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    Resume Icons, Logos, & Symbols [+ Free Download]

    Playing with resume icons can be real fun if you only know the rules of the game. See how to choose & add resume symbols to elevate a casual resume and capture attention.

    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Career Expert
    Resume Icons, Logos, & Symbols [+ Free Download]

    Writing a resume is an artistic process. It’s not just showcasing your experience and listing your skills. It’s also about how you organize your resume, what visual elements you use, how you play with colors, and bring other original ideas to fruition.

    But what if your creative tank is empty, and you get enough of Pinterest ideas? Start with resume icons. They’re pretty simple to use and make resumes more personal and distinguishable.

    Ready? Let’s get on with resume icons & symbols you’ll love.

    In this guide:

    • Best resume icons, logos, and symbols you can use (and where).
    • Websites with free resume icons you can download and apply with ease.
    • Exemplary resume templates with icons to implement straight away.
    • How to add icons to a resume if you’re doing it for the first time.

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    Seeking more tips and tricks to soup up your resume? Check these guides:

    Where can you get your resume icons from? We’ve made a list of free resources:

    Websites with Free Resume Icons for Download

    Finding free resume icons will eventually cost you some effort. You’ll need to verify many pages to come across designs that match your individual taste and preferences. Plus, there’s no guarantee you’ll get them for free.

    Therefore, we’ve gathered a bunch of websites with free icons for a resume. Here’s a brief list of top pages with complimentary resume icon designs in different styles, which you can download quickly & with no sweat:

    1. Icons8

    hand drawn resume icons on Icons8cute color resume icons on Icons8

    gradient resume icons on Icons8

    stitch resume icons on Icons8

    First comes Icons8. This service hosts not only 8 but hundreds of resume icons accessible for free—from plain, black & white symbols and sketchy drawings to variegated, modern items.

    What’s more, they provide renowned social media icons such as a LinkedIn icon for a resume, Instagram, or Twitter logo. A vast choice of icons for a resume to take it to the next level.

    2. Freepik

    resume icons on Freepik

    Freepik is another great source of colorful, imaginative resume icons. Choose from PNG and SVG formats and a vast assortment of styles for any kind of resume—conventional or quaint.

    3. Flaticon

    resume icons on Flaticon

    Flaticon gathers many talented icon designers who share their passion for creative commercial graphic design. You’ll find there a wide variety of eye-catching resume symbols fitting different resume sorts and styles.

    4. Reshot

    resume icons on Reshot

    Reshot has a broad library of free SVG images with instant downloads, helping you find your ideal resume logo. No commitments, just a pure celebration of innovative graphic concepts and ideas. Completely for free.

    5. Iconpacks

     resume icons on Iconpacks

    Iconpacks is another creative container with numerous business icons and symbols. If you feel overwhelmed by the wealth of the assets they propose, use filters such as monocolor or multicolor to narrow your search. A great source of free icons for a resume.

    Resume icons don’t have to be a showpiece of fanciness, though. You can go for simpler resume symbols and still keep your resume visually appealing and engaging. They work well specifically for professions requiring a more deliberate approach (such as lawyers, political consultants, principals, etc.).

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    Free Templates with Resume Icons

    Who wouldn’t want to have an eye-catching, dashing resume? Not to suppress your enthusiasm, but resume symbols won’t cut it solely. You’ll need to rethink your resume design as a whole.

    Plus, it’s easy to overdo your resume by having the lure of stuffing it with all the fancy, attention-grabbing elements. It’s much better if you stick to a limited number of items, and stay devoted to a consistent style and a well-thought color palette.

    If you choose to create your document in a resume builder, you’ll get ready-made resume templates coherent in style and formatting.

    How Does the Icon Pack in the Resume Builder Work?

    Stylish items don’t make a beautiful room. It’s also how you use them to arrange and decorate the space. Sometimes, it takes a couple of rearrangements to find the perfect setup, moderation, and harmony.

    Resume icons are great tools, too, but if they’re used wrongly, they can break your resume instead of making it more appealing. So how to make sure you’re using them the right way?

    Check the ready-made templates that professional resume builders offer. They’re well-structured and have the right sense of style, making your resume professional and good-looking.

    Here are the exemplary icons for a resume you can find in the ResumeLab builder:

    resume icons in ResumeLab builder

    The most popular ones are: phone icon for a resume, email icon, location symbol, work experience resume icon, skills icon, and education emblem.

    Additionally, when using a resume builder, you can easily switch between diverse resume templates, colors, and professional fonts, adjusting your resume accordingly. Plus, you can always restore default resume settings if you come too far playing and experimenting.

    Now, see a bunch of layouts with resume icons that don’t overwhelm the document but give it a creative twist:

    1. Primo

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWPrimo template in ResumeLab builder

    Primo uses distinctive resume icons for all sections, making them easier to scan in search of particular information. Moreover, it has a showy, oval item next to the name, adding individuality to this sample resume.

