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How to Write a Professional CV Summary (20+ Examples)

Having a good summary on your CV can get you a lot more job interviews. Our guide will show you how to write a CV summary with over 20 examples you can copy, adjust and use.

Tom Gerencer, CPRW
Career Writer at ResumeLab
How to Write a Professional CV Summary (20+ Examples)

You need a killer CV summary. Why?


Because most hiring managers just skim CVs they receive. A summary on a CV is working like a hook in this case. If it's interesting, they'll want to know more about you. Luckily, you're about to learn how to master it so that no hiring manager can skip your CV.


This guide will show you:

  • How to write a summary on a CV that grabs attention. 
  • 22 CV summary examples you can copy, adjust and use.
  • What to put in a summary for a CV to get more interviews.
  • When should you write a summary of qualifications instead.


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1. What is a CV summary?


A summary for a CV is a brief statement placed at the top of your CV highlighting your work experience, achievements and skills. An effective CV summary entices the hiring manager to read the entire CV. 


It's known by many names, but they all mean the same thing:

  • CV personal profile
  • CV professional summary
  • CV personal statement
  • CV summary statement
  • CV personal summary


Regardless of the name, your CV needs to have one. 


Why? Because hiring managers only scan CVs they receive, as they get too many of them. They can spare only a few seconds for each CV. 


In other words, if your CV summary won't grab the attention, they'll quickly move to the next application. 


Now, let's learn how to write a perfect summary on a CV 


2. How to write a professional summary for a CV


There's a simple formula you need to follow when writing a CV summary:


  1. Pick one adjective (enthusiastic, dependable, hard-working).
  2. Choose a key certification or licence or if you’ve got one (PMP, CPA).
  3. Include your job title (sales manager, accountant).
  4. Add years of experience (4+, 5+).
  5. Highlight a goal specific for that position (deliver graphic design excellence at Google).
  6. Mention one or two skills (budgeting, collaboration, outstanding computer skills).
  7. Show off 2–3 best achievements (slashed rework 30%).


Use those ingredients, and your professional summary for CVs will shine.


These executive summary CV examples show how:


CV Summary Example

Passionate executive with 9 years of experience. Seeking to use proven interpersonal skills to improve Mizner-Kirtley’s ROI. At XF SuperArc, raised average profit margin 28% in 10 months by slashing waste with an aggressive continuous improvement program. Grew new business 15%. Raised sales revenue by 18% with better training and use of modern sales tools.
Passionate, hard-working, go-getting executive, looking for a new position. Highly skilled in leadership, executive management, and training. Have worked as C-Suite executive at two large firms in the last 9 years, in charge of large management teams and working with cross-functional teams.

What if You Have to Write a Summary of Qualifications Instead


What’s the difference between a CV summary and a qualifications summary?


Bullet points.


A summary for a CV and a statement of qualifications are almost identical. But, the statement of qualifications puts 3–5 accomplishments in bullet points.


See this example:


Hard-working customer service agent with 7+ years of experience and solid telesales skills. Seeking improve customer retention at F.L.T. Maddox.

  • Consistently posted 98% positive customer scores at Trusted Antelope Inc.
  • Handled 15% more inbound calls per day than the department average.
  • Resolved customer complaints 10 hours faster than company targets.


What About a CV Objective?


If you have very little to no experience, a CV summary won't work. So, what else can you do? It's simple—


Include a CV objective!


The objective states what you aim to achieve in your career and how the specific job you're applying for fits into your goals. Take a look at the sample below:


Dedicated high school graduate with a passion for creating exceptional coffee experiences. Eager to contribute my strong work ethic, friendly demeanor, and quick learning abilities to a dynamic coffee shop team. Seeking a barista position to deliver top-notch customer service and contribute to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere at LeBlanc Coffee.


Expert Hint: Your CV summary achievements should fit the job. Study up on the job requirements, then think: When did you ace those things?


3. What to Put in a CV Summary


Now you know the general formula for writing a summary on a CV. But let's put it into practice.


1. Create the bulk of your CV first.

2. Pick the best 2–3 achievements for your CV summary statement.

3. Use them to write a summary on a CV that fits the job.


Look at the CV below.


We took the achievements in red and used them to create a summary on a CV. See it circled in green?


summary on a CV


See how that works?


Even better if the most important job requirements are Java programming and debugging.

Expert Hint: Write your CV summary last. Go through your CV and cherry-pick the best achievements you’d really like to underline.

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4. How to Pick Achievement to Put in a CV Summary


What should you put in a CV summary statement? You need achievements but—


Which ones?


Put yourself in the hiring manager's shoes. Which of your accomplishments will most impress her? Here are 23 examples of achievements to put in your summary.


