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    20+ Infographic Resume Templates (+ Examples & Builder)

    If you find simple resume templates unsuccessful, look for something fancier. View a list of infographic resume templates and turn a dull resume into an entertaining read.

    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Career Expert
    20+ Infographic Resume Templates (+ Examples & Builder)

    Plain, black & white resumes fell out of usage long ago. Simplified resume structures resembling a shopping list rather than a professional, cleverly formatted document don’t work anymore, either. If you want to make an impression on a recruiter, you should heed these two: functionality and aesthetics.

    Here comes an infographic resume. Functional like a UX-friendliest design, and aesthetically pleasing like a perfected graphic project. In this guide, we’ll review the best infographic resume templates and examples to incorporate in your next resume.

    In this guide:

    • An infographic resume definition and an example to help you grasp the idea of it.
    • Pros and cons of using an infographic resume instead of a traditional resume format.
    • 20+ infographic resume templates to give you lots of valuable inspiration.
    • Examples of creative infographic resume designs and how to make your infographic resume stand out.

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    Meanwhile, check these guides that work well for resume structuring and styling:

    What is an infographic resume?

    An infographic resume is a visual portrayal of your work experience, education, skills, and other content you would put in a typical resume. Contrary to a classic resume, an infographic resume is built with numerous visual elements such as icons, graphs, timelines, and bars. 

    Infographic Resume Example

    Infographic resume example created in ResumeLab builder

    Though infographic resumes aim to be visually engaging, they also endeavor to maintain readability and clearance. You’ll often spot subtle graphic elements that distinguish particular resume sections or illustrate specific information.

    In the above example, the skills section features small square elements that help to list a candidate’s abilities in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, it uses creative skills distinctions that picture the level of proficiency within a particular skill.

    On top of that, this infographic resume example uses transparent, colorful graphic elements that enliven the template and give it an appealing look. Despite an unusual design, this resume saves a clear structure and lets the reader grasp information rapidly.

    Is an Infographic Resume a Good Idea?

    You might be tempted to create an infographic resume, especially if you’re determined to get that particular job and clearly lack ideas for making it impactful.

    Here are some pros of making an infographic resume to help you decide:

    • Nice look: Infographic resumes are visually appealing and can help you gain an edge over competitors.
    • Highlighting key information: With an infographic resume, it’s easier to emphasize the information sought by recruiters and catch their attention.
    • Creative flow: Making an infographic resume gives you an opportunity to showcase your design skills, especially if you’re applying for a relevant role like a graphic designer.
    • Expressing your personality: There’s a lot of freedom in customizing an infographic resume, so you can use it to convey your character and personality.
    • Tailoring: Infographic resumes can be suited to a specific job or field, which makes them more pertinent.
    • Proving technical skills: Designing an infographic resume advocates for your proficiency with design tools and technologies, which gives you extra points.

    While making an infographic resume can be advantageous, it has potential drawbacks. Consider them to strike a balance:

    • ATS-unfriendly: Some applicant tracking systems that employers use may not be able to scan and interpret your resume’s content when presented in such a form.
    • Demanding: Making an infographic resume that looks perfectly good usually takes a lot of time. Especially if you make numerous resumes and tailor them to different positions.
    • Limited use: Infographic resumes don’t fit all industries and job roles. Contrary to traditional resume formats, they can be used mostly for creative and modern roles.
    • Less formal: Some recruiters may consider infographic resumes less professional, especially if they demand highly formal applications.
    • Cluttered look: It’s pretty easy to stuff an infographic resume with too many elements and embellishments, making it hard to read.
    • Difficult to update: Updating your infographic resume as your career progresses might be challenging as it can easily break its structure and worsen its appearance.

    In summary, an infographic resume can be a good idea if you consider your field, job, and design abilities. Infographic resumes are better for creative and design-related roles and require confidence in design and aesthetics. However, note that they may not be compatible with ATS, so your resume might be overlooked.

    20 Best Infographic Resume Templates with Examples of Use

    We’ve collected 20 different infographic resume templates to give you an overview of how far you can push your creativity when making an infographic resume. Let’s get on with it.

    1. Spruce Up Your Resume With Subtle Initials

    USE THIS TEMPLATEInitials resume template from ResumeLab

    If simplicity is your friend and surfeit gives you nothing but anxiety, this simple Initials template is for you. Thanks to its subtle additions, the resume above is far from overbearing. Graphic elements are reduced to small icons and circles. The biggest circle contains the title initials, which are pretty classy.

