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IT Support/Technical Support Cover Letters (Examples)

Need an IT support cover letter that solves your job-seeking problem? Read on to create a spotless technical support cover letter that requires no further investigation.

Marta Bongilaj
Marta Bongilaj
Career Expert
IT Support/Technical Support Cover Letters (Examples)

IT jobs are popping up as quickly as iPhone updates. With such a wealth of possibilities, you’re sure you’ll get that job, one or the other. IT professionals are in high demand, so why even worry?

In reality, many professionals consider re-branding themselves and facing new IT challenges. There are also old hands changing their jobs, like desktop settings. They do it whenever they wish.

So how to stand out amongst the vast competition? A top-notch resume is one thing. The other is an IT support cover letter to enhance the chances of getting that amazing job.

In this article, you’ll get:

  • Two sample IT support cover letters: for experienced and entry-level IT support specialists.
  • Step-by-step tips on how to write an IT support cover letter that will land you more interviews.
  • A technical support cover letter template you can copy, adjust, and have ready in 15 minutes.

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In need of a cover letter for a different position? See:

Haven't found the position of interest? See: Best Cover Letter Examples.

You’re about to write your IT support cover letter. Before jumping into action, study these two sample technical support cover letterscover letter samples and gain inspiration.

IT Support Cover Letter Examples

Have you ever had to choose between two equally good possibilities? Sometimes, it’s just one advantage that impacts the decision. And if it’s to hire an employee, the selection is usually pretty quick.

So, what if your resume qualifies for the final stage, where it is compared with another solid application? A tailored cover letter helps a hiring manager evaluate which candidate is better suited to the role.

Now, what’s your task? Prepare a cover letter for an entry-level or experienced IT support specialist and make a recruiter’s decision as easy as distinguishing Windows and MacOS.

First, check this sample cover letter for an IT specialist who solves technical issues like the easiest jigsaw puzzles.

Roxana is a skilled professional who aims to join a worldwide-known company, Deloitte. As she learned from the job posting, she must possess tech-savviness and excellent critical-thinking skills.

Since she has already gotten acquainted with such a role, she can easily enumerate her former accomplishments. She used the exact percentages to highlight her successes to sound more professional. 


Text version

IT Support Cover Letter Example: Experienced Candidate

Roxana T. Sims

IT Support Specialist

Phone: 209-224-6999



May 15, 2023

James T. Leonard

IT Manager


4201 Atlantic Ave

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Dear Mr Leonard,

As an experienced IT Support Specialist with multifaceted technical skills, I was thrilled to find a job posting for IT Support Specialist at Deloitte. With 4+ years of experience in technical support, I’d be excited to share my vast technical expertise and problem-solving skills to drive excellent services at Deloitte Technology US. 

As I learned from the job ad, you’re looking for tech-savvy, innovation-oriented professionals with exceptional critical-thinking skills. When working for SmartTech Solution, I performed hardware and software configuration and troubleshooting of various devices with 99,6% efficiency. I also delivered occasional call center phone support, resolving 98% of technical issues at the first point of contact. During an anonymous customer survey, I learned that clients valued my rapid action and smooth communication. Moreover, I was privileged to occasionally provide 10+ training sessions for peers and customers, proving my self-reliance and organizational skills. I often took opportunities to share my up-to-date technical knowledge and implement go-to-market technical strategies.

Deloitte attracts me the most due to its cutting-edge solutions and the highest quality standards. As a lifelong learner, I’d be thrilled to join the company to hone my technical skills and contribute to its outstanding performance. I am also certain that my problem-solving skills will be of value to your organization, helping to reduce outsourcing costs.

I’d greatly appreciate the possibility of talking about how my logical thinking and analytical skills would benefit your company. Can we schedule a meeting or a call in the following days to discuss it further?

Thank you,

Roxana T. Sims


Resolving 98% of technical issues via phone support is a great accomplishment to back up exceptional problem-solving skills. If there’s anyone still doubting Roxana’s technical skills, the following lines of her cover letter write: provided group training for peers and customers, proving my self-reliance and organizational skills.

But what if you’re just kicking off your IT career, trying to make yourself comfortable in your first-ever office chair? Follow the example below.



