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    Cook Cover Letter: Examples, Template, & Writing Tips

    Already prepared a cook resume but don’t feel like it will get you your sweet job? Read this guide to make a cook cover letter that is the cream of the crop.

    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Expert
    Cook Cover Letter: Examples, Template, & Writing Tips

    You’ve mastered your resume to perfection like a demanding recipe that first was hard to crack. You might already feel confident like Bobby Flay to say, ‘Hey, I’m here to win the job I want!’. 

    But then you discover that your recipe lacks one final ingredient. Before you get your hands on the gig you want, you need a cook cover letter with a wow effect. Let's start cooking!

    In this article, you’ll get:

    • Two sample cook cover letters: for experienced and entry-level cooks.
    • Step-by-step tips on how to write a line cook cover letter that will land you more interviews.
    • A cook cover letter template you can copy, adjust, and have ready in 15 minutes.

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    Before heading to your line cook cover letter, check these two samples and get inspired:

    Cook Cover Letter Examples

    Let us get this straight. Writing a perfect resume can already be an effort, so no one’s excited about creating cover letters. With many volunteers to cook, there’s usually hardly even one to wash the dishes.

    Many applicants omit cover letters, doubting whether  writing a cover letter is worth their time. What’s more, some don’t even know what cover letters are. Nevertheless, studies show that cover letters are essential to the decision-making process in recruitment.

    Let us show you the two cook cover letter examples you can use without further ado. 

    First, see this sample cover letter that could perfectly match a resume for an experienced cook. You know, someone who can conjure up delicious meals with eyes closed. 

    Kevin is applying for the cooking role that requires creativity and the ability to follow the branded standards. Since he already has relevant accomplishments on his record, his cover letter proves he is ideal for this position.

    CREATE YOUR COVER LETTER NOWcook cover letter cubic

    Text version

    Line Cook Cover Letter Example: Experienced Candidate

    Kevin C. Roberts

    Line Cook 

    Phone: 412-356-7828

    Email: kevincroberts@mail.com

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kevincroberts

    May 10, 2023

    Gerald M. Brubaker


    Tulu Seaside Bar & Grill

    4201 Atlantic Ave

    Virginia Beach, VA 23451

    Dear Mr Brubaker,

    As a passionate cook, I was excited to discover an open position for a Cook III at Tulu Seaside Bar & Grill under the name of Marriott Resort Virginia Beach Oceanfront. With 5+ years of experience in the most recognizable fine-dining restaurants in the USA, I am confident I can contribute to your restaurant's highest culinary level.

    As I understood from the job ad, you’re seeking an inventive candidate who can yet ensure adherence to quality expectations and branded standards. I trust that my resume will interest you due to my vast cooking experience and the creativity and flexibility I express through my work. While performing my current role at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, I was thrilled to prepare a dedicated menu for Restaurant Week 2022 with the Chef, which attracted 100+ visitors and was rewarded with The most creative menu of 2022. I also quickly adopted branded requirements and standards, which helped me provide a worthy replacement for Chef and lead a team of 10+ cooks when needed.

    What inspires me most about cooking at Tulu Seaside Bar & Grill is your approach to using local products and supporting small entrepreneurs. I am also amazed at how positive your restaurant is in customers' eyes, which proves that you deeply value excellent customer service. It is all well aligned with my attitude toward the cooking profession, where satisfaction from food preparation is as essential as positive feedback from customers. It also makes me feel that your restaurant would be an ideal place to use and hone my cooking skills.

    I’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my invention, flexibility, and impeccable communication would be valuable to your exceptional dining place. Can we schedule a meeting or a call in the following days?

    Thank you,

    Kevin C. Roberts



    Kevin showed an example of his creativity and proved his invention by recalling the award he received. He also gave an example of his adaptability and responsibility: chef replacement. To make his cover letter more powerful, he applied numbers.

    It is always good to back up your accomplishments with exact figures. This way, you’re talking about real actions instead of just using hollow words.

    But what if you’re a beginning line cook searching for the first serious gig? Meet Pedro, who’s in a comparable situation. 

    CREATE YOUR COVER LETTER NOWcook cover letter concept

    Text version

    Cook Cover Letter Example: Entry-Level Applicant

    Pedro F. Williams

    Line Cook

    Phone: 580-413-4630

    Email: pedrow@mail.com

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/pedrowilliams

    May 15, 2023

    Pete J. Tucker


    Firebrew Bar & Grill

    910 Atlantic Ave

    Virginia Beach, VA 23451

    Dear Mr Tucker,

    As a talented line cook, I was thrilled to discover that Firebrew Bar & Grill is now looking for new cooks to power the team. I am impressed by the upscale dining experience you provide, and I am sure that my cooking skills will be of value to you and your restaurant.

    As I learned from the job posting, you’re looking for an enthusiastic candidate who can prepare a variety of dishes and can work in a dynamic environment. I believe my resume will interest you due to my flair for creating diversified foods and ability to work under pressure. After graduating from Culinary Institute of Virginia, I had a chance to complete a cooking internship at The Boar’s Head Resort, where I learned à la carte cooking, banquet preparation, displays, and dessert making. I also cooked in front of guests receiving 100% positive feedback on food preparation and exposition. I also showed excellent stress management skills, working efficiently during a strong order intake.

    What encourages me most about working for Firebrew Bar & Grill is the open kitchen concept that you pursue. I am a person who loves to have constant interaction with customers and draws pleasure from live cooking and serving food enthusiasts. I think Firebrew Bar & Grill would be an excellent place for me to hone my cooking skills under the eye of professionals.

