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Best Resume Design Ideas & Templates for 2024 [+How-To]

Choosing the best resume design is your first step when preparing a resume. And we’re here to provide you with the best of the best.

Mariusz Wawrzyniak
Mariusz Wawrzyniak
Career Expert
Best Resume Design Ideas & Templates for 2024 [+How-To]

How you plan your resume can make or break your chances of getting the job. And recruiters make their decisions in just a few seconds.

That’s where pre-made and fillable resume designs come in. They’ll save you time but, most importantly, give you an edge over other candidates. Find a collection of 20+ of the best ones below.

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Are you looking for even more resume templates? Check out the links below:

And now, let’s just jump straight into choosing the perfect resume design for you.

Expert Hint: None of our templates are fully set in stone. You can change their colors, reorganize the sections, apply different resume fonts, and even change the icons.

Resume Design Ideas

Include a Large Sidebar

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Enfold resume design

A thick sidebar allows you to fit a lot of additional resume sections and still not get over two pages long. This resume design is perfect for anyone building a technical resume. Use it if you want to showcase several impressive bonus sections!

Highlight Your Name

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Influx resume design

Want to know where the recruiter will look first? It’s all about contrast and visual interest. That’s what the Influx resume design does. The bright header with your contact info acts like a magnet to any reader. And right underneath it, you’ll find a well-laid-out resume design fit for making it into a two-page resume.

Make it Modern

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Modern resume design

Your resume design needs to follow the times and stay modern. This design is perfect for lowering the length of your resume from two, down to one page. And the best part? Two colored blocks that start and end the page and create a frame neatly encompassing your qualifications.

Minimize the Noise

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATE ResumeLab Muse resume design

This resume design uses the last example’s style but omits the use of colored blocks in the corners. This creates ample white space on the resume. At the same time, the reader’s eyes will be directed to each heading marked with stylish arrows. This design creates a sleek and professional-looking resume.

Make Your Title Pop

Professional Block Hloom resume design

Your job title determines who you are. Ensure it pops in the recruiter’s face. This concise and conservative resume design by Hloom is a great choice for a combination resume

You can find this template here.

Keep It Clean

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Nanica resume design

Nanica is one of the most recommended entry-level resume designs. With an easily readable resume profile, this design is universally loved by recruiters. But that’s not all. Academics also enjoy using this design for a resume, thanks to its crystal-clear, tidy look.

Brighten It Up

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Lumina resume design

Do you feel like a classic resume doesn’t suit your bright personality? Choose a resume design with a flashy background. It will definitely brighten the recruiters' day.

Simplify It

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Simple resume design

Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it’s bad. This resume design uses zero graphics to ensure no distractions take away from your qualifications. If you want to showcase your skills in organizing and management by making a chronological resume, this design is your friend.

Try It on Paper

Professional Etsy resume design

You’re not always going to send your resume via email. Sometimes, a bit of legwork is what will reap the best results. If so, you need the best resume design to put on your highest-quality resume paper. And yes, this one is the perfect choice.

You can get that template right here.

Shape Up

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Squares resume design

You know the saying, “be there or be square?” With this resume design, you definitely won’t be the square. This template is for confident individuals who have plenty to show for themselves. If you’re not afraid of the spotlight, square up!

Add Icons

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Crisp resume design

The Crisp resume design comes with icons next to each section’s name. It’s an ATS-friendly resume template with timeless elegance. In this design, you can change the icons and their colors to add a more personalized touch.

Experiment With Fonts

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Valera resume design

This resume design does its job best in the creative field. Its memorable heading font instantly creates visual interest while remaining cool and classy. If you enjoy switching up fonts on your resume, this is the perfect choice for you.

Make Their Hearts Skip a BeatEtsy Nurse resume design

An interesting subset of resumes are those tailored for specific jobs. This one is the perfect example. The EKG design immediately shows you’re making a healthcare resume. Not only that, the resume will look as good as a PDF and in person, thanks to its textured background.

You can find it on Etsy by clicking this link.

Present Yourself as a Brand

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Initials resume design

If you want your resume to look super professional, why not include a logo with your initials? That’s exactly what this resume design offers you. The addition of a personalized logo not only adds a touch of individuality but also enhances the visual appeal of your application.

