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    Health Coach Resume—Example and Writing Tips for 2024

    When you’re no longer satisfied with your job as a health coach, it’s time to move on. Learn how to create an ideal health coach resume and prepare for a successful job hunting.

    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Expert
    Health Coach Resume—Example and Writing Tips for 2024

    Is your current job no longer a healthy habit? Does it feel like a dried, re-heated burger while you can have that super fresh quinoa pizza with cauliflower crust?

    It’s easy to get stuck in a comfort zone and work a dead-end job. But it’s never too late to put an old burger in the trash and totally change the menu. You know it best.

    With this guide, you can craft a superb health coach resume to help you get back on the right track. Ready?

    In this guide:

    • A health coach resume example that lands interviews.
    • How to make the perfect health coach job description for a resume.
    • How to write a resume for health and wellness coach jobs that stands out.
    • Expert tips and examples to boost your chances of landing a health coach job.

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    Want to look beyond a health coach resume? Check these resume samples for related job opportunities:

    Health Coach Resume Example

    James J. Warren

    Health Coach





    Passionate Health Coach with 3+ years of experience. Seeking to join Cigna to provide excellent onsite customer coaching and support. At VNS Health, prepared numerous care plans, attaining a 96% customer satisfaction rating on individual consultations. At Common Threads, initiated a 5-month dietary program for children with obesity, resulting in 8-10% weight loss in 20/20 participants.


    Wellness Health Coach

    VNS Health, Manhattan, NY

    April 2021–January 2023 

    Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Provided health coaching and support to a caseload of 55+ clients, 80% of which entered a three-month treatment program.
    • Prepared and reviewed care plans with the management team, attaining a 96% customer satisfaction rating on individual consultations.
    • Assisted clients with the navigation of provided health platforms virtually, improving day-to-day time management by 20%.
    • Arranged additional medical appointments when required, helping to fast-track the diagnosis of more serious afflictions.

    Key Achievement: 

    • Assisted 10 individuals during a 6-month Weight Loss Program from initiation to completion, recording a 10% body weight loss in 9/10 patients.

    Health Educator

    Common Threads, New York, NY

    October 2019–March 2021

    Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Delivered 40+ education workshops on healthy eating dedicated to children and their families, completed by group workshops covering healthy eating habits and weight gain prevention.
    • Conducted evaluations by disseminating pre- and post-workshop tests for adults, resulting in +95% of participants being better informed about healthy eating fundamentals.
    • Assisted in deploying a food box distribution program for 25 low-income families and prepared full nutrition plans (including a dedicated plan for diabetes).

    Key Achievement:

    • Initiated a 5-month dietary program for children struggling with obesity, resulting in 8-10% weight loss in 20/20 participants.


    Master of Science

    Nutrition and Dietetics

    Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

    September 2017–August 2019

    GPA: 4.0

    Bachelor of Science

    Nutrition and Food Studies

    Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

    September 2014–August 2017

    GPA: 3.8


    • Tailored diet planning
    • Strong communication
    • Active listening
    • Critical thinking
    • Outstanding team working
    • Problem-solving approach
    • Excellent time management 
    • Self-confidence and positive demeanor
    • MS Office and computer skills


    • Personal Trainer, National Personal Training Institute, 2022
    • Certified Health Coach, American Council on Exercise (ACE), 2021


    • Eastern Medicine: attended a workshop about Chinese medicine
    • Physiotherapy: reading books about sports physiotherapy


    • American English—Native
    • French—Fluent

    A health and wellness coach works with individuals who want to level up their health and well-being. Health coaches draw from psychology and behavior change, and they guide people toward healthier lifestyles. They take a holistic approach to wellness, looking beyond food habits.

    Now, let’s look at how you can nurture your resume so that it glows and keeps the perfect shape. As if it just went through a health coaching session.

    1. Select The Most Representative Resume Format

    No great success was ever achieved without failure. Nah, you think so?

    If you fail at creating your resume, you won’t get this job. There’s no complicated logic nor arcane magic behind it. It’s pretty straightforward. You’ll rock it or not.

    There are a few rudimental rules to make your resume clean and clear. Ultimately, you’re that one with a perfectly ironed shirt and a shiny smile. Follow these steps one by one:

    • Use a suitable resume format. Pick a reverse-chronological one to show your recent accomplishments first.
    • Choose one of the classic resume fonts like Georgia or Helvetica in 10–12pt.
    • Use 1-inch margins, and don’t overcrowd your resume for no reason.
    • Stick to a one-page resume, or find the best resume lengththat will work for you.
    • Put your resume sections in the following order: Header, Summary, Experience, Education, Skills, and Added Sections.

    You’re all set with the basics. Once you carefully write the perfect health coach resume, save it as PDF. It is to make sure it doesn’t turn into havoc.