CV Summary Examples of Achievements


  • Problems you’ve solved
  • Metrics you’ve improved
  • Money you saved the company
  • Hours/days/weeks saved
  • Targets reached
  • Honours
  • Awards
  • Publications
  • Media mentions
  • Commendations
  • Numbers of people managed
  • Numbers of people trained
  • Brightest moments
  • Things you’re proud of
  • Certifications
  • Licences


CV Summary Examples Entry- Level Achievements



Got lots of achievements for a great summary on a CV? Stick to your most impressive 1–3 that fit the job. Any more is clutter.

Expert Hint: Still stuck for achievements to put in your summary? Maybe you don’t know enough about the hiring manager. Research the company and its goals to learn more.


5. CV Summary Examples for different jobs


Here are 20+ solid CV summary examples and summary of qualifications examples.


You’ve seen how to write a CV summary.




How do you write a summary for CVs for your career? See CV summary examples for different jobs.


CV Summary Example for an Entry-Level positions


Efficient entry-level programmer with proven skills in Java and Python coding. Seeking to deliver programming excellence at High Hat Solutions Inc. Developed 7 freelance projects, including 2 eCommerce sites and a mobile app. One of my web apps was cited in the Coding Alpha blog. Took 2nd place in the LeetCode competition, January 2019. Member, ACM.


More: Entry-Level CV Examples


CV Summary Example for Executives


Driven sales executive with 7+ years of experience and proven skills in communication and new business development. Seeking to dramatically increase Progressive’s KPIs. Raised revenue 24% at Interweave LD. Boosted ROI 20%. Slashed costs 25%. Grew business 40% at Summilco RG Inc.


More: Executive CV Example


CV Summary Example for Customer Service Reps


Results-based customer service rep with 6+ years of experience, skilled in telesales. Looking to raise customer retention at Orange Monkey Worldwide. Received 99% positive customer ratings at Whitmore-Watanabe Electronics with customer retention for repeat clients 25% above company average. At Glowflower Communications, received Associate of the Month award 5x.


See more: Customer Service CV Example


Expert Hint: You need numbers in a great CV summary. Why? Percents, dollars, hours, and numbers of employees make your summary larger than life.


CV Summary Example for Project Managers


Resourceful IT Project Management Professional PMP with 4+ years of experience. Seeking to use strong strategic planning skills to raise metrics for quality, cost, and time at Ashland-Lefebvre Inc. Trained 55 employees in Lean practises at LZXC and cut costs 28%.


More: Project Manager CV Example


CV Summary Example for Sales Representatives


Tireless sales representative with 7+ years of experience. Seeking to improve sales metrics at AstraZeneca with powerful relationship-building skills. At Amgen, built strong relationships with 150 new customers. Maintained 18% more in-person meets than the company average. Routinely exceeded sales goals by 20%+.


Check out: Sales Representative CV Example


CV Summary Example for IT


Efficient IT professional with 6+ years of experience and proven skills in hardware installation and maintenance. Seeking to raise tech effectiveness at Sheckley Medical. At Alehandru Inc., upgraded 150+ employees to Windows 10, 10% under budget with 100% HIPAA compliance.


More: IT CV Example


CV Summary Example for Marketing Managers


Productive marketing manager with deep sales background. Looking to leverage 9 years of marketing experience to raise ROI for Kensington APT Global. At Hasida-Taylor, increased marketing ROI 28% through implementing a robust data collection and analytics program and a lean analytics cycle. Cut costs 22% through improved vendor management.


See more: Marketing CV Example


CV Summary Example for Software Engineers


Team-oriented software engineer with 5+ years of experience. Seeking to use proven development skills to provide optimal code solutions for Uber. At Glimmersoft Inc., led a team that received a DeveloperWeek award for IoT Development. Slashed costs 28% with better adherence to Agile best practises. Implemented automated testing program that saved £75,000 per year.


See: Software Engineer CV Example


CV Summary Example for Graphic Designers


Creative graphic designer with 3+ years of experience and proven Photoshop skills. Looking to provide excellence in design for Kubico Designs. Created and produced 280+ graphic design projects at AFBK Marketing with 99.9% client satisfaction. Cut production costs 22% in 19 months through implementing a new Lean supplier program.


See more: Graphic Design CV Example


CV Summary Example for Administrative Assistants


Organised administrative assistant with 3+ years of experience. Looking to use substantial logistics skills to save time and energy at Isbister-Greene. At TD&P Trucking, saved 150 employee hours per year by setting up an email triage system. Cut complaint resolution time by 35% and saved £35,000 a year with faster accounts collection.


More: Administrative Assistant CV Example


CV Summary Example for Nurses


Licenced RN with 5+ years of experience and proven patient care skills. Seeking to deliver robust care at Children’s Hospital of Omaha. Helped raise HCAHPS review grades 25% at CHI Health Lakeside by leading the charge to improve nurse-patient communication. Consistently scored 20%+ above ward average for patient education. Received CHIHL Compliance Award for adhering at all times to FDA, OSHA, and HIPAA regulations.


