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ResumeLab's Picks & Tips

Peter Bryla
Peter Bryla
Community Manager
ResumeLab's Picks & Tips

10 Steps for How to Choose a Career Path

by LifeAndMyFinances


According to a recent survey commissioned by Catalyst and CNBC (conducted by The Harris Poll), half (50%) of employees intend to make a career change soon.

The pandemic was a catalyst for many to rethink their careers—53% of Americans who quit their jobs in 2021 changed their field of work or occupation.


Find out how to avoid the career mistakes of the majority and instead learn how to choose a career that’s perfect for you.



Put Down the Fork - Playtime's Over...


by HiJunior


We wanted to find out what Americans really think when they see children in restaurants. Are people universally deterred by little ones dining next to them? Or are we totally cool with parents eating out together with their offspring?


The only way to know was through research. We surveyed over 1000 people and came up with some pretty surprising answers, and some general trends that we didn’t expect. 



How People Use Instagram and What Brands Can Learn from It

by Max Woolf


Instagram is now the 4th most popular social network on the planet.

1,119 photos are uploaded every second to Instagram, with users averaging roughly 29 minutes daily.

As a result, Instagram has become the ultimate platform for businesses to connect with their audiences.

See how Passport Photo Online surveyed 1,000+ Instagram users to uncover how they use this platform and help brands enhance their Instagram presence.



LinkedIn Recruiting: The Deadly Sins Employers Commit

by Max Woolf


Without a doubt, LinkedIn is the go-to place for sourcing golden rip talent.

The problem? It's the job seeker's market in 2022.

The US unemployment rate is at a steady 3.6% as of March. Plus, there are now 15M+ open job listings on LinkedIn, which means candidates can be picky.


In this brand new study see how Passport Photo Online uncovered employers' deadly mistakes when hiring on LinkedIn.


AI Recruitment: The Future of Hiring or HR's Nightmare?

by Tidio


It should come as no surprise that being a recruiter is a tough profession. They need to make decisions on every application they receive. But what if businesses let AI take care of finding the perfect job candidates? We set out to find answers to this and other questions.



How to Manage Multiple Projects in Agile?

by Kanbanize


When managing knowledge work projects, however, as Agile practitioners we know that following the above approach, doesn’t work. So, how to manage multiple projects successfully in a knowledge work environment, without getting overburdened?


What Should I Bring to a Job Interview

by The Editors


While there are plenty of articles out there to help you prepare for an interview, we decided to create a resource to help you prepare for what to bring to the interview.



139 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube: What You Need To Know

 by Janice Wald


This post is an expert roundup offering the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube along with actionable strategies for succeeding on YouTube in the areas of traffic generation and monetization.



Gaining Job Experience While in College: 5 Best Ways

by IvyPanda


This article will explain how you can gain relevant work experience before graduation and take advantage of different occupations. Our experts have gathered tips to help you find a job that won’t interfere with your studies.



Best Bar Prep Courses

by CrushTheLSATExam


If you want to become a lawyer, one of the most important hurdles you'll have to overcome is the bar exam. We’ve compiled relevant courses that will make you more confident and help you obtain the best possible score on your first try.



How to Find the Best Conference Call Service for Your Needs

by RingCentral


Running a successful business requires the right tools, such as conference calling software that best suits your business. With these conference calls, you can streamline unified communications and increase workflow productivity easily, regardless of your physical location.



7 steps for companies to assure high employee engagement at workplace

by The Speaking Polymath


This article provides in-depth information on the myths, concepts, and conversion strategies to produce a higher percentage of engaged employees within an organization. These are meant to provide an insight into the various changes that employers and HR managers should try to inculcate in the working cultures of their respective organizations.








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Peter Bryla
Peter Bryla
Peter is a Community Manager at ResumeLab. He loves to help job candidates improve their chances of landing their next dream gig. In his free time he enjoys playing sports, reading and cheeky jokes.

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