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    Copywriter Cover Letter—Examples & Templates to Fill

    One does not simply get to the top of Google, as one does not simply get hired. To succeed, apply with a perfect resume accompanied by a powerful USP—your copywriter cover letter.

    Aleksandra Makal
    Aleksandra Makal
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    Copywriter Cover Letter—Examples & Templates to Fill

    Content. Content everywhere! Even if you’re not a copywriter, you can easily see how keywords, phrases and slogans took over our online lives. And let’s be honest—it’s not easy to be creative.

    Being a copywriter is like being a forensic profiler, who knows how to get in the target audience’s head and what makes them tick. Now on your job hunt your mission is to do just that—Impress the recruiter with your copy writer cover letter like a real-life Don Draper would.

    In this article:

    • Copywriter cover letter examples better than 9 out of 10 others.
    • Tips and tricks on how to write a copywriter cover letter that will land you your dream job.
    • A fill-in-the-blanks template that will allow you to create a winning copywriter cover letter in less than 15 minutes. 

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    1. Copywriter Cover Letter Examples

    So now you’re probably wondering: what is a cover letter? What will I gain from applying with one?

    But don’t worry. After reading this guide you will know exactly what a cover letter looks like and how to make your copywriter cover letter stand out. Let’s start with taking a look at two copywriter cover letter examples.

    First, meet Sandra. Sandra is a professional copywriter with a few years experience in the marketing field. 

    In her previous jobs, she has been creating successful content for the web that uses the brand voice to connect with its customers and that is optimized for search engines. 

    She’s looking for a new opportunity that will help her advance her career and become a copywriting ninja! Take a look how well this copywriter cover letter shows she’s the perfect candidate:

    Example #1 Copywriter Cover Letter 

    Sandra J. Beard

    2406 White Pine Lane

    Harrisonburg, VA 22801




    Harrisonburg, April 27, 2020

    Kevin Watkins

    Head of Marketing

    ImmerSEO Inc.

    3473 Dovetail Estates

    Stanton, VA 24401

    Dear Mr. Watkins, 

    As a professional copywriter with a passion for creating engaging and thought-provoking content, I was thrilled to come across your ad for an editor/copywriting specialist. With my 5+ years of experience, I am confident that my expertise in writing copy, marketing, and branding make me an ideal candidate to consider for ImmerSEO. 

    The job ad states that you’re looking for a wordsmith who will be responsible for optimizing and developing original content for advertising campaigns, emails, brochures, websites, newsletters, press releases and other direct response marketing materials. At my recent position at Voxira I was in charge of creating copy across a variety of different marketing channels and formats including: print advertisements, seasonal catalogs, email campaigns, social media, performance marketing ad units, and a variety of other web-based campaigns and / or landing pages. 

    I truly believe that my experience will be a benefit to your company. Here’s why:

    1. I have created over 400 product descriptions for fashion, makeup, health, and fitness brands. During my time at Voxira I built content for the Gym Institute brand, thanks to which sales in its online store increased by 17%. I would like to do the same for your company.
    2. I have an advanced knowledge of SEO tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console and Google Analytics, which I efficiently use to find actionable insights through data. 
    3. I optimized content on the Flairy brand website, which helped increase traffic by 23%.

    I help build quality indexable content for improved SEO and site performance, which is used for product pages, brand pages, titles, emails, blogs, product descriptions, and other aspects of SEO. I would love to be a part of your company’s amazing work culture, and long term success. 

    May we schedule a time to discuss how I can contribute as a copywriter to ImmerSEO’s creative team in your mission to optimizing your content? 

    Thank you,

    Sandra J. Beard



    Sandra’s a winner. No doubt. She used quantified impact to show exactly what her achievements are. Numbers pop and that makes this cover letter hit the jackpot. Worried you don’t have enough experience to qualify for an interview? No sweat. 

    You can land that dream job with no experience. Believe me. Just take a look at our next copywriter cover letter example, which is an ideal sample for an entry level position. 

    Example #2 Entry Level Copywriter Cover Letter (No Experience)

    Philip is a fresh graduate with a BA in English. He has no professional experience, but has been actively involved in extracurricular activities. He also took part in an internship program, which made him realize he wants to pursue a career in the digital marketing industry. 