    2. Add a Distinguishing Stripe

    USE THIS TEMPLATEEnfold resume template from ResumeLab

    Infographic resumes don’t have to be about kinks and whimsical effects. Sometimes, it’s fair enough to apply just one distinctive feature that will do the whole job. In this case, it’s this navy blue stripe on the right that looks like a bookmark. Indeed, a clever way to make a recruiter remember where he left off. 

    3. Push The Boat Out and Go For Something Fancier

    USE THIS TEMPLATENewcast resume template from ResumeLab

    You don’t have to be modest in resume colors. Plus, colored resumes may entail positive connotations. For instance, yellow symbolizes positivity, happiness, and optimism. If you want to show off your characteristics and attitude through a resume, reasonable color choices might help. This Newcast template uses yellow coloring, enhancing this resume with an optimistic twist.

    4. Flood Your Resume with a Vivid Color

    Freelance Animator template from Visme

    If you’re more into bold decisions rather than timid attempts, this Visme’s template for a freelance animator is a good fit. With a big yellow box up top, it catches attention and conveys positivity. As you can see, it accentuates a jobseeker’s achievements and awards, so it might be perfect for those with some on their record. Icons are pretty sharp here, and this template is expressive overall. A great way to articulate your attitude and bright personality.

    5. Make it Centered and Symmetric

    Data Analyst template from Piktochart

    If you decide to put a photo on your resume, this is where it should find its place. Despite its central position, it weaves gently into the resume layout. In turn, the content is displayed in two columns, which creates an impression of symmetry and harmony. Overall, it makes this data analyst resume template from Piktochart easy to look at.

    6. Play with Tones and Transparency

    Simple ATS template from Piktochart

    Did we already say that infographic resumes shouldn’t necessarily be stuffed with elements and colors? Simple icons, plus subdued colors, don’t mean you’re reserved and devoid of fantasy. If you want to make your resume more gripping, play with shades and forms like this simple ATS resume template by Visme does. For a stunning effect, adjust the color intensity and use some intriguing marks in the background. Spoiler alert: this grayish template can fit tech jobs pretty well.

    7. Go Minimal with a Simplistic Form and a Tiny Adornment

    USE THIS TEMPLATESquares template from ResumeLab

    They tell you your B&W resume is a total yawn, but you’re still into straightforward solutions. It’s your inner nature, and you won’t wear pink even if it’s all the rage. We feel you, bro! But let us reveal a secret: tiny adornments won’t kill the vibe. This Squares infographic resume template is the evidence. So, show them you catch the drift and apply some subtle embellishments to make your resume way more appealing.

    8. Enclose Your Resume Content in Frames

    Creative template from Piktochart

    Whoa, that’s serious! Call it what you want—a gangster or a businessman resume. Hire me, or you’ll have to deal with my people. But, honestly, Concrete could be an alternative name for this Piktochart’s creative resume. It distinguishes an applicant’s skills and emphasizes milestones achieved. The numbers strike the eye, and that’s what they’re meant to be. Bold lines and a black, thick frame emphasize determination and confidence.

    9. Highlight Contact Details

    Businessman template from Visme

    If you’re a master of communication; honestly, this template is a decent selection. It puts your contact details up top, so no one will have to crawl all over the Internet to find you. Moreover, this tricolor businessman resume template from Visme plays with tones and figures, which makes it dynamic. Whether you’re a marketer, a social media ninja, or a graphic arts designer, dynamic shouldn’t sound foreign.

    10. Fit Your Skills Neatly

    USE THIS TEMPLATECubic template from ResumeLab

    We’ve already talked away some simplistic resume solutions, but here’s one more to consider. Imagine you have a whole list of professional skills to show off. Still, your resume has a limited capacity. Visual representations designed for every asset you possess would take up too much space. Simplify the skills section without any remorse using this Cubic template.

    11. Incorporate Highlights

    Engineering Design template from Visme

    Another way to display your assets is on color wheels containing percentage values. See, your resume highlights don’t have to occupy half of the precious space that your resume holds. It is enough that you select a few crucial areas you want to emphasize your expertise in. Don’t be afraid to place them at the very end. They’re still visible from there, like in this engineering design resume from Visme.

