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    UPS Package Handler Resume [Example & Job Description]

    Ready to elevate your UPS resume? This guide provides the essential steps and expert advice to boost your application. Discover how to shine in your UPS job role today.

    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Mariusz Wawrzyniak
    Career Expert
    UPS Package Handler Resume [Example & Job Description]

    United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is a globally recognized shipping and logistics company that was founded over 100 years ago.

    Landing a job at a company with such longstanding traditions requires more than just a standard UPS resume. It demands a showcase of your expertise and dedication to the world of logistics. Whether you're aiming for the role of a UPS package handler or another position within the company, this UPS resume guide is your one-stop shop for answering all your burning questions!

    In this guide:

    • An example of a resume for a UPS package handler job that delivers stunning results.
    • How to make your UPS skills stand out on your resume.
    • Useful tips and examples to improve your chances of getting a job at UPS.

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    Most Common Job Responsibilities Listed On a UPS Resume

    Understanding the core responsibilities is the first step to creating a resume that resonates with UPS hiring managers. 

    • Efficiently sorting and handling packages based on UPS protocols and delivery routes.
    • Operating and maintaining delivery vehicles, ensuring safety and timely deliveries.
    • Loading and unloading packages with attention to detail and accuracy.
    • Verifying package contents and addresses to prevent delivery errors.
    • Utilizing hand-held scanning devices and technology for accurate tracking and record-keeping.
    • Collaborating with team members to streamline package processing and delivery operations.
    • Adhering to safety guidelines and protocols during all aspects of the job.
    • Providing excellent customer service by addressing inquiries and resolving delivery issues.

    1. Start With The Right Resume UPS Format

    Are you ready to elevate your UPS application with a resume that stands out from the rest? As a package handler, it's essential to showcase your skills and experience in a way that catches the attention of hiring managers. Choosing the right resume format is the first step toward achieving this goal.

    Here is the recommended resume format:

    This is what a finished UPS resume looks like:

    UPS Resume Example

    Daniel Johnson

    Package Handler

    (555) 987-6543



    Resume Summary

    Results-oriented Package Handler with over 8 years of experience in efficient material handling and shipping & receiving. Demonstrated ability to maintain high accuracy and timeliness in material stacking and package preparation. Seeking an opportunity to contribute my expertise and commitment to excellence as a Package Handler at FedEx.

    Work History

    Package Handler

    Metropolis Logistics, Chicago, IL

    September 2021–present

    • Collaborated with the inventory control team to conduct regular stock checks and reconcile discrepancies, ensuring accurate and up-to-date warehouse records.
    • Trained new team members on proper handling techniques, safety protocols, and efficient use of warehouse equipment.
    • Assisted in the implementation of a new barcode scanning system, reducing picking errors by 15% and enhancing order accuracy.
    • Participated in cross-functional teams to develop and implement process improvements, resulting in a 30% reduction in packaging waste.
    • Conducted regular equipment maintenance checks and reported any issues promptly, contributing to the overall reliability of warehouse machinery.

    Delivery Driver

    Express Logistics Solutions, Chicago, IL

    March 2016–August 2021

    • Maintained a detailed log of delivery routes, making real-time adjustments to accommodate changes in traffic, construction, or other factors affecting delivery times.
    • Communicated effectively with customers, providing updates on delivery status, addressing concerns, and ensuring a positive customer experience.
    • Collaborated with the warehouse team to load and organize packages for efficient delivery route sequencing, reducing loading times by 20%.
    • Implemented a customer feedback system, actively seeking input to identify areas for improvement and consistently achieving high customer satisfaction scores.


    High School Diploma

    Windy City High School, Chicago, IL | June 2016


    • Package Handling
    • Inventory Management
    • Quality Control
    • Data Entry
    • Forklift Operation
    • Order Processing
    • Attention to Detail
    • Communication
    • Flexibility


    • National Safety Council (NSC) Forklift Operator Certification, October 2022


    • Spanish—Intermediate (B1)

    UPS workers have several core responsibilities, depending on their specific position. The most common ones include efficiently sorting and handling packages, and operating and maintaining delivery vehicles, ensuring safety and timely deliveries.

