 

    Here’s an example: 

    Academic Advisor Resume Skills

    • Administration
    • Curriculum design
    • Monitoring student progress
    • Student assessment
    • Mentorship
    • Student engagement
    • Public speaking
    • Graduation requirements
    • Relevant educational policies and procedures
    • Negotiation
    • Degree audits
    • Record-keeping
    • Problem-solving
    • New student orientation
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Communication skills
    • Computer skills
    • Time management skills
    • MS Office
    • Google Suite
    • PowerPoint

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    4. Turn Your Education into a Reason to Hire You

    No resume would be complete without an education section. Even if you graduated 10+ years ago, you should still mention at least the basics of your degree on your resume. 

    If you have a few years of professional experience, list your highest level of schooling, including the degree and field of study (e.g. BA in Psychology), the awarding institution, and your years of attendance. And that’s it, you’re done! 

    However, if you’re writing a resume with no work experience as an academic advisor, add extra bullet points that show your skills and potential. You can list highlights such as your extracurricular activities, relevant coursework, projects, academic achievements, and GPA (but only if it was 3.7 or above). 

    5. Include Extra Sections on Your Academic Advisor Resume

    What can you add to make your resume pop? 

    To stand out in the crowd, add some extra sections, for example:

    Just remember that everything you say on your academic advisor resume has to be directly relevant to the job you’re applying for. It’s perfectly fine to make a hobby out of collecting mugs, but that doesn’t speak to your professional skills in any way. Stick to things that the recruiter will care about, to put it bluntly. 

    And last but not least: write a cover letter! It’s your chance to address the recruiter directly and tell them exactly why you’d be perfect for the job. 

    Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter generator and make your application documents pop out.


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    Key Points

    To write an academic advisor resume that lands the job:

    • Format your resume correctly; it’s best to use the resume format provided above. 
    • Start with a resume summary or objective, depending on your experience level. 
    • Use the reverse-chronological order and start with your current or most recent job. 
    • Add a targeted skills section using resume keywords found in the job description. 
    • Attach an academic advisor cover letter to your application.

    Do you have any questions about writing a resume for academic advisor roles? Perhaps you have some tips of your own to share? Did you find our academic advisor resume example helpful? Let’s chat below in the comments!

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