    12. Express Yourself Through Colors

    Government and Military template from Visme

    It’s a common truth: your resume is your showcase. Your personality speaks through its structure, colors, and even the selection of graphic elements. For example, if you’re applying for the so-called social professions, it’s vital that you smuggle some of your characteristics into your resume and show people who you are. This government and military resume template from Visme explains how.

    13. Go Deep Into Details

    Infographic template from Behance

    This one looks a bit like an intricate plan of taking over the world at first sight, but if you read through it, you’ll understand it’s just a detailed representation of someone’s experience and knowledge. If you hold a higher position, this infographic resume from Behance will prove that you keep a tight rein on what belongs to you. But beware, too much information may detract a recruiter from reading. Make sure you follow best resume practices solely.

    14. Apply Visualizations

    Graphic Designer template from Behance

    Artistic chaos in its best form. You might have an urge to immediately tidy up your room after seeing this one, but in a while, you know it’s just a very offbeat graphic designer resume from Behance. An author used graphic representations of personal stuff to present critical resume data. Well, a minimum of words and lots of visuals, in short. If you’re not afraid to go a little Freaky Freaky, give it a shot.

    15. Let Your Creativity Flow

    School project template from Behance

    You don’t have to follow standardized free resume templates. Go beyond if you feel so. If you do creative work, a recruiter will appreciate your invention. See this web developer infographic resume from Behance? It incorporates an unconventional time axis and mixes up both work experience and education information. A brave choice, but the world belongs to the brave, right?

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    16. Show off What You’ve Got

    Infographic template from Behance

    Graphic design doesn’t mind any limitations. If you’re an artist, you can basically conjure up whatever your creativity can take you to. Dots and dashes, you’re the director of this creative orchestra. Not having a faint idea of graphic design principles? No snag. Take benefits from a ready-made template crafted with flair, like this infographic resume from Behance.

    17. Turn Your Resume Into a Modern Concept

    USE THIS TEMPLATEModern template from ResumeLab

    While an overload of visual elements may generate confusion, simplified, consistent graphic elements bring orderliness and clarity to your resume. With these two nifty orange shapes at the top and bottom, this Modern resume template appears well-thought (with a tinge of creativity). 

    18. Make it Short and Concise Like a Leaflet

    Blue template from Easel.ly

    Don’t want to talk your resume over? Keep it short, like a flyer. The best resume length is just one single page. With such a marketing approach, you will pass on the most important information and omit stuffing your resume with unnecessary contents. This is exactly how an infographic resume works—a minimum of words and a maximum of meanings. Head to this infographic resume sample from Easel.ly to edit it.

    19. Make it Fun and Digestible

    ElizabethYuan template from Easel.ly

    Your resume doesn’t have to be a block of text, showing how serious you are with your job hunting. Let them know you’ve got this slack and a hint of madness. Use some fancy resume font, and apply eye-pleasing icons and graphics. Don’t be afraid to use a wide range of colors, too. You have little time to hit a recruiter, so use your resume potential and express your individuality like this infographic resume from Easel.ly shows.

    20. Make it Approachable

    Infographic template from Easel.ly

    This one puts on consistency. Pink-colored items are deployed all over this infographic resume template from Easel.ly, but they’re not fortuitous. All elements make up a coherent whole, and this resume is easy to navigate through. All in all, a combination of a nice flow and readability.

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    Key Points

    That’s basically it. With such a broad choice of infographic templates, you can tailor your resume to your profession, experience, and personality. Got a career in a creative field? Don’t ponder; make a resume that is up to the task. Less creative role? Go simple and utilize one of the simplified infographic resume templates.

    Need help with crafting an infographic resume? Seek ideas on how to locate all the data across your resume? Drop a comment. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Written byMarta Bongilaj, CPRW

    Marta Bongilaj is a career expert and a Certified Professional Résumé Writer. She's a member of the National Career Development Association and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. She has a vast marketing background, which helps her give relevant advice on bringing out candidates’ strongest points and making their resumes a compelling read. In her articles, she underlines the importance of showcasing the most prominent skills, experiences, and qualifications in a resume to stand out in increasingly competitive job markets. Marta provides on-point tips on how to promote one’s candidature efficaciously at every career stage. Holding a philology degree, she believes that concise, persuasive language lies at the core of a successful resume. If you seek advice on marketing yourself to employers, no matter your recruitment stage, you’ve come to the right place.

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