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Professional Resume Template Cascade


A simple yet creative resume template suitable for all industries and seniority levels: a good executive resume template that will also work for entry-level candidates.

Professional Resume Template Concept


Creative use of a timeline on the left makes this one a perfect reverse chronological resume template. Contents are well-organized and easy to skim.

Professional Resume Template Crisp


Elegant and clear, a simple resume template with two columns. A great resume template for traditional and creative industries.

Professional Resume Template Cubic


Professional resume template with a shaded side column and bar charts and a highlighted header. Customize the colors and fonts to show off your individuality.

Professional Resume Template Vibes


Basic resume template with a modern touch. White space keeps it elegant and clean. Tiny icons grab attention. A great functional resume template.

Professional Resume Template Diamond


A modern resume template for those who wish to create a combination resume. The sections are easy to skim for the most relevant information.

Professional Resume Template Enfold


At once modern and professional resume template. A good combination resume template suitable for candidates in both corporate and creative industries.

Professional Resume Template Iconic


A creative resume template. A great pick for corporate openings that will attract a lot of candidates: it’s a very easy resume template to scan.

Professional Resume Template Influx


Elegant and modern template to stand out from the crowd. A great manager resume template for conservative industries.

Professional Resume Template Initials


Add a touch of personal branding to your resume. Highly recommended modern-looking resume template for high-level execs.

Professional Resume Template Minimo


Minimalist resume template suitable for formal resumes. A perfect choice for academics and candidates looking for jobs in traditional sectors.

Professional Resume Template Modern


This modern resume template is perfect for senior level candidates in technical industries.

Professional Resume Template Muse


A great job resume template mixing simplicity with professionalism. Notice how the section titles stand out to guide recruiters eyes where you want them to.

Professional Resume Template Nanica


Got loads of experience? Can’t make a one-pager? Go for this simple resume template. Basic formatting makes this one an ideal two-page resume template.

Professional Resume Template Newcast


A popular resume template for professionals and academics. The clear resume layout will impress all recruiters and selection committees.

Professional Resume Template Primo


Make strategic use of white space and get your most shining achievements noticed using this simple and creative resume layout. Good for printing, so take this one to a job fair!

Professional Resume Template Simple


Modern and simple resume template designed to save space. A perfect choice for candidates with a lot of experience who wish to have a one-page resume template.

Professional Resume Template Valera


A simple, well-balanced combo of youthful vibes and clean resume formatting.

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Choose a resume template

Choose a resume template

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Fill in the blanks and customize

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Land the dream job

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How to choose the best resume template for your application?

First, you need to understand the very basic concept:

What is a resume?

A resume is a document you submit when applying for jobs. It outlines your best achievements, skills, and experience relevant to the position you’re targeting. That’s why every good resume has to be customized to the job opening.

Every resume you send out should be designed and written with a specific job in mind. That’s why different resume templates will work best for different job applications.

Corporate positions

If you’re applying to corporate and office openings, you need a professional resume template that shows you mean business. The resume template you choose has to be formal and elegant. At the same time, such jobs usually attract 300+ candidates, so your resume template has to grab attention straight away if you want to stand out.

Pick a template with a distinct header at the top and clearly visible section headings. Make it eye-catching and easy to skim in seconds.

Tech jobs

Every techie eyeing a new position should use a modern resume template. One that shows you’re at the cutting edge of new technologies.

Use a contemporary resume template with modern elements such as side columns or bar charts for your skills. Speaking of skills: make all your software competencies visible at first glance. Go for a resume template with a distinct skills section.

Creative gigs

For creative jobs, such as graphic design, advertising, marketing, or copywriting, ideal resume templates are, surprise surprise—creative. A good creative resume template highlights your individual style. To land a creative gig, add some personality to your resume.

Go for a resume template that uses colors. A flaming orange or pink might be too risky, but navy blue or dark green will do the trick. Creative details such as tiny icons for your contact information will be a good addition.

Academic purposes

Whether you’re writing a student resume for college applications or a curriculum vitae for a seasoned researcher, you need a good academic resume template. Competition in academia is fierce and, for any application, a resume is usually the first document selection committees review so it has to be flawless.

An academic resume template shouldn’t feature any gimmicky graphics. Pick a basic resume template and keep your information well-structured. Academic decision-makers can be nit-picky so make sure you follow the rules.

Conservative industries

Wedding planning, legal corporations, federal institutions, or NGOs—for all such organizations, it’s best to keep your resume as simple as possible. Simplicity, after all, is the ultimate sophistication.

Use a simple resume template — nothing more than black text on white background. Pick a traditional font, preferably a serif one. Let your expertise and qualifications do the talking.

The good news?

At ResumeLab, we have all sorts of templates you’ll ever need. So what are you waiting for?