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    Top 8 Free AI Resume Builders in 2024

    Do you want to create a resume for free and with barely any input? Who wouldn’t? Let’s see if any of these free AI resume builders can make your dreams come true.

    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Career Expert
    Top 8 Free AI Resume Builders in 2024

    Are you tired of the endless job application grind? Frustrated with crafting resumes that seem to vanish into the abyss? We get it. Job hunting can be a daunting journey. If only there was a cheat code…

    How about using a free AI resume builder? With this game-changing solution, you’ll say goodbye to career woes. Let’s look at the top 8 free AI resume builders and discover how they can help your job search and if they are as good as we think.

    In this guide, you’ll find:

    • A detailed analysis of the top 8 free AI resume builders.
    • A rundown of features each free AI resume builder provides.
    • Shortcomings of free AI resume makers.
    • How ResumeLab fares against the new technology.

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    My previous resume was really weak and I used to spend hours adjusting it in Word. Now, I can introduce any changes within minutes. Absolutely wonderful!

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    How Do AI Resume Builders Work? 

    For those not well-versed in the current AI revolution, let me give you a brief rundown on how free AI resume builders work.

    The AI is like the ship's computer, similar to the one on the USS Enterprise, It uses this "intelligence" to organize your information just like the computer helps Captain Picard make decisions. Think of formatting and design as creating your resume's holodeck program. Like Spock's logical thinking, the AI checks for errors such as typos or confusing sentences. Lastly, the AI offers suggestions for improvement, much like Captain Kirk's briefings before exploring new worlds. It helps you make your resume even better.

    Is there more to AI writing? Yes, absolutely. Should you let the AI write your resume? Well, let’s see what those free AI resume builders can do!

    Why Trust Us

    We put your needs first. That’s why we always try out the products we review for you so that our first-hand experience can help you make the right choice. Our Certified Professional Resume Writers test all resume builders available on the market to make sure you know the pros and cons of each tool. This approach allows us to create reviews that are not only objective but also answer all your questions so that you can create a job-winning resume quickly and easily.

    8 Free AI Resume Builders

    The time has come. The section you’ve all been waiting for. I dove into 8 free AI resume builders I found online and decided to test them. Here are my thoughts & findings:

    1. ResumA.I

    ResumA.I. uses Chat GPT artificial intelligence to help users draft and refine their resumes. As a free user, you can access one standard resume format and enough tools to create your job application.

    Using this free AI resume builder is very straightforward. I found the UI intuitive and not overwhelming, which is perfect for people writing their first resume with no experience. The creation process is separated into sections, which you can fill out step-by-step.

    And here’s where the most important feature—free AI resume creator kicks in. After filling out basic information in each section, the free AI resume maker allowed me to generate bullet points for my work history section, suggested various skills, and crafted my entire resume summary. You can find the generated bullets in the image below.ResumA.I. work history bullet point generation

    Unfortunately, most of what the AI tool generated was fairly bland and would need some rewriting if I wanted to showcase my professional work achievements in the form of strong resume bullet points.

    And you can only create one resume. This means you’ll have to stick to a much less effective general resume than a targeted resume. On top of that, you can’t create a cover letter unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

    Pros & Cons of ResumA.I



    • Intuitive UI
    • Well-structured resume creation process
    • Only one resume template
    • AI generates mostly generic achievements

    2. Teal HQ

    This free AI resume builder platform utilizes GPT technology to assist users in generating well-structured and effective resumes. The free plan gives users limited access to the features, including 4 simple resume templates, limited AI tools usage, keyword matching, and helpful resume-making tips during creation.

    When using the Teal HQ free AI resume maker, I found it to be very easy and intuitive. The builder's layout was nice, and locating all the tools and sections was fast and simple. The resume bullet points TealHQ generated were strong and quantified, which surprised me. Unfortunately, the free plan only allows you to generate 5 bullet points.

    TealHQ resume bullet points generation

    TealHQ’s free AI resume builder platform also features some nice additional aspects, such as job tracking, email templates to send with the resume, and a survey to discover your preferred work style. I took the quiz for fun, and the results were fairly accurate. I guess I chose the proper career path.

    TealHQ career path survey results

    So, did I find anything that was lacking? For once, TealHQ requires you to download a Chrome extension to unlock some of the features, which means this free AI resume builder isn’t an out-of-the-box (or out-of-a-website) solution.