Sample IT Support Cover Letter—No Experience

Richard C. Wolfe

Computer Science Graduate

Phone: 336-222-0475



May 23, 2023

Margaret J. Mills

Senior IT Manager

Trading Technologies

910 Atlantic Ave

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Dear Mrs Mills,

As a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I am interested in filling the Junior IT Support Technician position at Trading Technologies. I was inspired to learn about the company’s enterprise-wide IT projects and initiatives I would gladly support. I believe my self-starter attitude and developing technical skills will be of value to your IT department.

I’ve studied your job posting carefully and understood that you’re looking for a self-motivated candidate able to handle multiple tasks and deadlines with limited supervision. Since I’ve already had a chance to run 2 technical projects for growing businesses, I am sure I am well-prepared to take over the Junior IT Support Technician responsibilities. After graduating from The Grainger College of Engineering, I was privileged to collaborate with Techsquad startup, diagnosing and addressing their hardware and software system problems with maximum accuracy. I resolved 3 complicated IT issues independently, which helped them to save $3000+ overall. While delivering my services to Bytebridge, I identified 2 serious bugs that helped them fast-track their main application's implementation and start receiving income 1 month before the scheduled date.

What encourages me most about working for Trading Technologies is that you rank amongst the top 10 employers by Forbes. I am highly motivated to develop and hone my technical skills and would gladly join your team of talented professionals. I also think that your company will benefit well from my project management skills and analytical approach.

Will you find time for a meeting or a call in the following days, so I can tell you more about how I can contribute to Trading Technologies? I’d happily explain how my technical skills and problem-solving approach can enhance your IT support forces.

Thank you,

Richard C. Wolfe


Though Richard is an aspiring IT professional, his cover letter is already stocked with decent achievements. After his bachelor’s in Computer Science, he was lucky enough to try himself on two IT projects. The results? He independently resolved 3 complicated IT issues, helping the cooperating company save $3000+.

Since he learned that Trading Technologies is looking for a motivated, autonomous candidate, he also highlighted another achievement that proved such characteristics.

Tailoring your cover letter to a job posting is essential to be considered a fitting candidate. Recruiters like to see their expectations coincide with candidates’ abilities and achievements.

After you’ve checked the above examples, analyze the cover letter tips described below.

Expert Hint: If you don’t have any projects on your record yet, think of any proof that could speak for your technical talents. Learn how to write a cover letter without experience that still can get you where you want to be.

How to Write Technical Support Cover Letters

IT support jobs necessitate computer hardware, software, and network knowledge. An IT support specialist must have good analytical and problem-solving skills to resolve various queries. Your IT support cover letter is to prove you're a tech talent who can use technical skills to support others.

Here’s how to prepare a technical support cover letter like that in a few steps:

1. Apply the Rules of IT Support Cover Letter Formatting

You’d probably like to see your cover letter written in HTML or SQL to comprehend it better. Not this time. Still, there are some rules to coding your IT support cover letter accordingly.

As an IT specialist, you perfectly know that computers need clear information to process your demands. If you provide a device with an unclear sequence of characters, it won’t do what you expect it to do.

It’s pretty much the same with a cover letter and its addressee. It won't be readable if it’s chaotic, poorly formatted, and—even worse—riddled with grammatical errors.

So, here are the instructions to format your cover letter wisely:

  • Align all the contents to the left, and avoid justification.
  • Apply 1-inch margins on every side of the document.
  • Pick classic fonts like Calibri, Helvetica, or Verdana.
  • Add 1.15 line spacing everywhere. Leave enough space between paragraphs.
  • Set the right length for your cover letter. One page would be enough.
  • Copy-paste your resume header. It should include your full name, job title, and contact details.

Remember, your cover letter language should be easily consumable. Long strings of text are hard to read and might overwhelm the reader. Use action verbs and descriptive language to make your cover letter writing light and informative.

Expert Hint: Don’t know how to start your cover letter? Prepare an outline. Split it into a heading, opening, body, and closing paragraph. Check out what to include in a cover letter to prepare it deftly. 

2. Use Accurate Header in Your IT Support Cover Letter

Though all the guides say a cover letter shouldn’t duplicate the resume’s contents, one thing must match exactly. It’s a cover letter header that needs to be identical to the one used in a resume.

A cover letter header should include your full name, job title, phone number, and email address. In addition, you can insert a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Below the header, write the city and date, as well as the business address of the hiring manager. 

