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    35+ Perfect Resume Headline Examples for 2024

    “Next,” said the recruiter putting another application into the trash. Then he grabs yours, you pass instantly. That's the power of the perfect headline for a resume!

    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Career Expert
    35+ Perfect Resume Headline Examples for 2024

    You have probably heard the saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” at least once. But, when browsing at a library or a bookstore, what is it that determines whether you pick up the book to at least read the abstract? The cover and title.

    A resume headline acts as a “title” to the “cover” of your resume template, making the recruiter want to read your application further.

    In this guide, you’ll see:

    • 35+ resume headline examples for multiple jobs you can use and get inspired by.
    • What is a good headline for a resume.
    • How a resume headline differs from a resume header and profile.
    • How to write a great headline for a resume.

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    What Is a Headline On a Resume?

    A resume headline, also called a resume title, is a single sentence at the top of a resume to catch the reader’s attention. It introduces a potential employer to your work experience, skill set, and professional achievements. Resume headlines use relevant keywords to beat Applicant Tracking Systems.

    What Are the Differences Between a Resume Headline and a Header?

    Although they sound similar, they’re two different parts of a resume. A resume header carries basic contact information like your name, phone number, and email address. Meanwhile, a resume headline is a one-sentence introduction statement to your job application.

    Should You Write a Resume Headline or a Summary?

    You should absolutely write both! Win the recruiter’s attention through your powerful resume headline, and they’ll gladly read your resume summary or resume objective. If you provide the answer to why you’re the best candidate for this position in just the headline, your chances of landing an interview will increase dramatically.

    Resume Headline Examples for Multiple Jobs

    Now that you know what a resume title is, let’s look at these excellent resume headline examples for multiple jobs. Use them as inspiration when creating your own catchy headline.

    Resume Headline Examples for Entry-Level & Students

    • Graphic Design Student Skilled in Adobe Suite and Sketch
    • Journalism Graduate With 1 Year of Freelance Writing Experience
    • Diligent High-School Honor Student With Restaurant Internship Experience
    • Creative Student With a Passion for Robotics
    • Motivated IT Student Skilled in Web Development
    • Economics Graduate Certified in Computational Economics and Data Analytics

    Resume Headline Examples for Managers

    • Accomplished Manager With 4+ Years in Leading High-Performing Teams
    • Proven Manager With 7+ Years of Experience
    • Strategic Manager With a Talent for Driving Organizational Change
    • Results-Driven Marketing Manager With 6 Years in Sales
    • Skilled Junior Manager Who Grew Company Revenue by 12%
    • Innovative Social Media Manager With a Focus on Continuous Improvement


    Resume Headline Examples for Customer Service

    • Dedicated Customer Service Representative With 3+ Years of Experience
    • Highly-Skilled Customer Service Representative With a Passion for Helping Others
    • Customer-Focused Professional With a Talent for Problem-Solving
    • Detail-Oriented Customer Service Specialist of 5+ Years
    • Customer Service Expert Focused on Building Strong Relationships With Clients
    • Customer-Centric Professional With 6+ Years as a Travel Consultant

    Headline for Resume Examples for Sales Associates

    • Sales Associate Who Increased Revenue by 34%
    • Analytical Sales Associate With 7+ Years of Experience in Retail
    • Customer-Oriented Sales Representative of 3+ Years
    • Real-Estate Sales Associate Who Sold 80+ Homes
    • Diligent Sales Advisor Who Drove Subscription Rates Up 22%
    • Driven Sales Specialist With Experience in B2B Relations
    • Luxury Brand Sales Associate With 4+ Years in High-End Brands

    Headline for Resume Examples for Healthcare

    • Certified Nursing Assistant With 2+ Years in Healthcare
    • EKG Technician Specializing in Medical Equipment Maintenance
    • Pharmacy Technician With 7+ Years of Experience
    • Experienced Healthcare Worker With a Focus on Quality and Safety
    • Devoted Nurse of 4 Years With a Focus on Helping Others

    Headline for Resume Examples for IT

    • Expert in Cybersecurity With Over 6 Years of Experience
    • Software Engineer With Over 20 Created Apps on Atlassian Marketplace
    • Software Developer Who Increased System Efficiency by 27%
    • Professional Machine Learning Certified Engineer With 5+ Years of Experience
    • Diligent IT Specialist Who Implemented 80% More Efficient Database Solutions
    • IT Professional Who Gave a Speech at the 2022 Adobe Summit

    These examples show exactly how to make an impact on the recruiter with a good headline for a resume. Now, let’s delve into how to write a great resume title for your own job application.

