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New Teacher Cover Letter: First-Year Teacher Sample & Guide

With so many people finding teaching their vocation, you need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. Check how to write a new teacher’s cover letter to address your doubts.

Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Expert
New Teacher Cover Letter: First-Year Teacher Sample & Guide

You think you’re all set for a teacher role, but then someone says your resume is a bare minimum. How come you’ve made it ideal, and it’s insufficient?

If you already have a top-notch resume, just one thing keeps you from getting a call. It’s a new teacher cover letter awaiting your readying. Worry no more. This guide will help you go through it saving hours of consideration.

In this article, you’ll get:

  • A new teacher cover letter sample for a first-year teacher representative.
  • Step-by-step tips on how to write a first-year teacher cover letter that will land you more interviews.
  • A new teacher cover letter template you can copy, adjust, and have ready in 15 minutes.

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New Teacher Cover Letter Example

Tracie D. Voss 

Phone: 719-498-8547



April 27, 2023

Henry M. Evans


North Star Middle School

3598 Whistler Rd

Stoystown, PA 15563

Dear Mr Evans,

As an enthusiastic novice teacher, I was thrilled to find an opening for a Middle School Art Teacher at The North Star Middle School. I am inspired by your modern approach to teaching and how you’re making your facility a supportive and safe place for students. I am sure that my initial experience with teaching and my upbeat personality will be an asset to your team of teachers.

In the job posting, I read that you’re looking for a candidate with solid qualifications, excitement, and energy toward student learning. While completing my Master’s in Middle-Level Teaching at Drexel University, I had the opportunity to do training as an art teacher. It has given me hands-on experience teaching and communicating with young people and testing innovative ways of conveying knowledge. During half-year practice, I prepared 5+ quizzes and evaluated 120+ tests prepared by senior teachers. When supervising students, I offered additional help to those needing deeper explanations of more complex topics and was acknowledged during parent-teacher meetings 5 times a row. I also proved my problem-solving skills when mediating between conflicted students several times. All these experiences have prepared me firmly for a full-time teaching position.

What drives me most about teaching at North Star Middle School is your commitment to educating young people with respect for their individuality. I am also thrilled that you constantly search for original learning methods. That corresponds well with my attitude toward education and collaborating with youth. It also inclines me to think North Star Middle School would be an ideal place to grow. 

I value the opportunity to discuss how my teamwork skills and individual approach would be an excellent fit for your school. Can we schedule a meeting or a call in the following days?

Thank you,

Tracie D. Voss


Tracie will get that job in the twinkling of an eye. But what about you?

Let’s gear up to create a seemingly great new teacher cover letter for you. 

How to Write a Cover Letter for a New Teacher

Teaching jobs require extensive content knowledge. Still, a wise tutor would only succeed in a teacher role with excellent communication, presentation skills, and top-notch organization. Your new teacher's cover letter must show you can convey your knowledge, possess critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

We’ll go through 5 simple steps featuring exact tips and hints on preparing a cover letter for a first-year teacher. Before, just ensure you have your resume written and ready like students after a school bell. See a dedicated example here: First Year Teacher Resume.

This is how to write a new teacher cover letter:

1. Apply the Rules of a New Teacher’s Cover Letter Formatting

The idea behind a cover letter is to strengthen your application rather than make it an excessive burden. Your new teacher’s cover letter shouldn’t evoke a question if you know the spelling rules. On the contrary, it must prove your excellent writing and formatting knowledge.

Here are the key rules for formatting your cover letter:

  • Align contents to the left. Don’t use justification.
  • Apply 1-inch margins on each side of the document.
  • Select a classic, clear font like Georgia, Helvetica, or Verdana.
  • Keep 1.15 line spacing everywhere.
  • Keep the length in check. A single-page cover letter does the job.
  • Replicate your resume header. Make a cover letter header with your full name, job title, and contact details.

Not sure if writing a cover letter is worth the effort? There’s a list of reasons to attach a cover letter when applying for a job. It could make room to describe your career objectives or explain employment gaps if you need so. Read further to uncover why cover letters are resumes' best friends.

