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Business Development Cover Letter: Example & Templates

Business strategy, growth, and success run in your veins. Prove that to the next hiring manager by applying with an impeccable business development cover letter.

Aleksandra Makal
Aleksandra Makal
Career Expert
Business Development Cover Letter: Example & Templates

Just imagine... Catching a flight, getting to the hotel, and decompressing while a local group plays in the lobby. Or getting in to town and going to a dive joint with live music and having a nice steak.

That’s the life! But it seems like that life is just so far away… You’ve been on a job hunt for months now. No leads. No prospects. Well, it’s your lucky day, because this business development cover letter guide will open more doors for you and your career. Just follow the below steps.

In this guide:

  • Two sample business development cover letters: one for an experienced candidate and for an entry-level applicant.
  • How to write a cover letter for business development positions that gets interviews.
  • Templates that you can copy, adjust and have ready in 15 minutes or less.

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Let’s start with looking at two business development cover letter samples: one for a managing position and one for an assistant role. 

1. Business Development Cover Letter Examples

Meet Dennis. When it comes to business development, he’s got it all under his fingertips. He has more than 8 years of experience, which adds high value to his career.

Dennis is applying for a business development manager position at a leading marketing organization, where they need someone who is commercially aware and enjoys a challenge on a day-to-day basis.

It seems like Dennis has the enthusiasm and qualifications to become the next Business Development Manager at Eternalee. So, let’s take a look at what he has to say:

Business Development Manager Cover Letter Example

Dennis Clarke

Business Development Manager

1677 Rainy Day Drive

Boston, MA 02109


Boston, August 1, 2021 

David Davis

Head of Human Resources


892 Bicetown Road

Boston, MA 02109

Dear Mr. Davis,

Upon review of your posting for an experienced Business Development Manager to join your company, I would like to submit my application for your consideration. I am a goal-orientated individual who is focused on expanding new business through cultivating existing clients and exploring new markets for both large corporations and start-ups. 

During my time at Asseth, a leading online marketing company, I managed to generate new business and long-term account opportunities through cold-calling and performing presentations to prospective clients, as well as attending networking events and trade shows. All of the above resulted in over $600K in closed new and recurring business. I’ve worked with a wide customer base: hair salons, bakeries, spas, hotels and resorts, fitness facilities, dental offices, and pharmaceutical companies. I was able to increase Asseth’s market share against an established competitor by 32%.

Furthermore, I admire your firm’s mission to help small and medium-sized companies grow to continue to impact their local communities and economies. I strongly believe that my solid experience in business analysis, company needs assessment, and strategic planning and implementation will be a perfect fit for the open position.

Could we schedule a phone call or a face-to-face to discuss how my abilities can lead your organization in meeting its long-term business goals?

Kind regards,

Dennis Clarke


Dennis proves his experience by listing the many achievements he has succeeded in throughout his career, which he skillfully shows off in his cover letter. But not everyone has that kind of impressive experience.

Let’s take a look at Terry’s business development cover letter as an example.

Terry is a newbie, fresh out of college, who is starting off with no professional experience. He didn’t hide his inexperience, but rather made his skills and college background the focal point of his entry-level business development cover letter. Here’s how he did it:

Sample Business Development Cover Letter (Entry-Level)

Terry Palmer

Business Development Assistant

4281 Cimmaron Road

Santa Ana, CA 92701


Santa Ana, July 31, 2021 

Barbara Sexton



1520 Caldwell Road

Santa Ana, CA 92608

Dear Ms. Sexton,

I am writing to express my interest in the Business Development Assistant position with Wando. As a recent graduate holding a BA in Management, I believe I have the right skills, qualifications, and mindset to join your team. 

In the job listing, you say you are looking for someone with excellent organizational skills, with emphasis on priorities and goal setting. Your ideal candidate has strong proficiency in statistical analysis and superior presentation and communication skills.

During my final year of university, I interned at SoftenUp which provides other partners with new solutions and big data approaches. I worked closely with the CEO and COO, as we identified company needs and requirements, as well as developed and implemented strategic solutions to propel organizational success and elevate performance. I was responsible for developing lead lists, cold-calling, prospecting, and setting appointments. Helped the Company Administrator plan and coordinate all social events. As a result, we have generated over $100K in sales (over the course of 6 months), exceeding goals by 30%. 

I have followed your company’s activities for a while now, and I truly admire your company's mission to promote quality service, which is why I am so eager to apply my experience and my dedication to achieving success. I believe I would be a strong asset to Wando’s team and would like to discuss it further with you during a meeting. 

Warm regards,

Terry Palmer


Pretty impressive for an entry-level candidate, right? So, now that you’ve seen two superb business development cover letter examples, it’s time to learn how to write a cover letter that will make a great first impression on any big fish employer. 

2. How to Write a Cover Letter for Business Development Jobs Step by Step (With Templates)

Here’s how to write a job-winning business development cover letter: 

1. Stick to Business Cover Letter Formatting Rules

Corporate HR teams receive hundreds of applications for an opening, interview 4-6 candidates… but offer the job to only one of them. So, how can your business development cover letter attract attention and get chosen as one of the lucky few? 

