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    How to Create a Sorority Resume—Template & Example

    Join the ranks of inspiring women. This sorority resume template and guide will teach you how to highlight the right achievements and personal qualities on a sorority resume.

    Roma Kończak, CPRW
    Roma Kończak, CPRW
    Career Expert
    How to Create a Sorority Resume—Template & Example

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Kamala Harris, Bette Midler—what do these famous women have in common? They’re all sorority alumna. 

    If you want to meet other inspiring women, joining a sorority is a great idea. But to get there, you need more than just a confident handshake. You must be able to prove your worth. And the best way to do that is to write a sorority resume.

    In this guide:

    • A sorority resume template you can copy and fill in.
    • More great sorority resume examples to inspire you to write your own.
    • Step-by-step instructions for how to write a sorority recruitment resume.
    • And how to put sorority on a resume.

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    And here it is—a sorority resume template you can copy and fill in:

    Sorority Resume Template

    [Name and Surname]

    Freshman [Field of Study]

    [Phone Number]

    [Email Address]

    [LinkedIn Profile]

    [Social Media, Personal Website]

    Personal Information

    [Name of University or College]

    Class of [Graduation Year]

    • Major: [Field of Study]
    • Mother: [Name and Surname, University, Degree]
    • Father: [Name and Surname, University, Degree]

    Greek Affiliations

    • [Name and Surname], Mother: [Sorority Name, Chapter, University and pledge year]
    • [Name and Surname], Father: [Sorority Name, Chapter, University and pledge year]

    Personal Statement

    • [3–4 sentences describing your character, goals, and accomplishments]


    [High School Name and Location]

    Class of [graduation year]

    • GPA:
    • AP courses:
    • SAT score:
    • [Other accomplishments]

    Honors & Awards

    • [Description of educational achievements]

    Community Involvement

    • [Description of volunteer or community work]

    Work Experience

    [Job Title]

    [Company Name, Location]

    [Work Period]

    • [Description of duties and accomplishments]

    Key achievement:

    • [Description of a key achievement]

    Extracurricular Activities

    • [Description of your personal interests and activities]

    Continue reading to learn how to write a sorority resume from start to finish.

    Table of Contents:

    What Is a Sorority Resume?

    A sorority resume, or social resume, is a document introducing you to an alumna of your desired sorority for them to write you a recommendation letter. It should consist of an overview of your education, work history, and achievements, as well as your family info, interests, and Greek affiliations. 

    In a way, a sorority resume is similar to a classic resume format. However, it focuses more on your personal information and achievements than just work experience.

    Why Do You Need a Sorority Resume? 

    Writing one will certainly help you advance in the sorority recruitment process. It’s the best way to show sorority alumnae that you’re worth it. And if you do it well, they’ll surely write a recommendation letter for you, which is an advantage over other potential new members.

    Remember that the stakes are high since membership in a sorority can lead to success in the future. Data shows that 51% of affiliated university alums found jobs within two months of graduation, compared to just 36% of nonaffiliated graduates. 

    How to Write a Sorority Resume

    So you’ve chosen the sorority you want to rush. Congratulations! Soon, you might become one of the 370,000 sorority members in the US. But before you can do that, you must prepare for the recruitment process—and writing a resume is a great way to start.

    1. Create a Professional Sorority Resume Format

    Making a great first impression starts with an appearance. And that’s why your sorority resume must look picture-perfect. Creating a professional resume layout can help ensure your application is spotted immediately.

    Here are the resume formatting rules you should follow:

    • Use professional resume fonts such as Helvetica or Cambria. Set the font size to 10–12 for paragraphs and 13–16 for headings. 
    • Apply 1-inch resume margins for a good white space and content ratio.
    • Arrange the information using columns and bullet points.
    • Go for an optimal resume length, which for your sorority resume is one page.
    • Add subtle colors to highlight important info, such as your name.

    Since your sorority resume will be checked by alumnae and not ATS scanners, you don’t have to worry much about optimizing it. You have a little more freedom when choosing your layout, too.

    And here’s what you should include in your sorority resume:

    1. Header
    2. Personal profile
    3. Education details
    4. Community engagement
    5. Work experience section
    6. Extracurricular accomplishments

    Those differ a bit from standard resume sections. Why? Because the point of your sorority resume is to introduce yourself as a person rather than a potential employee.

    Expert Hint: You can create a great sorority resume in our resume builder. Just choose the template you like the most and adjust the resume format to your needs. You can remove sections you don’t want and add custom ones whenever necessary.

    2. Add Contact and Personal Information First

    Let’s start with the basics—your personal information. Putting it at the top of the document is the best way to ensure it’s easy to find.

    First, let’s see what you must add to your resume header:

    • Your full name
    • Freshman + field of study
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • LinkedIn profile
    • Additional social media or personal website links

    That was super easy. But when adding your social media, make sure they reflect positively on you. It’s easy to forget about your teenage angst posts from three years ago, but a future sister might find them and get the wrong impression.

