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    CIA Cover Letter—Samples & Templates to Fill

    The only time you want to be on the CIA’s most wanted list? Job hunt. These CIA cover letter samples will get the Agency’s attention.

    Aleksandra Makal
    Aleksandra Makal
    Career Expert
    CIA Cover Letter—Samples & Templates to Fill

    You’re just one scroll away from finding out what a perfect CIA cover letter looks like. And by perfect we mean one that will help you stand out from a crowd of thousands of analysts, developers, psychologists and officers that are also applying. 

    But a position at The Company is more than just a job. It’s a duty and a great honor. So in order for your law enforcement, legal, administrative and other skills to pop—you must paint a crystal clear picture that will make you… the target.

    In this article:

    • CIA cover letter samples—for more experienced and for entry-level candidates.
    • A step-by-step guide on writing a professional CIA cover letter that will land you an interview. 
    • A CIA cover letter template for you to fill in with your own information. 

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    Before we move on to talking about what to include in your cover letter, get familiarized with two different CIA cover letter examples:

    1. CIA Cover Letter Samples

    First, say hello to Tamara. She is a successful data scientist with 7+ years of experience under her belt. 

    The CIA position that Tamara’s after calls for data-driven professionals with experience and a creative mind. Tamara’s confident she has everything that they’re looking for, but she has to prove it in her cover letter. 

    See how well this CIA cover letter shows she’s the perfect candidate for the open position:

    Cover Letter for CIA Sample

    Tamara Adams

    462 Roosevelt Street

    San Francisco, CA 94115




    San Francisco, June 15, 2019

    Katrina D. Garcia

    Head of the Directorate of Analysis

    4671 Duff Avenue

    Washington, DC 20007

    Dear Mrs. Garcia,

    I am writing to apply for the Data Scientist position at the Central Intelligence Agency, as advertised on your website. You state that your organization is looking for a professional with experience with real world data, data analytics, creativity and statistics and your requirements closely match my background and expertise.

    As a data scientist professional with over 7 years of experience and a reputation for success, I have mastered predictive modeling, data processing, and dashboard development. During my time at R&B Corporation, I have:

    • performed Root Cause and Trend Analysis on negative impacts to system resources to help establish and maintain Service Level Agreements, which resulted in a 46% increase in corporate revenue. 
    • enforced contractual agreements by tracking incident reports by group and motivated both team members and clients to address missing and outdated information. These efforts resulted in increased awareness of the reporting process, as well as improved productivity in Root Cause Identification. 
    • provided comprehensive information in various Legal, Litigation and Remediation requests. Wrote programs to identify and analyze over 7M customer accounts and 32M transactions for fulfillment of enhancement product remediation. 

    Moreover, I am highly qualified in designing Use Cases, Use Case diagrams, Class diagrams, Activity diagrams and Sequence diagrams in UML methodology. 

    Obtaining the Data Scientist position at CIA would be a dream come true, as I truly admire CIA’s success—as probably anybody in the data analytics industry.

    Could we please schedule a meeting to talk about how my skills and experience can help shape CIA technology and resource investments?

    Kindest regards,

    Tamara Adams



    Now this is a cover letter that’s certain to win the CIA director. But what if you lack professional experience? Don’t think you won’t have a chance, because you will. Actually, the CIA offers many internship programs, so you might want to take a look at some internship cover letter examples as well.

    When applying for a CIA job, a cover letter is necessary. You just have to know how to highlight your skills and abilities in order to convince the department head that you’ve got what it takes to support the first line of defense for the United States.

    This time, meet Drew. He’s an almost-Master of Computer Science, finishing up his thesis and getting ready to pursue a career.

