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Football Coach Resume Example, Template, and Skills

It’s time for kick-off! Start your football coaching career by scoring the job straight away. How? Allow us to guide your football coach resume to a swift victory.

Mariusz Wawrzyniak
Mariusz Wawrzyniak
Career Expert
Football Coach Resume Example, Template, and Skills

You may be THE football coach to lead the next upcoming star into the NFL. But how will anyone trust you if you don’t present the perfect football coach resume? Create a resume as impressive as Pollard’s 100-yard touchdown, and become a coach your players will be grateful for.

Here’s what you’ll find in this guide:

  • A football coach resume example you can use for your own needs.
  • How to make the perfect football coaching job description for a resume.
  • Best way to write a high school or head football coach resume.
  • Proven tips to increase your chances of landing a football coach job.

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Head Football Coach Resume Example

Christian Pedersen

Head Football Coach

Personal Info

Phone: 209-870-4193



Dedicated football coach with 6+ years of professional experience in coaching high school and college athletes. Looking to coach the California Hounds for the upcoming season. Successfully led the Chico Wolves to win the state championship two years in a row. Skilled in developing strategies and training programs. Committed to creating a challenging experience for all players while ensuring their constant growth.


College Head Football Coach

California State University, Chico, CA

March 2020–February 2023

  • Led the team to win the California State Championship two years in a row.
  • Maintained a player retention rate of 95%, demonstrating the positive impact of the program on player satisfaction.
  • Implemented new offensive strategies that resulted in an average increase in TD/GP by 0.91 across two seasons.
  • Coached the Chico Wolves to get 24 wins over the course of two seasons.
  • Reduced the percentage of sustained injuries per player by 45% compared to the previous coach.

Key achievement

  • Produced comprehensive scouting reports, leading to successful game planning and a 75% win rate against rival teams.

High School Football Coach

Chico High School, Chico, CA

June 2016- March 2020

  • Coached the team to win 11 out of 17 games on average each season.
  • Raised the player’s physical performance by over 33% on average, measured by a series of fitness and strength tests.
  • Coordinated fundraising sports events that were attended by most high schools in the city.
  • Mentored and supervised two assistant coaches.

Key achievement

  • Collaborated with the academic support team to maintain a 100% graduation rate among student-athletes.


University of Southern California, B.S. in Kinesiology

August 2012–June 2016

  • Pursued additional courses on Coaching Psychology and Exercise Science.
  • Completed a 1.5-year internship as an assistant coach at Chico Primary School.


  • Football analytics
  • Implementing training programs
  • Sports science
  • Strategy development
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management
  • Communications skills
  • Strong work ethic


  • Coaching Football Certification, NFHS, June 2016
  • Fitness Coach Certificate, ISSA, July 2014
  • First Aid, CPR, AED, American Red Cross, March 2014


  • The Art of Passing and Possession in Football, Play Ball, July 2021

Additional Activities

  • Participation in triathlon competitions twice a year
  • Organizing weekly fitness sessions at a local gym

A football coach is tasked with enhancing their athlete's sports performance. They coordinate and motivate football teams, fostering preparedness for matches and competitions. Football coaches have skills in tactical teaching and team motivation and can work with athletes of all ages and abilities.

Now that you’ve seen the trophy (the finished resume), let’s start the job search Super Bowl!

1. Kick-Off With a Professional Football Coach Resume Format

Football is still the most popular sport in America. This means a sea of opportunities is waiting for a coach like you. Now is not the time to create a defensive pocket, but for a forward pass toward your career goal.

To do that, make your football coaching resume format clean and clear. Here’s how:

  • Establish your coaching expertise with additional resume sections: Certifications, Volunteer work for resume, Hobbies, Internships, and others.

When you’re done writing, save your resume as a PDF. This way, you ensure everything on your football coach resume stays the same way you first wrote it.

2. Write a Football Coach Resume Objective or Summary Worthy of a Gold Trophy

Writing a great football coach resume profile is essential and highly effective. It makes your recruiter as excited about you as everyone is about the Super Bowl. If you’re an experienced coach, write a resume summary. If you’re starting out, add a resume objective to your football coaching resume.

