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    VisualCV Review [Customer Feedback & Templates Overview]

    Have you tried VisualCV yet? Read through our extensive VisualCV review featuring their customer opinions, a list of pros and cons, and exemplary templates.

    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Career Expert
    VisualCV Review [Customer Feedback & Templates Overview]

    With so many resume builders available, writing a resume can now be an exciting process. Having a chance to customize your resume template and formatting freely, you can create, hands down, the best resume out there. But does it apply to each and every tool? We’re taking a closer look at VisualCV to let you know if it’s worth your time.

    This guide will show you:

    • Customer reviews of VisualCV
    • Pros and cons of using VisualCV builder, including their templates
    • A review of selected VisualCV resume templates

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    Let’s check if VisualCV makes customers excited about resume creation, too:

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    VisualCV Reviews From Users

    VisualCV says to offer easy-importing of existing PDF or Word resumes, professional templates, and smooth editing. The tool provides four main assets: resumes, personal websites, cover letters, and a career journal. To get them going, you just need to sign up. Entering your card details is not mandatory at a Regular account tier.

    But first, let’s lend an ear to what people whisper about this product.

     visualcv reviews by trustpilot

    On Trustpilot, VisualCV is rated 4.6 score, based on 118 reviews, with 88% of 5-star opinions among them. Users appreciate a big choice of templates and acknowledge VisualCV’s prompt and kind customer service. 7% of customers gave the product a single-star rating, ragging on editing issues.

    Is VisualCV Worth Exposure?

    VisualCV gathers positive feedback, but is it really as good as they say? We’ve made some initial steps to determine if VisualCV withstands expectations. 

    Once you sign in, you’ll land on a page with customizable resume examples. There are 20+ different resume layouts tailored to various professions. If you pick one, they’ll ask you to use an existing resume of yours, utilize pre-written content, or create a resume from scratch

    Here’s an example of a template with ready-made content:

     marketing resume sample from visualcv

    If you select this one, you’ll be taken to an editor to adapt each resume section according to your very own wishes, whether it be fonts, colors, margins, or page breaks. These are the primary amendments you can make to your resume.

    You can also flip through the template stock and choose one as an alternative. It’s worth noting that they allow you to create only one resume at a time. 

    VisualCV isn’t a free tool. Once your resume’s polished and ready to be downloaded, you’ll be asked to upgrade your account to Pro. You can select either monthly or quarterly billing. You’ll pay:

    • $24 per month if billed monthly
    • $15 per month if billed quarterly.

    A Pro tier unlocks several functions, such as a wider variety of templates, unlimited resumes and cover letters, downloading to PDF/Word, sharing online, and more.

    But for now, let’s poke around to clearly understand VisualCV’s pros and cons within the Regular account tier:

    VisualCV Reviews—Pros

    1. Simple and User-Friendly

    Not everyone is computer savvy, so a resume builder must be intuitive and uncomplicated. VisualCV serves as a decent tool for beginners. It is straightforward yet resourceful.

    2. A Variety of Layouts and Designs

    Resumes are intended to be functional more than aesthetically pleasing, but it doesn’t mean they have to be lackluster. VisualCV delivers a variety of templates plus a range of resume font styles and sizes to apply.

    3. Attentive Customer Service

    VisualCV is frequently praised for its great customer service. Their team cares about customers and goes beyond to make their experience smooth and effortless. 

    VisualCV Reviews—Cons

    1. Poor Formatting

    VisualCV editor is said to cause formatting problems. Some users couldn’t keep their resume structure in line when removing or adding extra sections to their resumes. 

    2. Unsaved Edits

    Some people say their edits are not being processed despite numerous attempts. They find it frustrating when putting a lot of effort into creating their resumes and having them lost for nothing.

    3. No Audit Feature

    The tool doesn’t prevent possible human errors. There’s no spell-checker or audit feature to revise a resume before downloading it. Without an external grammar checker, you won’t be able to get your resume proofread.

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    VisualCV Templates Review

    VisualCV contains an ample library of resume examples and templates. While resume examples are customized to specific roles, their resume templates are sorted by given template styles. You can find classical and more flamboyant ones among them.

    Let’s pick a few exemplary templates for a quick evaluation:


    corporate resume template from visualcv

    This one’s a great representation of a clear and classic design. The sections are deployed reasonably well, and the whole structure isn’t overwhelming to a reader. However, due to its plain layout, this one might not work well for candidates of creative professions such as graphic designers, illustrators, or artists.


    elegant resume template from visualcv

    This one features an entirely different layout. It is divided into two columns and implements quite a bit of spacing. Also, it uses a yellow twist which enlivens this resume template and makes it fashionably elegant.


    vida resume template from visualcv

    Vida template displays content in two columns, giving an impression of symmetry. It also weaves in an orange tone. However, this particular example is a bit flooded with text and uses little spacing between sections, which altogether might be slightly overbearing.


    verge resume template from visualcv

    Verge is a fancy one. It looks like it was designed to make a lasting impression. It boasts a full-screen image and a transparent, centrally located rectangle with dynamic text on it. This one won’t fit whatever position, though. For instance, might be suitable for a photographer but won’t work best for a physician.

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    To sum up, VisualCV may satisfy you if you seek simple solutions and want to save time on resume preparation. It also provides a range of templates featuring diversified styles and structures. However, mind possible formatting and editing issues when working on your resume.

    Thanks for reading this VisualCV review!

    Got any questions about VisualCV? How do you find their products yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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    Marta Bongilaj, CPRW
    Written byMarta Bongilaj, CPRW

    Marta Bongilaj is a career expert and a Certified Professional Résumé Writer. She's a member of the National Career Development Association and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. She has a vast marketing background, which helps her give relevant advice on bringing out candidates’ strongest points and making their resumes a compelling read. In her articles, she underlines the importance of showcasing the most prominent skills, experiences, and qualifications in a resume to stand out in increasingly competitive job markets. Marta provides on-point tips on how to promote one’s candidature efficaciously at every career stage. Holding a philology degree, she believes that concise, persuasive language lies at the core of a successful resume. If you seek advice on marketing yourself to employers, no matter your recruitment stage, you’ve come to the right place.

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