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    20+ One-Page Resume Templates to Customize & Download

    Your resume can be ready to kickstart your career in just a few minutes. Just select the one-page resume template you like best, fill it in, and download it in the desired format.

    Roma Kończak, CPRW
    Roma Kończak, CPRW
    Career Expert
    20+ One-Page Resume Templates to Customize & Download

    Finding the right one-page resume template can take hours. You want it to look perfect because you need to make an impression with your resume. But the styles you’ve found so far are just blah.

    Don’t worry—I’ve got you. Here, you’ll find over twenty 1-page resume templates in classic and modern styles. Continue reading to find the perfect single-page resume template for you.

    In this guide:

    • One-page resume templates better than other templates out there.
    • Stylish 1-page resume templates designed in cooperation with hiring experts.
    • Modern and classic designs of one-page resume templates that match all job types.

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    Here are our top 20 one-page resume templates, customizable with a single click:

    1. Cascade

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Cascade

    The average college student needs around 3.2 minutes to read one page of text. But hiring managers don’t spend so much time reading a resume. And that’s why you need a one-page resume template that will catch their attention straight away.

    Cascade is a single-page resume template that will definitely work for you. It uses a two-column resume layout: the left side of the document focuses on personal information and skills, and the right side presents the candidate’s profile and qualifications in more detail. You can personalize this one-page resume template by changing the color of the left column and the section headings. 

    2. Classic

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Classic

    The name of this one-page resume template says it all. It’s a classic, one-column layout featuring all standard resume sections. The minimalist timeline added to the work history section makes this template stand out from dozens of similar ones. As with any of our one-page resume templates, you can customize the colors and fonts to suit your taste.

    3. Concept

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Concept

    This is what a stylish resume looks like. It’s a 1-page resume template that features two columns. The narrow one on the left highlights the candidate’s career progression by giving prominence to the dates in their work history. The right column includes all the resume sections. The start of each part is indicated by a minimalist icon that can help to catch the recruiter’s attention.

    4. Crisp

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Crisp

    For enthusiasts of minimalist resumes: a 1-page template that serves the essential information on the top half of the page. The reader will immediately glance at the candidate’s name, job title, and their resume summary or objective. This one-page resume template can easily fit additional sections, such as language skills or personal interests.

    5. Cubic

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Cubic

    It’s the perfect example of how to fit a chronological resume template into 1 page. This modern layout features a bold header with the applicant’s name and job title at the top. You can customize it with different colors: go for a classic blue, dark gray, or navy if you want an elegant look, or try something braver like red or orange if you want to really stand out.

    6. Diamond

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Diamond

    The name of this 1-page resume template comes from the diamond-shaped icons adorning each resume section. It’s a great choice for candidates who enjoy visual elements on their resume, such as timelines, icons, and progress bars in the key skills section.

    7. Enfold

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Enfold

    This one-page resume template will easily hold all the information you need. Start your resume with a catchy profile that presents the highlights of your career, and fill the rest of the page with standard sections such as work experience, education, and skills. You can adapt this template by selecting a different color for the right-side column and section headings.

    8. Iconic

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Iconic

    This modern resume template looks very simple at first glance. But there is something that catches the reader’s eye—the icons that indicate the start of each section. It’s a new take on a classic 1-page resume template. Make it yours by choosing the color you prefer for the headings and icons.

    9. Influx

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Influx

    A classic one-column layout meets a modern spin in this one-page resume template. The colorful header area works well to grab the attention of the reader. It features the candidate’s name and personal information such as email, phone number, and social media—but it can easily fit the candidate’s address, too. You can add the star rating to the skill section to keep the hiring manager reading from top to bottom of the document.

    10. Initials

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Initials

    This 1-page resume template features the candidate’s initials displayed in a large dog next to their name. It’s a great yet simple way to catch the recruiter’s attention. This two-column layout can fit a lot of information, helping you avoid the popular resume mistake of making it unnecessarily long.

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    11. Minimo

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Minimo

    Let’s say it straight: it’s a simple resume template. But still—there’s something in it that makes it stylish. The text is perfectly balanced by white space, and the important information is highlighted with a dash of color. If you prefer more visuals on your one-page resume, add the star rating to the key skills, just like this example shows.

    12. Modern

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Modern

    Tired of classic resume styles? This single-page resume template is different. It’s not just about the two columns and arrow-like icons. What grabs your attention are the two rectangles at the top and bottom of the document. It’s a simple addition, but it works perfectly.

    13. Muse

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Muse

    This two-column layout has a sleek modern look. You can customize this 1-page resume template using different resume fonts, and you can change the colors of headings and icons to suit your taste.

