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Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Examples for 2024

Not sure how to write an administrative assistant cover letter that proves you can make the calls others can’t? Learn how through this detailed guide with tips and examples.

Christian Eilers
Christian Eilers
Career Expert
Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Examples for 2024

You’ve got an admin assistant resume that’ll make the office manager get up on their desk and do an awkward dance at the joy of finding you.

But, before submitting your application, think about a captivating administrative assistant cover letter, too. One that talks up your achievements in a way that compels them to read your resume and consider you for the job.

In this article, you’ll get:

  • Two sample administrative assistant cover letters: one for an experienced admin assistant, and one for an entry-level administrative assistant.
  • Step-by-step tips and advice on how to write a cover letter for an administrative assistant that’ll land more office job interviews.
  • Administrative assistant cover letter examples and template you can copy, adjust, and complete in just 15 minutes.

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Let’s begin with two administrative assistant cover letter examples:

1. Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Examples

First, see this sample cover letter for administrative assistant written by a candidate with a few years of related professional experience as an office secretary.

Here we have Albert with 2+ years of experience applying for the admin assistant position at Beauregard Hunsting Associates. Let’s take a look at how Albert wins over the office manager in his cover letter:

Example #1: Mid-Level Admin Assistant Candidate

Albert Kristiansen 


August 16, 2019

Jillian Jenkins

Office Manager

Beauregard Hunsting Associates

2912 Charla Lane

Dallas, TX 75240

Dear Jillian,

I’ve long had a strong fascination for Beauregard Hunsting, first with the unique name, then later for the quality work you do with NGOs. When I saw the job ad for a new administrative assistant at BHA on Indeed, I knew I had to apply. Having had over 2 years of experience as an office secretary prior to this, I know I have the administrative abilities and organizational skills to help usher BHA into the 2020s.

Inside the job advertisement, it states that you seek someone with an all-around mentality, capable of organizing the office workplace, filing documents, planning meetings and events, and liaising with clients, when necessary. As the office secretary at KMD Group, I had similar duties, functioning as the “jack of all trades” and the center of the office when anyone was in doubt. On top of that, as I mentioned on my resume, I enabled KMD to decrease office and travel expenses by 35%. I am certain I could bring an equivalent standard of efficiency and professionalist to BHA.

I absolutely love the way BHA manages its client base, particularly the part where you offer nonprofit organizations up to a 100% reduction on service fees. It would be an honor and a privilege for me to become the next administrative assistant.

Could we schedule a conversation or a meeting to consider how my administrative skills and past experience can assist Beauregard Hunsting Associates to hit all its targets in the coming months?


Albert Kristiansen


Albert’s got one heck of a cover letter here, don’t you think?

But what if you’ve no experience as an admin assistant, secretary, or office assistant? How to write a job-winning entry-level administrative assistant cover letter?

Don’t worry. Most administrative assistant jobs are entry-level positions anyway, so it doesn’t take years of experience to secure employment. However, to beat the other candidates, many of whom will have prior work in an office, you’ll have to show the hiring manager you’re their best bet.

Meet another one of our candidates, Alfred. He is also applying to the administrative assistant position.

Unlike Albert, Alfred has never had a clerical or secretarial position before. Instead, Alfred’s got to show that his skills and background more than make up for his lack of experience. Take a look at Alfred’s sample cover letter for an entry-level admin assistant position:

Example #2: First-Time Candidate With No Experience

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no experience administrative assistant resume example

Alfred Kristiansen 


August 16, 2019

Jillian Jenkins

Office Manager

Beauregard Hunsting Associates

2912 Charla Lane

Dallas, TX 75240

Dear Jillian,

I am a detail-oriented university graduate with a knack for organization, scheduling, and proper documentation. Though I don’t yet have experience managing the day-to-day tasks and functions of a modern office, I have transferable administrative skills from my 2 years as a teacher’s assistant. I know I have the talent and get-it-done spirit to be the perfect candidate for the administrative assistant position at Beauregard Hunsting Associates.

In the job ad, you mentioned that you’re looking for someone with an all-around mentality, capable of organizing the office workplace, filing documents, planning meetings and events, and liaising with clients, as needed. I had many of these same tasks during my time as a teacher’s assistant, helping teachers, professors, and lecturers by organizing classrooms, setting class and meeting schedules, and filing student paperwork. Taking into account every job responsibility you listed within the job posting, I’m sure I will meet and exceed your expectations should you give me the chance.

I’d love the opportunity to talk further about your objectives and ideas for the office, including the role I may be able to play in the coming years as an admin assistant.


Alfred Kristiansen


And there it is— a solid sample cover letter for administrative assistants without experience. Now, let’s walk through the strategy of how to write a cover letter for admin assistant jobs yourself. 

Is your administrative assistant resume as solid as your cover letter’s about to be? See a dedicated example here: Admin Assistant Resume Sample

2. How to Write a Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant Jobs Step by Step (Template)

Here’s how to write a killer administrative assistant cover letter:

1. Follow the rules of administrative assistant cover letter formatting 

Cover letters need to make a great first impression. For an admin assistant job, it’s got to show you’re professional, skilled at clerical duties, and organized like a bawse.

Here are the rules for formatting cover letters:

  • Use admin assistant cover letter format, which means aligning it all to the left; however, if you want to keep your cover letter address formatted like your resume header, that’s fine, too.
  • Use a one-inch margin on all four sides of the cover letter for admin assistants.
  • Choose a cover letter font that is legible, and use 11pt or 12pt font size throughout.
  • Use single line spacing on an admin assistant application letter, except in between paragraphs and elements (e.g., salutation, closing).
  • Stick to a single page cover letter—you can talk more about your life another time. 

