Professional Cover Letter Templates to Auto-Fill and Download in Minutes.

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Choose a resume cover letter template that suits you best:

Professional cover letter Template Cascade


A simple yet creative cover letter template perfect for all industries and seniority levels. Works great for executives and entry-level candidates alike.

Professional cover letter Template Concept


This creative cover letter template makes your cover letter look well-organized and easy to skim.

Professional cover letter Template Crisp


Elegant and clear. This simple cover letter template is a good choice for traditional and creative industries.

Professional cover letter Template Cubic


Professional cover letter template with minimal and elegant looking graphic elements. Customize the fonts and colors to reflect your individuality.

Professional cover letter Template Vibes


Basic cover letter template with a modern touch. White space keeps it elegant and clean. Works great for candidates at every seniority level.

Professional cover letter Template Diamond


A modern cover letter template. Easy to skim, with a professional look.

Professional cover letter Template Enfold


This modern and professional cover letter template is suitable for candidates in both corporate and creative industries.

Professional cover letter Template Iconic


A creative cover letter template. It will make your cover letter stand out from among those submitted by the other candidates.

Professional cover letter Template Influx


Elegant and modern cover letter template to stand out from the crowd. Works great for managers in traditional industries.

Professional cover letter Template Initials


A highly recommended modern-looking cover letter template for high-level executives, with a touch of personal branding.

Professional cover letter Template Minimo


Minimalist cover letter template suitable for all positions. A perfect choice for academics and candidates looking for jobs in traditional sectors.

Professional cover letter Template Modern


This modern cover letter template works best for senior level candidates in technical industries.

Professional cover letter Template Muse


A great cover letter template combining simplicity and professionalism. Bound to attract any recruiter's attention.

Professional cover letter Template Nanica


This simple cover letter template is great for experienced candidates. It's basic formatting doesn't detract from its content.

Professional cover letter Template Newcast


This cover letter template is popular with professionals and academics. Its clear layout will impress all recruiters and selection committees.

Professional cover letter Template Primo


This simple and creative cover letter layout is great for printing, so take this one to a job fair!

Professional cover letter Template Simple


Modern and simple cover letter template. A perfect choice for expereinced candidates who'd like to focus on presenting their achievements.

Professional cover letter Template Valera


A simple yet well-balanced combimantion of youthful vibes and minimal cover letter formatting.

Use our pre-filled cover letter templates. Save time and get any job you apply for.

Cover letter

Our downloadable cover letter templates take the pain out of cover letter writing:

  • Choose from 18 beautiful cover letter templates in 400+ color combos that match the design of your resume.
  • Not too keen on writing? You’ll get the cover letter contents, tailored to your profession, pre-written for you. All you need to do is make minor edits and adjustments.
  • Once you’re done, get an instant spell-check of your cover letter. Impress recruiters with your attention to detail.
  • Create and download your professional cover letter template in PDF in 5 minutes. Get any job you want!

Create a powerful resume & cover letter combo and stand out from the crowd of identical applicants.

You might have heard that cover letters are a thing of the past. That’s utter nonsense. In 2019, 20–50% of the recruiters still expect cover letters. With our templates, you can make a cover letter that’ll make the hiring manager want to call you in the middle of the night. Here’s how:

Pick a cover letter template

Pick a cover letter template

Choose from 18 simple, professional, or modern cover letter templates in 400+ color combinations.

Let us take care of the hard part

Let us take care of the hard part

You have an option to get a cover letter tailored to your profession and industry, pre-written by hiring pros. All you have to do is adjust the details and add metrics that describe your experience.

Land the dream job

Land the dream job

Download your cover letter template in PDF, attach it to your resume and get ready for that big interview!

Cover letter templates to make writing quick and effortless.

Cover letter templates

A good cover letter can be a game-changer for your job application. ResumeLab cover letter templates come with ready-to-use contents you can tweak to suit your needs.

Once you’re done with writing, customize your cover letter template: change fonts, colors, line spacing, and more. Download in PDF with a single click.

Can’t decide on the perfect template? You can switch between cover letter templates as many times as you want: your contents will remain intact.

Our templates let you make a powerful duo of a matching cover letter and a resume. Uniform layout and design will show your professionalism and grab every recruiter’s attention.

Elegant, simple cover letter templates with a modern twist. Plus— free career resources curated by experts.