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Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter: Sample & Guide

Is your pharmacy technician cover letter struggling to fill the prescription for successful job hunting? Get ready to learn the perfect formula, sure to land you an interview!

Dominika Kowalska, CPRW
Dominika Kowalska, CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Expert
Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter: Sample & Guide

You can fill prescriptions and label medications like nobody’s business—all while staying on top of your data entry pile and providing reassuring customer service.

So, how come it’s so hard to find a job where you can put all of those skills into practice, even with a super-healthy resume? Sounds like you’re missing another key active ingredient: a job-winning pharmacy technician cover letter. 

In this article, you’ll get:

  • Two sample cover letters for pharmacy technician jobs: for experienced and entry-level pharmacy technicians.
  • Advice on how to write a pharmacy technician cover letter with no experience. 
  • Step-by-step tips on how to write a pharmacy tech cover letter that will land you more interviews.
  • A template you can copy, adjust, and have ready in 15 minutes.

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For starters, read these two pharmacy technician cover letter examples. Can you see what they’re doing right?

1. Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Examples

First, check out this sample pharmacy tech cover letter for Rebecca, a candidate with quite a few years’ relevant experience.

Rebecca is applying for a pharmacy technician opening. This job requires top-notch customer service skills and this particular pharmacy deals with a lot of insurance claims. Have a look at what Rebecca has done to show she’s exactly who they’re looking for:

Example #1: Experienced Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Sample

Rebecca A. Williams

Phone: 208-633-7636



Yellow Pine, July 30, 2021

Rose Faulkner

Hiring Manager

Huntington Pharmaceuticals

3232 Science Center Drive

Yellow Pine, VA 60626

Dear Rose,

As a long-term admirer of Huntington Pharmaceuticals’ individualized approach to customer service, I was thrilled to see an opening for a pharmacy technician with your company. I’m confident that my proven, 7+ year track record of accurate and efficient customer service puts me in a great position to help Huntington Pharmaceuticals maintain its excellent safety record while expanding its loyal customer base.

In the job listing, you state that you’re looking for a pharmacy technician skilled in customer service and familiar with processing insurance claims. In my current position with AlfalfaPharm, I received the highest customer experience ratings (based on a simple red-amber-green poll at the counter) for 14 out of 18 months. I also quickly became the pharmacy expert on processing insurance claims, saving my colleagues at least 15 hours per week dealing with complex paperwork. I also increased our efficiency by 35% through reorganizing popular stock items, cutting down the average time spent with a customer to under 2 minutes and helping to reduce queues. I’m sure my experience will allow me to hit the ground running at Huntington Pharmaceuticals.

I love how Huntington Pharmaceuticals has positioned itself as a place where customers can get solid advice rather than being upsold at every turn. Leveraging my ability to navigate insurance claims as part of your team would be a dream career-development opportunity.

Can we schedule a meeting or call to discuss my ideas for low-overhead error reduction methods at Huntington Pharmaceuticals?

Best regards,

Rebecca Williams


Rebecca is definitely going places. She’s more than likely to get a bunch of interviews with a pharmacy technician cover letter like this. 

Yeah, well, that’s easy for her, with all that experience under her belt.

But look—Even if you just qualified to work as a pharmacy tech, you can absolutely write a pharmacy technician cover letter every bit as compelling as Rebecca’s.

Meet Earline. She’s applying for another pharmacy tech job. She just graduated, so she doesn’t have any pharmacy tech experience yet. The job she’s going for requires customer service skills and some proof of pharmaceutical knowledge beyond just exam results.

See how she has the hiring manager shuffling her application to the top of the pile, experience or no:

Example #2: Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter—No Experience

Earline M. Turner


Kelseyville, July 30, 2021

Joshua Barker

Hiring Manager

Phamily Pharmacies

4818 Meadow Lane

Brentwood, 37027 TN

Dear Mr Barker, 

As a recent graduate of the School of Pharmacy at VCU who has demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and advanced pharmaceutical knowledge, I was delighted to see that Phamily Pharmacies is looking for a pharmacy technician. My family and I have long appreciated the friendly atmosphere for which Phamily Pharmacies are known.

In the job ad you posted on LinkedIn, you write that you’re seeking entry-level candidates with at least some customer service experience. While studying for my college degree, I worked as a customer service representative for Crazy Claton’s Electrical Superstores. This allowed me to interact with a wide range of customers while helping them choose from among 1100+ products. I take pride in the fact that I was made employee of the month a total of 6 times, in recognition of my friendly demeanor and problem-solving skills. I’m convinced this experience has prepared me for working as a pharmacy technician with Phamily Pharmacies. I look forward to using my pharmaceutical knowledge and ability to guide customers through purchasing decisions to help you improve customer satisfaction scores.

I would very much appreciate an opportunity to discuss your team’s objectives and how my enthusiasm and empathy combined with excellent pharmaceutical knowledge can translate into exactly the kind of customer experience for which Phamily Pharmacies are famous.

Yours sincerely,

Earline Turner


You’ve now seen two perfectly calibrated examples of cover letters for pharmacy tech jobs.

Let’s go through the process of writing a cover letter for pharmacy technician positions at least as good, step by step. You’ll get fill-in-the-blank templates for each part of your pharmacy technician cover letter, so getting stuck is not an option.

This will all go better if you already have your resume ready. See a dedicated example here: Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample

2. How to Write a Cover Letter for Pharmacy Technician Jobs Step by Step (Template)

Here’s how to write a job-winning pharmacy technician cover letter:

1. Stick to Standard Business Cover Letter Formatting

Your pharmacy technician cover letter is going to say a lot about you, like it or not. Make sure it speaks to your attention to detail, personal accountability, and interpersonal skills.

