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Business Analyst Cover Letter Examples & Writing Guide

Wondering how to write a business analyst cover letter they’ll actually notice? Get step-by-step cover letter tips for business analysts, plus examples in this easy tutorial.

Tom Gerencer, CPRW
Tom Gerencer, CPRW
Career Writer at ResumeLab
Business Analyst Cover Letter Examples & Writing Guide

Want to see how to write a business analyst cover letter that works? Of course you do. The best business analyst jobs pay six figures.

But with millions of you out there, resumes are thicker than cause-notes in a fishbone diagram. To get the job, you have to make them read your resume. Chin up. This guide will show you a cover letter for business analyst jobs that reaches the desired outcome.

In this article, you’ll get:

  • Two sample business analyst cover letters: for experienced and entry-level business analysts.
  • Steps to write a cover letter for business analyst jobs with impact.
  • A template for business analyst covering letters you can adapt in less than 15 minutes.

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Let’s start with two business analyst cover letter examples:

Business Analyst Cover Letter Examples

Meet William. He’s an experienced business analyst. He knows a user from a use case and a metric from a model. But—his next employer doesn’t know that yet.

The job he wants requires skills in analysis, leading teams, and data systems. Watch how he writes this first business analyst cover letter sample to show he’s got those dialed:

Example #1: Experienced Business Analyst Cover Letter

CREATE YOUR COVER LETTER NOWBusiness Analyst Cover Letter Example

Experienced Business Analyst Cover Letter—Text Version

William Kaye

Business Analyst






Marcie Meng

Operations Manager

Arkham Technologies

975 Michigan Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Dear Ms. Meng,

I caught your webinar on user stories on your website and loved your step-by-step approach. That's part of why I'm so excited to apply for the business analyst position at Arkham Technologies. The ability to learn from a direct student of Paul Krugman would be a dream-come-true for my career and knowledge base.

Of course every transaction needs two sides. I noticed you need a business analyst with skills in future-state and as-is analysis, leading teams, and data-system redesign. I think I'm a good fit based on:

  • Future-state and as-is analysis: Conducted 150+ analyses to support development of Salesforce solutions for clients.
  • Leading teams: Led teams of business analysts that delivered data on successful projects with budgets up to $5M.
  • Data systems: Saved a client $500K by redesigning their data system using cloud architecture.

I'd love to talk with you about Arkham's needs for a business analyst who can identify lost revenue and opportunities for growth.

Best Regards,

William Kaye, Business Analyst



PS—I'd also be glad to show you how I found a bottleneck that hampered company revenue by 20% per year.

But—are you writing a business analyst cover letter with no experience? That works the same way.

Here’s, Libby. She’s fresh out of business school and ready to take on the world. She’s got a good shot with this sample entry-level business analyst cover letter:

Example #2: Business Analyst Internship Cover Letter Sample

CREATE YOUR COVER LETTER NOWBusiness Analyst Internship Cover Letter Example

Business Analyst Internship Cover Letter Sample—Text version

Libby Pousa

Junior Business Analyst





Marcie Meng

Operations Manager

Arkham Technologies

975 Michigan Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Dear Ms. Meng,

Getting my Business Analytics Certificate at Stanford was nice, but I know it's real-world experience that makes the cut. That's why I worked so hard during my BA in Economics at UCLA on independent business projects. My Capstone Project secured $70,000 in micro-financing for a Kenyan charter school that serves 50+ disabled and disadvantaged students.

I know from your blog that Arkham is particularly interested in micro-financing in the developing world. I believe my achievements in process design, in-depth analysis, and software development can translate to bottom-line results at Arkham, including:

  • Process design: Designed a method to facilitate P2P microfinancing, raising $45,000 for a Kenyan charter school.
  • In-depth analysis: Led a team of 3 student analysts in optimization projects that raised revenue by 40%.
  • Software development: Worked with volunteer and paid software developers to analyze requirements and data for 3 financing apps.

I'd be thrilled to discuss your need for a junior business analyst over coffee. Could we set aside some time to talk about goals and KPIs?

Best Regards,

Libby Pousa, Junior Business Analyst

PS—I'd also love to share why my IT professor said I'd be a surprise asset to whoever hires me.


Now you’ve seen two business analyst cover letter samples that would work at J.P. Morgan or Deloitte. Your turn.

