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    Customer Success Manager Cover Letter: Examples & Guide

    Changing careers and counting for success? Your customer success manager cover letter won’t write itself. We’ve gathered all the tips you must embrace to win a new job.

    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Career Expert
    Customer Success Manager Cover Letter: Examples & Guide

    No one knows better how to take care of clients’ success and contentment. Working with you always tastes like champagne and sweet strawberries. 

    So why do you fail at finding that perfect job opportunity you deserve?

    Once your resume is edited and evaluated by your keen eye, you only need one more thing to nail your next job search: a dedicated cover letter. At least you’re a master of rhetoric, and you want your customer success manager cover letter to do nothing but prove it.

    In this article, you’ll get:

    • Two expert customer success manager cover letters: for experienced and entry-level customer success managers.
    • Step-by-step tips on how to write a cover letter for customer success manager jobs that will land you more interviews.
    • A customer success manager cover letter template you can copy, adjust, and have ready in 15 minutes.

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    You’re going to write a cover letter for a customer success manager, which will be nothing but another success story in your career. But first, see these 2 cover letter samples dedicated to different professional levels: an entry-level candidate and a pro.

    Customer Success Manager Cover Letter Examples

    As a customer success manager, you’re used to supporting customers on their way to becoming active users of your products and services. You mobilize them to stay engaged, build their loyalty and interest, and ensure they get their fast time-to-value.

    Now, revert this to a hiring manager and make a cover letter that ticks all the boxes. The more effort you put into it, the bigger chance it will do the trick.

    First, check this cover letter for an experienced customer success manager who fixes any issues before they even happen.

    Christine is a result-oriented specialist with vast experience. She could list numerous achievements in her cover letter, but she knows they’ll be all for nothing if they don’t match the job requirements. So, she read the job ad carefully and learned that she’s expected to be a self-motivated problem solver who will put clients’ needs first and drive customer retention.

    Nothing easier. This is exactly what she has to offer. What will she type to confirm she fits the demand? See below:

    Customer Success Manager Cover Letter Example: Experienced Candidate

    Christine D. Seabrook

    Customer Success Manager

    Phone: 515-241-7190

    Email: christineseabrook@mail.com

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/christineseabrook


    June 25, 2023

    Naomi R. Mount

    Sales Director


    4610 Columbia Mine Road

    Clarksburg, WV 26301


    Dear Ms Mount,


    As a result-oriented customer success manager, I was delighted to come across a job advert for the Client Success Manager role at NetGenius. With 5+ years of experience in customer success and sales departments, I’d be thrilled to join and bring value to NetGenius through my excellent negotiation and problem-solving skills. 


    Studying the job ad, I learned that you’re looking for a self-motivated, pragmatic problem solver who will champion clients’ needs and drive customer retention. At the time that I was working for Cashstormer, I led a team of 3 professionals and assisted them with challenging client interactions, improving customer retention rate by 25% after the first 3 months of management. In turn, when collaborating with QuillRank, I streamlined the team’s customer-handling processes, helping them achieve roughly 20% better results in terms of new sales opportunities. My directors appreciated my self-organization ability, strategic thinking, and analytical approach, which helped me to overcome several challenging situations. 


    I find working at NetGenius extremely exciting due to its wide scope of clients in the United States and globally. I also love the inclusive work environment that it promotes, and I see it as an ideal place to develop my leadership skills and implement innovative management techniques. I am also certain that my communication and negotiation skills will help to raise NetGenius’ client retention and satisfaction.


    I’d gladly talk about how my leadership and can-do attitude could benefit your prestigious company. Can we schedule a meeting or a call in the following days to discuss our collaboration opportunity?


    Thank you,


    Christine D. Seabrook



    Christine led a team and assisted them with challenging client interactions, which proves her problem-solving skills. What’s more, she contributed to improving the customer retention rate by 25% after the first 3 months of employment only.

    So, what she did was just find the examples for particular skills enumerated in the job ad. Plus, she strengthened them with numbers for credibility and confidence.

    But there’s also scenario number two. Meet Betty, an entry-level professional going to transfer from another job. She aims to perform a CSM role for the first time.

    See how she’s motivated to take this gig in the example below:

    Customer Success Manager Cover Letter Example: Entry-level Applicant

    Betty J. Wightman

    Sales Representative

    Phone: 904-592-6568

    Email: bettywightman@mail.com

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bettywightman


    June 25, 2023


    Peter C. Smith

    Senior Customer Success Manager


    2090 Walnut Hill Drive

    Cincinnati, OH 45202


    Dear Mr Smith,


    As a sales representative with 2+ years of experience, I’m deeply interested in filling the Customer Success Manager position at Finvibe. I was invigorated when researching your company’s rich achievements and a thrilling development plan for the upcoming years. I believe my excellent communication and persuasive speaking skills that I honed when working in a sales department will greatly value your business.