Getting your cover letter format right is a huge step in the right direction:

  • Left-align everything, don’t fully justify your cover letter.
  • Leave all your margins at one inch.
  • Choose an understated font like a Noto and keep the size at a readable 11–12 points. In general, good resume fonts will also work well for cover letters. 
  • Use 1.15 line spacing—if you’re running out of space, you’ve written too much.
  • Stick to the right cover letter length—it fit on one page.

Expert Hint: About 68% of pharmacy techs will end up working in a hospital, pharmacy or drug store. Clean, crisp uniforms are a must in these contexts because these things inspire confidence. Put the time and effort into making sure your cover letter format does the same.

2. Lead with a Cover Letter Header with Your Contact Information

Your cover letter header has one very simple job to do:

It has to be identical to your resume header. That’s all. This means it has to include your full name and contact details (phone number, email, and LinkedIn profile if you have one).

Optionally, you can add your job title between your name and contact details. If you add it to your cover letter, remember to do the same on your resume, too.

Below your contact details, put the city and date of writing—as well as the full address of the hiring manager. Left-align everything unless you’re certain you know better.

Use this template:

Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Template: Heading

[ Your Full Name]

[ Your Job Title ] (Optional)

[ Phone Number ]

[ Email Address ]

[ LinkedIn Profile ]

[ City and Date ]

[ Hiring Manager’s Full Name ]

[ Hiring Manager’s Position, e.g. Head Pharmacist ]

[ Company Name ]

[ Company Street Address ]

[ City and Zip Code ]

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3. Make a Good First Impression and State for Which Job You’re Applying

The goal behind the first paragraph of your pharmacy tech cover letter is also simple:

You need to show the hiring manager that you’re exactly who they’re looking for. It’s like the job ad was written with you in mind.

First of all, addressing the hiring manager by name in your cover letter. Not sure who they are? Do some online sleuthing to find out. No luck? Call the pharmacy and ask.

Use your first cover letter paragraph to clearly mention the position to which you’re applying and introduce yourself by briefly describing how your skills and experience make you a good fit.

Stuck? Just fill in this template with your information.

Cover Letter Sample—Pharmacy Technician: Introduction

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name]:

When I found the job listing for the position of pharmacy technician with [Target Company Name], I was thrilled. As a pharmacy technician with [number of years] years’ experience, highly skilled in [relevant skills] I’m sure I can help with [relevant business goal or aspect of daily operations].

Expert Hint: The field of pharmacy tech is rapidly growing—which means that so is your competition. Immediately impressing the recruiter in the first paragraph of your cover letter significantly increases your chances of being considered for an interview. 

4. Spotlight Your Relevant Strengths

The second paragraph of your cover letter needs to refer more specifically to the requirements of the pharmacy technician job you’re targeting.

Show you know what it takes to become an invaluable member of the team at your potential new employer. Focus on two or three key requirements from the job ad and give concrete examples of achievements that show you’ve got this.

See this fill-in-the-blank example.

Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Template: Middle Paragraph

In the job listing, you state that you need a pharmacy technician experienced in [refer to the requirements of the job]. In my most recent position with [name of your current or most recent company] I have succeeded in [achievements, duties, or projects you’ve successfully completed, supported by metrics, if possible]. I strongly believe my expertise will translate into similar results for [Target Company Name].

Expert Hint: Errors made by pharmacists and pharmacy techs can have serious consequences for patient care. Plus, accuracy and attention to detail aren’t just matters of safety—they’re a real business concern, too. Be sure to showcase your commitment to diligence and quality of service.

5. Explain Why You’re Applying

You’ve shown them you’ve got what it takes. Now show them you want this particular job, with this exact company. Use the third paragraph of your cover letter to suggest you’ve found your forever home with this company.

Drop in a compliment or two. Show you’ve done your research. Make it clear that you’re excited at the prospect of working for this company.

Not sure how? Use this template:

Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter with No Experience: Your Motivation

I love the fact that, at [Target Company Name], you focus all your [relevant business activities] on [something you admire about the company]. Your values and mission perfectly reflect my professional beliefs. Joining your team would be a dream opportunity for me to grow and develop my key skills while providing [relevant business activity] excellence for [Target Company Name].

6. Wrap Up with a Clear Call to Action and the Right Sign-Off

The best way to end your cover letter is to ask for a meeting in person or a call. Put the emphasis on what you’re able to offer them, not the other way around.

Here’s a sample pharmacy tech cover letter closing paragraph for use as reference:

Sample Cover Letter for Pharmacy Technicians: Call to Action & Formal Closing

Can we schedule a call or a meeting to discuss how my skills can help [Target Company Name] achieve its KPIs [or other relevant metrics] in the upcoming months?

Yours sincerely,

[Digital Copy of Your Handwritten Signature]

[Your Full Name]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]

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Key Points

When writing a pharmacy technician cover letter, you should:

  • Address the cover letter directly to the hiring manager, by name.
  • Introduce yourself, mention the position for which you’re applying and list your key strengths in the introduction.
  • Show relevant achievements that match the requirements of the job and make an offer to help your target company with their operations.
  • Communicate your motivation to join the company.
  • Close with a call to action by asking for a meeting or a call.

Got unanswered questions about how to write an entry level pharmacy technician cover letter? Maybe some feedback or advice on writing a pharmacy technician cover letter with no experience? Drop us a line down in the comments. We’ll be sure to get back to you.

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