For an effective resume profile, use:

  1. One adjective (efficient, enthusiastic, dedicated)
  2. Job title (High School Football Coach, Head Football Coach)
  3. Years of experience (2+, 4+)
  4. How you’ll help/what you wish to accomplish (coach the California Hounds for the upcoming season)
  5. Nicest 1–2 achievements (led the Chico Wolves to win the state championship two years in a row)

Before you write your football coach resume objective or summary, finish the rest of your resume. Writing this part last is much easier when all the other pieces are in place first.

Expert Hint: If you’ve previously coached for a different sport but are looking for a career turnover, create a career change resume. Analyze your skills from previous coaching positions to pick relevant ones for your football coach resume.

3. Create a Championship-Worthy Football Coach Resume Job Description and Skills Sections

Let’s gain some yardage! A well-written football coach resume job description does wonders. Prove to your recruiter you know the ins and outs of football. With over 5 million Americans playing the sport, you must know that a pancake is not just a delicious breakfast.

Make your resume work history section prove you can tackle any challenge.

Here’s how to write a football coach resume job description:

  1. Take your time reading the job ad.
  2. Spot the football coaching skills and duties in it.
  3. Remember the times you used them to mentor your team.
  4. Write resume bullets that show those things, with numbersto back them up.

If you’re not yet applying for a full-fledged coaching position but rather as an assistant football coach, employ a different tactic. In the case of an entry-level resume, use relevant accomplishments from your other jobs, volunteer work, or internships. As long as they prove you have the desired skills, they won’t raise any red flags.

And one more thing—add a resume skills section.

As a football coach, you’re expected to be an expert in the field. And you most likely are. But as tempting as it may be to list dozens of skills you have on your football coach resume, you shouldn’t. Having too many skills on the resume floods the page and makes it unappealing. Select 5–10 most relevant skills you have. You can use the list below for reference.

Football Coach Skills for a Resume

  • Football Analytics
  • Mentoring
  • Strategy Development
  • Sports Science
  • Fitness
  • First Aid
  • Player Analysis
  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise Science
  • High Constitution and Dexterity
  • Practical Football Skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Time Management
  • Communications Skills
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Friendliness
  • Inspiring
  • Coordinating
  • Collaboration Skills

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4. Tackle Your Education Section

You may think your resume education section doesn’t matter. But it’s only partially true. Although you don’t have to have a higher education to become a football coach (you can just get certified), having a degree in a linked field can be an incredible asset. To make the most of it, show off your most recent school, degree, and starting+graduation dates.

If you’re experienced, that’s enough, but here’s a tip for inexperienced coaches. Go the extra mile! Present your internships, relevant coursework, and relevant projects you participated in. This will put your football coaching resume in the starting lineup.

5. Score a Touchdown With Football Coaching Resume Added Sections

Here’s the winning play: Instead of finishing your football coach resume with just what’s obligatory—

Add bonus sections to make your resume stand out from the crowd. A few added sections can elevate your football coach's resume from nothing to Bill Belichick's status. Just remember always to follow what’s relevant to the position. Use some of these sections:

Expert Hint: Having a jaw-dropping football coach resume is great, but may not be enough. To ensure you put your best foot forward, learn how to write a cover letter. A matching cover letter will increase your chances exponentially.

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Key Points

For a professional football coaching resume that puts you in the spotlight:

  • Use the football coach resume template above. It will carry your resume to victory.
  • Craft a professional football coaching resume summary or objective. It’s a play-of-the-game for your resume.
  • Pick the right football coach resume skills. Scan through the job offer for keywords, and list exactly what they want.
  • Write a football coaching cover letter. Make it stand out by showing your motivation and your solutions to guide the team to new heights.

And that’s how you write a professional football coach resume that scores the touchdown. Do you have any questions about this guide? Have you run into any problems writing your own head football coach resume? Leave a comment. We’ll be happy to reply.

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