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20+ Simple Resume Templates: Basic Templates For Any Job

Like white shirts and blue jeans, simple resume templates never go out of style. Check out our timeless collection of basic resume templates and make a resume you’ll be proud of.

Olga Ber
Olga Ber
Career Expert
20+ Simple Resume Templates: Basic Templates For Any Job

No matter if you’re applying for your first job as a retail clerk or your 10th job as a CEO, a simple resume template is your best choice. You know your worth and don’t need bells and whistles to communicate it.

Dive into the article to find our top picks of simple resume templates.

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Scroll down to explore our collection of 20+ basic resume templates for any career and experience level. All the templates are customizable: you can reorder and rename the sections, adjust the spacing and margins, and pick your own colors and fonts!

1. Minimo

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Minimo

Unleash your inner Marie Kondo with this basic resume template that sparks pure joy. You can use Minimo to create a standard resume for the job market, but it’s also a surefire option for an academic CV or a detailed multi-page resume for a federal job.

2. Simple

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Simple

Simple stands up to its name. It’s a great choice if you want a clean-looking resume with a sidebar to fit all of your resume skills or other resume sections. This basic resume template makes great use of white space—you can squeeze a lot of information on the page, and it still won’t look crowded.

3. Vintage

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Vintage

Vintage is like a classic white shirt: simple yet sophisticated. This simple resume template with subtle gray accents is an excellent choice if you’re applying for a corporate position. Still, our users have also used Vintage to write successful resumes for a wide variety of jobs.

4. Cascade

USE THIS TEMPLATEBasic Resume Template Cascade

If you’re looking for a simple resume template with an impactful contrasting sidebar, give Cascade a try. Don’t forget that you can customize the color to match your personal brand (or just pick your favorite color)!

Expert Hint: Depending on your resume length, you may need a two-column resume template to fit everything on one page.

5. Enfold

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Enfold

“If Cascade had its sidebar on the right side, it would be the best resume template ever,” said some of our users. So our designers created Enfold—a basic resume template that’s similar to Cascade but has a sidebar on the right.

6. Cubic

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Cubic

Cubic is a simple resume template loved by entry-level job-seekers and seasoned pros alike. It’ll be a great choice if you’re writing your first resume with no experience or your 8th resume for a senior position. It has room for everything: work experience, education section, skills, certifications, hobbies and interests, you name it!

7. Diamond

USE THIS TEMPLATEBasic Resume Template Diamond

Diamond is everyone’s best friend. The clever use of color, icons, and geometric shapes makes this simple resume template special. The design guides the recruiter’s eyes toward the most important elements of your resume.

8. Influx

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Influx

Try Influx if you want a basic resume template with a bold resume header that no one will dare to ignore. It’s also an excellent template for academic CVs and other multi-page applications.

9. Squares

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Squares

Squares might be a simple resume template, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. The automatically generated logo in the top left corner takes your resume to a whole new level of sophistication, and the carefully chosen fonts complete the overall effect.

10. Classic

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Classic

There’s a reason why we called this template Classic, and it’s pretty obvious: it’s a timeless basic resume template that never goes out of style. You just can’t go wrong with this template. It’s easy to use, easy to read, and looks highly professional.

11. Iconic

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Iconic

Customizable icons are a great way to spice up this simple resume template. No matter if you’re writing a professional resume or graduate school application, give Iconic a try. Its versatile layout makes it easy to create well-structured documents that may require more than one page.

12. Modern

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Modern

This is a simple resume template in terms of structure. However, the design is anything but basic—the unique geometric shapes draw the reader’s eye right to the key information while the bold colors let your personality shine.

Expert Hint: Eye-tracking studies prove that your resume’s readers will look for the job titles on your resume in the first place. Make sure they’re easy to find.

13. Nanica

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Nanica

Nanica is a basic resume template that uses subtly colored headings, horizontal dividers, and white space to create a confident, professional look that’s perfect for any resume or CV. If you had to pick one resume template and stick with it for the rest of your life, you could safely choose Nanica. 

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14. Muse

USE THIS TEMPLATEBasic Resume Template Muse

Let the muses inspire you, and pick this simple resume template. Its uniquely shaped color accents will guide the recruiter’s eye straight towards your key skills and professional achievements.

15. Newcast

USE THIS TEMPLATEBasic Resume Template Newcast

Newcast is here to prove that a basic resume template doesn’t have to be bland. It uses icons to add visual interest and help structure your resume or academic CV. As with all our templates, you can add, rename, and reorder sections as you like.

16. Primo

USE THIS TEMPLATEBasic Resume Tempalte Primo

Primo follows the layout principles of a simple resume template but comes with some delicious extras: a sleek timeline to highlight your career growth, customizable icons, and even an eye-catching logo based on your initials.

17. Crisp

USE THIS TEMPLATE Simple Resume Template Crisp

Looking for a basic resume template with a sidebar and easy-to-see section headings? Meet Crisp, our two-column template with modern-looking round icons. Drag and drop the sections between the sidebar and the body of the resume to optimize the layout according to your needs.

18. Concept

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Concept

Feeling torn between the simplicity of a basic resume template and the appeal of a fancy timeline? Look no further—with Concept, you can have both! Making a resume with Concept is just as hassle-free as using any simple resume template. You get the best of both worlds: a clear layout and a cool design element that guides the reader’s eye!

19. Initials

USE THIS TEMPLATEBasic Resume Template Initials

Using a simple resume template doesn’t mean you can’t have your own logo! This template transforms your initials into a cool creative element that catches the recruiter’s eye. Oh, and it also comes with a practical two-column resume layout. Win-win.

20. Vibes

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Vibes

This basic resume template has some seriously good vibes thanks to its smart use of icons and dividers. Feel free to drag and drop the smaller resume sections (like Languages and Hobbies) between the sidebar and the body of the resume until you achieve a perfectly balanced look.

21. Valera

USE THIS TEMPLATESimple Resume Template Valera

Valera is a simple resume template for creative minds. Express yourself with this unusual combo of resume fonts—or go ahead and pick your own fonts and colors!

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How did you like our choice of basic resume templates? Do you have any helpful tips for choosing the best one? Let’s talk about it in the comments below, and, as always, thanks for reading!

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Olga Ber
Written byOlga Ber

Olga is a career expert with a background in teaching. At ResumeLab, she writes actionable guides to help job-seekers highlight their unique strengths and unlock their career potential.

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