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Good CV Examples
& Sample CVs
for the UK

The career you want is at your fingertips. Use our curated collection of CV examples to reach it. Pick a CV sample, customise it to your needs, and create a curriculum vitae employers want to read.

Create Your CV now

Example of a CV created in our builder:

Sample resume made with resumelab CV builder

Save your precious time and get a CV that lands interviews in minutes

Speed up the process with our CV maker. It features professional CV templates and ready-made suggestions to improve your application and increase the chances of getting the job you deserve.

Build Your CV now

CV examples by industry and job title


  • Accounting & finance
  • Creative fields, design, & arts
  • Education
  • Engineering & science
  • Food service
  • Healthcare & wellbeing
  • IT (information technology)
  • Legal
  • Management
  • Marketing, media, & public relations
  • Office & administrative
  • Real estate
  • Sales and customer service
  • Students (academic admissions, internships, & entry-level jobs)
  • Travel, hospitality & transportation
  • Other
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Accounting & finance CV examples

Write an accounting CV that counts. Find a sample CV for your desired profession in the finance and accounting sectors and follow the instructions to personalise it.

and more...

Food service CV examples

These CV examples will show you how to serve your professional experience on a plate. Choose the sample curriculum vitae you need and personalise it with expert advice.

and more...

Marketing, media, & public relations CV examples

Marketing jobs are aplenty, but the best ones don’t come easy. Pick a sample CV that matches your dream job and use it to write a curriculum vitae that advertises you best.

and more...

Office & administrative CV examples

Paperless offices aren’t a rarity, as are online job applications these days. Find sample CVs for entry-level and senior administrative jobs to make the most of your own.

and more...

Real estate CV examples

Learn to maximise the profits from every square centimetre of your CV. Use these examples of a CV to guide your way and follow the advice to write a priceless curriculum vitae.

and more...

Sales and customer service CV examples

You need a professional CV to climb the career ladder of sales and CS jobs. These sample CVs show how to sell yourself to potential employers, plus provide helpful hints to make your curriculum vitae stand out.

and more...

Travel, hospitality & transportation CV examples

The way leading to your dream job can be treacherous, but a great CV can be your trusty vehicle. Use our CV examples to get you where you want to be.

and more...

Other CV examples

Haven’t you found an example of a CV that matches your needs? Don’t worry. We’ve more! Check the guides below and learn to write a professional curriculum vitae from scratch.

and more...

Good CV examples for UK jobs. And more.

Use our CV samples and step-by-step guides on how to write a curriculum vitae to enhance your job application and boost your chances of getting an interview.

Sample resume made with resumelab CV builder

CV examples you can use to get the dream job

These sample CVs were created in our builder. Try it and see how easy CV writing can be.

See more templates

Frequently asked questions about CV examples

What are CV examples?

CV examples are text samples prepared by career experts to show how to write a professional CV. Good CV examples include all essential CV sections, such as personal profile, work experience, education, and key skills. Job applicants can use CV samples to write their own curriculum vitae.

ResumeLab pulled together over 200 examples of CVs you can use for your future dream job, from an entry-level business analyst CV to an MBA application CV to a pilot CV. They’ll give you insights into what today’s recruiters require from your curriculum vitae, so dive right in.

Should you use CV examples?

Good CV examples can help you write your curriculum vitae faster. Each of our sample CVs includes a professional CV template you can personalise and use. They also show the best CV tips from career experts and step-by-step instructions for writing a CV from start to finish.

Are ResumeLab examples the best CV examples for 2024?

All the 200+ ResumeLab CV examples follow the best CV format for 2024. Our CV samples meet modern recruitment standards by using professional templates to present the information every CV must include. Using ResumeLab’s CV examples will help you avoid popular CV mistakes and advance your career.

Are these CV examples good for the UK job market?

We’ve analysed the specifics of the UK job market to create the most suitable CV examples, so you don’t have to worry about the subtleties. Career professionals wrote all our CV samples, and you can rest assured that they’ll be your top choice. We’ve made sure that every single one of our CV examples uses the best CV layout and comes with the advice needed to make the perfect CV.

Do you have any good CV examples for first jobs?

This is the right place for CV examples for entry-level employment. Here are a few sample CVs for candidates with little work experience:

Our sample CVs not only show job-winning templates but also provide tips for entry-level candidates. With our advice, you’ll learn how to start your CV strong and discover the best CV styles.

Do you also have any cover letter examples?

We’ve created over 70 cover letter examples to help you get the job of your dreams. Each of these cover letters includes the standard parts and follows the best cover letter format. You can personalise them to fit your profession and match your CV. We’ve also got a handful of guides for writing a cover letter from scratch, so you can learn how to create the perfect cover letter yourself.

How do you write a CV for a job?

Follow these instructions to write a good CV for any job:

Alternatively, you can use online CV builders to make your life easier. They’ll handle all the hard work for you.

What is the best CV format?

The best format for a CV is the reverse-chronological format. It’s also the most popular. The reverse-chronological format emphasises your career achievements and can be easily adapted even if you have no work experience. It’s easy to make this type of CV ATS compatible.

What is the best-looking CV?

A good-looking CV combines a traditional chronological format with a contemporary CV style. If you want to ensure your CV looks great, you should include the following in your application:

  • Good, legible CV fonts such as Calibri, Cambria, or Georgia
  • Standard CV margins of 1 inch on all sides
  • Headings indicating the beginning of a new CV section
  • Font size set to 10-11 for paragraphs and 13-14 for headings
  • White space separating paragraphs and sections

Using free CV templates can help your curriculum vitae achieve a great look without much work on your side.

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