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Resume AI—Should You Use AI to Write Your Resume?

Resume AI writing is a hot topic as of late. And the growing potential of ChatGPT is stirring up the creative industry. Let's explore the pros & cons of AI tools for resume-making.

Mariusz Wawrzyniak
Mariusz Wawrzyniak
Career Expert
Resume AI—Should You Use AI to Write Your Resume?

With the recent meteoric rise of AI chatbots, we find ourselves looking for their aid with more and more tasks. Unsurprisingly, resume writing is one of them. But are we using AI the right way or only making our resumes worse? In this article, you’ll have a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of AI resumes. 

Read on, and you’ll learn:

  • How to use AI to write and edit your resume.
  • What the benefits of using AI chatbots for resumes are.
  • What problems you can expect with your AI resume.
  • Whether resume AI writing is a good idea.

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Can AI Write Your Resume?

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way—yes, the AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, Bard, Bing’s chatbot “Sydney,” and many others can write resumes. How they do it is as follows.

AI chatbots work by using language and information databases, pattern matching, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and more IT magic. In turn, they gain the ability to write near-human-like answers to questions, complete given tasks, and engage in conversations. So, when we ask AI, “How to write a resume?” it’ll give us an answer based on its own knowledge database and write it down algorithmically. That’s the extremely simplified version of it. 

But most of us don’t need a detailed explanation. We need the results. So what would the answer be? How does one write a resume? Well, it’ll tell us to choose the right resume format, add a header, write your resume profile, and so on. All the things that make a good resume.

What if we asked to write a resume from scratch?

How to Use AI to Help With Resume Writing?

AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard, and others can help you with your resume in the following areas:

Creating a Resume Profile

Writing a resume summary or resume objective is often the most troubling part of the resume writing process. And because it’s so tricky to write it, especially since it’s the first thing on your resume yet best to tackle last, you might want to use AI to help you. You can do that by either:

  • Asking the AI chatbot to write you a sample of the resume profile and edit it to suit you
  • Inputting your resume into the chatbot and asking it to write the profile from your data

The result? The AI-generated resume profile made using the first method can be a total miss and need a rewrite. The second one is much more reliable but requires all resume sections to be carefully and strategically prepared.

Improving Your Work Experience Section

Writing this part of your resume with AI can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you can compile a lot of professional achievements to choose from. On the other, it’s easy to fall into the trap of lying on your resume by including achievements that aren’t yours.

When using AI to help with your work experience section, you have to curate a list of potential achievements you want to and can add. 

Remember to input factual information when quantifying your wins, only add stuff you’ve actually done, and remember to keep all details relevant.

Skills List Inspiration

You’ll always hear us say not to copy skill lists from the internet. This is no exception. The AI doesn’t know what you’re skilled at. Only you do. But it can provide a list of potential skills you might want to include in your resume’s skills section.

Whether you’re looking for managerial skills or IT skills, remember to do one thing before writing down this section. Read the job ad carefully and locate resume keywords. The ad itself will tell you which skills are the most sought-after by the company.

Proofreading and Correcting Mistakes

It isn’t uncommon to use various language tools to proofread your resume. After all, you don’t want your application rejected because instead of “revenue,” you contributed to “revenge.” However, some common tools like Grammarly won’t pick up on that. That’s because revenge is a valid word. But if you let an AI proofread your resume, it‘ll likely notice something wrong and correct your job-costing blunder.

And yes, spelling and typographical errors do have a negative impact on recruiters.

Generating an AI Resume from a LinkedIn Profile

This is quite possibly the most impressive thing. Some specialized software and extensions allow chatbots to scan your LinkedIn profile and use the details there to create a complete resume. The result, of course, depends on the quality of your LinkedIn profile. If you’ve used LinkedIn like a pro, editing will be much easier than when you only have basic information.

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In Which Areas Do AI Resumes Fall Flat?

But not all is rainbows and unicorns in the AI resume land. So let’s talk about that.

Writing the Education Section

The education section is often regarded as unimportant or just overlooked. But it couldn’t be farther from the truth for so many job-seekers. If you’re making a resume with no experience, what else are you going to show?

Unfortunately, the AI doesn’t know where and when you’ve been to college, your major, your GPA, which clubs you joined, etc. So, you’ll have to make the education section on your resume without AI.

Including Extra Resume Sections

In all our resume guides, you’ll learn that additional resume sections can improve your application exponentially. By additional, we mean the following:

The problem is, again, AI doesn’t know you. It can’t tell you what certificates you completed or whether you volunteered at the local animal shelter. Also, the AI algorithms will often randomly create certificate names, courses, and conferences, out of thin air.

Creating a Resume Template

Even if you create the perfect resume with ChatGPT, there is something your chatbot won’t do. And that’s put the information into a cohesive, visually pleasing resume template. It’ll write everything down, creating a standard resume layout, but that’s it. Now ask yourself: if you were a recruiter, would you accept a block of text printed out on a blank A4 sheet?

AI-Generated Resumes: What Are the Benefits?