    Now, a classic resume wouldn’t include a description of your personal background, but one for sorority recruitment should.

    Under the resume header, create a personal information section with the following details:

    • Name of your university or college
    • Expected graduation year
    • Your college major
    • Your parents’ names and their educational background

    We’re almost done with the facts, but there’s one more thing you can add—Greek affiliations

    Are you a legacy applicant? Maybe your siblings experienced Greek life while at college? That’s definitely something to mention on your sorority resume. Include your family members' names, fraternities and sororities, chapters, and universities.

    Check the sample sorority resume personal information section below:

    Sorority Resume Example: Personal Information

    Good Example

    Veronica Hill

    Freshman Finance Student

    (222) 222-2222




    Personal Information

    Washington State University

    Class of 2026

    • Major: Finance
    • Mother: Misty Hill, University of Arizona, B.A. in History
    • Father: Nathaniel Hill, Washington State University, B.Sc. in Economic Sciences

    Greek Affiliations

    • Misty Hill, Mother: Gamma Alpha Omega, Alpha Pi Chapter, University of Arizona ‘98
    • Nathaniel Hill, Father: Omega Delta Phi, Omega Phi Chapter, Washington State University ‘96

    Fill out your sorority resume template similarly and move on to the next step.

    3. Write a Personal Profile for Your Sorority Resume

    In this section, spread your wings to show your full potential. 

    A personal profile is more than just an introduction to your sorority resume. It’s the part that will most likely be read and remembered. If you want to maximize your chances of joining the sorority you’re dreaming of, you must ensure your personal statement is informative and catchy.

    How to write a profile for a sorority resume:

    1. Start with a positive personality trait.
    2. Mention your university and expected graduation year.
    3. Highlight your skills and passions.
    4. Express your enthusiasm for the sorority and what you can contribute to it.
    5. Describe an academic, volunteer, work, or personal achievement.

    It’s very similar to writing resume objectives or career summaries.

    Now, see the example below to understand the principle better:

    Sorority Resume Example: Personal Profile

    Good Example
    Empathic member of Washington State University’s class of 2026 with strong interpersonal skills, a proactive attitude, and a strong sense of social responsibility. Eager to join the Alpha Pi Omega sorority to meet inspiring women and help make a difference in the Native communities. Improved indigenous children’s academic performance through meaningful tutoring activities while working at a summer camp in 2021.
    Wrong Example
    I’m a kind and energetic person, and I love helping others. I want to join your sorority to make new friends with amazing people. In the past, I volunteered at the local pet shelter and food bank.

    The first profile uses a professional tone, showcases the candidate’s goals, and highlights a recent achievement. The second one is quite bland and forgettable.

    Writing a resume profile like that might feel unnatural at first, but it’s a great way to practice introducing yourself in a professional setting. It’s worth mastering this skill—it will also come in handy for networking and job interviews.

    4. Describe Your Educational Accomplishments

    The education section of your sorority resume is essential. It should include more than just the name of your high school. Your academic performance matters to your future sisters, but they also want to know what you did outside school.

    Describe your education on a sorority resume this way:

    • Start with your high school name and location.
    • Add the graduation year.
    • Mention your GPA, AP courses, SAT score, and any other impressive information about academic performance.
    • Describe any honors or awards you’ve received.
    • List extracurricular activities related to sports, your personal interests, etc.

    See the example below for inspiration:

    Sorority Resume Example: Education

    Good Example


    Antoine Peak High School, Spokane, WA

    Class of 2022

    • GPA: 4.2
    • AP courses: Calculus, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics
    • SAT score: 1400

    Honors & Awards

    • Winner of the WSMC High School State Contest in 2022
    • Elected class president in 2020–2022
    • President of the Math Club in 2021–2022
    Bad Example


    • Graduated from Sunnyvale High School in 2022
    • Played in the school volleyball team for two years
    • Pursued photography in my free time

    The good example includes a lot of specific information about the candidate. It’s easy to see that this young woman is a dedicated student with leadership potential. The second example is rather vague. It’s challenging to create a positive image around the candidate based on the given information.

    5. Demonstrate Your Value With Descriptions of Community Involvement

    Sororities are known for philanthropy and charity work. That’s why they seek candidates who have worked for the betterment of their communities. Include descriptions of volunteer work and community involvement on your sorority resume to win the alumna’s approval.

    How to describe community involvement on a social resume:

    • Use action words to highlight your readiness to help.
    • Mention specific organizations and provide the period or single dates of your work.
    • Be specific about your responsibilities and accomplishments.

    Have a look at the samples below:

    Sorority Resume Example: Community Work

    Good Example
    • Organized inventory at the Second Harvest food bank between June and September in 2022.
    • Assisted with child-care and educational activities at the YWCA Child Care Center on weekends in 2021–2022.
    • Sewn 150 face masks for local health care and social workers in March 2020.
    Bad Example
    • Volunteered at the Pets4Life Shelter in 2020–2022.
    • Helped neighbors take care of their children after school.