    2. Come Up With a Catchy Resume Objective or Summary

    You’re likely a master of persuasion. Otherwise, how would you convince a sleepyhead that a morning jog is MUCH better than a deep slumber? Not feasible.

    Use your superpowers to sway an employer that you’re the gem they’re looking for. Craft a resume summary to highlight your former achievements and present a goal-oriented approach. Put simply, let them know how your skills and attitude will reinforce the company’s efforts.

    Here’s how to prepare a step-by-step resume summary for a health coach:

    1. Choose one adjective (passionate, enthusiastic, reliable) and put it at the outset.
    2. Include a job title (Health Coach) that you proudly use day-to-day.
    3. Summarize years of experience (3+, 4+, 5+).
    4. Explain how you aim to help (provide excellent onsite customer coaching and support).
    5. Underscore 2 or 3 achievements (e.g., prepared numerous care plans, attaining a 96% customer satisfaction rating on individual consultations)
    6. Use power words to elevate your resume’s language.

    Are you a less experienced individual? No big deal. Write up a resume objective, and include any relevant accomplishments that you gained.

    Do not miss numbers. They’re tangible proof of your former successes.

    Expert Hint: If you’re short on experience, use key certifications or licenses. They will highlight your expertise and prove you’re already set for the role.

    3. Refine Health Coach Job Description and Skills Sections

    Don’t you hate it when you have little time, and your conversation partner beats around the bush? At least, it might frustrate you.

    The work experience section is an essential part of your resume and must be specific. Instead of evoking blue-sky thinking, cut to the chase.

    How to write a health coach job description?

    1. Carefully study the job posting that caught your attention.
    2. Pinpoint health coach skills and duties listed in the job posting.
    3. Think of when you’ve shown off these skills and performed related duties.
    4. Write up a few bullets that present these abilities using numbers.

    You can merge the work experience section with the skills section. Just pick a bunch of health coach skills from the list below. Don’t sugarcoat it, lying in a resume doesn’t pay off.

    Health Coach Resume Skills

    • Tailored diet planning
    • Holistic approach
    • Biomechanics knowledge
    • Strong communication
    • Self-confidence
    • Positive demeanor
    • Active, engaged listening
    • Reliability and professionalism
    • Relationship development
    • Outstanding team working
    • Problem-solving approach
    • Critical thinking
    • Effective goal-setting
    • Excellent time management
    • MS Office and computer skills
    • Business and marketing skills

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    4. Craft a Solid Education Section in Your Health Coach Resume

    Coaches are erudite. Have you ever listened to Tony Robbins? This guy knows the right thing to say. Not only does learning shape your expertise and professionalism, but it also strengthens your confidence as a leader.

    Here’s how to prepare a reliable education section to enchant an employer:

    1. Start with your most recent degree (or education in progress).
    2. List the school name and studying dates below.
    3. Mention your GPA (only if it’s beyond 3.5).
    4. Add relevant coursework or academic honors.
    5. Include extracurricular activities and accolades.

    Perfect! With such a refined education section, you appear as a well-oriented professional who pays attention to schooling and development.

    5. Top Up Your Wellness Coach Resume With Added Sections

    A health coaching industry report shows that over 45,000 people graduate with Health Coaching degrees and certifications in the U.S. year by year.

    That’s why you need to hone your resume and make it stand out. It should be as wholesome as the most recent diet plan you prepared.

    What can be the extra ingredients you can add to your existing resume? 

    If you’re not sure whether to add something or not, check these resume dos and dont’s.

    Expert Hint: If you’re really fixated on getting that exact job, think about writing up a cover letter. Studies show that 77% of recruiters prefer applicants who send cover letters.

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    Key Points

    Before you start creating your ideal health coach resume, here’s a recap:

    • Use the health coach resume example and include all crucial sections. Your resume should be as well-structured as every care plan that you forge.
    • Stock your resume with achievements. Add themto a summary, work experience, and education to prove you’re highly competent.
    • Be precise and concrete, and do not talk your resume away.
    • Select the right skills.You can copy from a job description, but do not cover things up.
    • Prepare a health coach cover letter. Make it personal and show off your deep interest in the position.

    Confused about how to write an excellent resume for a health and wellness coach? No idea how to make it stand out? Leave us a comment. We’ll be happy to answer.

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    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Written byMarta Bongilaj, CPRW

    Marta Bongilaj is a career expert and a Certified Professional Résumé Writer. She's a member of the National Career Development Association and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. She has a vast marketing background, which helps her give relevant advice on bringing out candidates’ strongest points and making their resumes a compelling read. In her articles, she underlines the importance of showcasing the most prominent skills, experiences, and qualifications in a resume to stand out in increasingly competitive job markets. Marta provides on-point tips on how to promote one’s candidature efficaciously at every career stage. Holding a philology degree, she believes that concise, persuasive language lies at the core of a successful resume. If you seek advice on marketing yourself to employers, no matter your recruitment stage, you’ve come to the right place.

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