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With our simple resume templates, building a resume has never been more straightforward. Just pick a resume template, follow our experts' advice, and make a resume that stands out. It's that simple.

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We've designed over 20 resume templates to match your skills, career, and taste. You can choose from simple resume templates, professional resume templates, or modern resume templates—up to you!

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Each resume template comes with built-in resume content suggestions and tips for every section that will help you create a job-winning resume fast. All this has been written by our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers, so you can rely on them without a doubt.

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Certified career experts and graphic designers crafted each resume template for the most significant impact. Thanks to this, you can create the best resume and land the dream job you've always wanted.

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Our resume templates are 100% ATS-scannable. It doesn't matter if you go with a basic resume template or a professional resume template—they all will pass the test, and your perfect-looking resume will reach the hiring manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Resume Templates

What is the best resume template to use?

The best resume template should look professional and modern yet be simple and not text-heavy. It should also be easy to scan by any ATS software and quick to read by any hiring manager.

All resume templates in our resume builder have been designed by certified career experts. They comply with all current recruitment standards, so you can be sure your resume has the highest possible quality.

Should I use a resume template for my resume?

Yes, you should use a professional resume template for your resume. Making a resume all by yourself might sound like a good idea, but it's time-consuming and risky, as you need to follow an approved resume layout.

That's why we highly recommend using a premade resume template, where you won't have to worry about the right setup of resume sections, colors, or fonts. All you need to do is fill in some basic information, and our builder will do the rest.

Regardless of whether you'll go with a ready resume template or not, remember to adjust your resume for every job you apply to. A general resume won't set you apart from other candidates—and recruiters hate generic job applications. To help you create the right resume for any job title, we've prepared over 280 free resume examples for different industries you can copy or adjust.

Do you have ATS-friendly resume templates?

Yes! All our resume templates are 100% ATS-friendly. Just remember that you should optimize the content of your resume for ATS as well. That means using the right resume keywords and creating a targeted resume for a specific job offer. For more on that, check our guide on ATS-Friendly resumes.

Are there any job-specific resume templates?

Depending on your experience and industry, you can use different job resume templates:

  • Professional resume templates—it's the most universal resume template type you can use in almost any job offer.
  • Simple resume templates—you should use this resume template to show your experience and skills in the most straightforward way possible.
  • Modern resume templates—work well for all industries, but will be the best match for modern sectors like tech or marketing.
  • Basic resume templates—for job seekers who want to keep things clean and elegant.
  • Creative resume templates—perfect for all creative industries such as film, graphic design, or photography.
  • Business resume templates—great for all senior-level executives who want to find new opportunities.
  • One-page resume templates—for candidates with less than 7 years of work experience.

How to format my resume template?

The best resume format for most job seekers is the reverse-chronological resume. It'll work well across all types of jobs and industries, highlighting your work experience and professional achievements. This resume format is also the most desired by hiring managers, as they can quickly see all the essential details.

You may also use two other main resume formats—functional resume or combination resume. The former focuses on your skills rather than experience, and the latter is a mix of the other two, which works best for very experienced job seekers.

What should I include on my resume?

A professional resume template needs to highlight all the vital information about you. Just in case, we prepared a list of things you should include on your resume:

But you shouldn't copy and paste the whole list—some resume sections are optional. If you want to learn more, check our comprehensive guide on how to write a resume.

How do I make a cover letter for a resume?

Cover letters are important, even when they are optional. That's why on ResumeLab, you can generate a cover letter with a matching cover letter template. This way, you'll double your chances of getting a job interview. If you haven't written any letters lately, we have a step-by-step guide on how to write a perfect cover letter. What's more, in our cover letter app, you will also get built-in suggestions and tips to create a professional cover letter in no time.

What makes a resume template look good?

In 2024, your resume should look clean and organized. You should use a professional resume template, and your content needs to highlight your professional accomplishments. You can't overcrowd your resume with information—it should only include relevant details about yourself. For more information, check our comprehensive guide on what a resume should look like.

How long should my resume be?

A one-page resume will be the best resume length for most job seekers. When you have more than 7 years of experience or many skills and achievements, you can go with a two-page resume—or even a longer document. Whatever your needs are, our templates are flexible and can work as one-page resume templates or two-page resume templates.

What's the difference between a resume template and a CV template?

In most parts of the world, those two can be used interchangeably, as they mean the same. They mean a brief document that summarizes your skills, experience, and achievements that is used when you apply for a job. However, in North America they are different. A CV is used in academic positions and is much more detailed and thorough, while a resume is used when you apply for a regular job. To better understand the difference, we've created a guide on the difference between a CV and a resume.

If you think you should be making a CV, you can use our CV templates instead.

Should I use a resume template for my first job?

Definitely! We have no-experience resume templates available in our builder, too. Additionally, you'll get built-in suggestions and expert tips that will guide you through the whole resume writing process. You can also check our ready examples of no-experience resumes, or no-experience cover letters for additional hints and inspiration.

Do you have free resume templates?

Our resume templates are free-to-use and fully editable. You can use as many resume templates as you want and will only have to pay once you're satisfied with the result. We've also prepared a curated list of free resume templates you may use. It consists of templates from multiple sources in different file formats, so you can definitely find something for you there.