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    How to Use ChatGPT to Write a Resume (+Editing Tips)

    Is ChatGPT the future of resume writing? Explore how this AI tool can transform your resume creation. Learn editing tips and how to improve your resume with ChatGPT.

    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Career Expert
    How to Use ChatGPT to Write a Resume (+Editing Tips)

    Wouldn’t you like your personal J.A.R.V.I.S. to help you with your job search? Well, you can have it today. ChatGPT is more than just your regular chatbot you can joke with or ask for information instead of Googling yourself.

    In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of using ChatGPT to write a resume, provide tips, and discuss the pros and cons of ChatGPT-generated resumes.

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    Getting Started With ChatGPT Resume Writing

    ChatGPT is a free AI tool created by OpenAI that was pre-trained on a vast corpus of text from the internet. It learned grammar, language structure, and the nuances of human language. This pre-training provided the model with a broad understanding of language and context.

    After pre-training, ChatGPT is fine-tuned to specific tasks, which include generating resumes. And how do we order GPT to write resumes? By providing the tool with instructions in the form of prompts.

    How to Write a Resume With ChatGPT?

    There are three main methods to use ChatGPT for a resume:

    • Generate a resume from scratch by engaging in a direct conversation.
    • Use ChatGPT to improve and edit an existing resume.
    • Use a GPT-powered resume builder.

    Let’s discuss each method step by step.

    1. How to Use a ChatGPT to Write a Resume From Scratch?

    Let’s start by doing what most people would probably do if asked to have ChatGPT write their resume. Let’s say our candidate’s name is Edward Kenway, and he’s a marine engineer looking for a new job. He logs in to ChatGPT and types in “Write a resume for a marine engineer.”ChatGPT basic resume writing prompt output

    When scrolling down, ChatGPT also provided a text-based blank resume template for the education, skills, and professional resume references sections. As you can see, it also added a line for your address on a resume, although you shouldn’t include it most of the time.

    Now that we have established the resume layout, we should continue to converse with ChatGPT to provide specific information to build upon each section of the resume.

    1. Create a Work History Section in a ChatGPT Resume

    The work experience resume section is, without a doubt, the meat and the potatoes of your job application. But, with what Edward has generated so far, he only has an empty plate. To create an effective work history resume section with ChatGPT, you need to provide it with details. This process can take several retries, so don’t get discouraged.

    Here’s what you must provide to write a ChatGPT resume work experience section:

    • Your job title
    • Company name, location, and working period
    • A detailed description of your role and responsibilities, with a list of your key professional achievements.

    That’s a lot of information you need to type in manually, so if you have any documentation with relevant resume experience, consider pasting it as input.

    If you don’t know what resume bullet points you should use as your key achievements, you can ask ChatGPT to provide sample achievements for the role you’re pursuing. So, for Edward Kenway it could look like this:

    ChatGPT generated resume work experience bullet points for a marine engineer

    These sample work achievements make for good baselines to build upon. And they give you a decent outlook on what other achievements you could consider adding to your ChatGPT resume.

    Expert Hint:Strong resume bullet points must be backed by numbers whenever possible. Aim to add as many quantified bullets to your ChatGPT resume.

    2. Highlight Crucial Skills for a ChatGPT Resume

    The resume skills section is a great place to introduce a lot of strong resume keywords. You can see them in the job description you’re applying for. You should always customize your skills section for each job application. Focus on skills that directly relate to the position you're seeking.

    You can ask ChatGPT to highlight skills found in specific job ads and create lists of potential skills someone in your position should have. When writing them down on your resume, remember to limit the number of skills to 10 since you shouldn’t include more skills on a resume than that.

    ChatGPT generated resume skills section for a marine engineer

    3. Add an Education Section to Your GPT Resume

    An AI-powered chatbot could theoretically predict what skills you might possess, and what you did at your previous jobs, but it has no idea what your resume education section should look like.

    Begin by mentioning your most recent or highest level of education. Include details such as the degree earned, the major or field of study, the name of the institution, and the graduation date (or expected graduation date if you're still in school).

    Unfortunately, the output for Edward was a bit wonky, so you must constantly monitor and adjust the information on your ChatGPT resume.

    ChatGPT generated resume education for a marine engineer

    Expert Hint: If you’re trying to create an entry-level resume with ChatGPT, you should provide additional information to enhance your education section. Add a GPA (if above 3.5), relevant coursework, impressive projects, or other scholarly achievements.

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    4. Enhance Your ChatGPT Resume With Bonus Sections

    Your resume should be more than just a list of work experiences and qualifications. To truly stand out to potential employers, consider adding bonus sections that provide insight into your skills, interests, and accomplishments.

    Here are some resume bonus sections you can add to your GPT resume:

    Choose one or two of these sections, provide as much information as you can, and you’ll receive an output similar to this one:

    ChatGPT generated resume bonus sections for a marine engineer

    5. Use the Generated Information to Craft a Resume Summary

    Your resume summary is the first thing hiring managers read, and it plays a crucial role in making a solid first impression. By utilizing the information generated with ChatGPT, you can create a compelling summary that effectively showcases your qualifications. Here's how:

    • Begin by reviewing the information generated for your resume.
    • Identify the most impressive and relevant details from your generated information.
    • Mention a specific, most impressive achievement or result.
    • Add information on the company you’re targeting to create a tailored resume.

    Remember to keep it concise and to the point. Focus on what makes you unique and how you can benefit the employer.

    ChatGPT generated resume summary for a marine engineer

    6. Apply the ChatGPT-Generated Resume to a Well-Formatted Template

    ChatGPT can often provide you with weird-looking resume formatting and can’t generate a visual template you’d send to potential employers. This is why you’ll still need to look for the best resume template.

