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    Supply Chain Cover Letter—Examples & Writing Guide

    Don’t consign your job-hunting success to chance. Take matters into your own hands and get hired weeks ahead of schedule with a job-winning supply chain cover letter.

    Supply Chain Cover Letter—Examples & Writing Guide

    Even if your resume is appropriately filled with your most valuable assets, submitting it without a matching cover letter is like sending valuable cargo with no bill of landing. 

    So, before you hit ‘Sent’ on your job application, attach a supply chain cover letter that points the reader to your most relevant experience and makes sure you get hired! 

    In this article, you’ll get:

    • A sample supply chain cover letter that you can copy, adjust, and use. 
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to write a supply chain cover letter that will land you more interviews.
    • Tips on how to describe your skills and accomplishments on a supply chain cover letter. 

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    Supply Chain Cover Letter Example

    Adaline Bailey

    Supply Chain Manager




    Clarksville, 6/15/2023

    Abigail Jones

    Head of Recruitment

    JLB Transit

    Clarksville, TN 12345

    Dear Abigail, 

    It is with great pleasure that I submit my application for the position of supply chain manager with JLB Transit. As a supply chain professional with 8+ years of management experience, I’m certain I could make a lasting and valuable contribution to your business. 

    It’s evident from your advertisement that you’re looking for someone with extensive optimization and problem-solving skills. Some of my recent accomplishments prove my aptitude for cutting costs and boosting profits: 

    • Increased operational efficiency by 8% across 6 long-haul land routes between warehouses by optimizing the paths taken by the drivers and introducing a more effective, regulated rest-stop policy. 
    • Led the initiative to upgrade ELDs for more accurate data recording and efficient analysis—the new system featured automatic database updates, saving 10–12 work hours per month. 
    • Saved the company $8,500/month by renegotiating contracts with raw material suppliers. 

    I’m impressed by your company’s commitment to developing and implementing carbon-neutral supply chain solutions—it’s a major challenge in logistics, but one that’s certainly worth overcoming. It would be wonderful to have the opportunity to contribute my expertise and enthusiasm towards making this goal a reality with JLB Transit. 

    Would you be available sometime next week to discuss this role in more detail? 

    Best regards, 

    Adaline Bailey

    Supply Chain Manager

    Ready to write your own cover letter? It’ll be just as good as Adaline’s, you’ll see! 

    How to Write a Cover Letter for Supply Chain Jobs

    Supply chain professionals concern themselves with the flow of materials and goods within the company and between the company and its intermediaries or customers. Your supply chain cover letter needs to prove that you have the necessary experience and skills to succeed in your chosen role. 

    Here’s how to write a cover letter just like that: 

    1. Format Your Supply Chain Cover Letter the Right Way

    FIFO, put away rules, storage policies… Most supply chain processes revolve around the proper organization of tasks, time, and space. It follows that if your supply chain cover letter is not organized, it won’t make the best first impression. 

    Stack your stock correctly with this recommended cover letter format

    • Left-align the contents of your cover letter—centered text looks unprofessional (more like a restaurant menu than a cover letter!) and is harder to read.
    • Set one-inch margins and use 1.15 line spacing for sufficient white space on the page.
    • Select a font that won’t draw attention to itself—Arial, Calibri, or Georgia are all good options. Use your resume font to give your documents a matching look. 
    • Use a business-style heading on your cover letter: your details, the date and place of writing, and the recipient’s details. If possible, copy your resume header with your contact details into your cover letter document—just like the matching font, it’ll lend your documents a professional air of high-end branding. 

    Remember that your document shouldn’t be too long: the ideal cover letter length is 3–4 paragraphs that are short enough to easily fit on one page. 

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    2. Start Strong With a Professional Introduction That Shows Your Value

    Recruiters and hiring managers are as busy as, well—supply chain professionals. There’s always a backlog of tasks waiting their turn. 

    So, in your introduction, you need to make it clear that reading your cover letter in full will be a good use of their time.

    First, catch their eye with a targeted salutation. Instead of the overused and generic ‘Dear Sir/Madam’, go with Dear + the reader’s name. You can sometimes find out who’s handling recruitment for your role from the job ad—if that’s not the case, look online or call up and ask. 

    Start your cover letter with an accomplishment, a key fact about your extent or area of expertise, or anything else that’s sure to grab their attention and prove your professional value. The idea is to start getting your main message across as soon as possible: you understand the requirements of this supply chain role, and you’re the ideal candidate for it. 

    3. Sell Your Strengths in the Second Paragraph

    In the next paragraph of your cover letter, highlight the exact skills and experience that would make you successful in this job. Just like the introduction and everything else on your cover letter, this needs to be made to order—

    So, refer to the job advertisement for ideas on what to include in your cover letter. Take note of the key skills or types of expertise the employer requires, and focus on proving your competence in those specific areas. 

    For easier reading, you can break up this paragraph into bullet points, each detailing an accomplishment of yours from previous jobs. Add numbers wherever possible to quantify your performance! 

    4. Explain Why You Want This Particular Job

    Do you share values or goals with the company? Perhaps you’re impressed with the efficiency of their strategies, company culture, or recent projects. Maybe it’s their product that drew your interest? 

    In the third paragraph of your cover letter, briefly outline your motivation for applying to this company. Let them know why you consciously chose them as your potential employer, focusing on positive things about their operations or culture. 

    It’s not just about basic flattery—virtually every industry is subject to costly, time-consuming employee turnover. By showing that you care about the company in some way, you’re suggesting you’re in it for the long haul, i.e., you’re not job-hopping or likely to quit the moment the going gets tough. 

    5. End Your Cover Letter on a Strong Note 

    The last leg of a product’s journey is often the longest—

    But not in this case. The final paragraph of your cover letter should be short and to the point: 

    Ask for an interview directly or, if you prefer, suggest you’d like to discuss the role in more detail—the meaning is ultimately the same. You can also offer to achieve a more or less specific goal for the company if hired (e.g, I’m ready to optimize supply chain processes at XYZ Company to drive profits and cut costs). 

    Include a formal Best regards or Yours sincerely, followed by your full name. If you have a digital signature, it’ll make for a nice, professional touch. 

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    Key Points

    Here’s a recap of how to write a successful cover letter for supply chain jobs: 

    • Start by formatting your document according to cover letter best practices: neat font, one-inch margins, business-style header. Aim for 3–4 paragraphs of left-aligned text. 
    • Mention a professional achievement or a key fact about your experience in the first paragraph of your cover letter to catch the reader’s attention. Address your letter directly to the person who’ll read it. 
    • Highlight the experience that makes you the ideal fit for the job, with reference to specific examples of your performance if possible. 
    • Outline your motivation for applying to this particular employer. 
    • End by indicating you’re ready for an interview. 

    Thanks for reading! How did you find our sample supply chain manager cover letter? Do you have any questions or doubts about writing your own supply chain cover letter? Let us know in the comments section below!

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