    Expert Hint: If you want to learn more, read our dedicated resume outline guide.

    2. Craft a Compelling UPS Resume Objective or Summary

    In today's fast-paced world of delivery services, it takes more than willingness to work to land a job at UPS. Your resume needs to deliver as reliably and efficiently as you would on the job. How to make sure you stand out from other candidates? Starting with an impressive resume summary or resume objective is the best way to go. 

    How do you go about this section?

    • Start with an action word, followed by your job title and years of experience.
    • State what you're good at and show achievements from previous jobs. 
    • Use words from the UPS job description to talk about why you're a good fit.
    • Tell the recruiter how you can help/benefit the company.
    • Keep it short and clear so it's easy for the hiring folks to see why you're the right person for the UPS job. 

    3. Nail Your UPS Resume Package Handler Job Description

    When it comes to making your UPS resume, nothing catches the eye of hiring managers more than having a strong list of professional accomplishments. This section allows you to showcase your specific strengths and how they have contributed to the success of your previous employers.

    This is how to get your UPS resume job description right:

    • Start each bullet point with a power word to add weight to your accomplishments.
    • Focus on measurable achievements, such as meeting delivery quotas or improving package handling times.
    • Use resume keywords and phrases from the job description to tailor your experience and showcase how it aligns with the job requirements.
    • Be specific and provide examples to demonstrate your skills and responsibilities. Avoid vague and general statements that sound like a list of responsibilities.

    Expert Hint: If you want to apply to UPS, visit the UPS Careers Website, search available jobs, hit the “Apply Now” button, and complete an online application form.

    4. Showcase the Best Of Your Skills For Your UPS Resume

    You’re aiming to join UPS, one of the top logistics companies in the world. To do that, you need to present your best skills on the resume. Skills that articulate your expertise in a way that resonates with the core values of this organization.

    To do it, use relevant keywords from the job description to tailor your skills section to the role you're applying for. Prioritize transferable skills that apply to a wide range of positions at UPS, such as teamwork, attention to detail, and time management.

    Include both hard skills and soft skills to achieve the best results. Aim for 5–10 skills overall.

    UPS Resume Skills Examples

    • Package handling and sorting
    • Technical abilities (barcode scanners, knowledge of inventory management software)
    • Time management
    • Attention to detail
    • Multi-tasking
    • Physical stamina
    • Leadership skills
    • Teamwork
    • Customer service
    • Flexibility
    • Problem-solving
    • Organizational skills
    • International shipping regulations and procedures
    • Logistics software (e.g UPS WorldShip, OnTrac ShipManager)
    • Forklift operation
    • Communication skills
    • Adaptability and willingness to learn new skills on the job.

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    5. List Your Education On a Resume

    When creating a resume for UPS, it's important to highlight your educational background. While a high school diploma or GED is typically the minimum requirement for this role, any additional education on a resume can strengthen your application. 

    Start with your most recent educational experience. List the institution name, degree/diploma obtained, major/field of study, and graduation date for each entry.

    Optionally, use bullet points to showcase any coursework that aligns with the position at UPS. If you’re currently pursuing a relevant degree or diploma, include it as a separate entry with an expected graduation date.

    6. Present Additional Qualifications With the Bonus Sections

    When crafting your resume for UPS, don't overlook the opportunity to include bonus sections that can further showcase your qualifications and align with the company's values. These sections offer valuable insights, providing recruiters with a more comprehensive view of your background and potential fit within the organization.

    Consider using:

    Expert Hint: Complete your job application by writing a cover letter that complements your UPS resume. A well-crafted cover letter provides an additional opportunity to showcase your qualifications and align your skills with the specific needs of UPS.

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    Key Points

    How to write a UPS Package Handler Resume:

    • Pick a good resume template that looks professional and fits the UPS job.
    • Talk about what you did well in your previous jobs, school, and other parts of your resume to show you're a good fit for UPS.
    • Look at the UPS job description and pick out the skills they want. Make sure to include those in your resume.
    • Write a cover letter showing excitement about the UPS job and explaining how you can help the company succeed.

    If you need help making a great UPS resume, just ask your questions in the comments – I'm here to help!

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