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    14 Best AI Resume Builders in 2024 (Reviews + FAQs)

    Not all robots want to take your job. Some of them are here to help you succeed in your career. Let's look at the 14 best resume builders you can use today!

    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Career Expert
    14 Best AI Resume Builders in 2024 (Reviews + FAQs)

    The struggle to create standout resumes is real in the competitive and constantly changing job market. But what if we could streamline the process?

    The good thing is, we can! Many AI-driven tools help write job applications. I’ve compiled a list of the 14 best AI resume builders, with reviews and comparisons. Take a look! 

    In this guide, you’ll find:

    • A detailed analysis of the 14 best AI resume builders.
    • A quick rundown of features each AI resume builder provides.
    • A brief look at the best AI resume builder reviews.
    • Does ResumeLab hold a candle to the best AI resume builder options?

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    Why Trust Us

    We put your needs first. That’s why we always try out the products we review for you so that our first-hand experience can help you make the right choice. Our Certified Professional Resume Writers test all resume builders available on the market to make sure you know the pros and cons of each tool. This approach allows us to create reviews that are not only objective but also answer all your questions so that you can create a job-winning resume quickly and easily.

    What is an AI Resume Builder?

    An AI resume builder is the brand-new technological evolution of traditional resume-building tools. These tools use artificial intelligence to analyze your career history and job preferences. Then, they generate data-driven resumes meant to increase your chances of getting a job interview.

    AI resume builders go beyond mere formatting; they scrutinize specific resume keywords, identify industry-specific trends, and even provide insights on how to boost your resume's impact. It's like having R2-D2 as your co-pilot, ensuring your resume easily navigates the dangerous asteroid belt of job-seeking.

    There is also one important question to ask: Should you let the AI write your resume? Read on, and decide for yourself. Let’s move on to discussing the best resume-builder tools.

    14 Best AI Resume Builder Options

    It’s time to tackle the top resume builders I found online. I’ll give you a rundown of their features, and we’ll closely examine their reviews.

    1. EnhanCV

    EnhanCV offers a complimentary AI-driven resume builder platform that harnesses artificial intelligence to evaluate and enhance resumes. It’s among the best AI resume builders, empowering users to craft more personalized and compelling applications. It uses AI for resume evaluation and optimization.

    I had a sample that needed some improvement on hand, so I recreated it in their software. I enjoyed EnhanCV’s modern resume templates. Their resume layouts are certainly unique. And most of them seem to be ATS-compliant resume templates.

    But let’s get to the main functionality. Can EnhanCV enhance my resume? It’s designed to highlight repetitive words, check for ATS compliance, identify misspellings, grammar, and punctuation errors, and remind you to remove weak wording to replace it with resume power words and resume action words.

    But honestly, EnhanCV didn’t provide enough functionality to really warrant paying for the service. The enhancements it provided were too minor. What worked well for me was generating suggestions for my cover letter. EnhanCV helped me generate a short cover letter that only needed small improvements to be effective.

    With a 4.2-star rating on Trustpilot, EnhanCV places among the best AI resume builders online.

    EnhanCV 4.2 star customer reviews on Trustpilot

    Pros & Cons of EnhanCV



    • Good resume templates
    • Helps with grammar and wording
    • The spellcheck wasn’t always accurate
    • Can’t download a resume in DOC file type

    Expert Hint: There were mentions of both resumes and CV in the portion above. Learn the differences between a CV and a resume here.

    2. Teal HQ

    This was my second time diving into TealHQ. The first one left me with generally positive impressions. Will this time be similar?

    Teal is undoubtedly one of the best AI resume builder platforms. It offers functionality even outside the standard resume-making service. For example, Teal helps you with writing emails to send along with your resume.

    My favorite thing about TealHQ’s top AI resume maker is that their AI engine generates quantified, strong resume bullet points. They only need editing to accurately reflect your work achievements, which is normal. With these bullets, Teal really helps you create a fantastic resume work experience section.