    Drew’s applying for an Applications Developer position at the CIA with minimal professional experience. As a student, he took a few freelance gigs that really hyped him up about app development. Let’s see how Drew’s CIA cover letter wows Mrs. Rico, the Head of the Directorate of Science & Technology:

    CIA Cover Letter Example: College Graduate

    CIA cover letter

    Drew K. Ryder

    1048 Passaic Street

    Fort Lee, NJ 07024



    Fort Lee, April 30, 2021

    Anne T. Rico

    Head of the Directorate of Science & Technology

    4671 Duff Avenue

    Washington, DC 20007

    Dear Mrs. Rico,

    As a passionate final-year Master’s student with an attention to detail, strong analytical, decision-making skills, and a focus on delivering innovative solutions, I would like to apply for the position of Applications Developer at the Central Intelligence Agency. I am very much ready to join such an esteemed organization and I feel confident that I have all the necessary skills and qualifications for this position. 

    You say you are seeking for someone with experience in DevOps and Big Data concepts, Oracle, MySQL, Mongo DB, and HDFS. While freelancing during my college years, I was hired to work on over 50+ applications with various functionalities from simple news apps to complex solutions like Blockchain and IoT. Working with other, more experienced developers helped me find the courage to embark on new challenges and more intricate projects. I am familiar with all required tools and solutions including Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Solr, Cloudera, MapReduce, R, Kafka, NiFi, and the ELK stack, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Nexus, and Nagios, and the following programming languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, C++, Perl, Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, and XML.

    In addition, I hold a Bachelor of Software Engineering with a GPA 3.7 and am currently on the honor roll in the top 11% of 5,000 students. I believe that working at the CIA gives its employees the satisfaction of knowing that the work is part of something bigger, and that is something I truly would love to be a part of. 

    Can we arrange a face-to-face or phone call in order for me to explain how I could help analyze, develop and deploy innovative information/software systems to enhance the CIA’s capabilities to collect, produce, and disseminate intelligence?


    Drew K. Ryder



    See? Writing a cover letter with no experience doesn’t have to be a daunting task. So, now that you’ve read two amazing CIA cover letters, it’s time for you to find out how to write a cover letter that will pass the security clearance.

    2. How to Write a Cover Letter for CIA Jobs Step by Step (Templates)

    Now, let’s decrypt the basics of writing an interview-winning CIA cover letter:

    1. Follow the Rules of CIA Cover Letter Formatting

    The worst thing you could do is write your cover letter in cipher. That’s why the first step is to properly format your cover letter.

    Here’s how to do that:

    • Use 1-inch margins on all sides of the document.
    • Left-align your text. Don’t justify.
    • Your cover letter font should be the same as your resume font.
    • Use 1.15 line spacing.
    • How long should a cover letter be? One page will be perfect.
    • To make it even more readable you can add several bullet points with your most notable achievements in the body.

    A cover letter should be concise and readable. No recruiter has the time to decode sloppy applications.

    Expert Hint: Still not sure if applying for the CIA is the right career path? It is assessed that that employment for law enforcement officers is expected to grow 5% through 2029, which should add over 39,000 jobs in that time frame. 

    2. Start With a Proper CIA Cover Letter Header

    The most important thing to remember about your cover letter heading is that it matches your resume header. Make sure to include all of your most basic information: your full name, phone number, email address.

    Optionally, you can add your address and city of residence. Most CIA jobs will need relocating to Washington, DC, so if you don’t live in the area, make sure to communicate your willingness to move.

    Next, list the city and date. At the bottom put the CIA cover letter address. You can follow this template:

    CIA Cover Letter Address and Contact Information Header

    [ Your Full Name]

    [ Your Job Title ] (Optional)

    [ Phone Number ]

    [ Email Address ]

    [ LinkedIn Profile ]

    [ City and Date ]

    [ Hiring Manager’s Full Name ]

    [ Hiring Manager’s Position, e.g. Business Team Leader ]

    [ Company Name ]

    [ Company Street Address ]

    [ City and Zip Code ]

    Pretty simple, isn’t it? You can submit your CIA application online via the CIA Career Center, however if you feel like you’d rather send it out by mail, here’s the address:

    CIA Address for Cover Letter

    CIA [Job Title] Hiring Team

    Central Intelligence Agency

    Office of Public Affairs

    Washington, D.C. 20505

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    3. Start With a Compelling Introduction and Inform Them of the Job You’re Applying For 

    Don’t let your first paragraph be a brush pass. Start your cover letter with a strong introduction. It has to make an impact. The best attention-grabber? Address your cover letter directly to the hiring manager.


