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    Firefighter Cover Letter Examples (Pro & Entry-Level) + Tips

    You’re all about jumping into action and getting the job done. Your training didn’t cover writing a firefighter cover letter, though. That’s where our examples and tips come in.

    Dominika Kowalska, CPRW
    Dominika Kowalska, CPRW
    Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Expert
    Firefighter Cover Letter Examples (Pro & Entry-Level) + Tips

    You’ve just finished getting your firefighter resume ready, polishing it to fire-engine levels of shiny perfection over days. There’s just one last obstacle: you still need a firefighter cover letter. And there’s no getting around it.

    Don't worry. We'll help you write a firefighter cover letter that will leave no doubt you're the hero of the day.

    In this article:

    • Two firefighter cover letter examples: for experienced and entry-level firefighters.
    • Step-by-step instructions explaining how to write a cover letter for a firefighter.
    • A firefighter cover letter template you can copy, adjust, and have ready in 15 minutes.

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    Check out these two firefighter cover letter examples. Experienced or not, yours can be at least as good.

    1. Firefighter Cover Letter Examples

    Have a look at this firefighter cover letter sample for Jamie, a candidate with over five years’ experience.

    Jamie’s target job lists fire and rescue coordination skills and a track record of managing the day-to-day of firehouse life as must-haves. See how well this firefighter cover letter shows she’s the perfect candidate:

    Firefighter Cover Letter Example #1: Experienced Candidate

    Text version

    Jamie Vidal

    Phone: 951-744-1916

    Email: jamie.s.vidal@reslab.com

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jamiesvidal

    Dallas, July 15, 2019

    Capt. Terrance Moore

    Fire Captain

    Dallas Fire Rescue

    152 Poling Farm Road

    Dallas, TX 68061

    Dear Capt. Moore,

    As someone who has long been aware of Dallas Fire Rescue’s stellar safety record and effectiveness, I was thrilled to see an opening for a firefighter with your station. With my 5+ years’ experience in not only firefighting, but also taking on supervisory and leadership roles, I am positive I can be a valuable member of DFR’s crew and help to maintain and improve the station’s impressive track record.

    In the job listing, you state that you are looking for a firefighter skilled in coordinating fire and rescue operations while keeping a finger on the pulse of the more operational side of firefighting. In my current position with the City of Ocoee, I mentored four probationary firefighters while performing daily tasks, including 60+ emergency responses. I also supervised daily preventative maintenance and inventory of fire apparatus, reducing equipment failures by 13% and keeping individual inventory levels above 40% for 46 consecutive months. I am confident that my experience will translate into similar results for Dallas Fire Rescue.

    I love the fact that at DFR, you seem to have consistently been able to strike a balance between respecting tradition and incorporating the latest firefighting techniques. Being part of your crew would be a dream opportunity to develop my firefighting, rescue, and leadership skills at the cutting edge of best practices.

    Can we schedule a meeting or call to discuss my ideas for streamlining mentoring protocols at Dallas Fire Rescue?

    Yours sincerely,

    Jamie Vidal



    Closer to a rookie than chief and not sure how you can match Jamie’s cover letter?

    No problem. You can still write an interview-winning firefighter cover letter with no experience. And remember, you won’t be competing against the Jamies of the world if you’re inexperienced. Entry-level positions will draw other junior candidates, so the playing field should be pretty level. Now—

    Meet Maurice. He’s applying for an entry-level firefighter position that puts an emphasis on academic performance and a history of taking the initiative.

    Maurice has finished his studies and training and only just now finished his year of volunteer work. So this would be his first full-on firefighting job. But just look at how impressive his cover letter is:

    Example #2: Entry-Level Firefighter Cover Letter

    Text version

    Maurice Mark




    Columbus, 19 August 2019

    Lt. Jorge Vogt

    Station Chief

    Columbus Fire Station

    57 Pine Tree Lane

    Columbus, OH 30405

    Dear Lt. Vogt,

    As a highly-motivated Fire Science Education graduate with three years of Emergency Medical Technician training, I would like to apply for the position of Probationary Firefighter (PFF) with the Columbus Fire Station. As a third-generation firefighter, I have long held your station in high regard and am sure your firehouse culture would be a great fit for me.

    In the recruitment notice, you indicate that you are looking for candidates who excelled in their studies and have a proven history of taking the initiative. During my studies, I maintained a 3.93 GPA and graduated valedictorian. While volunteering with Samson Valley Fire and Rescue, I was formally commended by the fire captain on two occasions: for impeccable station discipline and for locating two stranded EMTs and a member of the public in a brush fire. My time with Samson Valley exposed me to a wide range of calls and operations and I am sure the respect for protocol and situational awareness I learned there will put me in good stead to becoming a valuable member of your crew.

    I would value the opportunity to discuss your requirements for trainee firefighters in greater detail and to describe how I would be able to implement what I learned during my Fire Science Education studies and EMT training.

    Yours sincerely,

    Maurice Mark



    OK, so you’ve seen two spot-on firefighter cover letter examples. It’s time to walk through the process of getting your cover letter to look at least as good. 

    At the end of each part, you’ll find fill-in-the-blank firefighter cover letter templates to save you some time if you’re up against the wall.

    Don’t have your resume ready yet? See a dedicated example here: Firefighter Resume—Examples & Writing Guide.

    2. How to Write a Cover Letter for Firefighter Positions Step by Step

    Here’s how to write a job-winning firefighter cover letter:

    1. Take Heed of the Rules of Business Letter Formatting

    Your firefighter cover letter format is the first way you can make a good impression, or not, if you don’t get it right. Professionalism is the name of the game here, and following the standard business letter format is how you get that professionalism across.