    However, Teal provides only 4 simple resume templates to choose from. This is far from an impressive amount one would expect from one of the best AI resume-builders. But, what’s worse is that there is no cover letter creator. Cover letters are essential to the job search! Don’t sleep on them!

    But enough of my thoughts. What do others think of TealHQ? Let’s look at some reviews for this top AI resume builder.

    TealHQ customer reviews on Trustpilot


    The website URL is correct, but… Travel and vacation category? And the logo doesn’t match. The point is that there are no reviews that I can find other than those displayed on their website.

    Pros & Cons of TealHQ



    • Generates strong bullet points
    • Easy & intuitive
    • Recommends unneeded options
    • Very limited customization

    3. HyreSnap

    HyreSnap is the next of the best AI resume builder tools we’ll take a look at. The service advertises itself as built for all careers and that “HyreSnap AI has the intelligence of over 40 HR experts.”

    HyreSnap’s AI resume maker was enjoyable to use. I especially liked that their AI allowed me to expand on my resume’s education section. This is great for candidates writing a resume with no experience. HyreSnap’s UI was also really well-made and very responsive.

    The paid plan for this top AI resume builder also gives you access to professional video tutorials and workshops, which may be a better way for some people to learn than reading articles.

    But, as with most things, there are some problems. First, the “CV templates” and “cover letter templates” point to the same page, making things a bit confusing. There are also no matching cover letter templates to the offered resume templates. There was also no AI help with cover letter building. That’s because said templates are actually CV formats, so there is technically no option to build a cover letter yet. I don’t want to repeat myself, but you do need a cover letter in today’s day and age.

    But despite this obvious shortcoming, HyreSnap has a very high score on Trustpilot. Users rated it 4.8 stars.

    HyreSnap 4.8 star customer reviews on Trustpilot

    Pros & Cons of HyreSnap



    • Can help build the education section
    • Easy & intuitive
    • Keyword optimization
    • No matching cover letter templates
    • Website bugs

    4. WonsultingAI

    Wonsulting is primarily a career coaching service where you can get resume and LinkedIn revision, gain help applying to jobs, and have mock job interviews to help you prepare for the real ones. But it has also introduced an AI resume builder. But is it one of the best AI resume-builder options? Let’s see.

    ResumAI by Wonsulting is this service. So, I got to writing my resume. As it usually works, I typed in my contact information to create the resume header and then proceeded to the AI part. By providing my role, the AI began generating resume bullet points I could use. The points were generally good, but some of them were really long, to the point of looking more like entire paragraphs rather than bullet points. This may look impressive but could lead to going above the recommended resume length if these long bullets were to be overused. There was also only one blank resume template, with limited customization options.

    There is also CoverLetterAI, which generates a nice, simple cover letter. I did have to expand the letter, as it was too short for my liking. But the cover letter had the correct format.

    Wonsulting’s best AI resume builder scores 4.2 stars on Trustpilot. But, most reviewers discuss the non-AI services.

    Wonsulting 4.2 star customer reviews on Trustpilot

    Pros & Cons of Wonsulting AI



    • Generates decent bullet points
    • Cover letter geerator
    • Generated bullets tend to be lengthy
    • Only one resume template

    5. Kickresume

    Kickresume is another of the best AI resume builder options. It’s powered by the currently most powerful version of Open AI’s GPT-4. Kickresume’s AI resume builder can generate strong resume bullets for your work history and education section and suggest the best skills to add to your resume.

    This top AI resume builder also guides you through the process of writing the perfect resume. So, even if you’re not a fan of AI-written suggestions, Kickresume will offer explanations and resume tips to write your own points. Overall, the writing process was quick, and I had a pretty neat resume. Kickresume’s resume checker gave it a score of 85/100.

    What about a cover letter? Well, my hopes were set very high because Kickresume did a good job generating my application. Unfortunately, I was slightly let down. The cover letter outline was really good, but I felt the AI should’ve been able to better incorporate the information from my resume into the cover letter. So, I was left with a fantastic resume and a below-average cover letter.

    But that’s just my experience. What do others think of Kickresume? 4.5 stars on Trustpilot is nothing to scoff at.