    When it comes to the CIA, your best bet is to call the location and ask for the name if you don’t have it already. If that doesn't work, a here’s a few most preferred greetings that you could use:

    • Dear Hiring Manager
    • Dear Recruiting Team

    Use this intro template to get you started:

    CIA Cover Letter Sample: Introduction

    Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

    When I saw that you are recruiting a [Target position name], right away I knew there was no time to be wasted. With [X]+ years as a [Previous position title], I have [Relevant achievement with metric, if possible] and developed the necessary [Very strong relevant skills you have] skills that will allow me to handle [Key requirement from the job posting] at your organization.

    Concise and intriguing. That’s the recipe for success.

    Expert Hint: Avoid starting your cover letter with “Dear Sir or Madam”. It’s outdated and unnatural. 

    4. Highlight Your Strengths & Skills

    If you want to get that CIA job, you must prove that you’re the hard man of your trade. Whether you’re applying for a data analyst or law enforcement position. Use the second paragraph to talk about your amazing skills and how you can apply them to the new role.

    You don’t want your cover letter to look generic, so you’ll want to tailor that application to a specific job opening. To make that happen, here’s what you’ll need to do:

    • Go to the job advertisement.
    • Find the requirements section.
    • Use the keywords found to target your resume and your cover letter.

    How to Write a Cover Letter for the CIA: Middle Paragraph

    In the job posting I found on [Job board or website], you state that you are looking for a [Target job position] having experience in [Refer to a particular job requirement from the job ad]. In my current job at [Name of current or past company], I have focused on [List your duties], which resulted in [A quantitative achievement]. I am confident that the knowledge and experience I’ve gained will be able to translate into similar results at Your organization.

    It’s important to use metrics to make you stand out from the crowd. Recruiters like tangible results that show you are successful at what you do. In your cover letter, you can use the achievements from your resume

    Expert Hint: Studies show that the lack of quantifiable results account for 34% of most common job application mistakes. Make yourself visible and use numbers to show that you have legitimate accomplishments in your work history.

    5. Tell Them Why You Chose Them

    Working at the CIA may be similar to a regular nine-to-five job in most cases, but for security reasons it may be a bit different. 

    Research the CIA job position you are applying for thoroughly. This is the part where you have to show that you understand the responsibility, and that you believe it is the best place to work and grow. This is the time to applaud them through a subtle compliment or two.

    Cover Letter for the CIA: Body

    While most people apply to the CIA automatically for the prestige, for me, the ethics and values of a company are far more important. Working as a [Target position] at the CIA would be a great opportunity for me to grow by learning [type of skill] skills. I believe I have the prerequisite skills to make a reliable professional and contribute to the flawless accuracy and veracity of Your organization.

    6. Finish Strong With a CTA That Convinces Them

    Assessment time. This is where you have to make them pick up the phone and invite you for an interview. After all, you’re applying to the CIA—the most recognized and powerful intelligence agency in the world. There is no room for humbleness.

    Politely ask for a call or a meeting to discuss something that you are an expert in, that would seem profitable to the organization. But don’t seem desperate or rude. Be casual, but courteous. Here’s how to end a cover letter:

    Cover Letter for a CIA Job: Ending

    I'd love to talk about the CIA’s needs for a [Target job position] who can [2 Job Requirements]. Can we schedule a call or a meeting in order to discuss them? 

    Best Regards,

    [Digital Signature] 

    [Full Name]

    [Phone Number]


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    Key Points

    As you are writing a cover letter for the CIA, remember to:

    • Set all the cover letter format settings.
    • Match the header of your CIA cover letter to your resume’s header and to research the details of the hiring manager.
    • Include a proper greeting, introduction and tell them what position you are applying for.
    • Demonstrate your skills and accomplishments by using metrics.
    • State what you admire about the organization and what attracts you. 
    • End with a call to action and a formal sign-off.

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