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    Human Resources / HR Assistant Cover Letter—Sample & Tips

    You know the ins and outs of the HR world. Now all you have to do is write a great HR assistant cover letter to help you get invited to the interviews.

    Human Resources / HR Assistant Cover Letter—Sample & Tips

    You make the whole department run smoothly as the HR manager’s right hand. Now you have to prove your skills to the people who know everything about working in human resources. Pretty ambitious goal, huh? 

    Don’t worry—once you’re done with this guide, even the most seasoned HR manager who’s seen it all won’t be able to resist your HR assistant cover letter. 

    In this article, you’ll get:

    • A human resources assistant cover letter sample that shows you how to get it right.
    • Step-by-step tips on writing an HR assistant cover letter that will land you more interviews.
    • How to showcase your skills and achievements on an HR assistant cover letter. 

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    HR Assistant Cover Letter Example

    Archie Ortiz 

    HR Assistant

    Phone: +1-876-243-8653

    Email: archie.ortiz@reslabmail.com

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/65archie.ortiz

    Sacramento, July 15, 2021

    Leroy Nelson

    Head of Human Resources

    The Funnel Group, Inc.

    125 Mutton Town Road

    Sacramento, CA 91601

    Dear Leroy,

    I’m excited to have come across a job opening for an HR assistant at The Funnel Group. At Kellner HR Agency, I implemented a state-of-the-art meeting scheduling system that cut the costs of the HR department by 10% and saved more than 100 hours per year. I’m looking forward to helping improve the everyday work of the HR department at The Funnel Group.

    Effective HR assistants need more than just people skills—extraordinary organizational, time management, and office skills are also crucial. I believe I have what it takes to succeed in this position, as evidenced by some of my accomplishments from previous HR jobs:

    • Cut company travel costs by 15% through making bookings as early as possible and using several providers.
    • Process invoices and other documentation with a 100% accuracy rate. 
    • Assist with the enrollment of 20+ new hires, 98% of whom rated the HR onboarding process as Excellent. 

    I am genuinely impressed by the Funnel Group employer branding and human resources activities. I truly believe that your goal is to make the perfect match between employers and candidates using the newest recruitment approaches and tools. I would love to develop in this capacity in a company that paves the way for modern HR. 

    I’m eager to discuss my experience and the HR ideas we could implement at The Funnel Group. I believe that I could make a real impact in cutting costs and driving efficiency. 

    Thank you,

    Archie Ortiz



    That’s an HR assistant cover letter that does the job! Let’s walk through all the steps of writing an equally good cover letter for you. 

    How to Write a Cover Letter for HR Assistant Jobs

    1. Format Your HR Assistant Cover Letter The Right Way

    As an HR professional, you’ve probably seen your share of cover letters, even if you weren’t directly involved in recruitment. So you likely already know what a great cover letter looks like: neat, clean, and inviting. 

    Here’s how to achieve this with the right cover letter formatting:

    • Align all content to the left—that makes it easier to read. 
    • Use 1-inch margins on all sides of your cover letter to give your content some breathing room. 
    • Opt for a simple cover letter font that doesn’t draw attention to itself—Arial is king. 
    • Apply 1–1.15 line spacing.
    • Keep things brief and relevant: the only acceptable length for a cover letter is one page. 
    • Use a header identical to the one you’ve used on your resume. Include your full name, job title, and contact details. 

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    2. Mention Your Experience and Job Title in the Opening

    Address your cover letter directly to the hiring manager to make things personal and to show you took the time to find out who’ll read your application. If you don’t know the name, conduct an investigation—browse the internet, ask around, or call the company and ask. 

    Then, start your cover letter by stating the position you’re interested in and briefly mentioning the skills and experience that make you the best fit. There’ll be room to elaborate in the next paragraph, for now all you want to do is get them interested. 

    3. Showcase Your Strengths in the Middle of Your Human Resource Assistant Cover Letter

    In the second paragraph, describe your most relevant skills and achievements, drawing inspiration from the job ad. 

    Revisit the ad and focus on the requirements it outlines. Do they need a team player? Mention a past win or accomplishment that shows you’re a great team member. Maybe they want someone with great computer skills? List an achievement that shows you know your way around software and systems. 

    Use action words and numbers where possible to make your statements more convincing and eye-catching. 

    Expert Hint: Good news! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook of HR jobs is looking good. BLS predicts a 10% increase in employment between 2020 and 2030. And since the industry will grow, there will be more opportunities for professional development. 

    4. Explain Your Motivation in Your HR Assistant Cover Letter

    What drew your attention to this particular job opening? Employers are looking for passionate people who will stay with the company for at least a few years and who are compatible with the company culture. 

    To show you’re the perfect fit, refer to the values you share with the company or something about them that you found impressive or interesting. Anything to show that you care about working for them in particular. 

    5. Finish with a Clear Call to Action and a Proper Sign-Off

    End your cover letter on a strong note—mention what you’d like to explain in detail during the next phase of the recruitment process. If possible, offer to achieve something for the company, even if it’s a general statement (like driving efficiency or cutting costs). 

    Close with Best regards or Sincerely and sign with your full name. You can also write a P.S to make your HR assistant cover letter more memorable. The P.S can draw their attention even if the hiring manager just glances at the cover letter. 

    Expert Hint: One of the key skills employers look for in HR professionals is technological aptitude. A well-formatted cover letter (and resume) will help show your computer skills, as will adding a digital signature at the end of your cover letter. 

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    Key Points

    When writing an HR assistant cover letter, remember to:

    • Address the hiring manager by name.
    • State your name and the position for which you’re applying. Also, mention your proudest achievement right away. 
    • State relevant achievements and throw in numbers and action words where possible. 
    • Explain how you’re going to help the company achieve its goals. 
    • Ask for a meeting and throw in a P.S. to grab the reader’s attention at the end. 

    Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about writing a cover letter for HR assistants, don’t hesitate to ask using the comments section below. Perhaps you have your own tips on landing a job with an HR assistant cover letter? We’d love to chat!

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