    Kickresume 4,5 star customer reviews on Trustpilot

    Pros & Cons of Kickresume



    • Generates decent bullet points
    • Cover letter generator
    • Generated bullets tend to be lengthy
    • Only one resume template

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    6. Jasper

    Jasper is an AI writing and marketing co-pilot tool. It can generate various types of content, including blog posts, marketing copy, product descriptions, and resumes. But is it one of the best AI resume tools?

    Using Jasper is the same as any other online chatbot. You type in your prompt, and Jasper gives you the answer. So, if you want a resume, you need to ask him for one. This means that there are no guidelines for creating a resume. In other words, you need to know how to write an effective resume and how to engineer chatbot prompts to succeed properly.

    I know how to do both of those things, so I decided to give it an honest try. And I managed to create a wonderful resume. But it took me the same amount of time as if I used any other builder (or even more). Why? That’s because of the additional information I had to provide Jasper to rewrite specific sections or portions of my resume. Later, I had to review it anyway, fix minor issues, find a free resume template I liked, and fill it out.

    But let’s move on to the reviews for this top AI resume builder. And with 4.6 stars on Trustpilot, the service seems great.

    Jasper 4.6 star customer reviews on Trustpilot

    Pros & Cons of Jasper 



    • Generates fantastic output
    • Can edit, optimize, and enhance your resume
    • Time-consuming
    • Requires prompting knowledge

    7. Resume.io

    Next in line is resume.io, a well-known service that should easily be classified as one of the best AI resume-builder tools. But will it? Let’s discuss.

    Resume.io is an easy-to-use AI resume builder, offering ATS-compliant templates, grammar checking, and pre-written AI prompts to speed up the writing process. There is also a built-in cover letter maker.

    The first thing to notice is that not all the templates can be downloaded as DOCX, so on the rare occasion that you’re considering a DOC resume over a PDF file, make sure you select the proper template. As for the builder itself, it works well. I find the bullet points this top AI resume builder provides to be really effective most of the time. However, the resume summary it generated was too weak and generic. Also, I was hoping for any help while writing my cover letter, but alas, there was no guidance.

    Now, it’s time for this best AI resume builder’s reviews. Resume.io boasts a high score of 4.6 on Trustpilot. However, there is a large discrepancy between Trustpilot reviews and those on other sites, such as Product Hunt, where the site has garnered only 1.6 stars out of five.

    Resume.io 1.6 star customer reviews on Product Hunt

    Pros & Cons of Resume.io



    • Built-in spell checker
    • Integrated cover letter builder
    • No guided creation
    • Only some templates can be downloaded in Word format

    8. Resume Glow

    Part of this journey to find the best resume AI builder was finding a hidden gem. So when I saw a claim that “AI-powered resumes only take 60 seconds,” I had to see for myself. This was a promise made by Resume Glow, a self-described best online AI resume builder.

    Firstly, one thing this company is not best at is website design. A single paragraph was reused five times in short succession. The next thing that caught my eye was that the only social media they link to is TikTok. Not a professional LinkedIn? And the contact page gives a 404 error? We could play Minesweeper with this amount of red flags.

    Okay, so what does Resume Glow offer? There are several AI services for writing. With Resume Glow, you can write a resume, cover letter, or resignation letter. There is also a job interview question generator and a “Ridiculous LinkedIn Bullet Point Generator” with a cringe slider as input.

    Okay, let’s try and generate something. And I must admit, the 60-second promise was real. But because the AI uses so little input, it generates a painfully generic resume. The cover letter generated by this AI resume builder lacked just as much polish.

    So, what about the reviews? Well, this is the second time I must say there are none. So, instead, I went to their only social media site, TikTok, to review the comments. And most of them say that they can’t even pay for the service. Resume Glow needs a glow-up to be considered one of the best AI resume-builder tools.

    Instead of posting a screenshot of no reviews, here’s the output of my ridiculous LinkedIn bio writer.

