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    Psychology Cover Letter—Examples & Writing Tips

    You help people deal with emotions and feel better, and that’s HUGE. Prove that you’re a professional with a capital P with this psychology cover letter.

    Aleksandra Makal
    Aleksandra Makal
    Career Expert
    Psychology Cover Letter—Examples & Writing Tips

    Dizzy? Sweaty? Nauseated? I see what’s going on. You're suffering from getting ready to write a cover letter for a psychology position, and not knowing how to go about it.

    Don’t worry. This guide will help you cope.

    In this guide:

    • A psychology cover letter example that you can use.
    • Tips on how to properly format your psychology cover letter.
    • Step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter for psychologist jobs that will land you more interviews.

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    First, let’s take a look at an example psychology cover letter, so you know what a professional cover letter looks like:

    Psychology Cover Letter Example

    Linda Viveiros

    Licensed Psychologist 

    Phone: 973-301-7432

    Email: linda-viveiros@gmail.com 

    Plainfield, October 11, 2021

    Michelle Warden

    HR Manager

    Clarity Clinic

    876 Drummond Street

    Madison, NJ 07940

    Dear Ms. Warden,

    When I learned of your posting for a Psychologist, I hastened to submit my resume for your review. I am a highly skilled practicing psychologist with more than 8 years of experience in treating a diverse range of mood and mental health problems including PTSD, anxiety and panic disorder, depression, emotion dysregulation, obsessive-compulsive disorder and adjustment difficulties. On the basis of my experience and attributes, I believe I will be an asset to your clinic, providing your patients with the best care possible.

    At my previous position at the Knapp Psychology Center, which I held for 6 years, I provided individual, group, and family therapy for adolescents and adults on an inpatient and outpatient basis. I’ve met with over 120 patients monthly: planned and delivered interventions to 20+ geriatric patients weekly using cognitive-behavioral, solution focused, and insight oriented techniques. I also conducted intensive therapy sessions for individuals, couples, and families with varying ethnic, social, educational, and economic backgrounds. Throughout my previous positions, I have collaborated with members of interdisciplinary teams including case managers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and psychiatrists to discuss treatment plans, progress, and discharge decisions.

    Furthermore, my experiences volunteering for a variety of healthcare organizations have instilled in me the desire to give back to the community. They also helped me become more adept in navigating general cultural differences in multiple settings with a variety of psychological and health-related issues.

    I am dedicated to fostering a safe environment and working with your patients to develop customized treatment plans to improve their quality of life.

    My professional goals align with Clarity Clinic’s mission and values, and I truly believe that working at your facility will be an enriching experience. 

    Would it be possible to schedule an interview by early next week to discuss the opportunity further?


    Linda Viveiros



    Want a cover letter that’s this great? Follow these cover letter writing tips to make your job application stand out:

    How to Write a Psychology Cover Letter (For Internships, Research Assistant Jobs and Professional Candidates)

    1. Use the Correct Psychology Cover Letter Format 

    People are fascinating creatures. Did you know that we make first-impression-judgements within a fraction of a second after seeing someone? Creating a good impression with a job application is as important, so you have to do it right.

    Your resume and cover letter are usually the first thing an employer comes across, so it has to be eye-catching, professional and neat. 

    So to make sure you create the perfect first impression, start with properly formatting your cover letter:

    • Choose a classic font like Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman or Helvetica and keep it at 12-14pt. (The font has to be consistent with your resume font.)
    • Set all your margins to one inch to enhance readability.
    • Align your text to the left and don’t use justification.
    • Apply 1.15 line spacing throughout your cover letter.
    • The length of your cover letter should be limited to one page.

    Now you’re ready for the initial assessment!

    Expert Hint: Make sure to save your cover letter and resume as a PDF file, unless otherwise instructed in the job posting.

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    2. Introduce Yourself and State the Position That You’re Applying For 

    You don’t want the recruiter wasting their time trying to figure out what position you’re applying for. In fact, you want them to know that right away, since hiring managers usually spend about 7 seconds looking over a job application.

    Use the first paragraph of your psychology cover letter and address the hiring manager by name in your greeting.

    This speaks volumes, as it shows you took the time to find out who is taking care of the recruitment process, and they’ll definitely want to read further. Plus, studies show that hearing one’s name is linked to increased brain activity! Then, in the first paragraph:

    • Name the position you’re applying for in the first sentence. Remember to use the same wording as the job description.
    • Include one or two of your strongest skills, or mention a notable accomplishment.

    Expert Hint: Using keywords in your job application will help you pass the ATS scan that most recruiters now implement in their recruitment processes.

    3. Prove You Are the Candidate the Company is Looking For

    Now that you have the hiring manager’s attention, you need to convince them that you’re the best candidate out there. Read the job advertisement carefully, one more time, and choose the requirements that are most important for the employer. 

    Use the exact same phrases to talk about your experience and skills, just like you did in your psychology resume. Include a few of your most impressive professional achievements as proof of your abilities. 

    Expert Hint: Don’t write a generic cover letter that you can attach to multiple applications. Try to target it to each job you apply for to show that you really care.

    4. Explain Why It Is Your Dream Job

    You have already proven yourself to be a versatile psychologist that will connect well with all patients. 

    The next paragraph of your psychology cover letter should talk about why you want to work exactly there. 

    Find out what values are important to this specific facility, or focus on something you may have spotted on their website.

    Of course, they want to know about your skills and experience—but they also want to make sure you’re the right fit for their company. So shower them with praise, they’ll like that.

    Expert Hint: In order to become a psychologist, you must earn a minimum of a doctoral-level degree either in the form of a PhD or a PsyD and complete a set number of supervised training hours in practice before they are able to practice on your own. It’s important to keep up to date by constantly continuing your education, as required by your state’s regulations board.

    5. Request an Interview

    In your cover letter closing statement, ask for an interview. 

    Don’t end your letter with a “Looking forward to hearing from you.” It doesn’t have any personality. Instead, use a strong CTA that will make them reach for that phone and contact you right away.

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    Key Points

    When writing a psychology cover letter, remember to:

    • Use the correct cover letter formatting.
    • Address the letter to a specific person.
    • Introduce yourself and state the position you are applying for.
    • Highlight your skills and accomplishments that make you the best fit for the job.
    • Tell them why you want to join this specific company.
    • Finish strong with a call to action and a proper sign off.

    Thanks for reading! Still not sure about something to do with your psychology cover letter? Drop us a line in the comments, we’re here to help!

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