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20+ CV Templates

A collection of over 20 CV templates created for the UK market by hiring professionals. Find your own and impress the recruiters.

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We offer a range of CV templates that not only look great but also help you create a job-winning CV in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is pick the design you like and follow our personalised tips in the CV maker. That’s how simple it is.

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First impression matters. That’s why we’ve designed over 20 CV templates to match your preference and tell your story. You can choose from professional, simple, modern, and creative CV templates.

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Make the CV truly yours. Include custom sections or set the colours and tones to capture your potential employer’s distinctive brand design.

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Each CV template comes with a set of content suggestions for various jobs and industries written by career professionals. Use them and show your skills and achievements in the best possible light.

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Consistency stands out, and with a matching template for your cover letter, you’ll increase your chances of landing an interview. Create a harmonious application by choosing our cover letter maker as your next step.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CV Templates

Which CV template is the best?

The best CV template highlights your strengths using the proper CV layout and CV formatting, making your application easy to scan by recruiters and Application Tracking Software. All CV templates available in our CV builder are adjusted to the current recruiting standards thanks to our team of experienced career professionals and graphic designers. Find your pick among our professional CV templates and improve your chances of landing the job.

What CV templates do you offer?

There are various CV templates available that you can use based on your experience and industry:

  • Professional CV templates—the most universal type of templates that you can use for almost any job application.
  • Simple CV templates—they work great when you want to show your experience in the most straightforward way.
  • Modern CV templates—ideal for sectors like IT or marketing. 
  • Creative CV templates—for job seekers who want to explore creative industries, such as design, photography, or film.
  • ATS-friendly CV templates—you should use them when applying for a company that uses Application Tracking Software.

Are your CV templates free?

Our CV templates are free-to-use, which means that you can take our CV builder for a test drive and pay only when you’re satisfied with the end result. So go ahead, follow our CV wizard, change colours, or play around with the layout. You can test all our features and create as many CVs as you like. When you’re done, you can download your CV for as little as USD 2.70.

Do you also have Word or Google Docs CV templates?

Here’s a curated list of Word CV templates and Google Docs CV templates that you can use anytime. A word of caution: use them as long as you are proficient with Word or Google Docs formatting and know how to avoid the most common CV mistakes. If you are unsure about it, maybe it’ll be better to work with a CV builder that will guide you through the whole process.

What does a CV mean?

A CV stands for curriculum vitae, meaning ‘course of life’ in Latin. It’s a formal document used by job seekers to apply for a job that consists of a brief description of your work experience, achievements, and skills.

If you haven’t yet written a CV or need some help with it, check out our guide on how to write a CV.

What is the best UK CV format for 2024?

Reverse-chronological CV format is the best CV format for the UK market. It focuses on the relevant accomplishments and experience, displaying your strengths in the most straightforward way possible. It’s versatile, and every job seeker, no matter the industry or experience level, could have a go with it.

How long should my CV be?

In most cases, your CV should be a one-page long. A two-page CV might, however, be appropriate if you have extensive experience that, if shortened, might undermine your chances of displaying your full potential. Check our guide on how long a CV should be to decide on the length of your job application.

Do you have any CV examples I can use?

Yes, there are over 200 CV examples with accompanying how-to guides created by hiring professionals that you can follow and adjust to your personal experience. The list covers a variety of jobs, including IT CV examples, project manager CV examples, and many more.

Do you also offer cover letter templates for my CV?

Yes, while working on your CV, you can also create a cover letter with a matching cover letter template. As cover letters are still necessary for most hiring managers, you should make an exhaustive job application to create an edge over other candidates.