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Office Manager Cover Letter: Examples & Writing Guide

You stay on top of supply needs and administrative assistant schedules better than anyone. Use this office manager cover letter sample to show your office value to employers fast.

Tom Gerencer
Tom Gerencer
Career Expert
Office Manager Cover Letter: Examples & Writing Guide

Here comes the best office manager cover letter sample on the web. Why is it so great? Because it’s easy to adapt.

See, most cover letters for office manager jobs take too long to write. Then employers ignore them anyway. But not this one. It custom-fits your job search to the opening like khakis on a casual Friday. Do it right, and you’ll stand out like Michael Scott in The Office.

In this article, you’ll get: 

  • Two sample office manager cover letters: one for experienced and one for entry-level office managers.
  • Steps to write a cover letter for office manager jobs that wows employers.
  • A template for office coordinator cover letters you can copy-paste, and personalize in less than 15 minutes.

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Let’s start with two great cover letter examples for office managers:

1. Office Manager Cover Letter Examples

Meet Margaret. She’s got years of office management experience. In the world of cubicles and toner, nothing shocks her. The office manager job she wants needs a “certified administrative assistant office manager” versed in document storage, office supply management, and bookkeeping.

How can she get noticed? By touching on those skills before they see her resume. Watch how she does it in this office manager cover letter sample:

Example #1: Experienced Office Manager Candidate—Text Version

Margaret C. Weiler

Office Manager





Leonardo Kossmann

General Manager

Symbex Oasis Group

2635 Dogwood Road 

Phoenix, AZ 85003

Dear Mr. Kossmann,

As a certified administrative office manager with 4+ years of experience increasing efficiency at a national media company, I was excited to see your ad for an office manager position at Symbex Oasis Group.

The posting says you'd like an efficient manager skilled in document storage, office supply management, and bookkeeping. I think my recent office achievements show I've got these skills, including:

  • Document storage: Raised office efficiency 15% by redesigning extensive document storage system.
  • Office supply management: Ordered and maintained office inventory. Sourced and worked with vendors to achieve 20% cost reduction.
  • Bookkeeping: Prepared tax returns, financial invoices, and payroll documents as needed. Commended by general manager for efficiency.

The needs of a media company differ significantly from those of other companies. I'd be happy to meet on the phone or in person next week for a chat about how I can help.

Best Regards,

Margaret C. Weiler, Certified Administrative Office Manager

Notice—Margaret used the exact job title from the online ad. She also stapled her skills to the job requirements. She even showed how her experience fits this type of firm.

“Ahem. I’m not experienced like Margaret. How can I write a great cover letter if I’m new to the position?”

We’ve got you covered. In a business or medical office manager cover letter with no experience, dial up a different strategy.

Let’s meet Denise, a young friend of Margaret’s. She’s never been an office manager, but she wants this job like fire. The requirements? Skills in training and bookkeeping. So—she reached out to several people at the company. One of them liked her and gave her a referral.

Referrals are job search gold. Watch how Denise uses hers in this sample cover letter for an office manager position with no experience:

Example #2: Entry-Level Office Manager Cover Letter Sample

office manager cover letter example

Entry-Level Office Manager Cover Letter—Text Version

Denise Hauge

Office Manager





Leonardo Kossmann

General Manager

Symbex Oasis Group

2635 Dogwood Road

Phoenix, AZ 85003

Dear Mr. Kossmann,

Darrell Thompson in your accounting department at Symbex Oasis Group encouraged me to apply for the office manager position. I haven't yet held a management role, but Darrell's faith in my training and onboarding skills, plus my bookkeeping certification, prompted me to apply.

Darrell speaks highly of you and of the company. The main reason I'm applying is, he mentioned you need someone who can train and onboard secretaries. I did that with 7 secretarial and administrative staff, raising their KPI attainment by 30% in 6 weeks. I'm also a nationally certified bookkeeper, which Darrell said was a big plus for the job.

I'm very interested in this position, mainly because of Darrell's love of your company culture. I'd be happy to chat with you about how my office management skills can save money and time at Symbex Oasis Group.

Best Regards,

Denise Hauge, Office Manager

Denise will get some traction with that business office manager cover letter sample.

