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September 2020


The 9 Fatal Flaws of Today’s Hiring Model (And How It Should Change), According to Experts

by Liv McConnell


Between being breadcrumbed by hiring managers and disingenuously led on for “open” roles that aren’t really open, there’s plenty that’s wrong with today’s hiring model. And as you fire off your 500th job application into the abyss, it’s enough to leave anyone wondering: how exactly did things get this bad? And when in the world of recruiting will they be better? We heard from hiring experts on the most glaring issues with the ways candidates are hired (or not hired) today, and what exactly needs to change. 


11 Positive Changes to the Interview Process in 2020

by Josh Tolan


Companies around the world transitioned to remote work this year forcing their hiring processes completely virtual as well. Arguably, the most abrupt transition most companies have adjusted for is making hiring decisions based on phone and video interviews. However, recruiters and staffing pros have faced plenty of other changes in 2020 as well. We reached out to recruiting and hiring experts to learn how they’ve shifted their interview process this year and what changes they plan to keep for years to come. Here’s a look at how the pandemic has changed the interview process as you know it.


How to Write a Report Properly and Effectively

by Chloe West


If you’re looking for the best way to document information or share your findings in a professional and well thought out manner, a report might be the best way to go. But if you don’t know how to write a report, where should you start?


August 2020



How to Be Better at Explaining Things

by UpJourney


The ability to explain things articulately and effectively can help you in your everyday life and your career. But sometimes, even when you fully understand a concept or idea, you still have difficulty explaining it to other people. This guide offers a few tips to help you communicate and be better at explaining things.


Interviews Coming Up?

by Swyg


The internet is inundated with tips, tricks, and hacks about how to nail your next interview. However, candidates can rarely find a simple guide to help you navigate the interview process. And we all know just how complicated, confusing, and one-sided that process can be. This article aims at providing you with some practical insights that you can leverage in your next interview.


15 Common Mistakes in Public Relations

by Medium


We asked PR and growth experts: What are common mistakes in Public Relations that entrepreneurs tap into? What are some common pitfalls to avoid? What are examples of PR gone wrong? Here are 15 mistakes to avoid.


12 Stories From Leaders: Their Mistakes and Lessons Learned

by LiveChat


We’ve asked managers from various industries about their biggest mistakes and challenges as leaders and what lessons they’ve learned over the years. Check it out.


Yumva Free Courses

by Yumva


Yumva is a new platform that offers a choice of free online courses for career development. All created by industry professionals and each course takes between 30 minutes and 3 hours to be completed.



July 2020


40+ Interview Dress Code Do’s and Don’ts

by UpJourney


For most people, job interviews are a bit tough. Aside from that, trying to decide what to wear may cause a lot of additional stress. Should you wear something formal or business casual? To help you figure out what to wear, here are some do’s and don’ts of interview dress code.


How Far Back Should a Resume Go (According to 20+ Hiring Experts)

by UpJourney


One of the most common questions job seekers have is “how far back should a resume go?” A lot of people include decades of experience on a resume, which could be the reason why their resumes don’t get any callbacks or interview requests. This article will show you exactly how far back your resume should go, as discussed by hiring experts.


Applicant Tracking System Resumes: How To Beat The Hiring Bot That’s Killing 75% of All Resumes

by GoSkills


With 3 million incoming job applications every year, Google and most large companies (98% to be exact) are integrating applicant tracking systems in their recruitment process. Meaning, job seekers have one more thing to worry about – you can have excellent work experience, but can a hiring algorithm “read” them? And if so, how do your experiences rank compared to other applications (yes - it even does that). So hold off on burning your resumes. We’re going to go over exactly what you can do to deal with these hiring algorithms.


Make Your Instagram Story Ads Unforgettable with These Six Tips

by Instasize


Instagram (IG) Stories is just over a year old and has almost 250 million daily active users. Those users not only watch stories made by their friends, family and favorite businesses; they also watch IG Story ads. This article discusses how to make your IG stories unforgettable.


Money Saving Tips for College Students [2020]

by IvyPanda


If you don’t want to bother your parents every month, you’ll have to learn how to manage your cash. You may be familiar with buying groceries and clothes already, but what about paying bills? Or renting furniture or buying study materials? IvyPanda has prepared a comprehensive guide to help you. We’ll show you every possible way to save money in college. Use our tips and concentrate on more vital matters than making ends meet. Learn how to control your spending, and live your life to the fullest.


How to Start a Graphic Design Business in 10 Simple Steps

by Millo


Starting a graphic design business can be an exhilarating and exciting adventure whether you’re hoping to work for yourself full-time or just make a little extra money from an on-the-side design business. Learning how to start a graphic design business is pretty straightforward too if you’re willing to put in the work. This guide shows how to start a graphic design business in 10 steps.