    How to Write a Good Headline for Resume?

    A good resume headline is concise and attention-grabbing. It should briefly summarize your skills and experience and must be relevant to the job you’re applying for. Make your headline unique so that you stand out from the crowd.

    Here are ten best practices for writing an effective headline for your resume:

    • Take your time. Craft it carefully, so it becomes an instant eye-catcher.
    • Make it one short sentence. That way, the recruiter is more likely to remember it.
    • Capitalize it. Write it like an article headline, using a Title Case. This tool can make it easy for you.
    • Start with it. Put your resume headline above your resume profile.
    • Show your experience. Tell the recruiter how many years of relevant work experience you already have.
    • Use resume power words. Scan the job ad to find the keywords, and then put them in your headline.
    • Showcase an impressive achievement. And back it up with numbers! This is a surefire way to get noticed.
    • Add a skill or two. Resume skills are fantastic to show, especially if you don’t have a great accomplishment up your sleeve.
    • Put an adjective in front. Make it confirm your skills.
    • Include a certificate in the resume headline. Some certificates carry a lot of weight, so if you have one, start with it.

    Expert Hint: Don’t write just one resume headline. Create a couple of them for every job you want to apply for. You need to tailor your job application for it to be successful.

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    Why You Should Write a Headline for a Resume

    You can’t guarantee the recruiter will look at your application after they have their coffee. And this is why you need a resume title—it acts as a lighthouse guiding recruiter’s eyes, no matter how tired they might be. Not fully convinced? Take a look at why a headline for a resume can help you in your job-hunting efforts:

    1. It Shows the Company What They Want to See

    Once you read the job ad, you know what the company expects from an applicant. And if you boil it down to just one sentence, that’s the headline for the resume.

    2. Automated Systems Like It

    You may not be aware of it, but some companies use automated applicant tracking systems. And if you’ve ever been rejected for a job you would’ve been an excellent fit for, chances are your resume wasn’t even checked by a human.

    The software scans your resume for specific resume keywords and other things your future employer wants to see. Usually, they’re specific skills or years of experience. When you put this information on top of your resume, right in the headline, the software will scan it and let you pass.

    3. It’s Great for Both Experienced and Entry-Level Applicants

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working for 7+ years and boast a two-page resume filled to the brim with impressive achievements or if you’re a recent graduate who can fit their resume on one page. A resume headline can help you in both cases.

    Experienced workers often run into the problem of not knowing which of their key resume accomplishments to highlight. If you’re one such employee, you definitely know that feeling. And if you put a whole page of achievements on your resume, recruiters can feel overwhelmed. A resume title anchors your key accomplishments to a specific achievement you chose to represent your expertise.

    Meanwhile, a headline on an entry-level resume can perfectly complement it. Job ads often have expected skills and toolsets sprinkled throughout them. Show them in your resume headline for maximum impact.

    4. It’s Your Unique Selling Point

    A resume headline doesn’t let you drown in the sea of other applications. Since most applicants don’t even include one, your resume will stand out immediately. And when you tailor your resume correctly, it becomes a selling point no recruiter can glance over and disregard.

    Expert Hint: Focus on a specific expertise or proficiency of yours. Try to imagine writing an answer to the question, “Who are you, and what do you do best?”

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    Key Points

    To create a perfect resume title that enhances your application, remember to:

    • Customize your headline for your resume each time. Don’t create a generic one and send it everywhere.
    • Make it short and sweet. One sentence is enough to win you an interview.
    • Put it on top of your resume. Highlight why you’re the best fit for the job straight away.
    • Include a skill, achievement, or certificate. Pick whichever one has the most impact on the specific job position.

    Got questions on how to write a stunning resume headline? Which achievement should you include in your resume title? Leave a comment. We’ll be happy to reply.

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    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Written byMariusz Wawrzyniak

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