    Let’s take a look at how he conveyed that in his entry level copywriter cover letter:

    Create your cover letter now


    Philip W. O'connell

    704 Lilac Lane

    Albany, GA 31742




    Pearson, March 13, 2021

    Elizabeth C. Hays

    Marketing Director


    4226 Meadowview Drive

    Albany, GA 31701

    Dear Ms. Hays,

    As a recent English graduate from the University of Florida, I was excited to come across the job opening for an entry-level copywriter at Advera. I would like to express my interest in this position, as I believe my academic work and success makes me the perfect candidate for the job. This position aligns perfectly with my goal of pursuing a career in creative marketing.

    During my four years as a student, I have balanced the demands of a rigorous course load while also working as a writer / editor at the student newspaper. I hold a GPA of 3.9 and have been awarded University Honors every semester. Last summer I took part in an internship, where I was responsible for social media and creating marketing copy for email campaigns and landing pages. That’s where I was inspired to pursue a career in digital marketing. 

    I realize you are looking for a candidate who will be developing content for digital marketing communications that will motivate people to act. During my internship, under the supervision of my superior, I have succeeded to reach the following goals:

    1. Created content for social media platforms that have increased engagement by 13%. 
    2. Developed a newsletter campaign strategy that hit the target audience and increased average open rates by 95%. 
    3. Actively used tools such as Salesforce, MailChimp and Hootsuite to manage campaigns.

     I believe my skills, initiative and motivation make me a great potential asset. 

    Can we arrange a meeting or a video call in order for me to explain how I could help the company in reaching its goals? 

    Best Regards,

    Philip W. O'connell



    Philip has sold himself flawlessly. You can be sure he’ll be getting that phone call from Ms. Hays! Still not sure how to write an entry level cover letter? Take a look at some more examples here: Cover Letters With No Experience Samples.

    Now, let’s get on to the good stuff and start working on your perfect copywriter cover letter.

    2. How to Write a Cover Letter for a Copywriter Step by Step (Examples)

    Here’s how to write the best copywriter cover letter that will land you an interview:

    1. Select the Right Copywriter Cover Letter Format

    The wrong copywriter cover letter format shows that you don’t know the difference between “their” and “they’re”. And that’s a no-no. Here’s how to format a cover letter:

    Doesn’t matter if you’re emailing your cover letter or posting it. It has to look like a letter. A well-formatted cover letter is living proof that you, as a copywriting professional, can take any text and not only make it highly accurate for spelling, grammar and punctuation, but make it compelling, readable and friendly for the eye. 

    2. Start with a Professional Cover Letter Header

    Now, let’s take a look at how to address a cover letter. Your cover letter heading has to include the same personal details as your copywriter resume. The most important information about you that you must put at the top left corner of your document are:

    Copywriter Cover Letter Header Template

    [ Your Full Name]

    [ Your Job Title ] (Optional)

    [ Phone Number ]

    [ Email Address ]

    [ LinkedIn Profile ]

    Next, we have:

    [ City and Date ]

    Pretty straightforward, right? After you’ve put all of your own details, it’s time to address your cover letter, like so:

    [ Hiring Manager’s Full Name ]

    [ Hiring Manager’s Position, e.g. Customer Service Team Leader ]

    [ Company Name ]

    [ Company Street Address ]

    [ City and Zip Code ] 

    Expert Hint:Do you like working on samples, but this particular example is not what you’re looking for? Check out these free cover letter templates that are ready for you to fill out.

    Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter generator and make your application documents pop out.


    CREATE YOUR COVER LETTER NOWcreate your cover letter now

    Want to try a different look? There's 21 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here. Wondering who to address your cover letter to?  Nowadays, this type of information is easy to look up:

    • Look at the job ad. There might be a name there for you to use.
    • Check the email address. If the email is MRayford@valure.com, you can simply Google: “M. Rayford Valure” and get the full name there.
    • Take a look at the company website. There will most likely be some kind of information on who the department head is. Use that name.
    • Call the company. Ask the administrative assistant who should you address your cover letter to.