    Ensure that the template is easy to read. This is what a resume should look like:

    • Use consistent resume fonts throughout the document. Clearly distinguish between headings and subheadings using font size.
    • Utilize ample white space to improve readability.
    • Set one-inch resume margins on all sides of the document.
    • The length of your resume is crucial. Aim for a one-page resume for most entry-level and mid-level positions. For more experienced candidates, a two-page resume is acceptable.

    2. How to Edit Your Resume With ChatGPT

    If you already have a resume on you, it would be counterproductive to discard it and create yet another one from scratch. Fortunately, ChatGPT can help you with that. Here's how you can do edit your resume using ChatGPT:

    • Compile Your Resume: First, gather all the information you want to include in your resume.
    • Start Editing: You can use any text editor or word processing software you prefer, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or a simple text editor like Notepad. Begin by pasting your existing resume into the text editor.
    • Ask for Specific Edits: If you have questions or need help with particular sections, you can ask ChatGPT. For example, ask, "Can you help me improve my summary statement?" or "Please suggest ways to highlight my key achievements in the work experience section." Remember, you should provide ChatGPT with up-to-date information on your work experience to generate a good output.
    • Customize to a Specific Job: Request suggestions on rephrasing or emphasizing certain experiences and skills to make them more relevant to the target job.
    • Optimize Length: ChatGPT can help you trim down or expand your resume to an appropriate length, especially if you're struggling with keeping it concise or meeting the content requirements.
    • Critique Your Resume: Request feedback on improving its effectiveness and identify any potential resume mistakes you might’ve made.

    3. Use a ChatGPT-Powered Resume Builder

    You’ve definitely noticed that writing a resume with ChatGPT isn’t as quick and straightforward as you might’ve expected it to be. If only there were tools that combined the ease of use of resume builders and the unlimited creativity of chatbots. Well, there are.

    AI-driven tools like ChatGPT-powered resume builders are becoming increasingly popular. These tools promise to simplify the resume creation process, but the question remains: Should you use AI to write your resume?

    ChatGPT-powered resume builders can significantly expedite the resume creation process. They help users generate a basic resume quickly, saving valuable time, especially when applying for multiple jobs. They also offer valuable suggestions and guidance. ChatGPT can help users tailor their resumes to specific job descriptions, ensuring that key qualifications are highlighted effectively.

    But, ChatGPT-powered builders produce generic resumes if not used thoughtfully. A one-size-fits-all approach may not effectively showcase unique qualifications and experiences. These tools often follow predefined inputs and frameworks, limiting the creative freedom to design a unique resume that stands out from the competition. Also, relying solely on AI for resume creation might discourage users from honing their resume-building skills. Over time, this could lead to a dependency on technology for essential skills. On top of that, there are genuine concerns regarding data privacy on ChatGPT.

    Traditional resume builders, like ResumeLab are a better choice. We provide solutions to the same problems as ChatGPT resume builders, and we do it not with the help of AI but with career experts and professional resume writers.

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    Key Points

    Creating a resume with ChatGPT is an involved process. Here’s how to get ChatGPT to write a resume:

    • You can generate a ChatGPT resume from scratch or use the tool to revise and improve your existing job application.
    • ChatGPT can provide valuable insights and suggestions but requires much of your input to work properly.
    • You can’t create a resume template with ChatGPT, which adds another hurdle to the process.
    • ChatGPT-powered resume builders can expedite resume creation, but may produce generic resumes if used sparingly.
    • With the assistance of career experts and professional resume writers, traditional resume builders like ResumeLab offer a better alternative to ChatGPT resumes.

    I hope you enjoyed reading about ChatGPT resume writing. If you have anything to add or questions you want to ask, please leave them in the comments section. I’ll be happy to reply.

    About ResumeLab’s Editorial Process

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    Frequently Asked Questions About ChatGPT Resumes

    Can ChatGPT write a resume?

    ChatGPT is a valuable tool for resume writing. It can help generate content, suggest edits, and tailor your resume for specific jobs. But it requires a lot of input to provide good results. You should always review and customize ChatGPT-generated resumes for accuracy and uniqueness.

    How do I write a resume based on the job description in ChatGPT?

    First, to write a job-specific resume with ChatGPT, input the job description. Then, ask ChatGPT for suggestions on tailoring your skills and work experiences to match the job's requirements. Use the generated content as a foundation, but ensure it accurately reflects your qualifications.

    How do I improve my resume with ChatGPT?

    To enhance your resume with ChatGPT, follow these steps:

    1. Compile your resume data.
    2. Paste it into a text editor.
    3. Ask ChatGPT for specific edits or suggestions on resume sections.
    4. Customize content for a specific job.
    5. Optimize resume length.
    6. Request a critique for improvements.

    Will ChatGPT save me time when writing a resume?

    ChatGPT can save you time by generating initial content and providing editing suggestions for your resume. It offers edits and streamlines the process, especially for tailoring resumes to various job descriptions. However, a polished result still requires manual input and revisions.

    Is it free to write a ChatGPT resume?

    ChatGPT offers a free version, meaning you can write a resume with the tool for free. If you want to access ChatGPT's premium features and more advanced language processing, you'll need a paid subscription.

    Can employers know I used ChatGPT to write my resume?

    Employers typically cannot discern if you employed ChatGPT to craft your resume. The content generated doesn't carry any watermark or AI-related indications. Human review or specific clues would be necessary to identify AI assistance. It's essential to review and personalize the generated resume.

    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Written byMariusz Wawrzyniak

    Mariusz is a career expert with a background in quality control & economics. With work experience in FinTech and a passion for self-development, Mariusz brings a unique perspective to his role. He’s dedicated to providing the most effective advice on resume and cover letter writing techniques to help his readers secure the jobs of their dreams.

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