    Resume Glow LinkedIn bio optimizer output

    Pros & Cons of Resume Glow



    • Really quick generation
    • Produces generic output
    • No social media presence
    • Seems like a tool for fun rather than functionality

    9. Rezi

    When looking for the best AI resume builder online, it would be hard not to come by Rezi. It’s a tool designed to help you write resumes with the power of artificial intelligence. Rezi takes pride in its document management, helping you stay organized even with dozens of applications. Rezi also has other features, such as resume blockchain verification.

    When starting the resume writing process, you can either write one from scratch, import your resume, or import details from your LinkedIn profile. Next, you can choose between a targeted resume or a general-purpose resume. Let’s take the former.

    The next step is to copy-paste the job description for your target role. After you’re done, it’s time to write your resume. The process is straightforward. You fill out the information for each resume section and end up with a finished application. Rezi’s AI-generated bullet points were mediocre, and the resume profile it later came up with severely lacked quality. The AI resume builder specifically asked me to add a skill to highlight in the profile and then proceeded not to use it, instead adding a couple of others I never included in the resume.

    As for the cover letter generator, I was again left slightly disappointed. Despite having a resume ready, I still had to type in some information about the job I was applying for and choose skills to highlight. Something that the AI should’ve done for me. The AI cover letter writer also decided to use the career highlight I provided and then twice put it in the cover letter. Not good, makes me look as if I only had one thing to be proud of.

    As for the reviews, Rezi sits at a comfortable 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot.

    Rezi 4.3 star customer reviews on Trustpilot

    Pros & Cons of Rezi



    • Easy to use
    • Integrated cover letter builder
    • Generated content lacks quality
    • Sometimes doesn’t use the input

    Expert Hint: Don’t neglect to optimize your LinkedIn profile. A good profile will help you with networking and will pop up in recruiter’s searches more often.

    10. Simplified

    Simplified is your all-in-one solution for marketing, offering tools for design, copywriting, video creation, collaboration, and social media publishing within a single platform. It also features an AI resume writer. But is it one of the best AI resume builders?

    The setup to generate your resume is, as the website’s name would suggest, simplified. Little input is required, although you can expand it to provide more information. It works like a fusion of an AI chatbot with an AI resume builder. After you provide the information on your ideal role, experiences, skillset, and education, just hit generate and wait.

    Simplified generated a proper resume outline, and it read my input almost flawlessly, setting the information into a chronological resume format.

    But, even though my sample resume was for a senior position, and I had over 12 years of previous work experience, Simplified still opted for creating a resume objective recommended for entry-level workers, not seasoned professionals. The builder also didn’t provide a template, and the built-in editor was not intuitive enough. I’d still have to find a great resume template to fill out with generated output.

    As for this best AI resume builder, reviews seem to be few and far between, but they are mostly wonderful, as Simplified has a 4.6/5-star rating on G2.

    Simplified 4.6 star customer reviews on G2

    Pros & Cons of Simplified



    • Generates great sections
    • Reads your information almost flawlessly, and uses all of it
    • Writes a resume objective, even for senior positions
    • Difficult resume template editor

    11. Resumatic

    Resumatic describes itself as the leading ChatGPT resume builder. This best AI resume builder offers over 20 resume layouts to choose from. Its features include keyword targeting, real-time content analysis, resume scoring, and blockchain verification. Where have we seen that before?

    The answer is simple. When you enter Resumatic’s AI resume builder, you’ll notice a familiar name in the URL—Rezi. Resumatic uses Rezi’s best AI resume writer software to a T.

    So if you want to learn my opinion on Resumetic, you’ve already seen it in my Rezi overview. And about the reviews, well. We can see a 5 star Trustpilot rating on Resumatic’s website, but there is no page for Resumatic on Trustpilot itself.

    Quite peculiar.

    Resumatic lack of reviews on Trustpilot, despite 5 star rating on website

    Pros & Cons of Resumatic



    • Easy to use
    • Integrated cover letter builder
    • Generated content lacks quality
    • Sometimes doesn’t use the input

    12. Hiration

    Hiration is another of the best AI resume builder tools available on the market. It uses ChatGPT technology to help you create the resume of your dreams. The service features 28 creative resume templates and 11 cover letter templates. And, of course, a whole suite of AI features.

