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Find 21 editable templates designed to meet your and your hiring manager’s needs.

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Our cover letter maker makes building a cover letter easy. Follow our step-by-step instructions and have a job-winning cover letter ready in just a few moments.

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Cover letter builder templates

Choose the best template for you

Your cover letter needs to stand out—both with content and design. That’s why our cover letter creator comes with 21 templates designed by career professionals to help you land a job.

Improve your cover letter with built-in content suggestions

You don't have to be William Shakespeare to write a perfect cover letter. Our cover letter maker comes with hundreds of pre-written content suggestions and tips for every section to make the most of your cover letter.

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Cover Letter Builder Customization

Customize your cover letter

Give your cover letter a unique feel. Add a section, change colors, and adjust fonts. Do all this and much more with a few simple clicks in our cover letter generator.

Build a matching resume

Increase your chances of getting an interview by using an integrated resume builder. Make your resume on a matching resume template with minimum effort.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best cover letter generator?

ResumeLab is the best cover letter builder. It has all the features to make writing a cover letter a pain-free experience. Here are some of them:

Should I use an online cover letter builder?

Yes! It'll save a lot of time and energy, plus ensure you only boost your chances of getting a job interview. A professional cover letter generator will guide you through the whole process of cover letter writing, send you tips and pre-written content suggestions, and return a well-designed cover letter at the end.

Can I also build a resume with your cover letter maker?

Our cover letter creator comes with a professional resume builder, where you can make a resume with templates matching your cover letter in just a few minutes. Like with cover letters, the builder will help you through the whole process and show personalized tips and pre-written suggestions for each resume section. In case you haven’t written a resume in the past, we’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to write a resume.

Do I really need a cover letter when I have a resume?

Yes, cover letters are necessary. They can significantly increase your chances of getting an interview and make your job application stand out. Make sure your cover letter mentions your work experience and the values you share with the company. For more details, read our guide, which has 30+ cover letter tips that will take your cover letter to the next level.

Should I personalize a cover letter for each job application?

Sending a personalized cover letter is the best practice. Having a general cover letter won’t set you apart from the competition. It needs to be tailored to the specific job. It should highlight your key skills and professional achievements that resonate with the position and be aligned with the company values. This way, you’ll show that you really care about getting the job. Our cover letter builder makes it very easy to duplicate and edit your cover letter quickly.

Can I download the cover letter once I'm done?

Yes, as soon as your cover letter is ready, you can download it as a PDF or TXT file. The PDF format is the best to keep everything intact. It’s also an ATS-friendly format, so you’ll always pass the screening test. Alternatively, if you need a Word cover letter, we’ve prepared a list of Word cover letter templates and Google Docs cover letter templates you can use.

Do you have any good cover letter examples?

We’ve prepared almost a hundred free cover letter examples you can copy, tailor, and use without any limitations. Our career experts have created each example, so they meet all the current recruitment standards and have everything hiring managers want to see in a cover letter. You’ll find samples from different jobs and industries, such as a graphic design cover letter, cover letter for internship, nursing cover letter, and many more.

What should a good cover letter include?

A good cover letter should include the sender and recipient's address, the “why” behind applying, and proof of relevant qualifications. Read our guide on what to put in your cover letter for more details. You'll also want to know how a cover letter should look.