    As for the resume writing process, I could not add my resume sections, and not all of them were present. If I wanted to show off my languages or professional memberships, I wouldn’t be able to. 

    You can also add a “job description” to your work history on top of your achievements. An inexperienced job-seeker could easily put too much information in this bracket, making him go over the accepted resume length. And to be frank, there is no need for this box to exist anyway. The resume examples I looked at on their website didn’t use it either.

    Pros & Cons of TealHQ



    • Can write many different work documents
    • Easy & intuitive
    • Recommends unneeded options
    • Very limited customization

    Expert Hint: Even though it’s easy to write, a good resume header is absolutely crucial. Don’t neglect it by making an avoidable mistake in your contact information.

    3. Appy Pie

    The Appy Pie’s free AI resume builder utilizes artificial intelligence to generate visually diverse resume designs. Users can choose from 29 creative resume templates to suit their preferences and industry standards. This free AI resume builder also features an extensive library of AI arts and designs you can use to customize the layout and make your resume truly stand out.

    But that’s it. Appy Pie isn’t as much a free AI resume builder but a free AI resume template maker. It has great potential when designing and adding your personal touch to the document. You can even use the built-in feature to generate your own AI art or AI logos for your resume. A really cool feature is the ability to add a QR code that redirects to your personal website.

    But I couldn’t find the advertised feature to help me write a resume. There were no suggestions as to what I should write and where. On top of that, this free AI resume builder adds a very invasive watermark to your document.

    Appy Pie watermarked free AI resume

    One more thing to note. You can only download your resume as a JPG, PPT, or PNG as a free user. Getting your resume as a PDF or DOC, requires you to upgrade. You can’t even receive a TXT file to transfer it onto a template easily.

    Appy Pie download options

    Pros & Cons of AppyPie



    • Good template customization options
    • Many templates to choose from
    • Not a real resume builder
    • Only image file type downloads

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    4. Skillroads

    Skillroads free AI resume maker is advertised as a quick and easy way to generate a resume from your input. Enter your job title, personal information, work history, education, and skills section, and the program will generate a resume.

    Does that sound familiar?

    It should. You have basically written a resume by yourself. Where is the AI in that? Well, the natural language processing used by this free AI resume maker sources strengths and skills that suit you best. In the end, it takes all of your input and creates a visually pleasing resume template.

    But, at least for me, there were many issues. The first and most grueling one was the lack of responsiveness from the website. The program took 9 minutes and 13 seconds to move from step 3 (choosing career strengths) to step 4 (filling out my professional experience). This is a brutal amount of time just to get to another point in writing.

    This free AI resume builder also didn’t help me write my resume achievements. Instead, it provided a selection of job responsibilities to include in this section. And yes, one of the starting verb was not even capitalized. Which was later pointed out by an AI-powered resume checker as an error. Sigh.

    Skillroads providing job responsibilities, instead of achievements

    On top of that, there was only an option to add additional sections for your resume certifications, memberships, references, and hobbies & interests. Nothing else. And, each time I changed something in my resume’s layout, I was greeted by a buffering icon and had to refresh the page for my changes to be acknowledged. Overall, Skillroads was really not fun to use.

    Skillroads free AI resume builder constantly buffering

    Pros & Cons of Skillroads



    • Guided resume creation
    • Works really slowly
    • Generates job responsibilities, not achievements
    • Limited customization

    5. Rezi

    Rezi free AI resume builder offers several AI-based features to help you write a resume. You have access to the classic bullet point writer and a bullet point editor (which can instantly rewrite those bullets you find lacking). Then, there is the resume profile generator and an AI cover letter writer (but only with a paid plan).

    That’s not all. Rezi can optimize your resume to target specific resume keywords, increasing your chances of passing ATS scans. And there is one more feature, which I haven’t found anywhere else—It allows you to verify your resume on a blockchain to ensure its authenticity and make it impervious to unwanted editing.

    But let’s get back on track. Rezi’s builder seemed familiar, and that’s because it has the same UI as ResumA.I. You can see it in the screenshot below. The top one is ResumA.I, and the bottom one is Rezi.