24 Places to Get Freelance Jobs on Autopilot in 2020

by Millo


Whether you’re looking for freelance jobs to start your own service business or you need them in order to grow your current company, this collection of resources for getting freelancing jobs is for you. To start, you’ll find an updated feed of jobs in special categories below as well as more links where you can find freelance jobs in the categories you’re most interested in.




June 2020


10 ways to fight Zoom fatigue

by Carla Rudder


Video conferencing will be a long-term reality for many professionals – and so will Zoom fatigue. Here's how leaders can mix things up to make meetings more meaningful and engaging.


How to Prepare for a Job Fair (According to 11 Experts)

by UpJourney


Rather than spending countless hours filling out applications and reviewing hundreds of online ads, more and more job seekers prefer attending a job fair instead. That's because it’s a smart approach to marketing yourself to any potential employers. Here’s how to effectively prepare for a job fair, as discussed by experts.


Challenges of Working Remotely In Times of COVID-19

by Bhuvi Kathpalia


Anomalous times call for extraordinary resolve and determination on the part of employees, managers and organizations. To successfully conquer remote work, organizations need to identify a set of remote work skills and shift focus to L&D initiatives to empower everyone to effectively and productively work remotely without getting bogged down by the challenges of working remotely.


 May 2020


What is an Infographic? Examples, Templates & Design Tips

by Midori Nediger at Venngage


This is a crash course on infographics and infographic design (along with examples of infographic templates). 


27 Hints for Interviewing for a Job Remotely

by Gabrielle Olya


In light of the coronavirus pandemic, companies that are still hiring are largely conducting job interviews remotely via phone or video. GOBankingRates spoke to career experts, human resource pros, recruiters and other executives to get their best tips for succeeding at a remote job interview. Follow these tips to make it to the next interview round.


21 Things to Do to Prepare for a Layoff During the Coronavirus Crisis

by Kris Scott


With massive layoffs in the face of the COVID-19 crisis and unemployment claims at a record high, many of us are expecting the worst-case scenario of losing our livelihoods. But rather than waiting and dreading what might be inevitable, why not take action now? There are plenty of things you can do pre-layoff to set yourself up for a more successful, less anxiety-filled few weeks if the pink slip does come your way.


9 Examples of Professional Goals For Work

by Josh Spilker


Too often development goals can seem like extra paperwork rather than tangible, achievable objectives related to your career path. This guide discusses professional development goals and examples to help you propel your career.


Blogging for Business: 6 Reasons to Start a Blog

by Adela Belin


Blogs form the foundation of a strong content marketing strategy. However, just having a blog is not enough. It’s important to plan your content well, write valuable posts, publish consistently and spend time engaging with other bloggers too. The best blogs are those that readers can derive value from which helps attract new visitors, and increases chances of conversions. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get blogging.


Best Jobs for Analytical Thinkers

by UpJourney


As an analytical thinker, your ability to deal with complex issues is invaluable in the workplace. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which would be the right career for you. This guide discusses some of the best jobs for analytical thinkers.


How to Stand up for Yourself at Work

by UpJourney


While it seems easier to avoid any potential work conflicts, being disrespected or disregarded at work may increase your stress and anxiety. If you ever feel like you’re being treated unjustly, you need to stand up for yourself. But, how exactly do you stand up for yourself at work? Here are some experts’ insights.




April 2020


Remote Office Phone Systems

by Gaetano Dinardi at Nextiva 


Now needed more than ever -  a tool to connect your remote team, office phone system with extensive remote functionality, and exceptional call quality. 



Ten Ways to Become a Successful Telecommunications Sales Rep

by Spotio


While there are many moving pieces in the sales process, there are a handful that typically prevent telecommunications sales reps from reaching their true earning potential. We’ll look at each one in this article, and then cover 10 ways you can level-up and succeed.



How to Accept an Internship Offer (According to 7 Experts)

by UpJourney


A successful internship can be the key to a thriving and fulfilling career. However, there are several things you need to consider before accepting any offers. That’s why we asked experts to provide their insights on how to accept an internship offer.



10 Tips for Effective Communication With a Remote Team [Templates]

by Alice Corner


Moving to a remote working structure can seem daunting at first, but if you follow our 10 simple tips for effective communication with a remote team you’re sure to see the benefits. We’ve also included templates to help you communicate effectively with your team.



The Best Writing Jobs Sites for Building A Solid Portfolio

by Steve Cutts


Struggling to find the writing jobs of your dreams in a diminished job market? Need to earn money fast? Finding freelance work online provides opportunities to both build your writing portfolio and earn some much-needed money. To help budding writers, below we present several of the best writing sites for finding freelance work so you can kick-start your writing career today!