    Expert Hint: Don’t start your cover letter with “To Whom it May Concern”. This will make your cover letter look generic and spammy.

    3. Introduce Yourself & Identify the Job to Which You’re Applying

    Start your cover letter by stating which position you’re applying for. You can (but don’t have to) introduce yourself in the body of the letter, but that information is clearly visible in the header. 

    See this template for reference. Just fill in the blanks with your information.

    Copywriter Cover Letter With No Experience: Introduction

    Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name]:

    When I found the job listing for the position of Copywriting Specialist with [Target Company Name], I was thrilled. As an experienced copywriter with [number of years] years of professional experience, highly skilled in [creating content for marketing purposes/optimizing existing websites/Google Analytics/Ahrefs/other relevant skills you have] I’m sure I can help your team with the upcoming challenges.

    Expert Hint: Improving your skills makes you a more valuable candidate. Get certified to show employers you are the real deal. The Blackford Centre for Copywriting is one of the most renowned online copywriting certificate programs. The course will take you about 5 months to complete and it costs around $1000-$1200. 

    4. Showcase Your Strengths & Skills

    The second paragraph is your moment to shine. Sell yourself like you sell a newsletter. The pitch and the promise should make them go: “Wow! I want to meet this person!” 

    Give a few examples of your past duties and accomplishments. Don’t simply pack the cover letter with the job requirements. Show them what you’re capable of and make them pick up that phone and give you a call straight away. 

    Junior Cover Letter for a Copywriter: Middle Paragraph

    In the job listing, you state that you need a copywriter specialist experienced in [refer to the requirements of the job]. During my most recent employment with [Name of Your Current or Most Recent Company] I have succeeded in [responsibilities, duties, or projects you’ve successfully completed, supported by metrics, if possible]. I strongly believe my expertise will translate into similar results for [Target Company Name].

    Expert Hint: If you’re a recent graduate applying for an entry level position with no experience, and you don’t know what to highlight—go for soft skills that you think are relevant for the role. Study shows that the most demanded skills are problem solving, the ability to work in a team and written communication skills. In your cover letter explain how those skills will transfer to your new responsibilities.

    5. Explain Why You Want to Work at This Particular Company

    This is the moment to pay the hiring company a compliment or two. Tell them why you admire them and why you want to work there. Show that you not only have the skills and qualifications for the job, but that you will genuinely care about it and enjoy it.

    This way the recruiting manager will have the confidence that you will stay with your prospective employer for longer. Take a look at this sample: 

    Copywriter Cover Letter Sample: Your Motivation

    I must say that [Target Company Name]’s focus on strategic marketing and social integration when it comes to [something you genuinely admire about the company] is something that is truly admirable. Your values and mission perfectly reflect my professional beliefs. Joining your team would be a dream opportunity for me to grow and develop my key skills while providing copywriting excellence for [Target Company Name].

    6. End Your Copywriter Cover Letter With a Powerful Call to Action

    As a cherry on top, ask for a face-to-face meeting or video / phone call. Once again—make your point. Emphasize how you can contribute to the organization and leave the reader wanting more. Here’s how to end your cover letter with a strong CTA:

    Cover Letter for a Copywriter Example: Call to Action & Formal Closing

    Can we schedule a meeting or call to discuss how my skills can help [Target Company Name] communicate with customers? 

    Best Regards,

    [Digital Copy of Your Handwritten Signature]

    [Your Full Name]

    [Phone Number]

    [Email Address]

    Looking for more information? Check out: Cover Letter Tips & Tricks

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    Key Points

    When writing a copywriter cover letter, remember to:

    • State the full name of the hiring manager when addressing the cover letter.
    • Open with a nice introduction. Present yourself by listing your key skills and achievements and mention the position you’re applying for.
    • Make your offer by showcasing your strengths and relevant qualifications that match the job description. 
    • Explain why you want to join this organization.
    • Ask for a meeting or call by ending the cover letter with a strong call to action. 

    Got any questions? Need further help with writing your covering letter for customer service jobs? Let me know in the comments, I’ll be more than happy to help!

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