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ResumeLab’s Editorial Guidelines: Crafting Content Excellence

Who We Are

ResumeLab is your dedicated partner in sculpting your ideal career path. With over 5 years on the market, a treasure chest of 280+ resume examples, 120+ cover letter samples, and an arsenal of 40+ resume templates and cover letter templates, we're not merely enhancing your job search; we're revolutionizing it. We're committed to helping you achieve the career you deserve, empowering you with the knowledge and cutting-edge software, and allowing you to create a perfect resume in the blink of an eye.

What We Value

At ResumeLab, our values guide us in everything we do. They're the bedrock of our commitment to delivering top-notch support to job seekers.

  1. Excellence: We’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality career advice. Our certified career experts have already created a combined number of over 280 resume guides for hundreds of job positions. From warehouse workers through entry-level IT, and mid-level finance, to C-Suite resumes—we have it all. We want to ensure you receive the best resources and guidance, no matter your career path. 
  1. Integrity: We embrace a data-driven approach by harnessing the power of trusted sources, scientific documentation, and our own career advice research. We scrutinize every detail and follow the digital breadcrumbs of research, facts, and insights, ensuring the information we use and provide is precise and reliable.
  1. Inclusivity: Our universally available resources and advice are designed for every individual on their unique career journey. With articles dedicated to helping older workers, insights on immigration and the labor market, a guide for thriving in your career with a disability, and more. We offer our services worldwide and operate in 6 languages, so we’ve got you covered, no matter your background.
  1. Continuous Improvement: Our crew of experts is always hard at work, keeping our content and services up to date with the latest industry trends. We constantly and consistently adapt our career guides to ensure you get the most relevant insights, providing you with an edge in the job market. 

How We Write

Get to know our expert writers who are at the forefront of crafting resumes and providing valuable career advice. These dedicated professionals come from diverse backgrounds, bringing unique experiences and expertise to our content. They’re also members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches and the National Career Development Association. Our writers produce trustworthy, accurate, and up-to-date resources that empower your career success. Every piece published on ResumeLab’s blog undergoes a rigorous content creation and revision process:

Content Creation Process

Step 1. Research

We begin with thorough research, monitoring industry trends, and relying on trusted sources like university research and industry reports to ensure our content is always provable and relevant.

Step 2. Writing

Next, our expert writers leverage their industry-specific knowledge and expertise to craft personalized career guides and resume & cover letter content while following our professional guidelines. We prioritize clear, engaging language over embellishment.

Step 3. Editing

Our articles undergo meticulous reviews by experienced editors, ensuring they offer actionable and relevant advice. Language precision and fact-checking are also integral in guaranteeing the reliability of our content.

Step 4. Quality Check

After thoroughly editing, each article returns to the author for a final review. This critical quality check ensures that every piece aligns with our highest accuracy, relevance, and engagement standards, making it ready for publication.

Step 5. Publishing

Our writers collaborate with publishing experts to deliver the best user experience for our blog readers. Once a new piece is published, an additional round of quality checking is initiated, ensuring the content is clear and readable.

Step 6. Updating

Our content writers regularly revise published articles to ensure ongoing relevance and accuracy. This commitment guarantees that our readers have access to the most current and reliable information in the ever-evolving job market landscape.

Who Trusts Us

We beam with pride as our groundbreaking work continues to earn nods from reputable media outlets and popular internet news & technology sites. This recognition bolsters our standing as a trusted source of career and job-hunting guidance, showcasing the credibility and impact of our research and expertise. 

We're Here For You

Your success is our success. We measure our effectiveness by your career achievements. Let us guide you on your career path, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to shine in the job market. Join over 5 million users who created their job-winning resumes with our resume builder. And if you have questions about our Editorial Process or our services, don't hesitate to contact us at