    Hiration offers handy tips during the writing process and AI-made pre-written prompts you can use to speed up the process. Each section also has a “Rewrite with ChatGPT” button, which, if pressed, will generate a new output. You can also modify each section as you see fit, but there are limited customization options, as you can’t change your resume’s font.

    I enjoyed my time using Hiration’s AI resume builder. It helped generate strong resume bullet points and provided adequate additional bonus sections to include. My only problems were that the resume summary Hiration generated wasn’t up to par and that the resume’s layout would break when I tried to move something.

    Hiration’s best AI resume builder reviews paint a very promising picture. With a comfortable score of 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot, Hiration can easily be classified as one of the top resume builders.

    Hiration 4.7 star customer reviews on Trustpilot

    Pros & Cons of Hiration



    • Creates strong resume bullet points
    • Easy to use, fast, and responsive
    • Resume layout breaks on every change
    • Weak resume profile generation

    13. Resumaker.ai

    Resumaker is an online resume maker with a built-in AI engine to help you autocomplete sentences and generate professional resume achievements. Resumaker offers the basic AI functionality found in most of the previous top resume builders. This means it provides relevant skill lists, generates bullet points for your work history section, and can fill out your resume profile.

    Unfortunately, it can’t expand your education or any other section. What I found was a big downside is that Resumaker allows you to only add up to 6 predetermined sections. Fortunately, you can rename them to whatever you want. As for the prompts that Resumaker provides. Let’s just say they are ok. Nothing to write home about, but they are presentable.

    But we can’t discuss this top AI resume builder without mentioning their AI-powered cover letter generator. And this is where one of the best AI resume builder options falls flat. Not only did the AI not remember my previous inputs from the resume, even something as simple as the company I’m targeting, and I don’t think there was a single sentence that didn’t start with “I am,” “I can,” “I did,” or “I have.” This algorithm could really learn how to write a cover letter.

    Unfortunately, with just 1.6 stars on Trustpilot, Resumaker is on the lower end of the best AI resume builders.

    Resumaker.ai Trustpilot review score of 1.6

    Pros & Cons of Resumaker



    • User-friendly interface
    • Generates bad cover letters
    • Creates generic resume bullet points
    • Low customizability

    14. ChatGPT

    ChatGPT is the one piece of technology that the vast majority of the best AI resume builders use for their services. So, instead of going to one of the best AI resume builder options mentioned above, we can ask ChatGPT. But we must remember that ChatGPT is not a specialized resume-maker.

    Similarly to using Jasper, I gave my all in generating the resume. As I’m proficient in prompt engineering, creating a resume sample that would only need minor edits before sending it to recruiters didn't take long. ChatGPT easily rivals the best AI resume builder options when used properly.

    But there is something ChatGPT can’t do, and that’s producing a resume template. So again, I had to do all the menial work by myself.

    ChatGPT is a great tool for resume writing. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be used by the best AI resume builders. But it does have its flaws. It repeats itself fairly often, and of course, as previously mentioned, it can’t produce a resume template.

    As for the score, It sits at a 3.7-star rating on Trustpilot.

    ChatGPT 3.7 star customer reviews on Trustpilot

    Pros & Cons of ChatGPT



    • Great tool if you know how to write prompts
    • Can analyze, edit, and optimize your resume if asked
    • No resume template
    • Not a dedicated resume builder

    How Does ResumeLab Compare to the Best AI Resume Builders?