    I’ve viewed your job ad carefully and learned that you’re looking for a motivated candidate who will drive customer satisfaction and improve upsell results to existing and new customers. Since I’ve already had a chance to serve customers by answering their issues and offering tailored solutions, I am sure I am ready to take over the Customer Success Manager’s role of a similar profile. After graduating from Ohio University, I earned a chance to join NEATNOMICS, where I effortlessly exceeded sales goals by more than 15% each quarter. I also developed satisfying customer relationships with more than 110 clients over 2 years.


    What encourages me most about working at Finvibe is the mission that you pursue and put into your products. I’ve always wanted to work for a company whose vision aligns with my own notions. I also think that your company would profit from my contract & deal negotiation skills as well as the attitude in which the client always takes the first place.


    Can we schedule a quick call or a meeting where I could describe my motivations in detail? I’d happily explain how my communication and negotiation skills can contribute to your company’s future success.


    Thank you,


    Betty J. Wightman



    Betty has only 2+ years of experience, but you wouldn’t say that reading about her former successes. Though she hasn’t worked as a customer success manager yet, she earned some valuable experience as a sales representative, which prepared her solidly for working within customer-related professions.

    The ideal candidate for the job she’s interested in will drive customer satisfaction and improve upsell results to existing and new customers. Since she has already worked in the sales department, she has some brilliant accomplishments to share in her cover letter. Exceeding sales goals by more than 15% each quarter is just a hit.

    This is how to tailor your cover letter according to a job posting. Former accomplishments are the best proof you’re ready to take over the job you want. 

    Expert Hint: If you have very little experience, think about achievements and skills that evolved differently. See how to write a cover letter without experience that still can bring profits.

    How to Write a Customer Success Manager Cover Letter

    Customer success manager job requires excellent leadership and interpersonal skills. It also demands a problem-solving attitude, passion for service, and mediation. Your customer success manager cover letter must show you’re a highly organized professional aimed at improved customer satisfaction.

    Below, you’ll learn how to create a customer success manager cover letter like that:

    1. Make Your Cover Letter Formatting an Easy Task

    Have you ever seen a messy customer success report or presentation? Hopefully, it wasn’t yours. You may put the most astonishing KPIs there, but if it’s written poorly, it won’t serve its purpose.

    But how does it relate to a cover letter? Well, it might be packed with the most useful information, but if it’s poorly formatted, it only hurts a recruiter’s eyes. A good-looking cover letter sticks to a clear structure and order.

    See the best formatting practices for cover letters:

    • Align all the text to the left side, and avoid justification.
    • Include 1-inch margins on all four sides of the document.
    • Choose one of the recommended resume fonts like Calibri or Verdana.
    • Add 1.15 line spacing everywhere. Paragraphs should be separated with spaces, too.
    • Set the right length for your cover letter. The ideal cover letter’s length is one page.

    Pass your cover letter through a grammar checker once ready to ensure clarity and correctness. Additionally, you can ask a professional to look at its substantive part for advice and suggestions.

    Expert Hint: To facilitate your cover letter writing, prepare an outline. Divide it into a cover letter heading, opening, body, and closing paragraph. A guide on what to include in a cover letter should help you cover each of these essential cover letter parts. 

    2. Prepare a Neat Cover Letter Header with Contact Information

    Preparing a cover letter header should be a quick and easy task, as the majority of work has been done already. Your cover letter header duplicates a resume header, meaning it contains your full name, job title, and contact details.

    Below the header itself, add the city name and date of writing. Then, include the exact address used by the hiring manager.

    Follow this template:

    Customer Success Cover Letter Header Template

    [ Your Full Name]

    [ Your Job Title ] (Optional)

    [ Phone Number ]

    [ Email Address ]

    [ LinkedIn Profile ]


    [ City and Date ]


    [ Hiring Manager’s Full Name ]

    [ Hiring Manager’s Position, e.g. Customer Service Team Leader ]

    [ Company Name ]

    [ Company Street Address ]

    [ City and Zip Code ]

    And that’s basically it. Just make sure you put all the information in the right structure so it’s all clear and easy to read.

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    3. Introduce Yourself and Mention the Job You Want in Your Cover Letter for a Customer Success Manager

    Commonly, you call a customer by name, whether you ring them or email them. People love such a personal approach, as it makes them feel important and validated. 

    When starting your cover letter, don’t go with any kind of Dear Johns, Respected Liams,or similar. Just use the surname of the person you’re addressing in your cover letter. Dear Ms. Smith or Dear Mrs. Johnson will do the job.