Switch to Dark Mode

Resumgo Haides resume design

If the recruiter is burning the midnight oil browsing through hundreds of applications, give their eyes some well-deserved rest. A dark resume is easier to read in poor lighting conditions. Bonus points if you use it when applying for a night shift.

You can find this design here.

Make It Luxurious

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Diamond resume design

Want the best features of Influx and Squares in one resume design? The well-designed timeline of this resume design showcases your professional journey, creating a seamless flow of information. With this template, you strike the perfect balance between creativity and formality. Impress employers with a visually engaging yet professional presentation of your qualifications and experience.

Number It

Refined Hloom resume design

The second Hloom resume design that got into the list! The Refined one-page design features numbered boxes on the left side that allow you to neatly group and organize key skills or achievements on your resume.

You can find this template by clicking on this link

Go Back In Time

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Vintage resume design

The Vintage template is a tried-and-tested classic and a fan favorite for creating academic CVs. It’s well suited for longer resumes, so use it for positions with a very formal work culture, especially if you have a lot of experience to show.

Showcase a Timeline

USE THIS RESUME TEMPLATEResumeLab Concept resume design

Concept has a very interesting resume design, as it decreases the width of the sidebar and uses it to display just the dates. This way, your career growth is instantly visible and ready to make an instant impression. 

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How to Design a Resume in 6 Steps

If you’re looking to design a resume yourself, or you just want to know what the best practices for making a resume design are, we prepared a list of the most important ones:

1. Use Proper Margins

Seems simple enough, right? And fortunately, it is. The margins on a resume need to be the same on all four sides. Depending on the choice of the design, they can vary in size.

As a general rule of thumb, aim for your margins to be one inch wide, but nothing stops you from experimenting.

2. Select a Readable Font

If the recruiter can’t be bothered with your resume, it might be the case of a wrong font. Choosing the best resume font is essential when designing a resume. 

Once you choose the font you like best, stick with it throughout your resume and cover letter to make your application consistent. Unless you’re a graphic designer and can switch up the fonts for various sections, keeping just one is best.

And don’t forget to apply a good font size (10–12pts) so that every word can be read without much trouble. Also, make the section titles larger than the rest of the text. This creates clear divisions on the page, making it much easier to read.

3. Divide the Resume Into Sections

What does it mean? There’s a specific resume order to follow, and it’s this:

If you’ve chosen a resume design with a sidebar, you should try and fit some of these sections there. The best for it are skills, languages, and certifications because they require less content.

However, different life scenarios require different resume formats. For example, if you’re creating a resume with no experience, you should emphasize your education by putting it right under the objective and above experience. 

4. Make the Resume Header Stand Out

This part is your business card, which needs to make an impression to stay in the recruiter’s mind. Get it right from the get-go and amplify your chances of landing an interview.

Put your header on top of the resume and accentuate it with a pop of color if you want.

5. Let the White Space Show

Not every spot on the resume needs to be filled with text. Quite the opposite, actually. Too much information would look more like a scientific paper rather than a job application.

Opt for sufficient spacing. Something around 1.15 to 1.5 between the lines should be okay. And just like with the fonts, keep spacing consistent throughout the entire resume.

6. Save Your Resume as a PDF

Saving the resume as a PDF brings along some great benefits. For starters, there will be no problem passing through the automatic Applicant Tracking System, as they can read PDFs perfectly.

Saving the resume as a PDF also ensures no line of text, icon, or section moves from where you put it. If you save it in a different format, your recruiter may not be able to view it properly.

Expert Hint: Even with the best resume design, you still need to fill it out with the best content. So learn how to write a successful resume through our guides, and you’ll quickly find your next job.

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Key Points

To choose or create the perfect resume design for you, keep these points in mind:

  • Keep the design slick and uniform; don’t overdo things.
  • Stick to one font, one margin width, and one spacing setting throughout the resume.
  • Separate the sections to help recruiters go through the resume. And make your header instantly identifiable.
  • Take the guesswork out of designing your resume. Choose an already existing, proven design like the ones in our builder, and just fill it out with your information.

Do you have more questions about designing a fantastic resume? Want to share your tips and tricks on making stunning resume designs? Tell us in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to respond!

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