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16+ Creative Resume Templates—Designs in Word & PDF

Trying to combine creativity with professionalism? That’s not an easy job. Fortunately, these creative resume templates are here to help.

Mariusz Wawrzyniak
Mariusz Wawrzyniak
Career Expert
16+ Creative Resume Templates—Designs in Word & PDF

You probably know the feeling of scrolling through multiple pages of Amazon or AliExpress, trying to find that one thing you want but to no avail… Searching the web for resume templates, especially creative ones, can be equally frustrating.

This is why we curated a list of 16+ cool, creative resume designs, so you can browse through the best of the best in one place.

In this article:

  • A selection of 16+ creative resume templates from several internet sources.
  • Tips on using each of the cool resume templates.
  • Links guiding you to places where you can find even more creative resumes.

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And now, without further ado, let’s get our creative juices flowing. It’s time to look at our selection of creative resume templates:

1. Concept—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWConcept Resume Creative Template Example

This creative resume template really shines when used for reverse chronological resumes. Its colored sidebar, in combination with the line that guides the reader from each resume section to the next one, creates one of our most innovative resume designs.

2. Modern—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWModern Resume Creative Template Example

Your resume needs to stay up to date. Not just with the information you present in it but also in its layout. A modern resume is a creative template with unique arrows pointing the recruiter to each section. It also helps keep your resume length to only one page.

3. Iconic—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWIconic Resume Creative Template Example

Sometimes less is more, and the truly creative resume design is the one that doesn’t look like much. The Iconic design is crystal clear and as clean as freshly polished marble. Iconic’s creative resume design stems from the icons located right next to each section title. This layout looks fantastic on a two-page resume.

Expert Hint: All the ResumeLab templates are customizable, so if you’re not happy with the current font, spacing, or resume margins, you can just move a slider and adjust them to your liking.

4. Creative Resume—Etsy

 Modern Resume Creative Template Example

Etsy is quite known for being a marketplace of creativity and ingenuity. And resumes you can find on there are no different. This creative resume design by TheArtofResume hits you with an instant splash of color. As seen in the example, it’s a unique look an art director's resume could definitely appreciate.

5. Diamond—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWDiamond Resume Creative Template Example

Shine bright like a diamond with this creative resume template. The Diamond resume layout guides the readers' eyes with diamond-shaped bullet points and accentuates the resume header by putting it in a large, colored box on top of your resume.

6. Crisp—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWCrisp Resume Creative Template Example

Try Crisp if you’re applying for a more formal position but still want a creative resume template with good-looking visual accents. Crisp’s two-column resume outline lets you put much more information on just one page. It’s a spot-on choice for those employees who still work on creative assignments but in a more office-centered setting. A project manager’s resume fits that category nicely.

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7. Creative Resume Design—Freepik

 Freepik Creative Resume Design

This layout can yield great results for many different types of artist resumes. With Freepik’s creative resume design's emphasis on the resume skills and education sections, this is also a good pick for making a functional resume format. Remember not to use your photo when creating a resume for the US market.

8. Enfold—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWEnfold Resume Creative Template Example

The Enfold unique resume template features a sidebar on the right side of the page, which lets you succinctly display vital information. Additionally, you may add progress bars to show your expertise in each individual skill, adding a creative touch.

9. Cascade—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWCascade Resume Creative Template Example

If you liked the previous creative resume template but wanted the useful sidebar on the other side of the page, you’re in luck. That’s exactly what our Cascade template offers. It’s one of our most used creative resume layouts, favored for both entry-level resumes and higher-up positions.

10. Muse—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWMuse Resume Creative Template Example

In Greek mythology, Muses were the goddesses of inspiration. And in our modern times, the name’s meaning still holds. As one of our most creative resume templates, Muse delivers fantastic results for job-seekers in all fields. This template is loved by IT specialists and is perfect for making a software developer resume.

11. Social Media—Hloom

 Hloom Creative Resume Template

Social media manager resumes need to be creative. And this resume by Hloom, certainly is. With the unique graphic on the left side, you must expect this resume to be 2 pages long. If you’re a social media wizard looking for work in a more culturally-relaxed company, this might be the perfect template.

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12. Vibes—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWVibes Resume Creative Template Example

If you liked our Iconic template but wanted something more compact to make a one-page application—Vibes is here to save the day. Two-column template with ample white space and intricate colored icons—What more could you ask for? This creative resume design works wonders for your resume.

13. Vintage—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWVintage Resume Creative Template Example

This creative resume template aims to recreate the good old resume design and adapt it to the current age. Each section is clearly defined by a gray box, and each point of the section is pronounced by a small, colored square. Thanks to its unique look, we recommend this template for creating academic resumes.

14. Squares—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWSquares Resume Creative Template Example

The Squares creative resume template is for professionals who want to present themselves as their personal brand. It is favored among professionals in leadership positions, so use it when making a resume for executive positions.

15. Animator— Creative Resume Design Sample

With a name like Animator, this template couldn’t have been anything other than creative. This unique resume template can be found and downloaded here. And just as the name suggests, a resume for animators asks for a creative template such as this one.

16. Valera—ResumeLab

CREATE YOUR RESUME NOWValera Resume Creative Template Example

And last but not least, we present to you the Valera design. This creative resume template stands out not because of icons or blocks of color, but thanks to the unique resume font used for each section title. Such artistic touch will surely be appreciated in fashion resumes.

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Did you enjoy browsing through our selection of creative resume templates? Do you have any helpful tips about choosing a creative resume design? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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