    Rezi free AI resume builder layout compared to ResumA.I

    This, unfortunately, means that I don’t have much to add. The two builders seem to work identically to me, meaning it was generally good and responsive but a bit underwhelming.

    Pros & Cons of Rezi



    • Intuitive UI
    • Well-structured resume creation process
    • Only one resume template
    • AI generates mostly generic achievements

    6. This Resume Does Not Exist + EnhanCV

    Ever wondered what Jack Black’s resume would look like? No? Me neither, and…

    I did not mean…

    He did not mean…

    To blow your mind…

    But This Resume Does Not Exist has a whole catalog of AI-generated resumes that take the careers of various famous people and transform them into neat job applications. And when you pick one to edit, you get redirected to the EnhanCV website.

    EnhanCV is a free AI resume builder platform that leverages AI to analyze and optimize resumes to match job ads effectively. This AI-driven approach helps users create more tailored and compelling resumes, increasing their chances of securing job opportunities. It doesn’t necessarily use AI to help you build your resume but to check and optimize it. So, to summarize, This Resume Does Not Exist provides you with AI-generated resumes, which you can later edit on EnhanCV using their AI-powered resume checker.

    And what does EnhanCV’s AI checker do? It’s designed to look after and highlight repetitive verbs, check whether you have an ATS-compliant resume template, identify misspellings, grammar, and punctuation errors, and remind you to remove weak wording to replace it with resume power words.

    EnhanCV AI resume checker

    But, if you’re looking for a fully-fledged free AI resume builder that will create your application from scratch, this isn’t it. Oh, and EnhanCV also watermarks your page. And that doesn’t look professional at all.

    But hey, if you’re famous, maybe you’ll find your resume already there, ready to be downloaded. Wink, wink.

    Pros & Cons of EnhanCV



    • Fun and well-written resume examples
    • Good optimization tool
    • Watermark
    • Not optimized for creating a resume from scratch

    7. HyreSnap

    Next is HyreSnap, an amazingly rated free AI resume builder on Trustpilot and ProductHunt. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

    This free AI-powered resume maker works in 4 steps. First, you choose an ATS-compliant resume template and have to fill it out. Then, you get access to pre-written work achievements, resume profile statements, and even prompts to enhance your education section—which is fantastic for freshers writing an entry-level resume.

    HyreSnap free AI resume builder prompts for enhancing the education section

    Another good thing is that HyreSnap allows you to add multiple new sections. And while you're adding more information to your resume, it’s constantly getting reviewed by the AI to guide you toward writing the perfect resume. Step 3 is the AI comparing your resume to the job description you’re targeting to optimize for keywords. Step 4 helps you in your job search by adding compatibility scores for each of our job listings to help you gauge your chances.

    HyreSnap’s builder was fast and responsive, and I had the best experience with it out of all the other reviewed builders. But there are always things to improve. In the case of HyreSnap, I’d definitely like to see them add matching cover letter templates to their resume designs. There are only two cover letter outlines and eleven resume layouts. Seeing non-matching resume and cover letter documents can make you look unprofessional.

    But if you’re a free user, you don’t have to worry about it, since you won’t be able to create a cover letter with their builder anyway.

    Pros & Cons of HyreSnap



    • Fast & responsive
    • Great customization options
    • Keyword optimization
    • No matching cover letter templates

    8. Chat GPT

    Since many of the aforementioned free AI resume builders use Open AI’s ChatGPT technology, why not go directly to the source?

    In simple terms, ChatGPT works like this: It takes your query as input, analyzes it to understand what you’re looking for, and then creates an answer by stringing together words in a way it predicts they should go.

    So, if you ask it to create a sample resume for an X job, it will take that and then create a result based on what the algorithm thinks a resume for said job should look like. So, let’s give it a quick test!

    Since I know a lot about prompt engineering, I asked my non-tech-savvy friend to create a resume for herself (using a fake name, obviously). This better shows the output for people who are not proficient in writing long and descriptive prompts. This is the result:

    Chat GPT resume output

    As you can see, it’s not bad, but it’s not great either. And since ChatGPT itself isn’t a specialized free AI resume builder, it won’t give you specific insights, suggestions, and step-by-step guides to writing your resume. That is, unless you ask it. But even then, it can provide false or outdated information.

