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Our online CV maker handles all the boring parts of creating your CV, so you don’t have to.

Just pick one of our professional templates, concentrate on your content, then let us build you a job-winning CV.

CV made with ResumeLab resume builder. Cubic Template.

Build a professional CV in 3 easy steps

Use ResumeLab’s online CV maker to create your CV quickly and easily. Craft an effective job application with the help of the best CV builder out there.

Create a CV Step One: Choose a Template

1 Choose a template

Our online CV maker has more than 18 professionally designed templates. Created by a team of professional career experts, CV writers and graphic designers, they’re all 100% ATS compliant.

Create a CV Step Two: Fill In the Blanks

2 Create your CV online

It’s as easy as filling in the blanks. With expert tips each step of the way and a handy live preview function, you’ll have a brand-new CV that’s better than any you’ve ever written before.

Create a CV Step Three: Download

3 Land a job interview

When you’re done, download your CV in PDF or Microsoft Word format and send it out. Then start landing interviews and get the job you deserve.

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Create Your CV in a Flash Using
ResumeLab CV Builder

More than 18 templates to choose from

A fully customisable CV experience. You can add your content, choose your favourite colours and fonts. Whatever changes you make, this CV maker keeps your CV looking perfect.

CV Builder Personalization

Make your CV with ease.

Just follow the steps to create your CV. Use built-in content and expert tips to make a professional CV faster than ever before.

CV Builder Intuitive Writing

Build a CV as unique as you are

Our CV builder lets you instantly preview changes. Use the live view function for instant previews, so you can adjust your CV to perfection.

CV Builder Document Preview

No more writer’s block

With hundreds of built-in examples and pro-tips in our CV creator, you’ll never be lost for words again. Take the stress out of CV writing with professional help just a mouse click away.

CV Builder Expert Tips

Shuffle your CV sections

Rearrange, rename and reshuffle your sections to create a CV layout that’s perfectly tailored to your requirements. All it takes is a couple of clicks and a quick drag and drop.

CV Builder Layout

Store multiple CVs in the cloud

Don’t just spam the same CV for every job. Make different CVs for different occasions and have them instantly accessible and ready to go.

CV Builder Online Document Storage
Build your CV

How To Build Your CV Online With ResumeLab’s CV Maker

The best CV is the one that gets you the job. We built our online CV app to help you make it in minutes.


Pick a template

Choose the template that suits you. But you can change your mind too. Switch CV templates at any stage. There’s no need to waste your time starting again. The ResumeLab CV maker will adjust your content automatically.

CV Maker Step 1 Choose a Template

Add your contact details

Make sure recruiters can get in touch. Add your contact details and get ready for the interview invitations to start rolling in. And if your details change, just replace them here, and you’re up-to-date.

CV Maker Step 2 Add Contact Info

Create a job-winning work experience section

Your work experience section is make or break. Get it wrong and you’re doomed to fail. To succeed, you need to write an experience section that’s targetted to the job and easy to read. With expert advice and rich text formatting options, our CV maker lets you do both.

CV Maker Step 3 Describe Your Experience

Showcase your education

Back up your hands-on experience with a well-written education section. Boost your chances by highlighting your important academic achievements.

CV Maker Step 4 Add Info on Education

Highlight your key skills

Hiring managers want candidates with a solid set of professional skills. Our CV editor lets you highlight them and rate them with an eye-catching visual scale.

CV Maker Step 5 Add Your Skills

Craft a strong CV personal statement

You need to make an impact from the get-go. Introduce your CV with a punchy summary statement highlighting your professional highlights and strengths.

CV Maker Step 6 Write a Summary

Add extra sections to boost your chances

Want to stand out from the crowd? Don’t forget to include your additional qualifications. Languages, certifications, awards and volunteering. All of these can help your CV go from good to great.

CV Maker Step 7 Add Extra Sections