Start with a proper cover letter format, which will allow you to best leverage your experience, abilities, and skills. Follow these simple steps:

Business Development Cover Letter Format

Expert Hint: According to Business Development Crossing, business development jobs are expected to grow especially in the biotech, technology, and pharmaceutical industries, which means there will be more opportunities, but also more competition.

2. Start Out With a Professional Business Development Cover Letter Heading

You don’t want the recruiter to be flipping between your resume and cover letter to find your contact info if they decide to bring you in. So to make their life easier, include a cover letter header with all your information and contact details.

Business Development Representative Cover Letter: Heading

[ Your Name] 

[ Your Job Title ] (Optional)

[ Home Address ] (Optional)

[ Telephone Number ]

[ Email Address ]

[ LinkedIn Profile ]


[ City ] + [ Date of Writing ]


[ Casting Manager’s Name ]

[ Casting Manager / Casting Director / Agent / Hiring Manager’s Job Title ]

[ Company Name ]

[ Company Street Address ]

[ City, State, Zip Code ]

Make sure your full name, phone number and email address are on there, and you’re golden.  Job title, address, social media profiles are optional. Now we’re ready to start writing your cover letter body section!

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3. Introduce Yourself and Reference the Position You’re Applying For

Imagine cold-calling a prospect and not giving them the classic introduction line at the beginning. You know what would happen? You wouldn’t even get to the whole “The reason I’m calling is…” spiel.

That’s why, when writing your cover letter, you should always start with a brief introduction, so the reader knows the whos, whats, and whys. Tell them who you are and which role you’re applying for. Add more finesse to your introduction by keeping these 3 steps in mind:

  1. Showcase one of your biggest accomplishments.
  2. Personalize your introductory paragraph by using the company name.
  3. Know how to address your cover letter and to whom.

Your introductory paragraph should look something like this:

Cover Letter for Business Development Manager Application

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name]:

I was excited when I came across the job posting for the [Target Position] with [Company’s Name]. As a [Current or Previous Position] with [# of Years] experience and being highly skilled in [Skills, Qualifications, Etc.], I am certain that I am an ideal candidate for this position.

What if you have no clue who to address your cover letter to. Well, it’s easy to find that out. You can do the following:

  • Check the job posting.
  • Look at the company website.
  • Check LinkedIn.
  • Call the front desk and ask.

If none of those work, simply ditch the salutation and start your cover letter with the first paragraph.

Expert Hint: If you want to use a greeting, go with Dear Hiring Manager. Stay away from greetings like Hello, To Whom It May Concern, Dear Sir or Madam—they’ll make your cover letter generic and spammy.

4. Showcase Your Relevant Skills

BizDev is all just a numbers game. And you love it. So make sure to also include them in your cover letter to show them what you can do. 

Your middle paragraph is all about you. It’s where you can show off your 100% presentation rate, and 4/4 closed sales on the first call. Here’s how to make your cover letter look like a million bucks:

Cover Letter for Business Development

In your job listing, you state that you are looking for a [Position Name] who is experienced in [refer to the requirements of the job]. At [Name of Your Current or Most Recent Company], I demonstrated [responsibilities, duties, or projects you’ve successfully completed, supported by metrics, if possible]. I am confident my skills and will translate into similar results for [Target Company Name].

And remember, use a few achievements from your resume to really add that OOMPH to your middle paragraph. Reach deep into your reserves and work your magic!

Expert Hint: Research shows that the lack of quantifiable results account for 34% of most common job application mistakes. Demonstrate your success and use metrics to show that you are efficient. 

5. Tell Them Why You Want In

You’re almost there. You just need to give them a little something-something to build up that relationship with your prospect employer. Sprinkle in a compliment to put a smile on their face. 

Make sure to research the company thoroughly to find out what their mission statement is and what business values are important to them.

Business Development Cover Letter Example

It would be an honor to work for such a well-respected company. I am certain that I would be a benefit to [Target Company Name] as the values represented by your firm align with my own. I am confident that my track record combined with your resources will allow me to [achieve something important to the employer].

Make it known that you’re genuinely excited about working for that particular company. Trust us, if you go with it, you’ll be out there making new leads in a heartbeat.

6. Ask For an Interview

Now it’s time to make that lead a customer… or employer. Either way—the process is the same. Seal the deal.

Give them something they won’t be able to say “no” to—A strong call to action. Here’s how to end your cover letter:

Business Development Representative Cover Letter

Could we schedule a phone call or a face-to-face to discuss how my skills can help [Target Company] succeed and meet its long-term goals?



[Full Name]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]

Finish off with a polite semi-formal ending like:

  • Thank you,
  • Best regards,
  • Kind regards,
  • Sincerely,
  • With best regards,

Endings like Cheers, Take Care, XOXO, Yours Faithfully, Fondly, Yours in Good Faith, Thx, are either too folksy or too Jane Austen. Aaand… you’re done!

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Key Points

Land the business development job of your dreams by utilizing these steps when writing your cover letter:

  • Format your business development cover letter as you would any other formal business letter.
  • Address the hiring manager or employer by name.
  • Introduce yourself as a business development candidate and state the position you are applying for. 
  • Give them a run-through of your background by providing achievements supported by numbers.
  • Show them that you’re motivated and dedicated to be a part of this company’s team.
  • End with a strong call to action, requesting a call or interview to discuss the opportunity further.

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Aleksandra Makal
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