    Once you address your cover letter personally, introduce yourself as you would begin a regular business call. Then, bring up the job you’re excited about and briefly describe why you think they should consider you for the role. To sound more credible, call out your most valuable skills and work experience in a nutshell.

    It can look like that:

    Customer Success Manager Cover Letter Example: Introduction

    Right Example

    When collaborating with QuillRank, I streamlined the team’s customer-handling processes, helping them achieve roughly 20% better results in terms of new sales opportunities. My directors appreciated my self-organization ability, strategic thinking, and analytical approach, which helped me overcome several challenging situations.

    Then, head to your cover letter’s substance. In the next paragraph, you’ll lay out all your crucial skills that speak for your candidature.

    4. Enumerate Your Customer Success Manager’s Skills

    Time to handle the call. Imagine a recruiter is your prospective client, and you want to present your offer in the most captivating way possible. Don’t forget that you’re competing with other candidates who also use their persuasion skills to sell their product: themselves. 

    In the following paragraph of your customer success cover letter, go to the merits. Pinpoint your top skills and achievements, considering the job profile outlined in the job advert. For instance, if a company looks for someone who can grow its customer retention rate, provide examples of how you achieved that in your former roles.

    The more specific examples you can provide, the better. Give the retention rate in percentages, or say by how much did it boost through your efforts.

    See the fill-in-the blank example below:

    Customer Success Manager Cover Letter Template: Sample Middle Paragraph

    Your job listing mentions that you’re searching for a Customer Success Manager experienced in [job requirements]. In my recent position with [the name of your company], I have successfully [achievements, job responsibilities]. I’m certain that my expertise makes me the perfect fit for [name of the company you’re applying to].

    Expert Hint: It is always extremely important to compare the job description with your work record and look for parallels. That’s how you make a well-fitting cover letter that interests a reader.

    5. Explain Why You’re on Call

    Remote opportunity, comprehensive health package, free sandwiches, and unlimited time off. That sounds like a dream job. But is it enough to decide if you want to work for that company?

    You probably need more insights to determine whether you see yourself as their employer. Is their financial situation stable? Are they well-positioned on the market? Do they care about their employers’ growth? What is their work culture?

    Check what draws you to work for them and state that in the next paragraph of your standardized cover letter. They want to see you’ve researched them enough to make an informed decision about a potential collaboration.

    Why is it even so important? They don’t want a random candidate who accidentally clicked apply. They’d rather see someone deeply interested in the business they pursue and hence motivated to deliver the best work possible.

    So, tell them why you want to join them. Remember Christine’s example? She said: I find working at NetGenius extremely exciting due to its wide scope of clients in the United States and globally. I also love the inclusive work environment it promotes, and I see it as an ideal place to develop my leadership skills

    Sounds like she’s involved in the company she chose. She showed deep interest and proved she took the time to read about them. Take it as a model representative.

    You may use the template below:

    Customer Success Cover Letter Template: Motivation

    What makes me excited about the prospect of joining [name of the company] is that your customer success activities are centered around [something you admire about the company]. Your company culture as well as business values reflect my personal work ethic. Joining your CS team would provide me with a great opportunity to grow while supporting [company name]’s business objectives.

    5. Finish Your Customer Success Cover Letter with a Call to Action and a Byline

    An effective call-closing? It ends a call on a positive note and often summarizes what you’ve talked about. Sometimes, it’s peculiarly essential to sum up the call's events to affirm their accuracy.

    For your cover letter closing, repeat your offer briefly and highlight why you think you would be a great fit. Then, kindly but confidently, ask for a call or a meeting. Exactly as you would do when talking to a client who needs to schedule a meet-up to discuss things further.

    Finally, place a sign-off followed by your key contact details: your phone number and email. If there’s anything you would like to add to spark interest, use a P.S.

    Here’s an example you can adapt to your needs:

    Customer Success Manager Cover Letter Template: Ending

    Thank you for considering my offer. I would love to discuss how my skills and experience can help [name of company] exceed KPIs in the upcoming months. How about a call on [day of the week]?


    Your sincerely,


    [Your Full Name]

    [Phone number]

    [Email address]

    Finished! Now, await a reply in readiness. In the meantime, check the typical phone interview questions and most common Zoom interview tips to do well during the next recruitment stages.

    Good luck!

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    Key Points

    When making a cover letter for a customer success manager, make sure to:

    • Address it directly to the hiring manager or other person who handles the recruitment process.
    • Introduce yourself, mention the position you’re interested in, and briefly provide your key strengths.
    • Enumerate your greatest achievements that match the job requirements and say how you can help.
    • State your career motivation. Explain why you want to join that particular company or organization.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for a meeting or a call. Say directly that you want to talk about your collaboration.

    Got questions about the cover letter for a customer success manager? Not sure what to include in the copy? Ask in a comment. We’ll be happy to help!

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