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    USPS Cover Letter—Application Samples & Templates to Fill

    These USPS cover letter samples and pro writing tips will help you create strong application materials that will get you through that USPS office door in a priority mail envelope.

    Aleksandra Makal
    Aleksandra Makal
    Career Expert
    USPS Cover Letter—Application Samples & Templates to Fill

    You know what most recruiters do? They open a cover letter, elbow-and-eyeball it, throw it aside, and forget about it. Why? Because most cover letters don’t have that charm and charisma that makes them want to read on. Don’t be that UAA mail and land straight on that hiring manager’s desk with this USPS cover letter writing guide.

    In this guide:

    • Two USPS cover letter samples—one for a professional, and the other for someone with no experience.
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to write a USPS cover letter that will score you an interview.
    • Fill-in-the-blanks templates you can have ready in 15 minutes.

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    Before we show you how to write a cover letter for USPS jobs, let’s take a look at a couple of sample letters:

    1. USPS Cover Letter Samples

    So, you found a great position at a local USPS office... but they’re requiring a cover letter.  As soon as you saw the ad, you started wondering: “Are cover letters really necessary?” After all, recruiters on average spend less than 7 seconds reviewing an application, so will they really have the time to read a letter?

    Studies show that cover letters are preferred by a majority (56%) of employers, so it’s always better to include one when applying for a job. Before we tell you what to include in your cover letter, let’s take a look at two USPS cover letter examples—one from Crystal, and the other from Robert.

    First up: Crystal. Crystal has administrative experience, as she worked as a medical receptionist at an optometrist office. She has quite impressive skills, which she highlights by quantifying her achievements. Here’s how she does it:

    Cover Letter for USPS: Mail Processing Clerk 

    Crystal Adkins

    Mail Processing Clerk

    4057 Dawson Drive

    Little Rock, AR 72211



    Little Rock, June 5, 2021

    Sean Jones

    Asher Post Office Manager

    7401 Colonel Glenn Rd, 

    Little Rock, AR 72204

    Dear Mr. Jones

    I’m pleased to be applying for the Mail Processing Clerk position at the Asher Post Office location in Little Rock. As a highly-organized and competent professional with administrative support experience and exceptional interpersonal abilities, I believe that this role is an excellent opportunity for me to roll up my sleeves and contribute.

    For the past 7 years I have worked at OptometriQ—a fast-paced, innovative optometry office—where I greeted & registered approximately 50 new & existing patients daily. During that time I managed and organized office correspondences, provided clerical and communication support, including; word-processing documents, managed emails, phone, and fax communications, as well as scheduled, re-scheduled, and canceled patients in keeping with established guidelines. I have managed to decrease patient waiting times roughly by 20% by consolidating all pre-admission services on one floor and changing to individual scheduling techniques. 

    Maintaining a high level of communication with clients, patients, and vendors is always a top priority for me. I graduated with an Associate’s degree from East Arkansas Community College, and I finished in the top 5% of my class. 

    I am extremely confident in my administrative abilities and leadership skills, and the opportunity to work for the United States Postal Services would be an extremely valuable experience.

    Could we please meet to discuss how my qualifications can help your office reach new goals and increase efficiency?

    Kind regards,

    Crystal Adkins



    Brilliant. Crystal flawlessly incorporated numbers to prove her value to the employer. Her 7 years of experience now actually mean something, because she was able to show legitimate accomplishments that stand out. But what about writing a cover letter with no experience?

    Time to meet Robert. He’s a 22-year-old college student, who doesn’t have much professional experience. However, he did make some change delivering food for 3 summers, which is what he skillfully highlighted a made relevant to the job he’s applying for. Let’s take a look:

    USPS Cover Letter: No Experience

    usps cover letter example

    Text Version:

    Robert Grimmett

    Mail Carrier

    107 Todds Lane

    San Antonio, TX 78217



    San Antonio, June 3, 2021

    Maxine Nutting


    Encino Park Post Office

    20403 Encino Ledge, 

    San Antonio, TX 78259

    Dear Mrs. Nutting,

    I am submitting this letter to apply for the Mail Carrier position at the Encino Park Post Office located in San Antonio. With my experience in small-scale deliveries, my exceptional communication abilities and my flawless driving record, I am confident I would be a great addition to your office’s fleet of mail carriers. 

    I am currently a part-time student at St. Philip’s College, where I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Public Relations (current GPA: 3.7). As I have switched to part-time studies, I am looking for a job where I can put my interpersonal skills and the love of communicating with people to work. For the past 3 summers, I have worked as a delivery driver at Mamma Mia’s Pizza Club, where I have safely transported food to the respective destinations and handled the company vehicle efficiently. I managed to plan a strategic route based on workload of deliveries in order to meet service commitments delivering up to 50 pizzas during an 8-hour shift, and holding a 95% client satisfaction rate throughout those 3 years. Moreover, I have basic mechanical skills and problem-solving agility, which allow me to address any complaints or issues in a professional manner. 

    I feel that my skills, as well as my experience, would make me a valuable employee to the Encino USPS Office and I would bring an enthusiasm to the job that many others may lack. Working at your location would be a unique and enriching experience for both parties. 

    Can we make the time to have a call or meeting to discuss in more detail how my skills could help your company reach your upcoming goals?


    Robert Grimmett



    See how that worked out? Now you have seen two fantastic cover letter examples that would have your phone ringing off the hook with interview invitations. Now it’s time for you to write a USPS cover letter that will land on top of the correspondence stack of your next employer’s desk.