Now that you know the resume AI writing process, let’s pass a verdict on AI resumes. First, let’s talk about the good sides of resume AI writing:

Saving Time

Resume AI writing is super quick. All you need to do is input a couple of sentences, and in just a few seconds, they turn into a fully-fledged resume. This can be especially helpful if you need to create multiple resumes for different job applications.

Easy Personalization

Speaking of making resumes for multiple applications. Targeting a resume is one of the most crucial things that help you get a job offer. AI can analyze job descriptions and mark the keywords to tailor your resume's content to match the specific requirements of a job.

Language and Grammar Assistance

AI-powered tools assist with language and grammar checks. They help identify and correct errors, awkward phrasing, or unclear sentences. And an error-free resume is a happy resume.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

It’s a universal problem. You may often find yourself with a bad case of writer's block. And unfortunately, staring at a blank document and a blinking cursor doesn’t help. Resume AI writing can provide a starting point or suggestions that can help overcome writer's block and guide the resume writing process.

Learning From Data and Trends

By leveraging AI-generated resumes, you can benefit from insights on what works well and adapt your own resume accordingly. And in the case of new and emerging trends, AI chatbots with access to a search function (Bard, Bing, etc.) can immediately recognize and implement them.

Do AI-Generated Resumes Have Any Disadvantages?

We told you the “good,” and now, let’s discuss the “bad” of resume AI writing:

A Lack of Human Touch

AI resumes lack the personal touch and human element that can make a resume stand out. They may not capture the nuances, individuality, and storytelling aspects you bring to your resume. This could result in a generic resume or an impersonal representation of your skills and experiences.

Limited Creativity

AI algorithms operate based on predefined patterns and data. They are only really capable of creating general resumes that are formulaic and lacking originality. As a recruiter, when you’re browsing through hundreds of applications, you’ll quickly be able to recognize which resumes are poor copy-paste made by an AI.

Difficulty in Representing Complex Experiences

AI resume writing struggles with an accurate representation of complex career paths and experiences. If you find yourself in need of creating a functional resume to hide your gaps in employment, AI may not fully capture the breadth and depth of your skills. This will result in a subpar application that ultimately won’t help you get the job.

Overemphasis on Keyword Optimization

While AI-generated resumes can help optimize your resume for specific job requirements, there is a risk of overemphasizing keyword optimization. Focusing solely on incorporating keywords can result in a resume that lacks depth and fails to communicate your true value beyond meeting the immediate job criteria. In other words, you may create a perfectly valid ATS-friendly resume that will fail the moment it gets picked up by a human recruiter.

Potential Misrepresentations

AI chatbots are trained on the largest database there is—the internet. But, as great as the Internet is, it’s also full of inaccuracies. Mistakes can occur in the generation process, leading to misleading information on the resume. It's crucial to always thoroughly review and validate the content generated by AI.

Reliance on Technology

Relying too heavily on AI-generated resumes can reduce your own ability to develop and refine essential resume-writing skills. And it’s not just about resume writing. The ability to express yourself in written words is a very important skill to have.

Should You Use AI to Write Your Resume?

The answer as to whether you should use AI to write your resume isn’t only negative. AI chatbots are a great tool, and when used properly can benefit your resume-writing process. You can improve your resume by employing keywords, inspiring yourself with generated skills and achievements, and checking your resume for errors.

But you do need to watch out for pitfalls when writing your ChatGPT resume. Don’t lie on the resume, don’t include factually false information, or apply with generic, bottom-of-the-barrel resumes. To top it all off, writing a cover letter, which requires way more personalization than a resume, is even tougher for the AI to create convincingly.

What Alternatives Are There to AI-Generated Resumes?

Resume builders have existed for years and are tried-and-tested methods for creating engaging, visually pleasing, and effective resumes. Unlike AI resumes, with resume builders, you get an expert-made template and are guided through every step of the creation process to make it much simpler and faster than writing a resume from scratch.

ResumeLab is one such service that offers premium resume templates, expert resume tips, and a huge database of resume examples to help you write your ideal job application.

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Key Points

The most important things to remember about AI resume writing are:

  • Use the AI as a tool, not a replacement. A GPT resume will not be as effective as an application you personalized yourself.
  • Balance automation with your creativity. Inject your own creativity, personal brand, and unique experiences into the content generated by AI to create a truly compelling and memorable resume.
  • Keep it concise and relevant. AI-generated resumes may generate extensive content, but remember that employers value concise and relevant information. Trim down and prioritize the most important details. The best resume length is one page, after all.
  • Customize for each application. Avoid the temptation to send out the same AI-generated resume for every job application. Tailor your resume to each specific job.
  • Validate and proofread. While AI algorithms are designed to assist with language and grammar, they are not infallible. Always thoroughly review and proofread your AI-generated resume.

Thank you for reading our article on AI resumes. Do you have your own experiences with resume AI writing? Or maybe you’ve spotted some crucial point we missed? Drop us a comment down below. We’ll be happy to reply!

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