See this cover letter header template:

IT Support Cover Letter Header Template

[ Your Full Name]

[ Your Job Title ] (Optional)

[ Phone Number ]

[ Email Address ]

[ LinkedIn Profile ]

[ City and Date ]

[ Hiring Manager’s Full Name ]

[ Hiring Manager’s Position, e.g. Senior IT Manager ]

[ Company Name ]

[ Company Street Address ]

[ City and Zip Code ]

Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter generator and make your application documents pop out.


CREATE YOUR COVER LETTER NOWcreate your cover letter now

Want to try a different look? There's 21 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here.

3. Present Yourself and Mention the Job You Want

As an IT professional, you’ll most often be hidden behind your screen, managing all the systems remotely. You can even fade into Incognito mode, and no one will notice. You, IT guys, make the calls without even being seen.

But, before you get there, take a minute to say ‘hi.’ In the first lines of your cover letter, present yourself briefly and call out the job you want. Hit them with a concrete reason you think you’re a great candidate for this role. Use your key skills and work experience as proof.

Mind starting your technical support cover letter by calling a hiring manager by their name. You’ll find their credentials on the Web with just a few clicks. Use the company’s website or LinkedIn to ensure you address your cover letter to the right individual.

4. Highlight Your Technical Superpowers

People blink about 17 to 20 times a minute. When using a computer, they tend to blink less. But you’re here to show a hiring manager you can do your work without even blinking an eye.

In the following paragraph of your cover letter for IT support jobs, come right to the point. Bring out the accomplishments that will satisfy a recruiter’s expectations. Don’t make them doubt your strengths. Give them ready-made answers, concrete like scripts.

If they look for a customer-centric worker, prove that you’re adept at solving technical problems that people have. Say how many complex issues you have puzzled out. Or mention the significantly meaningful one.

Such examples are more powerful when supported by numbers. If you have any specific figures to show off, go for it. Recruiters love concrete examples.

Expert Hint: When writing about your abilities and strengths, focus on the company rather than you yourself. Don’t just brag about your strong points, think about how you can contribute to the firm.

5. Explain Why You Want to Join Their Technical Team

So, imagine applying for an IT support specialist role at Oracle Corp. It’s your dream job, and you’re highly determined in your job search. When asked why you want to join them, you answer: ‘prestige.’

That’s what drew you in. You need no more claims. They do, though. May wonder why?

An employer wants to know why they can consider you a long-term employee with engagement and commitment. They seek a dedicated professional who’s enthusiastic about collaborating with them. They need to see your strong interest. A sparkle in your eye.

Share your inspirations and motivations instead of just coming up with plain reasons. How do you see yourself in this place? What do you think it would give you? And what would you give in turn?

6. End Your Technical Support Cover Letter with a Vivid Call to Action and a Sign-Off

Tech workers leave jobs more frequently than employees in other industries. That’s why IT managers receive terabytes of technical resumes and cover letters from candidates interested in changing their current roles.

To increase the chances you’re seen amongst other skilled professionals with high career motivation, make sure your technical support cover letter is polished from <p> to </p>.

To close your cover letter, summarize your offer briefly and highlight why you think you would help the company of your choice. Then, ask for a call or a meeting. 

In the end, add a signing followed by your contact details. If you have any other idea to grab a hiring manager’s attention, use a P.S.

And you’re there. Now, wait for a call and get ready for your longed-for phone interview.

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Key Points

When preparing a cover letter for IT support, be sure to:

  • Address it directly to the right person responsible for the recruitment process.
  • Introduce yourself, mention the position you are applying for, and enumerate your key abilities.
  • Indicate achievements that match the job requirements and prove you can power up the company.
  • Write about your career motivation. Explain why you want to join the company that you chose.
  • Ask for a meeting or a call. Don’t just say thank you, propose direct contact.

Any questions about the IT support cover letter? Do you need help writing one? Drop a comment. We’ll be happy to help!

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Marta Bongilaj
Marta Bongilaj
Marta Bongilaj is a career expert and a professional resume writer. She's a member of the National Career Development Association and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. She has a vast marketing background, which helps her give relevant advice on bringing out candidates’ strongest points and making their resumes a compelling read. In her articles, she underlines the importance of showcasing the most prominent skills, experiences, and qualifications in a resume to stand out in increasingly competitive job markets. Marta provides on-point tips on how to promote one’s candidature efficaciously at every career stage. Holding a philology degree, she believes that concise, persuasive language lies at the core of a successful resume. If you seek advice on marketing yourself to employers, no matter your recruitment stage, you’ve come to the right place.

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