Let’s see some samples you can copy, paste, and edit. But first, do you have a business analyst resume? They won’t hire you unless your resume stuns them. See this guide: Business Analyst Resume Sample & Guide

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Business Analyst

Here’s how to write a cover letter for business analyst positions:

1. Pick a Solid Business Analyst Cover Letter Format

The clothes make the business analyst. But the right cover letter format dresses up your job search. Here’s how to format a business analyst cover letter template:

  • Make sure all the parts of your cover letter are left-aligned.
  • Single-space yours and add 1-inch margins all around.
  • Write with a cover letter font that fits your business analyst resume.
  • Make your letter short. Just over half a page is plenty.

Expert Hint: Communication skills are crucial for successful business analysts. If you’ve used them to get big results, share them in your cover letter for business analyst positions.

2. Add Your Contact Information to the Heading of Your Cover Letter

This part’s easy, but do it wrong and you’ll look like you wore tube socks with your Samuel Hubbards. Your business analyst cover letter is a business letter. Start it with your info, then the date, then addressee details.

This template shows how:

Business Analyst Cover Letter Example Template

[Your Name]


[Phone Number]


[LinkedIn Profile]


[Hiring Manager Name]




[City, State, Zip]

Use identical headers on your resume to match both documents.

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3. Introduce Yourself and Name the Job Title

As a business analyst, you know presentation is important. After all, feasibility studies and process models can be bo-ring.

It’s the same with your business systems analyst cover letter. Kick it off with the hiring manager’s name, the job title you’re writing about and the rest of the opening statement. Here’s an example:

Business Analyst Cover Letter Sample: Intro Statement

Dear [Manager’s Name]:

[Saw/Read] your [Webinar/Article/Press Release] about [Key Job Skill] and loved [Detail You Loved About It]. That's part of why I'm so excited to apply for the business analyst position at [Company Name]. The ability to [Work With/Learn From] a [Cool Fact About the Manager] would be a dream-come-true for my career and knowledge base.

You want to connect personally with the hiring manager. Find common ground like that business analyst cover letter example does. Can’t find a webinar or press release? Find any common ground, including:

  • An impressive business analyst accomplishment
  • An achievement from college that shows a skill they want
  • A fact that interests you about the company
  • Why you became a business analyst.

Expert Hint: Are you a business analyst and project manager? A book by business guru Robert Wysocki argues that the two careers should merge. A cover letter for entry-level BA jobs that lists a PMP certification is a low-risk, high-return investment.

4. Mention Relevant Business Analyst Skills & Achievements

A business analyst is like the sailor in the crow’s nest.

You shout out, “Iceberg!” and they stop the engines. You shout, “Land ho!” and they steer the ship to where you’re pointing. But how do they know you’re the right business analyst to be up there?

First, gather their requirements, then address them. For your second paragraph reread the job description. Jot down their job needs. Then show off a couple mouthwatering accomplishments that fit. Like this:

Example Cover Letter for Business Analyst: Middle Paragraph

Of course every transaction has two sides. That’s why I took the time to learn you need a business analyst with skills in [3 skills they need]. I think I'm a good fit based on:

  • [Business Analyst Skill #1]. [Achievement #1]
  • [Business Analyst Skill #2]. [Achievement #2]
  • [Business Analyst Skill #3]. [Achievement #3]

Expert Hint: According to an IEEE white paper, business analysts need to document and communicate progress within Agile frameworks. It’s a smart idea to tout any experience working with Agile teams in a business analyst cover letter.

5. Ask for an Interview

Let’s wrap this up. Always end cover letters by asking for the interview. Here’s a sample business analyst cover letter closing:

Sample Cover Letter for Business Analyst Jobs: Call to Action & Closing

I'd love to talk about [Company Name]’s needs for a business analyst who can [2 Job Requirements]. Can we discuss them over coffee?

Best Regards,

[Digital Signature] 

[Full Name]

[Phone Number]


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Key Points

To write a cover letter for business analyst jobs: 

  • Format business analyst cover letters like other business letters.
  • Call the hiring team manager by name.
  • Call out the business analyst position you want. Connect personally with the manager or company.
  • Add data to the second paragraph. Show achievements that match key job requirements.
  • Ask for the interview to end your cover letter.

Do you have questions about writing business analyst cover letters? Need more cover letter samples for business analyst jobs? Let’s chat in the comments section. And thanks for reading!

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