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    Budget Analyst Resume—Sample and 25+ Writing Tips

    You can write a budget report everyone understands. Now it’s time to show your skills with a job-winning budget analyst resume!

    Budget Analyst Resume—Sample and 25+ Writing Tips

    Want to know a little secret? Most budget analysts' resumes are boring, poorly formatted, and hard to follow. 

    And that’s your chance to shine. 

    Mention the right accomplishments and skills, and your resume will stand out like a beautifully balanced yearly budget. 

    In this article:

    • A budget analyst resume sample that gets jobs.
    • How to ace your budget analyst job description on a resume.
    • How to write a resume for a budget analyst that gets the interview.
    • Expert tips and examples to boost your chances of landing a budget analyst job.

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    Budget Analyst Resume Sample

    Jonathan Maddock

    Budget Analyst

    Phone no.: 248-365-9594

    Email: jon.maddock@reslabmail.com



    Motivated budget analyst with 5+ years of experience. Eager to help Crown Inc. with balancing clients' budgets, as well as forecasting trends and growth. At the State of Michigan Budget Office developed the Executive Budget recommendations and forecasted yearly budget with 99.7% accuracy. 


    Budget Analyst

    The State of Michigan, Lansing, Mi

    July 2017–December 2021

    Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Analyzed and manipulated large amounts of data to inform decision-makers
    • Developed the Executive Budget recommendations
    • Monitored the budget to ensure continued fiscal balance
    • Assisted in the management of contracts by assuring adherence to the State—County contract requirements

    Key Achievement: 

    • Provided yearly budget forecast with 99.7% accuracy. 

    Budget Analyst

    Canva Technology & Processes, Tallahassee, FL

    March 2016–May 2017

    Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Reviewed and researched financial systems, contracts, and other documents for unliquidated obligation balances 
    • Prepared management-level reports and presentations on funding and budgets
    • Provided assistance with annual Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution of funds 

    Key Achievement: 

    • Completed transactions in the GFEBS and LMP systems with 98% accuracy. 


    B.Sc. in Mathematics

    University of Redlands, Redlands, CA

    September 2011–June 2015


    • Quantitative analysis
    • Trend Forecasting
    • Budgeting
    • Reporting
    • MS Office
    • Investing
    • Analytical thinking
    • Interpersonal skills


    • Certified Budget Specialist, AAIFM, 2017


    • French—Fluent
    • Spanish—Intermediate

    Budget analysts help private and public companies plan their finances by preparing budget reports and monitoring spending. The purpose of your budget analyst resume is to convince your prospective employers you have the skills and experience necessary to fulfill the job requirements.

    Let’s see how to write a budget analyst resume that ticks all the right boxes:

    1. Use the Format for Your Budget Analyst Resume

    Your handwritten notes may make sense to you, but you wouldn’t present your annual budget forecast to the board in scribbles, right? 

    Same goes for your resume format. It needs to look accessible, easy to read, and inviting in order to interest the recruiter. Here’s how to get it right:

    Before saving your file, consult the job ad again. Does it specify the format? 

    Unless stated otherwise, save your resume as a PDF file to make sure it’s compatible with every device. 

    2. Open Strong With a Budget Analyst Resume Objective or Summary

    The first section on your resume, after the header, is called a resume profile. It’s a 2–4 sentence introductory paragraph that’s supposed to highlight your biggest assets and key skills. 

    If you already have some professional experience, write a resume summary

    1. One adjective (analytical, diligent, reliable)
    2. Job title (Budget analyst)
    3. Years of experience (5+, 6+)
    4. How you’ll help (prepare management level reports and presentations)
    5. Top 2–3 achievements (provided budget forecasts with 85% accuracy)

    The question remains—what to do if you don’t have experience or are in the process of changing careers?

    Go for a resume objective

    Focus on your academic projects, transferable skills that you may apply in the new position, or experience from volunteer work. Highlight your relevant achievements to make your resume stand out in the crowd.

    Expert Hint: Although just a couple of sentences, a resume profile has to be well-written. To make the task a bit easier, write the resume profile at the very end. That way, you’ll have a list of accomplishments and skills already in front of you, in the rest of your resume. 

    3. Prepare a Convincing Budget Analyst Job Description and a Tailored Skills Section

    The work experience section is the key part of your resume—some recruiters glance only at this section before deciding whether to read your application in more detail. 

    Fortunately, there is a sure-fire way to catch their attention. 

    How to write a job description for a budget analyst:

    1. Read the job ad carefully.
    2. Highlight resume keywords—skills and requirements needed to succeed in the position. 
    3. Think about times you’ve shown those skills and impressed your supervisor. 
    4. Write resume bullet points based on those examples. Use numbers and action words.

    In this way, you’re targeting your resume to a specific ad, making sure it matches the company’s expectations. Remember to focus on your professional achievements rather than wasting valuable space on your resume (and the reader’s time) with basic, obvious responsibilities. 

    Next, tailor your resume skills section to the job ad as well—

    Pick 5–10 skills that are mentioned or hinted at in the ad and list them in a separate section of your resume. 

    Budget Analyst Resume Skills

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    4. List Education on Your Budget Analyst Resume

    Budget analyst positions require a degree, so a complete resume education section is a must-have. 

    This section is actually pretty straightforward: 

    If you already have a couple of years of experience as a budget analyst, state your highest obtained degree, the name of the awarding institution, and your years of attendance (or year of graduation, up to you). 

    If, on the other hand, you’re writing a resume with no experience, you can be more specific. Use your college experiences to showcase your skills and potential, and list things like: 

    • Extracurricular activities
    • Relevant coursework
    • Projects,
    • Academic achievements,
    • GPA (if it’s 3.7 or higher)

    5. Include Extra Sections on Your Budget Analyst Resume

    In budgeting, outliers usually mean trouble. 

    But while writing your budget analyst resume, you should strive to distinguish yourself from other candidates. 

    To do that, include one or two extra sections. You can mention: 

    And last but not least—write a cover letter. A cover letter will give extra space to convince recruiters to invite you for the next step of the process.

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    Key Points

    To write a job-winning budget analyst resume, remember to:

    • Use the budget analyst template above. It contains all relevant sections and is easy to follow. 
    • State your proudest accomplishments in the work experience, skills, and resume profile sections. Use action words and numbers if you can. 
    • Clearly state your highest level of schooling. Education is important for budget analyst roles—make sure recruiters can easily find this information. 
    • Write a budget analyst cover letter. A cover letter will help you convince hiring managers that you’re the best person for the job. 

    Thank you for reading! If you still have some questions about writing a budget analyst resume or would like to share some advice of your own, leave a comment below. We’d love to chat!

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