    2. Cubic

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWCubic template in ResumeLab builder

    Cubic template doesn’t use distinguishable resume icons, but it weaves in some small resume symbols, such as stars, to picture the level of language proficiency. Additionally, it combines three colorful fields that add some geometric accent to this resume layout.

    3. Squares

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWSquares template in ResumeLab builder

    Squares template incorporates tiny square symbols that are used to enlist resume skills and languages. The square motive is also applied at the top of this resume template, together with the candidate’s initials. 

    4. Muse

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWMuse template in ResumeLab builder

    Besides star elements, this template encompasses some other discernible icons, such as overlaps placed next to the work history and education section names. The division line helps to keep this resume layout clear, separating the most important information from other lines.

    5. Iconic

    CREATE MY RESUME NOWIconic template in ResumeLab builder

    As befits the Iconic template, it features a few distinguishable icons that make the whole more interesting and modern. Blue symbols represent particular resume sections, which are displayed one under another. Two symbols are also used in the personal information section to make the key contact data easy to sight.

    Resume Icons: Pros & Cons

    Sprinkling a bit of visual magic into your resume with carefully chosen icons can add some flair to your professional story. Beyond the cool factor, icons play a practical role in making crucial details pop, ensuring recruiters don't miss a beat. However, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider when incorporating icons into your resume. Let’s break them down together:


    • Visual Impact: Icons transform a regular document into a visually appealing one, giving it an edge that catches the recruiter's eye.
    • Information Highlights: Cleverly placed icons increase readability, making it a breeze for recruiters to navigate through your document and spot key details amidst the blocks of words.
    • Strong Communication: Resume icons let you convey a wealth of information in a visually snappy way.


    • Distraction Effect: Too many or incorrectly positioned icons can be overwhelming for the reader. Using them is a balancing act to ensure they enhance, not distract.
    • Compatibility Issues: Not all resume scanners are icon enthusiasts. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) may encounter difficulty parsing it, ultimately affecting the evaluation of your application. Here’s more about how to make an ATS-friendly resume and how the ATS work.
    • Subjectivity: Beauty (or flair, in this case) is in the eye of the beholder. What resonates with one viewer may not with another. Some recruiters may lean towards more formal documents rather than those with icons or embellishments, especially in certain industries.

    It’s essential to maintain the right balance when using icons in your resume. Once your document is all ready, make sure that the icons complement rather than overshadow your content.

    How to Add Icons to a Resume?

    Unless you create your resume in a professional resume builder, you’ll need to upload your resume icons directly to the document or design you make.

    Here are the key rules when adding icons to a resume:

    1. Do some research or choose one of the websites with free resume icons that we listed above.
    2. Find icons that match your resume template. Flashy symbols won’t fit a classy resume, and simple vector icons might not be the best solution for creative professions.
    3. Put icons at the top of each resume section, such as experience, education, and skills. Make sure each resume logo matches the other.
    4. Attach resume symbols to contact details such as phone, email, or your address
    5. Add dedicated social media logos if you’re linking to your social media profiles (such as a LinkedIn icon for a resume), assuming they’re not about your private stuff.

    Resume icons can also indicate proficiency in languages or skills, as well as other qualifications. They perfectly illustrate the level of advancement and can draw a recruiter’s attention.

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    Key Takeaway

    Here’s to recap what we’ve discussed earlier:

    • Find free resume icons by doing your own research or using one of the trustworthy websites that we recommended in the text.
    • Always pick resume icons and symbols that match the style you want to follow.
    • You can add resume symbols, work history, education, and skills to the contact information section. 
    • You can attach renowned logos of popular social media channels, such as LinkedIn or Instagram. Link freely to portfolios in services like Behance, too.
    • Adjust resume icons to the resume style. If you don’t know how to do it, sign in to a resume builder and use a professional template with in-built icons.

    Questions regarding icons for a resume? Any other ideas on how to use a resume logo effectively? Or maybe you know alternative valuable resources with free icons for a resume? Share your thoughts in the comments. We’ll be happy to talk!

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    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Written byMarta Bongilaj, CPRW

    Marta Bongilaj is a career expert and a Certified Professional Résumé Writer. She's a member of the National Career Development Association and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. She has a vast marketing background, which helps her give relevant advice on bringing out candidates’ strongest points and making their resumes a compelling read. In her articles, she underlines the importance of showcasing the most prominent skills, experiences, and qualifications in a resume to stand out in increasingly competitive job markets. Marta provides on-point tips on how to promote one’s candidature efficaciously at every career stage. Holding a philology degree, she believes that concise, persuasive language lies at the core of a successful resume. If you seek advice on marketing yourself to employers, no matter your recruitment stage, you’ve come to the right place.

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