    Can you spot the differences between these two examples? The good one highlights the applicant’s initiative and provides specific information about what they did to help groups. The second one lacks that kind of information.

    6. Mention Work Experience and Skills on a Sorority Resume

    You’ve probably had some work experience by the time you got to college. I mean summer jobs, babysitting, tutoring, mowing lawns, and all the other activities that helped you earn a few bucks here and there. Why not use these experiences to show your worth on a sorority resume?

    Here’s how you can use your work experience on a sorority resume:

    • Start with a professional title, but don’t go overboard. Skip cringy things like “The CEO of Babysitting.”
    • Mention the company name and location.
    • Add the work period using months and years.
    • List 3–4 of your responsibilities.
    • Show off a professional achievement to prove your worth.

    Look at the examples below:

    Sorority Resume Example: Work Experience

    Good Example

    Summer Camp Community Mentor

    The Native Project, Spokane, WA

    June 2021–September 2021

    • Led summer camp activities during two four-week programs for indigenous children from grades 1–8.
    • Created fun and engaging math classes designed to improve students’ academic performance.
    • Provided individual tutoring sessions for children at risk of dropping out of school.

    Key achievement:

    • Successfully encouraged 4 students to join math clubs at their respective schools.

    Math Tutor


    June 2018–July 2021

    • Led individual tutoring sessions for over 20 children from grades 1–8 using coursebook materials and personalized teaching aids.
    • Regularly communicated with students’ parents to provide feedback and progress updates and suggested further study opportunities.
    • Ran online tutoring sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic to improve students' academic performance.

    Key achievement:

    • Created an individualized development plan for a student and increased their math grade from C- to A within 6 months.
    Bad Example

    Work Experience

    Summer Camp Worker, NYC, 2022

    • Responsible for four groups of children
    • Helped instructors take care of pupils during activity sessions
    • Responded to parents’ inquiries before and after the camp sessions

    OK—which candidate would you choose? The one who can demonstrate their worth with specific achievements, or who sounds disinterested in their job?

    Now, there’s another thing you should include in your resume for sorority recruitment. And that’s a list of your skills. The skill section of your resume should combine soft and hard skills, but you might also add a few computer skills if you’re proud of them.

    See this sorority resume skill list for inspiration:

    Sorority Resume: Examples of Skills

    To make a skill list for your social resume, choose 6–10 skills you can demonstrate with your academic, work, and extracurricular experiences.

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    7. Show Off Your Extracurricular Activities

    Got some space on your sorority resume left? Good! Fill it in with your extracurricular activities. Mention your personal interests, passion projects, and other activities you enjoy, especially if they demonstrate valuable skills or help you improve yourself.

    See the example below:

    Sorority Resume Example: Extracurricular Activities

    • Runs an Instagram account dedicated to Spokane tribe traditions and customs.
    • Participates regularly in the Spokane Tribe of Indians events.

    But remember—don’t try to be overly creative. Lying on a resume is always a bad idea, even if it’s not for a job.

    Once you complete this section, give your sorority resume a thorough read. Happy with the final result? Then move on to complete the rest of your application. Consider writing a cover letter for your sorority to improve your chances.

    Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter generator and make your application documents pop out.


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    Now let’s see what it takes to put a sorority on a resume.

    How to Put a Sorority on a Resume

    So you’re writing a resume for a job and considering mentioning your sorority experience. Good call! It’s definitely worth putting sorority on a resume, but you must know how to do it well.

    Here’s how to add a sorority to a resume:

    • Include a description of your Greek life in the education section or describe it in a different section named “activities” or similar.
    • Mention the name of the sorority and your specific roles.
    • List 3–4 accomplishments from your sorority to highlight skills relevant to your profession.
    • Use resume action words and provide factual information using numbers.

    See the example below:

    Sorority on a Resume: Example

    Good Example

    Phi Sigma Sorority

    Chapter President

    September 2021–June 2022

    • Coordinated the activities of 60+ members to ensure smooth operations and conflict-free work.
    • Organized a fundraising event that helped to raise over $11,500 for the local homeless shelter.
    • Built relationships with the academic staff and university administrators to develop good collaboration practices.

    See? This candidate used their sorority experience to demonstrate leadership, organizational, and relationship-building skills on a resume. Brilliant!

    It’s worth adding if you’re an entry-level applicant. Got more work experience? Then you might skip it or include it only if there’s enough space on your resume and it truly highlights the skills needed for the job.

    Key Points

    Let’s sum up the information about writing a resume for a sorority.

    How to write a sorority resume:

    1. Use a good resume format to appear professional.
    2. List your contact and personal information at the top of the sorority resume.
    3. Introduce yourself with a personal profile.
    4. Add information about your educational background and academic performance.
    5. Describe your community involvement on a sorority resume.
    6. Mention any work experience and add a list of professional skills.
    7. Throw in extracurricular activities to show your passions.

    Thank you for reading this article. Do you have any questions about highlighting your educational experience on a sorority resume? Would you like to share some tips for others? Let us know in the comments below.

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