Expert Hint: A study found that admin assistants “provide critical office support for modern businesses, yet many do not participate in the continuing education and training required for rapidly changing technologies and new office procedures.” If you can show you’re motivated and love learning, you’ll easily outshine the other candidates.

2. Create a professional cover letter header with contact details

The most important rule to remember for any administrative assistant cover letter header is that it should match the header of the associated resume.

In business letter formatting, you put your details first. After leaving a line break, add the date of writing. Next, one more line break before the recipient’s details (company name and address). Follow this template:

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Header Template

[ Your Full Name]

[ Your Job Title or Branding Statement ] (Optional)

[ Phone Number ]

[ Email Address ]

[ LinkedIn Profile ]

[ Date of Writing ]

[ Hiring Manager’s Full Name ]

[ Hiring Manager’s Title ]

[ Company’s Name ]

[ Company’s Street Address ]

[ City, State, Zip Code ]

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3. Introduce yourself & identify the clerical position to which you’re applying

Now we get to the actual writing, the first paragraph on a cover letter for administrative assistants. Start the cover letter by first addressing the employer by name. This speaks volumes, and they’ll immediately find it compelling them to read further.

Continue by identifying the exact position (administrative assistant) you’re applying for. Then, quickly go over the general details of your office skills, administrative experience, and professional background.

Need a hand? Use this template by easily filling in the blanks with your information.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample: Introduction

Dear [Name of Office Manager]:

When I located the job ad for the [Name of Position as Used in Job Ad] position at [Company Name], I was thrilled, to say the very least. As a [Current or Most Recent Job] with [# of Years] years of on-the-job expertise, I’ve become very skilled in [List a Few Skills, Particularly the Most Relevant to This Position]. I believe that my unique background, past experience, and arsenal of skills make me a top candidate to consider for this job.

Expert Hint: The jobs of secretaries, office assistants, and administrative assistants are projected to decline by 7%, between 2020 and 2030. With a lot fewer jobs to go around, competition will be RuPaul fierce. Don’t go easy on your administrative assistant cover letter if you want a chance at an interview with the office manager.

4. Highlight related secretarial strengths & administrative skills

The administrative assistant cover letter’s second paragraph needs to address the employment needs of this specific job.

Check out the ad and locate the job requirements area. Use that to talk about the demands they have for a new hire, as well as how you’d meet those challenges. Give an example when possible to really ease their minds.

Here’s a fill-in-the-blank sample body paragraph:

Cover Letter for Administrative Assistants: Middle Paragraph

In the job ad I came across, it says you are looking for a [Name of Position as Used in Job Ad] with experience in [Specific Job Requirements]. In my current position with [Name of Current or Most Recent Company],I was responsible for [List of Responsibilities & Tasks Utilizing Numbers for More Oomph]. On top of that, I had several proud accomplishments, including [One or Two Achievements]. I know that I could help [Company Name] achieve similar results.

Expert Hint: Duties depending on the office, as an admin assistant at a police station will have different duties from one in the corporate world. However, as US News states, “for nearly any administrative assistant, good writing and verbal communication skills are required, as well as experience with word processing and spreadsheets.” Always talk up these fundamentals!

5. Explain why you prefer to work in this particular office

The third paragraph is where we begin to wrap things up. In this part of the administrative assistant cover letter, use a bit of flattery. 

Of course they need to know how skilled and experienced you are, but a compliment or two about the company or job will help them understand better how you’ll fit in on the team. Emphasize the fact that you want this particular admin assistant job and that you’re not just applying to each one that comes your way.

Expert Hint: Don’t Be Generic. Sending a generic cover letter breaks all the important rules, because: 1) It’s not tailored to the company. 2) It is not personalized to the hiring manager. 3) It tells them you are lazy and not so interested.

Use this template if you’re unsure how to go about it:

Admin Assistant Cover Letter Example: Your Motivation

I love [Company’s Name] and am impressed by its dedication to [Something You Truly Admire About the Office / Company]. These values and your company mission statement definitely match my own principles and beliefs. I would be honored to join [Company’s Name] in working towards these lofty goals, and I’d be proud to carry on this legacy in my work as an administrative assistant.

6. End with a compelling call-to-action & professional sign-off

Close the cover letter by requesting a face-to-face meeting or a chat by phone. Reiterate your offer and how you believe you’d be the candidate to beat.

Here’s a sample administrative assistant cover letter closing to use as reference:

Sample Cover Letter for Admin Assistant Jobs: Call to Action & Formal Closing

Could we schedule a conversation or a meeting to consider how my administrative skills and past experience can help [Company Name] hit all its targets in the coming months?


[Digital Version of a Handwritten Signature] (optional)

[Your First & Last Name]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]

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Key Points

Here are some guidelines for writing a cover letter for administrative positions:

  • Follow the administrative assistant cover letter sample for maximum accuracy.
  • Address the office manager directly when starting your admin assistant cover letter.
  • Write a compelling introduction paragraph which states the position you’re applying for and what you bring to the table.
  • Impress them by stating how you are able to fulfill their job requirements and surpass their expectations.
  • Inform them how excited you are for the opportunity to work at this particular office.
  • Submit a strong call to action to close things off, and ask for a future meeting or call.

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Now you’ve seen our sample cover letter for administrative assistant positions and our guidelines for writing your own. If you have any questions, let’s chat below in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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