    Here are the basic guidelines for formatting your cover letter:

    • Left-align everything, don’t use full justification.
    • Fix all four margins at an inch.
    • Go with a basic font, something like Arial or Calibri in 11–12 pt.
    • Set the line spacing to 1.15 times.
    • Keep it to a single, single-sided A4 page—never more.

    Expert Hint: If this is going to be your first firefighter position, know that the road to actually getting hired as a firefighter is a long one. So, if your current day job is outside of the protective and EMS fields, keep your experience relevant in the meantime by engaging in volunteer work. 

    2. Include Your Contact Information in the Cover Letter Header

    A header is a critical part of any business letter, including your firefighter cover letter. First of all, it has to be identical to the header of your resume.

    Start with your name, phone number, email address, and a professional, online profile, if you have one. Then put the city and date of writing, and then the hiring manager’s name, job title, and inside address.

    Follow this template:

    Firefighter Cover Letter Header Template

    [ Your Full Name]

    [ Your Job Title ] (Optional)

    [ Phone Number ]

    [ Email Address ]

    [ LinkedIn Profile ]

    [ City of Writing and Date ]

    [ Hiring Manager’s Full Name ]

    [ Hiring Manager’s Position, e.g. Fire Captain ]

    [ Station / Firehouse / Fire Department Name ]

    [ Street Address ]

    [ City and Zip Code ]

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    3. Refer to the Job to Which You’re Applying as You Introduce Yourself

    The best way to get a hiring manager to actually read your firefighter cover letter? Make it clear that your cover letter is relevant to them, right from the first paragraph.

    How do you do that? First of all, address your cover letter directly to the hiring manager. The job listing doesn’t mention anyone by name? Search online. Can’t find it? Call up and ask—that never fails.

    Then, start the cover letter proper by identifying the job for which you’re applying and briefly explaining what skills and experience make you such a good fit. 

    Have a look at this template to get a feel for the structure:

    Firefighter Cover Letter Sample: Introduction

    Dear [Hiring Manager’s Rank and Surname],

    When I found the job listing for the position of Firefighter with [Station / Department Name], I was thrilled. As a firefighter with [number of years] years’ experience, highly skilled in [swift water rescue/preventative maintenance/back-burning/other relevant skills you have] I am sure I can be a valuable member of your crew.

    Expert Hint: According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the median annual salary for firefighters doesn’t vary much based on whether you work for local, state, or federal employers. So don’t limit your options and cast a wide net, especially if you’re in an area oversaturated with firefighting hopefuls.

    4. Showcase Your Most Relevant Strengths

    The second paragraph of your firefighter cover letter is the main and longest one—It’s where you refer directly to the requirements of the firefighter job you’re targeting.

    Pick out 1–3 key requirements from the job description and provide concrete examples of past duties and accomplishments that show you’ve got what it takes to meet those requirements. Be very specific and put numbers to whatever you can. It’s OK to estimate, but make sure to keep it realistic.

    Here’s another fill-in-the-blanks template:

    Cover Letter for Firefighter Jobs: Middle Paragraph

    In the recruitment notice, you state that you need a firefighter experienced in [refer to the requirements of the job]. In my most recent position with [Name of Your Current or Most Recent Employer] I have succeeded in [responsibilities, duties, or operations you’ve successfully completed, supported by metrics, if possible]. I strongly believe my expertise will translate into similar results for [Target Employer].

    Expert Hint: Looking to specialize in firefighting onboard aircraft or marine vessels, or in urban or wilderness locations? Look into relevant firefighting specialty certifications and courses in your area. Be sure to check if a given qualification is actually in demand by employers before jumping in.

    5. Make it Clear You Want This Job

    The third and final paragraph is where you let your potential new employer know that you’re interested in a job with them, not just the first firefighting job that comes along.

    The last thing they want is to have someone pull out during the recruitment process or soon afterwards: that just costs them time, money, and frustration. So drop in a compliment or two—make it clear that you know something about this particular fire department or even firehouse.

    Sounds a bit too tricky? Use this template:

    Firefighter Cover Letter Example: Your Motivation

    I love the fact that, at [Target Employer], you [something you genuinely admire about the employer]. Your firehouse culture perfectly reflects my professional beliefs. Joining your unit would be a dream opportunity for me to grow and develop my key skills.

    6. End On a Confident Call to Action and a Proper Sign-Off

    The best way to end your cover letter is by asking for a meeting or call. This kind of call to action shows confidence and an eagerness to get on with the recruitment process.

    Make the focus of your call to action something you can do for them, not what they can do for you.

    Here’s a firefighter cover letter sample closing you can use if you’re stuck:

    Firefighter Cover Letter Sample: Call to Action & Formal Closing

    Can we schedule a call or meeting to discuss how my skills can help [Target Employer] meet and exceed your operational and safety goals?

    Yours sincerely,

    [Digital Copy of Your Handwritten Signature]

    [Your Full Name]

    [Phone Number]

    [Email Address]

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    Key Points

    Here's a quick reminder of how to write a cover letter for a firefighter:

    • Address the cover letter directly to the hiring manager.
    • Introduce yourself, mention the position for which you’re applying, and list your most relevant strengths in the introduction.
    • Show relevant achievements that match the requirements of the job and describe how you could be a valuable addition to the unit.
    • Explain your motivation to join the unit.
    • Close with a call to action, asking for a meeting or a call.

    Still unsure of how to write a firefighter cover letter? Need some more advice or have some of your own to share with up-and-coming rookies? Leave a comment!

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