Expert Hint: Before submitting your cover letter, pass it through a grammar checker. No one’s born a master in grammar. Plus, 76% of the recruiters say they’d automatically reject a cover letter if it had typos or spelling mistakes. Avoid such cover letter blunders like fire.

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2. Introduce Yourself and Bring up the Job You’re Aiming For

You know, principals are meeting numbers of people throughout the day. If the people they encounter don’t introduce themselves clearly, they’re likely quickly forgotten. 

The first lines of your new teacher's cover letter must inform who you are and why you’re here. The sheer volume of school principals' duties makes it easy to lose attention over something too vague. The direct approach helps to keep the addressee focused.

In the greeting, call out the principal by name. You wouldn’t have to dig deep to find their credentials. Most often, they’re revealed to the public. If, for some reason, you can’t detect it on the web, make an effort to call the secretary.

At the very start of your cover letter, mention the job of your choice, and don’t refrain from explaining why you think you’re a great fit. Briefly refer to the experience or skills you have and think will value. This is one of the tested cover letter tips to begin with.

For example, if you possess psychological knowledge and a problem-solving attitude, underscore it in your cover letter. Social and interpersonal problems are among the most common difficulties young people face in the school environment.

3. Put Light on Your Relevant Accomplishments

The second paragraph is the peak point of your cover letter story. Once you’ve gained the attention of your potential employer, you can’t lose it, whatever the cost.

In these couple of sentences, condense your key accomplishments that would keep a principal interested. ‘But I’m not an experienced teacher yet,’ you say. In fact, you don’t need formally confirmed work experience to be a qualified candidate already.

As a beginning teacher writing a resume, you probably had an opportunity to complete the training required for the role. During school internships, apprentices take over some significant teachers’ duties to test themselves in the role.

But don’t just enumerate these duties to bore your reader to death. Emphasize achievements instead. What worked well? Where did you find yourself the most successful? Was there something you were acknowledged for?

All these notes are highly crucial for a rookie teacher. If you can prove ownership through your duties and achievements, you’re set for a first-year teacher role to a greater or lesser degree.

Expert Hint: Choose 1 or 2 accomplishments that you would describe. But don’t replicate your resume’s statements. Focus on how your experience matches the position, and explain why you think you’re great for the role.

4. Show a Reason Behind Your Candidature

Every class has that one sweet teddy-toady. But this time, you’ll have to take on the role. In the third paragraph, compliment the facility you want to join to prove there’s a serious reason behind your candidature. You don’t want them to think you’re so desperate to randomly send out your new teacher's cover letter wherever accepted.

You’ll need to take a minute or two to ponder why you want to join them. But—let us state it right away. 'Your school is so conveniently located!’ or ‘Your facility is so prestigious!’ won’t work this time. You don’t want a generic cover letter.

Make it clever. Show off you’ve researched their website, read the press, or even asked people about their teaching approach, special programs, and the school culture they pursue. You need to prove to them that you can easily find common ground.

5. End With a Clearly-Expressed Hope and a Proper Sign-Off

For your cover letter ending, be direct again. You can briefly underline your key assets that would benefit the school you want to work for. Just make them feel they must call you. Then, express that you’d love to discuss your candidature further and meet in person.

Lastly, say thank you and sign the cover letter with your full name. You can also add a P.S. to ensure you have the last word this time. And voilà! Your new teacher’s cover letter is ready, awaiting an immediate response.

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Key Points

When preparing a cover letter for teaching positions, consider these few hints:

  • Address the cover letter directly to the school principal.
  • Introduce yourself, indicate the job you want to fill and start with your key abilities.
  • Mention your former accomplishments that prove you’re ready for a first-year teacher role.
  • Explain what stands behind your application. Make it clever and unique.
  • Finish off with a direct query. Ask for a call or a meeting.

Seek help with writing your first-year teacher cover letter? Are there any doubts or questions you want to ask? Let us know in the comment section. We’ll answer promptly!

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Marta Bongilaj, CPRW

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