    What did my friend say about it? Let me quote: “I mean, I still have to rewrite it, like, completely. And that’s more annoying than writing one from scratch.” Well said.

    And the biggest downside to using ChatGPT for free AI resume writing? It only outputs text. You’ll still need a blank resume template to copy-paste that text into.

    Pros & Cons of ChatGPT



    • Great tool if you know how to write prompts
    • Can analyze, edit, and optimize your resume if asked
    • No resume template
    • Not a dedicated resume builder

    Does ResumeLab Do It Better?

    I showed you 8 free AI resume builders. But are they better than ResumeLab? Here’s what you can expect from our resume builder:

    • ResumeLab’s UI is snappy and responsive. Its layout also makes it easy to find and work on each part of the resume.
    • ResumeLab’s bullet points provided in our builder were created by HR specialists, career experts, and certified professional resume writers—People who are experts in the job search field. They can be easily adapted to your achievements and have dozens of those bullets for hundreds of jobs.
    • The resume writing process is guided, so you’re never overwhelmed by the information you need to input. And if you ever feel stuck, we have a huge library of content designed to help you write your resume and cover letter.
    • You can add multiple additional resume sections. And if there is any section we don’t provide, you can add a different one and change its heading. Voilà. You have a brand-new section.
    • I need to get slightly technical for this one: In AI writing, tokens are the fundamental units of text that said model processes. Tokens can be as short as one character or as long as one word. And you have a limited number of tokens. This means you must pay for more tokens to generate more text or be fine when you exhaust your limit. With ResumeLab’s prompts, you can add as much text as you want. We don’t bill you per character.
    • Currently, ResumeLab has an impressive number of 28 resume templates. We have modern resume templates, simple ones, and even a couple of designs with a flair of color. And yes, our resume templates match our cover letter designs.
    • As I’ve told you throughout this article—you need a cover letter. And with us, you’ll write one in minutes. We’ll even provide you with prompts to make it faster. How neat is that?
    • It goes without saying: There are absolutely zero watermarks on our templates.

    If you want an all-in-one solution for making your job application, try us.

    Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter generator and make your application documents pop out.


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    Key Points

    Here is the rundown of the most important points about free AI resume builders:

    • Free AI resume builders are a good opportunity to learn how to write a resume through practice.
    • Using free AI builders in their free mode will not produce a complete job application (resume+cover letter).
    • Most free AI resume makers limit the help they provide you.
    • ResumeLab tackles all these pain points, providing the perfect solution for your resume writing problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Free AI Resume Builders

    Is there a completely free AI resume builder?

    Yes, there are completely free AI resume builders. ResumA.I., Teal HQ, or HyreSnap, are just some of the available free AI resume tools. They use AI to help you create professional-looking resumes quickly and easily. They offer several resume templates fit for seasoned veterans and freshers.

    What is the best AI website to create a resume for free?

    The best websites to create your resume for free using the AI are:

    1. HyreSnap
    2. ChatGPT
    3. EnhanCV
    4. TealHQ
    5. ResumA.I.
    6. Rezi
    7. Appy Pie
    8. Skillroads

    Remember that AI resume writing is not perfect, and you might still want to use a professional HR-approved resume builder, such as ResumeLab, to write your perfect resume.

    Can AI build me a resume?

    AI can help you create a resume, but it won’t be able to add your personal touch to it. You can use the AI to check your grammar or optimize your application for specific resume keywords. But the AI doesn’t know your career history, interests, certifications, or education. You’ll need to scrutinize its outputs so you don’t lie on your resume.

    Are free AI resume builders worth it?

    You only pay with your time when using a free AI resume builder. But you’re also unable to utilize all the features of the specific program. You'll need to move to the paid plan to get the most out of most free AI resume makers.

    Is there a better alternative for free AI resume builders?

    Yes, ResumeLab offers solutions to the many pain points you can encounter using free AI resume tools. Our service offers expert-written helpful prompts for your work history section, resume profile, skills section, and even cover letters.

    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Written byMariusz Wawrzyniak

    Mariusz is a career expert with a background in quality control & economics. With work experience in FinTech and a passion for self-development, Mariusz brings a unique perspective to his role. He’s dedicated to providing the most effective advice on resume and cover letter writing techniques to help his readers secure the jobs of their dreams.

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