14 Sites with New Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners Every Day

by Preston D Lee


It used to be that if you were looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners you had to hunt through thousands of classified ads, write cold-pitch letters to magazine and newspaper editors, and probably even do some free work to prove your value. Not anymore. If you’re a beginner freelance writer looking for clients, there have never been more opportunities or great places to find freelance writing jobs than there are now. Here are the best sites that post freelance writing jobs for beginners every day.



How to Improve Your Speaking Skills in 10 Easy Steps

by Yvonne McQuarrie


If you’re one of the many people who suffer from public speaking anxiety, learn and make use of these 10 public speaking skills to achieve the necessary level of confidence, persuasion, and leadership to wow any crowd.



Virtual Assessment Centre: The Future of Assessment & Development Centers

by Bhuvi Kathpalia


Many organizations may face the risk of being replaced or disrupted, therefore continually upskilling and advancing with technology is not just imminent but also indispensable. Virtual assessment centres can turn this pandemic into a boon for your business and employees.



5 Fundamentals to Boost Your Customer Focus

by Instasize


To succeed as a business, even in the digital age, start-ups, entrepreneurs and business owners need to return to the core of doing business: Satisfying the customer needs and wants through the delivery of valuable products and services. For those who may have taken their eye off this critical component of the sales process, here are five ways to refocus your business model on customer focus.




March 2020



Top 25 Medical Assistant Interview Questions (Sample Answers Included)

by Mike Simpson


The interview, it’s the most important part of your job search. If you nail the medical assistant interview questions that they throw your way, you could soon find yourself with a shiny new name tag. And that’s what we’re here to help you do!



20+ New Infographic Statistics & Facts For 2020

by Ryan McCready


Infographics are about 30x more likely to be read than a full article. We also know they also can be used in almost any industry, from marketers to real estate agents and even HR professionals. With an infographic, you can easily summarize a blog post, create a helpful fact sheet for your employees or break down a complicated process that someone can consume in a matter of seconds. But it doesn’t matter that we know all of this information if no one else does. That’s why we decided to round up 20+ of the best infographic statistics and visual content facts. So if you need to convince yourself or your boss to start creating more infographics, you’re in the right place.

The 7 Habits of Successful Project Managers

by Mike Clayton


There’s a hugely successful book that you’ve probably heard of and may have read called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. It identifies seven habits that can help people be more effective in personal and professional environments. But what habits apply specifically to successful project managers?



The Nighttime Routines Of Highly Successful People

by Jonathan Prichard


Sleep is the one thing that we all need to survive, yet despite this requirement, we know very little about maximizing our nighttime routines for success.


In this article, we are going to go in-depth on the subject of sleep and look at the nighttime routines of highly successful people, so that you can maximize your sleep routines and supercharge your waking hours.



Going to College as an Older Student

by Irene Fenswick


Did you start a college course and not finish? Or did a gap year last a little too long? There are numerous reasons for postponing graduation. Health, family issues or financial problems could’ve prevented you from starting, or finishing, a college degree. Regardless, now you’re thinking of getting that degree. This handy guide will assist you.



How Gen Z is Redefining Leadership in the Workplace

by Ron Cullimore


As Gen Zers (people born between 1996 and 2010) begin to enter the workforce, your office may already be feeling the effects of having around four generations of professionals working together. These young professionals grew up surrounded by technology, creating a digital connection to the world around them. Whether you’re part of a recruitment firm matching talents with companies or an HR professional who wants to bring the best out of your employees, it is crucial to get a better understanding of what type of leadership works well with Gen Zers.



8 Tips for Finding a Mentor in Grad School

by University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences


As a graduate student, it’s important to have a mentor on your side who can give you individual guidance about your education and career path. Mentors can help you develop time management and communication skills, structure your research projects, and make the transition to clinical practice after graduation. A mentorship relationship will give you a chance to grow both as a person and as a professional. Check out these 8 tips for finding the perfect mentor.



February 2020



The 9 Best Productivity Apps for the Job Search Process

by Charlotte Victoria Evans


Take a look at these useful productivity apps that can skyrocket your job search process.



How to Get Into Property Management

by Heather Peake


Take a look at these insider tips and information as they may illuminate a property management career path that you might not have considered



How to Get Freelance Clients (7 Ideas That Work in 2020)

by Grace Pinegar


Learning how to get freelance clients on a regular basis can be tough. This article offers top strategies for anyone wanting to learn how to get freelance clients right away in fairly simple and affordable ways.



Is Your Cofounder the Perfect Match?

by CoverWallet


Finding the right co-founder for your startup can be an intimidating job, but having a co-founder goes a long way in helping the success of your company. Ask yourself these 3 questions to find out if it's a match made in heaven, or if you need to swipe left.



Traits of a Good Manager

by HRDailyAdvisor


We talk a lot about what skills or traits your workers need in order to help your organization succeed, but what about the people that lead these workers?

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