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Pick a professional CV template tailored to your skills and experience. Fill in the blanks and have a job-winning CV ready in minutes.

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What makes a great CV? Simple. A professional style with an easy-to-navigate structure that’s easily-readable for ATS software and human recruiters alike. Every one of ResumeLab’s 18+ CV templates was created in partnership with career experts, professional CV writers, and graphic designers. So they’re perfectly optimised for today’s demanding recruitment processes.



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Create a CV Step Two Fill In the Blanks

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Why use ResumeLab’s CV templates?

Perfect for all industries and professions

Our templates will help you write a great CV regardless of your level of experience. Check out different CV styles: from simple to modern to professional. Apply for jobs in the business, academic, medical and other sectors with confidence.

Sections of a CV Template

Easy to use and fully customisable

Choose a template that matches your professional requirements and start writing a perfect CV in an instant. Fill in the blanks and we’ll do the rest. Try out different colour themes, fonts, and more. Make your CV unique—quickly and easily.

Professional CV Template

Fully flexible and format-friendly

Need a different format for your CV template? Edit your document fast by dragging and dropping the sections wherever you want. In just a couple of clicks, you can transform your chronological CV into a functional one.

CV Template Elements

Beat the ATS scan and impress recruiters

Every one of our 18+ CV templates is ATS-friendly. That means they don’t just look great for people but for computers too. You’ll never have to worry about failing automated CV scans.

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How to create the perfect CV template?


Choose the best CV format

Select the best CV template for your needs and level of experience. Need a skills-based CV? Chronological? Or even combination? We’ll make it easy. Just move the sections around to suit your requirements.

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Showcase your professional experience

Write a targeted work experience section to ace the ATS scan and impress recruiters. Always quantify your achievements to highlight your real-world impact.

CV Template Experience Section

Put your skills in the spotlight

Prove you’re the best candidate for the job. Focus on skills relevant to the position you’re targeting and use our rating scale to show your proficiency level.

CV Template Skills Section

Include your education

Don’t leave out your education. It’s an essential addition to every CV. But do it right. Only include the details that are relevant from the employer’s point of view.

CV Template Education Section

Add extra CV sections

Stand out from the crowd and boost your value by highlighting your additional abilities. Foreign language skills, professional certifications, projects— all of them count!

CV Template Extra Sections

Craft an eye-catching intro

When your CV is complete, take one more look at everything you wrote and note the best parts. Use them to write your opening paragraph and hook the hiring manager right from the start.

CV Template Summary Section

Complement your CV with a matching cover letter

Write a cover letter to paint a more detailed picture for the recruiter. The two documents go hand-in-hand. Your CV presents the facts and figures but your cover letter tells the story behind them.

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What’s the best CV template for you?

It depends on your work history, experience, education and industry. You may want to choose a different CV format to meet your needs. Here are the differences between the three most popular CV styles.

Chronological CV template

Chronological CV Template

Chronological CV templates are the gold standard. They’re the favourite of recruiters and candidates alike, highly readable and focus on your professional experience. Perfect for most candidates.

Functional CV template

Functional CV Template

Functional CV templates focus on your skills rather than your work history. That’s why they’re also known as skills-based CVs. They’re a good choice for candidates with portfolio-based careers and career changers.

Combination CV template

Combination CV Template

Combination CV templates do exactly what the name says. They combine the best parts of functional and chronological CVs, bringing out your key skills and professional highlights in equal measure. They’re suitable for seasoned pros with plenty of experience.