    How do these 14 best AI resume builders compare to ResumeLab? Let me provide an overview of what you can anticipate from our resume builder:

    • ResumeLab’s suggested bullet points provided in our builder were created by HR specialists, career experts, and certified professional resume writers. They can be easily adapted to your achievements. And we have dozens of those bullets for hundreds of jobs. It’s the same for our resume summary suggestions as well.
    • Our structured resume creation process ensures you never feel overwhelmed. Plus, if you ever encounter a roadblock, our extensive content library is at your disposal to assist in crafting your resume and cover letter effectively.
    • Customize your resume with multiple additional sections effortlessly. If you don't find a specific section you need, simply create a new one and adjust its title. Voilà, you've just added a fresh section to your resume.
    • Currently, ResumeLab offers an impressive selection of 28 resume templates, catering to diverse preferences. Our collection includes modern, minimalist, and creatively designed templates seamlessly paired with complementary cover letter designs.
    • ResumeLab’s templates are highly customizable. From moving each section to where you want it, through resume margins and fonts, up to color accents on your job application.
    • Similarly to our bullet points, ResumeLab’s pre-written cover letter outlines were written by HR experts and have helped thousands of users write effective cover letters.

    ResumeLab is your all-in-one solution to tackle resume and cover letter writing troubles. But if you’re not convinced, why not give us a try?

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    Key Points

    Here is the rundown of the most important points about the best AI resume builders:

    • There are many tools that describe themselves as the best AI-driven resume builders, each with different functionality and improvements.
    • Most AI resume builders struggle with effective bullet points, resume profiles, or cover letter generation.
    • Many of the best AI resume builder tools don’t have proper customization tools and/or matching templates for resumes and cover letters.
    • ResumeLab tackles all these pain points, providing the perfect solution for your resume & cover letter writing problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Best AI Resume Builders

    How Do AI Resume Builders Work?

    AI resume writing follows a systematic process to create effective resumes:

    • Data Collection: You input your resume work history, skills, and job preferences.
    • Data Analysis: The AI engine uses data analytics and language processing to examine your information. It identifies resume keywords, industry trends, and relevant phrases.
    • Content Generation: Based on its analysis, the AI constructs your resume content. It compiles your skills, professional achievements, and experience into a coherent narrative.
    • Formatting: The AI ensures your resume format adheres to industry standards, organizing information for clarity and professionalism.
    • Optimization: It strategically places keywords in your resume to improve its performance with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
    • Personalization: The AI tailors your resume to fit the specific job you're applying for, increasing its relevance to potential employers.

    Are AI resume builders worth it?

    AI resume builders offer valuable assistance in crafting resumes. They leverage data-driven insights to enhance content and formatting. However, while AI builders are a step in the right direction, they lack the personalized touch that HR-approved resume builders, like ResumeLab, provide. 

    Are there AI tools to build a resume?

    There are many AI resume builders available on the market. Here is a list of some of them:

    • EnhanCV
    • TealHQ
    • HyreSnap
    • WonsultingAI
    • Kickresume
    • Jasper
    • Resume.io
    • Resume Glow
    • Rezi
    • Simplified
    • Resumatic
    • Hiration
    • Resumaker.ai
    • ChatGPT

    What is the best format for an AI-generated resume?

    The best format for an AI-generated resume is typically the chronological format. This format lists your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job and working backward. It's a widely recognized and ATS-friendly resume format that allows hiring managers to scan your work history quickly.

    Should I optimize my resume with AI?

    Optimizing your resume with AI can be a valuable strategy. AI-driven resume optimization tools can help you identify and incorporate relevant keywords, improve formatting, and enhance overall content by adding resume power words.

    However, it's essential to review the AI-generated changes manually to ensure accuracy and relevance. You may consider using AI as a part of your resume optimization process but complement it with your own insights and expertise.

    Is ResumeLab AI?

    No, ResumeLab doesn’t use AI-generated content. Instead, ResumeLab utilizes pre-written prompts from HR experts, career experts, and certified resume writers. Each of ResumeLab's templates was carefully crafted to be ATS-friendly. ResumeLab is an expert tool for resume and cover letter creation.

    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Written byMariusz Wawrzyniak

    Mariusz is a career expert with a background in quality control & economics. With work experience in FinTech and a passion for self-development, Mariusz brings a unique perspective to his role. He’s dedicated to providing the most effective advice on resume and cover letter writing techniques to help his readers secure the jobs of their dreams.

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