See more: Nursing CV Example


CV Summary Example for Teens


Fast-learning waiter with proven customer service skills. Looking to provide excellence in service at Mardibini’s on the Sea. At The Lobster Pound, received 5 management commendations for providing high-level service. Maintained 95% positive customer comment review scores.


Check out: CV Examples for Teens


CV Summary Example for Student


A detail-oriented self-appetizer working towards an MA in Linguistics at University of Manchester. Eager to join TakeOff Media as Junior SEO Specialist to help execute data-driven campaigns, develop content, and optimise conversion rate. Strong background in statistics and language, internship experience with SEO and data-driven marketing.


See more: Student CV Example


CV Summary Example for Barista


Certified and passionate barista with 2+ years of experience. Eager to join Lettuce Entertain You to help ensure paramount quality and service by focusing on engaging with the customers. In previous roles scored 95% in customer satisfaction surveys.


See more: Barista CV Example


CV Summary Example for Pharmacist


Customer-oriented pharmacist with 2+ years of experience. Eager to join Walmart Pharmacy to provide comprehensive patient-care to customers, and support implementing business solutions. In previous roles grew sales by £20K, and consistently scored 95% in customer satisfaction surveys.


See more: Pharmacist CV Example


CV Summary Example for Scrum Master


Certified Scrum Master with 3+ years of experience. Seeking to cut costs and raise efficiency at Sherwood-Brooks Tech. At Kolman Technology, managed 3 Scrum teams, raising revenue by £1.2M per year and increasing ROI by 25%. Beat delivery times by 15%. Cut supply costs 18%.


See more: Scrum Master CV Example


CV Summary Example for General Manager


Energetic general manager with 6+ years of store management experience. Experienced in managing workforces of 90+ and generating sales exceeding £3.5m. Awarded “Manager of the Year” in 2018 and 2019, out of 120 national locations. Looking to leverage management experience to increase revenue and reign in the costs at Hilton.


See: General Manager CV Example


CV Summary Example for Journalist


Dedicated journalist with 6+ years of crime reporting experience. Have covered high profile violent crime and political corruption. Published author of true-crime stories, television correspondent and editor, having written and supervised the creation of a compendium of pieces about notable cold cases.


More: Journalist CV Example


CV Summary Example for Office Manager


Detail-oriented office manager with 4+ years of experience handling administrative tasks, payroll, and filing systems for busy, mid-sized company. Enhanced file flow through overhaul of documentation storage which led to a 15% increase in efficiency. Seeking to leverage administrative skills and financial expertise to become the next office manager for Symbex Oasis Group.


See more: Office Manager CV Example


CV Summary Example for Lifeguard


Physically fit, observant lifeguard with 1 year of experience in basic life support and water rescue. Eager to deliver safety excellence at Lee Lanes Pool. At London Municipal Pool, spotted and prevented 2 dry-drownings and treated 7 cases of hypothermia.


Check out: Lifeguard CV Example


CV Summary Example for Electrician


Licenced electrician with 6+ years of experience. Seeking to provide safe & efficient electrical design, installation, and maintenance at Alger Technical. At Pinecone Sage, installed and repaired key electrical systems. Identified a complex wiring issue that slashed fire risk 35%. Managed 10 apprentices with 15% efficiency increase.


See more: Electrician CV Example


CV Summary Example for Police Officer


Community-minded police officer with 4+ years of experience promoting public safety and preventing crime in an urban environment. Seeking to enforce laws as a peace officer at the Kelton Police Department. At SSPD, wrote request facilitating £60K in new vehicle funding and logged 15% more traffic citations than average.


See: Police Officer CV Example

Expert Hint:How important are cover letters?” They’re quite important. We conducted a study which revealed that 83% of recruiters take cover letter into consideration when deciding who to hire.


Double your impact with a matching CV and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter builder and make your application documents pop out.


create your cover letter now




Want to try a different look? There’s 18 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here.


Key Points


Here’s a recap of how to write a summary on a CV:

  • Write the rest of your CV first, then pick the best bits and compile them into a summary.
  • Include your job title, years of experience, and how you’ll help the company.
  • List one or two skills that fit the job offer in your summary for CVs.
  • Add a few job-matching achievements.
  • Use the CV summary for every career in this article to get started.


Got a question about how to format a CV summary? Wondering how to pick achievements for your summary statement? Leave a comment. We are happy to reply.

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Tom Gerencer, CPRW
Having published over 200 career-advice articles, Tom Gerencer is a career expert who covers the whole array of job-seeking topics for people at all career stages, from interns to C-suite members. His insights, commentary, and articles reach over a million readers every month. With inside knowledge of key industry players and in-depth research, Tom helps job seekers with advice across all professions and career stages. Tom holds a degree in English from Colby College.

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