    2. How to Write a Cover Letter for a Post Office Job

    Let’s take a look at how to write a USPS cover letter that’s deliverable and aligned with USPS standards:

    1. Choose the Best USPS Cover Letter Format 

    When one detail is overlooked when sending a postal letter or package, the delivery might not happen. Make sure you do everything the right way when formatting your USPS cover letter. Follow these cover letter format guidelines

    • Use a font consistent with your resume font.
    • Always align to the left and don’t use justification.
    • Set margins at 1 inch.
    • Use 1.15 line spacing, and leave an empty space between every paragraph.
    • Best cover letter length? 1 page.

    Now that you’ve formatted your application correctly, you can move to your cover letter header.

    2. Include All Your Details in Your Cover Letter Heading Section

    Many candidates put their information on their resumes, but forget to include it on the cover letter as well. And your USPS cover letter has to be the same as your resume header. First list your deets, and then the hiring manager’s info. Like this:

    Application Cover Letter for USPS: Header

    [ Your Full Name]

    [ Your Job Title ] (Optional)

    [ Phone Number ]

    [ Email Address ]

    [ LinkedIn Profile ]


    [ City and Date ]


    [ Hiring Manager’s Full Name ]

    [ Hiring Manager’s Position, e.g. Customer Service Team Leader ]

    [ Company Name ]

    [ Company Street Address ]

    [ City and Zip Code ]

    You can use this template and fill it in with your information. How cool is that?

    Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter generator and make your application documents pop out.


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    3. Start Your Cover Letter With a Proper Salutation and Introduction

    Get yourself noticed by personalizing your application. So, when dealing with recruiters, always address your cover letter by first name. If you can’t find the details in the job advertisement, use LinkedIn or simply call the USPS office directly to find out that information.

    No luck? You can always start your letter with a “Dear Hiring Manager”. It is commonly known that this is the most preferred cover letter greeting

    Expert Hint: Even though “Dear Hiring Manager” is not the ideal salutation, it is your best bet. Never use “To Whom It May Concern”, or worse: “Dear Sir or Madam”, as these are old-school, outdated salutations that make your cover letter look generic and unprofessional.

    Next, start writing your cover letter by introducing yourself and stating the position you are applying for. Tell them exactly which USPS job (mail processing clerk, customer service, mail carrier, etc.) you are interested in. Fill in the blanks:

    USPS Application Cover Letter: Introduction

    Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name]:

    When I saw that you are looking for a [Position Name] at [Name of US Postal Services Office], I was very excited. As a [Previous Position] with [X]+ years of experience, with [customer service/delivery/administration/other relevant skills you have] expertise, I am certain I can easily translate those skills to help me better perform my duties as a [Position Name]. At my previous role, I was able to [Achievement] and I believe I can translate those skills to benefit the customers at [Name of USPS Office] as well.

    You want to really grab the reader’s attention, so mix it up a little bit and show off your most notable accomplishment. This will get them to read on.

    4. Write a Persuasive Second Paragraph by Showcasing Your Skills & Qualifications

    Unfortunately, recruiters don’t have a High Speed Universal Sorter that will magically pick out the best application for them, so they have to go through the piles of (almost) identical cover letters and resumes by hand. 

    If your first paragraph is the packaging, this section is the content… you are the package that they have been waiting for. The second paragraph is your time to shine, so do it by demonstrating your experience and potential to succeed... even if you’re writing an entry-level cover letter. Add more OOMPH to the list of skills for a resume. Like so:

    USPS Cover Letter Sample: Second Paragraph

    In the employment listing, it says you’re looking for a [Position Name] with knowledge on [Refer to the Job Requirements]. While working as a [Current or Last Job Title] at [Current or Last Company], I became quite skilled in [List of Responsibilities, Supported by Metrics, If Possible]. I know that I could bring similar results over to [USPS Office Name].

    Expert Hint: Use keywords straight from the job posting to make sure your application is targeted to that specific role. Most companies, especially big ones (like the United States Postal Services), use ATS systems, which help manage and track applications. Using specific phrases from the job ad will help you craft an ATS resume and increase your chances of getting that interview.

    5. Prove That You Want to Work There

    Your USPS cover letter is now shining with excellent formatting, persuasive statements and exceptional accomplishments. Now it’s time to tell them why you chose them. You see, writing a cover letter is not only about you. 

    They want to be sure they’re hiring the right person, and they want the new employee to be able to assimilate into the organization flawlessly. Try this:

    Short Application Cover Letter USPS: Last Paragraph

    USPS is an extremely recognizable company with high service standards. I really admire that you focus all your work around [something you genuinely admire about the company]. This approach is a perfect match for my personal way of working. Joining your team would be a unique opportunity for me to grow while helping you reach your goals.

    Now that’s a statement no hiring manager can pass by. 

    6. Sign-Off and Include a Clear Call to Action

    Land in the priority buggy thanks to a strong call to action and a professional sign-off. Don’t look forward to hearing from them, because you won’t. Politely ask for a meeting and use a proper closing, preferably one of the following:

    • Best Regards,
    • Kind Regards,
    • Sincerely,
    • Appreciatively,

    Now, here’s how to end a cover letter to leave a lasting impression:

    What are the best things to say in a USPS cover letter: Ending

    Could we schedule a call or meeting to go over how I believe my skills may assist [USPS Office Name] in achieving its upcoming KPIs and targets?


    [Digital Copy of Handwritten Signature] (optional)

    [First Name and Last Name]

    [Telephone Number]

    [Email Address]

    There! Now your letter is ready for transport status.

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    Key Points

    When writing a USPS cover letter, remember to:

    • Make sure you have the right cover letter formatting set before you start composing your letter.
    • Match the header of your cover letter to the one on your resume.
    • Address the letter to a specific person by using their name.
    • Introduce yourself and state why you are applying for this position.
    • Highlight your skills and qualifications by using numbers and metrics.
    • Request an interview and sign.

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