Can’t get a job referral? Keep reading to see other strategies. You’re about to see more samples you can copy/paste and use. But—employers will last-track you without a good resume. See our guide for help: Office Manager Resume Sample & Guide

1. How to Write a Cover Letter for Office Manager Jobs Step by Step (Template)

In a few minutes, you’ll have your own wow-inducing office coordinator cover letter. Here’s how to write a cover letter for office manager jobs:

1. Choose the Best Office Manager Cover Letter Format

As an office manager, you’ll save time for upper management. Your cover letter formatting choice is your first step.

Here’s how to format an office manager cover letter template:

Expert Hint: A study from the Center for Creative Leadership found most managers are overworked. If you’ve worked wonders with time management or stress management skills, it’s good to talk about them in an office coordinator cover letter.

2. Start with Contact Info in Your Cover Letter Heading

Don’t go in with your shirttails out. Start your front office manager cover letter like a business correspondence.

See this cover letter sample for office manager jobs:

Office Manager Cover Letter Example Template: Heading

[Your Name]


[Phone Number]


[LinkedIn Profile]


[Hiring Manager Name]




[City, State, Zip]

Use that heading on your resume as well.

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3. Introduce Yourself and Reference the Job Title


Most office managers have great communication skills, but—They don’t like communicating.

A study by Harris Poll and Interact Studio shows 69% of managers don’t like reaching out to others. Make it easy on yourself by finding something in common with the hiring team. The simplest way?

Use the manager’s name when you address your cover letter. Then reference the job title and a non-generic fact.

Use this template to start your cover letter:

Office Manager Cover Letter Sample: Paragraph #1

Dear [Manager’s Name]:

As a certified office manager with [# Years] years of experience [Job Duty You Performed] at a [Type of Company] company, I was excited to see your ad for an office manager position at [Company Name].

That will wake up the GM like a gallon of espresso. It uses details from the company and job to do the trick.

“But wait! I’m writing an office manager cover letter with no experience!” No problem. Just find a different common thread, like:

  • A positive news item about the company
  • An impressive office manager accomplishment that fits their needs
  • A feisty school achievement
  • Something that excites you about the firm
  • A referral from somebody the manager trusts.

Final note about your cover letter’s opening: If the manager’s a she, use “Ms.” and her last name.

Expert Hint: A study of 165 effective managers showed that creativity and team-building are central to success. If you’ve led employees in innovative ways, show that in your cover letter for office manager jobs.

4. Refer to Relevant Office Manager Skills & Accomplishments

The hard truth?

Most office manager cover letters are generic as junk mail. So how can you make yours stand out like Ned Stark before the “layoffs?” It’s easy. In your second paragraph, link past office management achievements to their stated job requirements. Here’s an example:

Example Cover Letter for Office Manager: Paragraph #2

The posting says you'd like an efficient manager skilled in [3 Skills They Want]. I think my recent office achievements show I've got these skills, including:

  • [Office Manager Skill #1]. [Win #1]
  • [Office Manager Skill #2]. [Win #2]
  • [Office Manager Skill #3]. [Win #3]

5. Ask Them for the Interview

“It never hurts to ask.” But it can hurt not to. Don’t make the mistake of failing to request the interview.

When ending a cover letter, come right out and tell them what you want. Here’s a sample office manager cover letter closing:

Sample Cover Letter for Office Manager Jobs: Call to Action

The needs of a [Type of Company] company differ significantly from those of other companies. I'd be happy to meet on the phone or in person next week for a chat about how my skills in [Office Manager Skill #1] and [Skill #2] can help.

Best Regards,

[Digital Signature] 

[Full Name & Title]

[Phone Number]


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Key Points

To write a cover letter for office manager jobs:

  • Format office manager cover letters just like business letters.
  • Learn and use the hiring manager’s name.
  • Tell them what job you’re applying for.
  • Make it personal in paragraph #1.
  • In paragraph #2, list office management accomplishments.
  • End your cover letter for office manager jobs by asking for an interview.

Do you have questions about writing cover letters? Need more cover letter samples for office manager jobs? Let’s chat in the comments section. And thanks for reading!

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