    14. Nanica

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Nanica

    Do you prefer classic styles? Then this one-page resume template can be perfect for you. It features a single-column layout and no frills. You can highlight the headings using colors, but you might also go for a monochrome look if that’s what you prefer. It’s a great choice if you want the contents of the resume to speak for themselves. 

    15. Newcast

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Newcast

    This 1-page resume template proves that classic doesn’t equal boring. It’s a traditional layout with a modern twist. The icons help to draw the eye to each section, and the resume header includes essential information about the candidate.

    16. Primo

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Primo

    This one-page resume template features minimalist visual elements. They connect the parts of the resume outline to create a coherent narrative. It’s a great resume template if you want to put emphasis on career progression.

    17. Simple

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Simple

    The name of this 1-page resume template says it all: it’s a simple layout that works great for the classic reverse-chronological resume format. Use this two-column template if you want to fit a lot of information into a one-page resume.

    18. Squares

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Squares

    This single-page resume template proves that small additions can make a big difference. It’s a classic layout made more exciting thanks to the square icon with the candidate’s initials. If you enjoy visual elements on a resume, you can use progress bars in the skill section, just like in the example above. Be sure to use resume keywords to make the contents of your application strong.

    19. Valera

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Valera

    What’s the easiest way to make your resume look more exciting? Use stylish fonts. This one-page resume template did it perfectly. The candidate’s name and sections, such as work experience, education, and skills, are highlighted thanks to the bold, cursive font. The rest of the resume uses a classic type to keep things professional.

    20. Vibes

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Vibes

    This one-page resume template combines professionalism and modernity. It’s a subtle, minimalist layout featuring two columns. Each section is highlighted with a resume icon. You can customize this template using different colors for the headings and icons. After you complete it, you can download your resume in a PDF or DOC format.

    21. Vintage

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWone page resume template Vintage

    It’s a 1-page resume template with a classic look. The header area features the candidate’s profile and personal information, making them easy to spot for the hiring manager. The only extravagance in this template is the minimalist timeline that appears in sections featuring various dates, such as work history. 

    Before you email your resume, think carefully about all the required documents for your job application. Maybe you’ve forgotten about something important, like a cover letter.

    How to Create a One-Page Resume From Scratch?

    Got a job application ready, but do you worry about the length of your resume? It’s not a problem—you can always trim a two-page application and create a single-page resume.

    Here’s a bunch of resume tips that will help you make a one-page resume without losing essential content:

    1. Make each entry matter and skip the fluff

    It’s a common mistake to include too much information on a resume. You may feel tempted to describe each duty you’ve ever performed. Maybe your work experience section goes too far back. Both are popular mistakes.

    Rather than aiming for quantity, go for quality. The hiring manager wants to learn if you’re qualified for the job, and your resume must convince them. So skip anything that doesn’t contribute to this goal. Then, polish each entry so it paints you in a great light.

    2. Include achievements relevant to the position

    Achievements are more convincing than responsibilities. Instead of saying what you did, show how well you did it. Use achievement statements and follow the Problem-Action-Result formula to create short and effective descriptions of your accomplishments.

    3. Tailor the contents of your resume

    Don’t send one general resume to 10 different job offers. It’s a waste of time. Your resume must be targeted at the position you are applying for. Make sure your work experience, skill section, and education information match the job requirements. 

    4. Remove unnecessary information

    A resume is not your biography—it shouldn’t feature every single thing you’re proud of. I’ve already mentioned that everything you include must be relevant to the job. If you skipped all the irrelevant information and your resume still goes beyond one page, consider trimming non-essential sections, such as personal interests and hobbies

    5. Adjust the formatting

    Playing around with different resume styles, layouts, and templates can help squeeze the information into a one-page resume. For example, you can use a different resume font or adjust line spacing. Another good idea is to use bulleted lists for entries in each resume section.

    If you’re not sure how to write a resume, check this dedicated guide: Writing a Resume from Scratch

    Need to edit your resume? These guides include advice from career experts, all designed to help you improve your resume:

    Need to see a great resume example? Check out our collection of 200+ sample resumes for all types of jobs.

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    Key Points

    Here are the most important things to know about ResumeLab’s one-page resume templates:

    • Our resume builder features 20+ one-page resume templates that can be easily filled out with your information.
    • Any of the 1-page resume templates can be adapted to your needs: you can change the colors of headings and backgrounds, switch fonts, adjust line spacing, and rearrange the sections.
    • Each single-page resume template can be downloaded in a Doc or Pdf file format.

    Got any questions about ResumeLab’s one-page resume templates? Feel free to ask below—we’ll be happy to help!

    Roma Kończak, CPRW
    Written byRoma Kończak, CPRW

    Roma Kończak is a career expert and a Certified Professional Résumé Writer with a background in education and humanities. She’s passionate about personal development and helping others advance in their careers. She writes guides that simplify complex HR terminology based on thorough research and factual information.

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