    Can we schedule a meeting or a call in the following days to discuss how else I can contribute to your amazing restaurant and team?

    Thank you,

    Pedro T. Williams



    Though Pedro is a novice cook, his cover letter doesn’t show it. First things first, he managed to present the multifaceted cooking experience that he pursued during his internship. Secondly, he proved he could fit in the restaurant well, emphasizing his abilities. He underscored his interpersonal skills alongside stress management techniques.

    Referring to the job ad requirements is critical to preparing a cover letter that meets expectations. The more tailored it is, the better chances you’re considered for the role. Now, read on to learn more about the best cover letter tips.

    Expert Hint: Don’t worry if you don’t have enough experience. There’s always something you can proudly expose in your cover letter. Let there be an internship, volunteering, or a specific project you worked on. Learn how to write a cover letter with no experience.

    How to Write a Cook Cover Letter in 5 Easy Steps

    Cooking jobs require knowledge of cooking procedures and methods and the ability to follow sanitation procedures. A cook must also possess good communication skills and stamina. Your cook cover letter should prove your knowledge, cooking skills, and ease of communicating with people.

    Here’s how to prepare a cover letter for cook positions that reflects this:

    1. Follow the Rules of Line Cook Cover Letter Formatting

    You might prepare the tastiest dessert ever, but if it looks sloppy, the flavor won’t cut it. Not only should a cover letter convey clear information, but it must also present it neatly.

    That’s why you need to pay close attention to the formatting of your line cook cover letter. With a well-formatted cover letter, you will know it won’t hurt a hiring manager’s eyes, and it will make reading smooth and easy.

    Here are the key tips when formatting your cover letter:

    • Align all the content to the left. Justification doesn’t work best.
    • Use 1-inch margins on every side.
    • Choose a classic, legible cover letter font like Georgia, Tahoma, or Verdana.
    • Apply 1.15 line spacing everywhere.
    • Strive for a single-page cover letter.
    • Don’t forget about the header. It should display your full name, job title, and contact details.

    Ideally, your cover letter for a cook should fit in 3–4 paragraphs: the opening, middle paragraphs, and closing.

    Expert Hint: If you have much on your record, try condensing the information you want to expose. The best cover letter’s length is 250–400 words, so try not to exceed it.

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    2. Introduce Yourself and Indicate the Job You Want

    As a cook, you’ve probably met some wishy-washy clients. While there should always be some understanding for an indecisive client, there’s usually no indulgence for evasive candidates and their pie-in-the-sky cover letters. 

    In the first lines, introduce yourself and mention the job you apply for. A hiring manager will know he won’t waste time on reading something irrelevant. Plus, it will prove the clarity of your communication.

    To start your cover letter accurately, mention the job you want and explain why you think you’re a great candidate. But don’t just make up unreal reasons. Think of skills and work experience that make you a valuable candidate, and name them briefly.

    Last, but not least, remember to use a hiring manager's name. They’ll know you’ve made an effort to find them. To make your search smooth and easy, quickly scan their website or check social media channels where you can spot them.

    3. Underscore Your Relevant Strengths and Attitude

    If you’re making pizza, you won’t buy sugar. When preparing a sweet mousse, you won’t need salt. That’s pretty straightforward. Since hiring managers are often short on time, they’re strict about selecting candidates. They will know quickly if they seek a worker like you.

    In the second paragraph of your cover letter, show the meat of the matter. Make your cover letter refer to the requirements of the cooking job that you found, and let a hiring manager know they’re like two peas in a pod.

    Recall professional achievements corresponding to your future job duties. Figure out what they expect from a candidate and what they put the biggest emphasis on. Then, show them you’ve got it, like the recent winner of America’s Test Kitchen.

    Expert Hint: When writing about your former duties and accomplishments, think of those that may translate into your new role. While some cooking jobs may require candidates who can work deftly under time pressure, others might expect cooks to run cooking workshops in a slow manner.

    4. State Why You Want to Work for Them

    Remember when someone praised your dish, telling you it was exquisite? Try to recall that feeling. You most likely felt appreciated, but it also aroused your affinity toward the person who commanded you.

    Now, turn the tables. Consider why you want to work for your chosen place, and turn it into a compliment. Another paragraph of your cook cover letter should genuinely express why you want to join the ranks of that dining establishment.

    The goal is to win favor with their top brass and prove that you’ll be satisfied with your desired job. No one wants to lose their energy on training a worker who will quit before the probation period. Show off your career motivation, it’s always appreciated.

    5. Finish with a Call to Action and a Sign-Off

    Once you prepared a cook cover letter that features all your personal and professional highlights, think of the captivating ending. You wouldn’t serve an unfinished dish or one that’s not seasoned. It could ruin the whole culinary experience.

    For an encouraging ending, ask a hiring manager directly if they want to meet in person or schedule a call with you. In your cover letter closing, emphasize your offer briefly and explain how it would benefit the place you want to join.

    At the very end, add a sign-off followed by your number and an email address. You can also write a P.S., using it as another mean to grab a hiring manager’s attention.

    And voilà! That’s how you’re served a job on a silver platter. Enjoy it!

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    Key Points

    When writing a cook cover letter, don’t forget to:

    • Check the hiring manager’s credentials and address the letter directly to them.
    • Introduce yourself, call out the position you’re applying for, and mention your key abilities.
    • Find achievements that match the job requirements and prove you can help the company.
    • Show off your career motivation and why you want to join them. Be authentic.
    • End with a clear call to action. Simply ask for a meeting or a call.

    Do you have any queries? Need extra help with your line cook cover letter? Leave us a comment. We’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Written byMarta Bongilaj, CPRW

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